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President Bush Addresses 2007 Milblog Conference

Courtesy of Jim Hoft:

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J.D. JOHANNES BLOGS FROM IR... (Below threshold)


Ah yes, just 7 months ago Al Anbar was "lost."

Amidst my travels to neighborhood watch centers and police stations where local Sunni Muslims who have porn on their cell phones are playing hard ball against AQIZ types who would ban porn on cell phones I forgot all about this article in the WaPo last September.

Anbar is so "lost" now politically that there is a waiting list for anbaris to join the IA and IP.

It is so lost, that in the AO I hope to visit next the local Sheiks have declared war on AQIZ and the neighboring tribe supporting AQIZ.

It is so lost, the local neighborhood watch centers deliver captured IEDs to Marine Combat Outposts.

It is so wildly stinking lost that...wait, it is not lost.

In fact, the situation has flipped so much in 7 months that the heavy lifting in Al Anbar may be coming to a close--the heavy lifting being the political work of flipping the tribes to support the coalition and take charge of their own security.

Excellent -- very nice to s... (Below threshold)

Excellent -- very nice to see the Commander in Chief recognizing milbloggers!

Yes, but a pity he couldn... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, but a pity he couldn't have visited them in person.. This morning, he was only 15 miles down the road, on his bicycle.

Let's win this war... (Below threshold)

Let's win this war

Ah, whining about no person... (Below threshold)

Ah, whining about no personal visit is sort of... whiny. How nice that he said anything at all, because he sure didn't have to.

Bravo and all that.






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