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MSNBC: Mindless, Stupid, Nugatory Broadcasting Corporation?

Like literally dozens of other Americans, we, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," eagerly took in much of the recent Republican presidential debate broadcast on MSNBC. It was, as you well know, the first such meeting of the minds amongst the Republican contenders, and thus it offered viewers the opportunity to glean the answers to lots of pressing political questions.

You know, like: "What does Jim Gilmore actually look like?" And: "Is it humanly possible to give presidential candidates less time to offer their responses?" And: "Will Tom Tancredo discuss anything other than illegal immigration?" And "Has Ron Paul erected a shrine to Ayn Rand in his house?"

But this was not, we dare say, the only information on offer during the first Republican debate. Rather, viewers could discover what we--and countless Wizbang readers, we'd wager--have long known: Chris Matthews is a grandstanding fool, and his host network, MSNBC, is laughably inept.

Commentators have already harped on the stupid--and, on occasion, biased--questions presented to the candidates during the debate. You know, like asking whether they relished the idea of a Clinton in the White House, or some such.

We mean, come on: How moronic can you get? With three thousand candidates in attendance and three seconds for them to answer each question, do you really want to waste people's time with this sort of palaver?

But the idiotic questions were only part of a larger issue: Chris Matthews appeared to believe that he was merely taping another episode of his viewer-proof show "Hardball." As such, he spent much of the debate drawing attention to himself, as if the audience cared one jot what this glorified carnival exhorter thinks.

Frankly, dear reader, we found Matthews' antics exasperating. And they made us wish that Alan Keyes was amongst the contenders for office. At a Republican debate during the 2000 election season, Keyes memorably scolded Tim Russert for his garrulous job as moderator, asking when Russert would declare his candidacy for president. The wounded Russert largely clammed up for the remainder of the debate.

Oh, would that Alan Keyes had put Chris Matthews in his place! His was perhaps the least suitable job as a moderator in recent memory. Whilst he routinely shut down candidates from offering anything but millisecond sound-bites, Matthews blithely offered various cracks and asides. Perhaps only Charlie Rose would do a more inept job.

Come on, MSNBC: Hire Jim Lehrer to moderate the debates. Lehrer is fair and unobtrusive. No matter how many fancy gigs you give to Chris Matthews, no one will want to watch "Hardball."

And to hire Keith Olbermann to offer the play-by-play afterward? What, Howard Zinn wasn't available?

(The crack young staff normally "weblog" over at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently wondering if the next Republican presidential debate will be broadcast on the "Democracy Now!" network, and boast Amy Goodman and Sami Al-Arian as moderators.)

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Someone ought to point out ... (Below threshold)

Someone ought to point out that the Democrats were too chicken to enter the fox's lair, but the Republicans were like Daniel in the lion's den.

I think the Republicans wer... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I think the Republicans were more than a match for Chris Matthews. As an asside, this was probably the most viewed program MSNBC has had in a long time.

Even though FOX had more vi... (Below threshold)

Even though FOX had more viewers during the debate Monkey See Nothing But Crap (MSNBC) pulled a record, for them. Only Chrissie's death due to Rosie O Donut falling on him or jumping his bones (naked of course) would bring in more viewers.

Yes, the GOP didn't think t... (Below threshold)

Yes, the GOP didn't think twice about who was hosting the debate.

Aren't you glad republicans are REAL MEN? Me too.

WHAT!!!!!!!Where t... (Below threshold)


Where to hell are all the defenders of the [Dim]ocrats pulling out of Fox hosted debates?


Inquiring minds want to know. Here's a prime chance to display a sense of fairness and bi-partisanship and it's slipping away.

All because the network of the faithful (and Olberfool) MSNBC mangled the job so badly you're afraid to show your face.

It is simply the sign of de... (Below threshold)

It is simply the sign of desperation of the ten little indians (TLI) that they would submit themselves to a spectacle such as the "debate." They are basically no different in my eyes than Snow White and the seven dwarves.

At least Ready Freddy, the cradle robber, has enough sense to understand these MSM circuses will not have his best interests at heart.

Was the iron lost on everyone, that this show came from the Reagan library? Remember Reagan's famous debate move (antic?) - he grabbed the mike and told Bush that he was going to speak since he was paying for that debate?

Where was that sort of moxy among the TLI?

freetoken keeps stuff like ... (Below threshold)

freetoken keeps stuff like that in his cradle?

If we're to call this a deb... (Below threshold)

If we're to call this a debate, the actual debate was MSNBC vs. GOP. The candidates know this. The public knows this.

So who won THAT debate?

Sissy Matthews is a lousy d... (Below threshold)

Sissy Matthews is a lousy debate host.

He is simply incapable of shutting up, especially when he doesn't get the answer he wants coming out of one's mouth.

freetoken has his facts wro... (Below threshold)

freetoken has his facts wrong. Reagan didn't say it to GHWB, he said it to Jon Breen, the moderator.

And I do wish that one of the group had scolded Matthews for his lack of professionalism.

Someone will catch on and d... (Below threshold)

Someone will catch on and do that, wavemaker, though, for now, the moderator bias just makes ted's point stronger; that the public could see this was left biased MSM vs the Republican field.

Guess who's already caught on, but wasn't there? The elephant on the blogs; he's in the room, but isn't.

I did a quick ratings check... (Below threshold)

I did a quick ratings check over at Media Bistro for Fox, CNN and MSNBC and guess what? Fox is sucking air.

Prime Time April '06 and April '07
Fox 376 and 462 (+23%)
CNN 184 and 315 (+71%)
MSNBC 145 and 233 (+71%)

Total viewers Fox 462, CNN and MSNBC combined 548

Total day age 25 to 54 April '05 to April '07.
Fox 262 and 270 (+3%)
CNN 176 and 199 (+13%)
MSNBC 94 and 140 (+49%)

The Factor 593 to 324 (down 55%)
Count Down 211 to 261 (up 24%)

I think MSNBC is doing just fine.

True to form, Matthews was ... (Below threshold)

True to form, Matthews was convinced the debate was about him. "Earth to Chris, this wasn't another episode of Hairball."

And what's with the "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" questions? And having the vile Keith Olbermann as a color commentator? Nothing like reinforcing the view of your network as a political hackfest.

Brian Williams did a great job at the Democrat debate. Maybe he'll be available. Naw,..Randi Rhodes is up next.....screeching at the top of her lungs "which one of you bastards killed all those black people in the Superdome during Katrina...?"

MSNBC now has the tweedle-d... (Below threshold)

MSNBC now has the tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber of news analysis with Matthews/Olbermann. It just ain't possible to get any worse.

I used to watch Matthews, but now can't abide him. I even used to flip between FoxNews and Matthes when Fox had commercials, but can't even stand the few minutes of Matthews.

MSNBC could have been a contender with FoxNews, but they blew it.

BarneyGoogle, you can Googl... (Below threshold)

BarneyGoogle, you can Google, but you can't "statistics" now, can you.

I'll take this any day as proof the FOX is the place to put your money:

April #'s: FNC #3 On Basic Cable In Primetime; CNN #25, MSNBC #30 (Media Bistro)

And Googs, you weren't even giving us the numbers straight; I checked Media Bistro and you have provided the 25-45 demo in your first set of numbers, not full audience.

The real numbers that Barney is fudging, because he apparently can't tell the truth, are as follows: FoxNews 1894 (up 11%), CNN 937 (up 18%), MSNBC 586 (up 53%). Fox still clobbers the competition, combined. And, when you start at such a low number like MSNBC, you can expect more upside. Can they sustain it, who knows? You're betting on Matthews and Olbermann, then.

I wouldn't take that bet.

Matthews should go back to ... (Below threshold)

Matthews should go back to writing speeches for Tip O'Neill. Olbermann should go back to his old job of "fluffer" for that gay porn film company. The actors said he was the best.

BarneyG is a democrat liber... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

BarneyG is a democrat liberal. What do you expect from him? Truth? BG does not know what truth or morals or things like that mean. Barny is a font of misinformation available to us all.

Rudy was afraid to be in th... (Below threshold)

Rudy was afraid to be in the debate because Keith O lambasted him in an outstanding special comment. MSNBC told Rudy's people that KO will continue to do the debates and Rudy didn't have to participate if he was afraid!! TOUCHE' MSNBC!!!!! There are tshirts on the hill saying "rudy is a pussy" and there's an adorable kitten on it. they sold out yesterday but have 1000 on order and coming in Tuesday.TOO FUNNY!

Uh Barneygoole during the d... (Below threshold)

Uh Barneygoole during the debate:
1-- O'Reilly----2.3 million +
2--Debate and rest of msnbc--1.7 million +
3--snicker snicker
4--(from Drudge)
5--snicker again

Barney, even MSNBC is laugh... (Below threshold)

Barney, even MSNBC is laughing at your attempts to make them look like a "watched" cable network. lol.

You really do live (as O'Reilly would say) in the Land of Oz.

If Rudy is a (blank) what does that make ALL of the presidential candidates who had their girly temper tantrums and backed out of the Fox debate?


"that the public coul... (Below threshold)

"that the public could see this was left biased MSM vs the Republican field."

The above has to be one of the most asinine comments on this thread, apart from the point made by the author of this post.

Crying bias because an element of the media won't vomit back the delusional world that you live in, kim, is flat out silly and reflects the weakest of minds that searches only for the confirmation of one's own lunacy and rejects all contrary evidence.

Explains a lot as to why you ruminate the way you do. Just Mooooooooooove on with your cud.

Mitchell, I didn't say the ... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, I didn't say the ratings were for the full audience. The numbers were for the money demo of 25 to 54 and not 25 to 45 as you claim, so please get your facts straight.

Also, you agree that CNN and MSNBC by any cut is gaining on Fox and O'Reilly is totally tanking.

Weider you really cowed us ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Weider you really cowed us with that one? If that was the most asinine post here, which is was not, anything you write wins that honor. Yes bg, we will agree. CNN and MSNBC have moved up to last place. Started in last ended last. O'Rielly tanked? Still in first and even after he is declared tanked by you, is in first place. Matthews, the spin starts (stops) here, show will never be viewed more than whatever is on Fox at that time. To think Olbermann can ever be more popular than the No Spin Zone is not a fair and balanced view. But BarneyG says. As Bill would say to you, BG, get off the koolaid. Moonbat.

barneygoogle-snicker snicke... (Below threshold)

barneygoogle-snicker snicker

BarneyGoogle, no one wants ... (Below threshold)

BarneyGoogle, no one wants to hear it, because we know now that you are not credible.

Buh, Bye.

How do you (if your at all ... (Below threshold)

How do you (if your at all creditable)ask Republicans,"wouldn't it be great to have Bill Clinton in the White house again."For golly's sake even you nut balls have to agree that took either brass balls,or insanity of the worst kind.

Wieder surfaces to spout, t... (Below threshold)

Wieder surfaces to spout, then dives again. Damn, where's that harpoon.

Do you suppose Wieder drown... (Below threshold)

Do you suppose Wieder drowned?

Well, his explanation that ... (Below threshold)

Well, his explanation that media bias only exists because I perceive it is a little wet. Maybe he peeked out of his ball of solipsism and had a cow.






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