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Sarkozy wins in France

With a victory that could build momentum for upcoming parliamentary elections, Nicolas Sarkozy, the center-right candidate of the Union for a Popular Movement (the current governing party) defeated socialist Segolene Royal for the Presidency of France. Sarkozy is known as more pro-American, anti-terrorist, and reformist than either his predecessors or his opponent. Francois de Beaupuy and Helene Fouquet report for Bloomberg:

Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of France as Socialist Segolene Royal conceded defeat.

Sarkozy, candidate of the governing Union for a Popular Movement, took between 53 percent and 53.2 percent of the vote against between 46.8 percent and 47 percent for Royal, a Socialist, according to exit polls by Ipsos SA, Ifop, CSA, and TNS-Sofres.

The president-elect, 52, overcame criticism that he was too divisive and too sympathetic to the U.S., persuading voters that he was best-suited to spur economic growth. Sarkozy, interior minister and finance minister for four years under President Jacques Chirac, promised to cut taxes, reduce the number of civil servants, curb immigration and toughen sentencing.

``This very large victory will allow Sarkozy to rally the largest possible union for change,'' said Patrick Ollier, a UMP lawmaker and president of the National Assembly. ``Nicolas Sarkozy is accountable to the people, not to parties.''

The whole article is at the link above. Sarkozy is also expected to make noise in the EU, which can hardly be a bad thing.


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Comments (59)

I guess the French will be ... (Below threshold)

I guess the French will be celebrating Sexo de Mayo for their historic defeat of the socialists on May 6th.

I hope he does well to rest... (Below threshold)

I hope he does well to restore the lost pride of France.

Everyone comes to their sen... (Below threshold)

Everyone comes to their senses occasionally.

Didn't Royal threaten viole... (Below threshold)

Didn't Royal threaten violence if Sarkozy won?

Yes, she is going to throw ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Yes, she is going to throw a hissy fit. Sounds a bit like the Socialist in Mexico when he lost. What is with these leftists? Do they think they get to threaten us with violence if we don't see things their way? Fuck em.

Gringo, yeah, there was tha... (Below threshold)

Gringo, yeah, there was that threat of violence if the other person won! Looks like everyone knows the French lefties are capable of wussy temper tantrums as well as american lefties. lol.

Lefties worldwide need to grow up.

Aren't you glad we're in the grown ups political party? Me too. :)

Can he clean up the horribl... (Below threshold)

Can he clean up the horrible mess that the liberals have made? It will be hard to do.

Meanwhile isn't it great to see a country full of liberals FINALLY wake up and smell the cafe au lait?

Allons enfants de la Patrie... (Below threshold)

Allons enfants de la Patrie
Le jour de gloire est arrivé.
Contre nous, de la tyrannie,
L'étandard sanglant est levé

Well, the flag may get bloody soon if the left decides to riot.

Ironic how their liberal br... (Below threshold)

Ironic how their liberal brethren here seem to be on a power push. Not that it will last long.

she may have threatened vio... (Below threshold)

she may have threatened violence in the streets if she lost...but at least (so far) she hasn't claimed the "election was stolen" (like Gore and Kerry)

Random thoughts on this inc... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

Random thoughts on this incredible result:

1) I thought pigs would fly before France elected a president who admires America.
2) Look for the MSM here to NOT report on this historic election. Sober and unbalanced analysis of this result only makes Bush look good, albeit indirectly.
3) It puts France ahead of Britain in the race to reverse the failed social policy of dhimmitude plaguing Europe.
4) The all too powerful labor unions, socialists, communists, and the islamists are going to hate the results. I say, "Pass the popcorn!" and lets watch.

Where are the trolls? What... (Below threshold)

Where are the trolls? What say you trolls?

I guess they're still at church. *snicker*

Very bad news for Hillary! ... (Below threshold)

Very bad news for Hillary! Royal was at least very attractive to look at (albeit wrong politically and even a majority of Frence women voted for Sarko). So for Hillary, a completely unattractive candidate, she's finished!!!

Also, Sarko is a big win fo... (Below threshold)

Also, Sarko is a big win for the GOP, for fighting Islamo's and a big loss for the Dem's.

Some sort of common sense H... (Below threshold)

Some sort of common sense HAD to finally seep into these people. They're being overrun by Islamic punks, their economy has been tanking and that reputation of sucking up to dictators at every turn.

Royal ran an absolutely ter... (Below threshold)

Royal ran an absolutely terrible campaign, focusing instead on nonsense fringe issues such as curbing violence on TV instead of attacking the issues that are ruining the working class in France, including a stagnant economy, stagnant wages, and growing poverty in the immigrant neighborhoods. Immigrants are lured to France with the promise of workers needed for French industry, but instead often find unemployment and poverty, and many youths often end involved in gangs, in crime, or supporting Islamic fundamentalism or even terrorism. For a Socialist, Royal was an absolutely terrible candidate with little positive for the working class in her marginal issue campaign which was far less socialist, than simple "nanny-state" meddling in tiny issues of no real importance.

If Sarkozy only involves himself in a right wing "law & order" type presidency and fails to address growing issues of poverty, then maybe massive worker general strikes can shut the country down and force a new election with serious candidates instead of two clowns like Royal and Sarkozy who ignored the working class.

French voters deserved a serious campaign addressing the important issues that are a matter of survival for many working class voters, but instead became a goofy exchange between "law & order" idiot Sarkozy, and antiTV violence kook, Royal. Neither seemed to have a clue.

Paul H, always raining on t... (Below threshold)

Paul H, always raining on the parade. Please go away, at least today -- and let us bask in what is a great victory for Western Civilization!

This is a very telling even... (Below threshold)

This is a very telling event in Dhimmi Europe. If the hateful French have conceded their obnoxiousness to the immediacy of stark reality and rejected the secularist, Dhimmi, "socialist" candidate in favor of a pro-American (everyone knows the French made "America-hating" into a vogue) "conservative" - by their standards - you can really say that the "feces" is hitting the French "ventilation system"!

On the other hand, here we are in America cozying up to defeatist Democrats and sucking up to Nancy Pelosi and company, and placing them in power to deal to us more of that "socialistic" tripe the French, of all people, have now out of necessity rejected! Go figure! We must be watching too much American Idol!


instead of attacki... (Below threshold)
instead of attacking the issues that are ruining the working class in France, including a stagnant economy, stagnant wages, and growing poverty in the immigrant neighborhoods

I'm sure she had to avoid those topics because as the socialist candidate she would have to mention her "fixes" to those problems.

Gee, I wonder what those would have been?

More money, higher taxes? What is the tax rate in France now? 50% for the middle class, 75% for the affluent? It's something ridiculous I'm quite sure.

But we know her "fixes" were a given and didn't need no splain'in.

Gee, where was Paul's insig... (Below threshold)

Gee, where was Paul's insights and observations before the elections?

There's a fine line between analysis and hindsight -- and Paul seems to be one of those that withholds judgment until after the fact, then explains why what happens was inevitable.

It's kind of like George Tenet's book, which others have said ought to have the same subtitle as so many other insider tell-alls: "If Only They Had Listened To Me."


You mean I might have to st... (Below threshold)

You mean I might have to start liking the French?

Well, they do have good cheese.

Mmmm... cheese!

The U.S. needs someone to r... (Below threshold)

The U.S. needs someone to run on that platform. Cut taxes, reduce civil servants,curb immigration and tougher sentencing. Hmmm. Are the Fwench waking up as they approach becoming a Muslim majority with a floundering economy?

Was just reading over at ne... (Below threshold)

Was just reading over at newsbusters.org how the NYT is already demonizing him, making me like the guy even more. Sweeeeeeet.

NY Post ought to do a front cover story like the Daily Mirror did over our election, this time saying How Could (blank) Million French People Be So Damn Smart?"

Was just reading over at... (Below threshold)

Was just reading over at newsbusters.org how the NYT is already demonizing him, making me like the guy even more. Sweeeeeeet.

Sometimes you can tell the caliber of a person by his enemies. It seems this is one of those times.

I saw this on Drudge:... (Below threshold)

I saw this on Drudge:

Defeated Socialists search for scapegoats

She never seemed able to escape from her party's rigid ideological barriers. Every time she tried, for instance by suggesting military camps for young offenders, it provoked a volley of criticism from the party apparat

Wow, what an amazing similarity to the American lefties when they crack the whip.

Personally I believe, in the not so distant future, the Democrats and their whip cracking lefty masters will fall the same way.

Sadly for the French, they went and tested deep into the socialist waters and have to get themselves out of it. We on the other hand haven't quite dug so far....YET.

The World Turned Upside Dow... (Below threshold)

The World Turned Upside Down

Perhaps Lafayette will return and reinforce the right wing of our political corps as some attempt to lay siege to beltway mentality.

Paul,Sarkozy will ... (Below threshold)


Sarkozy will deal with poverty the correct way, by supporting an economy that provides real productive private jobs. Hopefully, he will do a Reagan/Thatcher to deal with taxes, labor rules, lawlessness and unions. Then the French will get to experience what the Americans and Brits have been enjoying for 20+ years.

Look Ma, no trolls, snicker... (Below threshold)

Look Ma, no trolls, snicker snort snort.
This was not only a win for the French, it was a win for the USA. Yea baby....

Let's see.
To the North, Canada.. Conservative.
To the South, Mexico.. Conservative.
Germany.. Conservative.
France.. Conservative.

Oh my, I'd say that's a "trend".

Place your bets on the UK now.

Don't forget Australia and ... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Australia and Japan. Both are led by reasonably conservative men, as well.

Good point C-C-G. Prayers u... (Below threshold)

Good point C-C-G. Prayers up that this trend continues. Amen.

Oh where oh where are the trolls today
Could it be they are in dismay
Oh where oh where are the trolls today
Could it be they are seething today.

Pick one.

The Trolls are currently wo... (Below threshold)

The Trolls are currently working on a petition to the French Supreme Court to overturn the election on the grounds that it's illegal for a Frenchman to want closer relations with America.

God love ya C-C-G, BWAHAHAH... (Below threshold)

God love ya C-C-G, BWAHAHAHAHA. I must go now to cook dinner. Thanks for the inspiration.

In return: In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit we pray........

Vive France!Godspe... (Below threshold)

Vive France!

Godspeed to fixing France after decades of dreadful social and economic policy. Sarkozy is a breath of fresh air.

lb, good point, conservatis... (Below threshold)

lb, good point, conservatism is winning the day most everywhere.

Liberalism--the non-classical kind-aka Socialism--is on the wane, just as Communism was before it.

May it rot in the dustbin of history, too.

Always remember, Never forg... (Below threshold)

Always remember, Never forget, Liberalism like Socialism IS the cousin to Communism.

First they come for your guns.
Then they come for your free speech.
They over tax your business
They over regulate your business
Then they sieze your business
*waves at Hugo*
Before you know it, your livin' in a commie nation.

Fit Fred Thompson's speech ... (Below threshold)

Fit Fred Thompson's speech in here.He will take his case directly to the American people.OOO Raa.Made me sit up and take notice.The trolls read it also and are caucusing to figure how to refute his logic.Nice try.

are caucusing to figure how... (Below threshold)

are caucusing to figure how to refute his logic.
Posted by: jainphx

True that. First comment at 2;50pm and not a troll to be seen. OOO Raa from this mother of an American soldier.

God Bless our fighting forces and those who stand beside them.

Wonder what will happen to ... (Below threshold)

Wonder what will happen to the EU constitution that was supposed to be rising from the rejections of past years?

I think the French made the... (Below threshold)

I think the French made the right choice. The country desperately needs labor and business reforms to make it more competitive in the world economy. The 35-hour work week is ridiculous (especially in today's Internet economy). Companies also have to be able to easily adjust their workforces (e.g., firing) to respond to changing demands.

I have my doubts about how far Sarkozy can get however. We saw what happened when the students went crazy after the most reforms that were attempted last year. Just today, the left was in the street throwing rocks and bottles at the police. France's left wing is just plain irresponsible, and they make the rest of us leftists look bad.

Politics are cyclical. Jus... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Politics are cyclical. Just as 1994 begat 2006 in this country. Whatever year it was that the Socialist took power in France begat 2007. And for both the US and France, things will swing back sooner or later.

Wow. After years of "the Fr... (Below threshold)

Wow. After years of "the French don't matter" coming from the "freedom fries" party, suddenly the French matter a whole lot, huh?

<a href="http://news.yahoo.... (Below threshold)

Uh oh!

Sarkozy ... urged the United States to do more to combat global warming.

Bring back the freedom fries!

Brian, do you even realize ... (Below threshold)

Brian, do you even realize what happened there you stupid putz?

And hey, I'll go with Sarkozy on global warming and say we should follow France's lead on building more nuclear reactors here. And maybe some new refineries too. Haven't build a new one in 30 years.

Let's get the terminology s... (Below threshold)

Let's get the terminology straight. The old "canaille" has been replaced by the new "racaille," both referring to canine character defects---especially gaulling [excuse bad pun] to the Arab uninvited guests in the banlieux[es].

The Guardian laughably describes Royal as "moderate-centrist" and Sarkozy "right wing." From their infra-red [euro-style political color spectrum]perspective, that is probably what they perceive---but the sane part [non-Guardian/Independent] part of the highbrow Brit press sees Sarkozy as more of a Thatcher than Royal would have been perceived as a Blair.

Sarkozy has a mandate, after 86% of the French electorate has spoken. And if they are "racaille," that makes them chien-lits [avec des puces sans aucun doute]---pardon l'esprit maudit.

<a href="http://d.yimg.com... (Below threshold)
Wow. Leftists once again ha... (Below threshold)

Wow. Leftists once again have nothing of substance in their bag of negativity. Yet, they continue to flail their little slaps at their prone little straw men. Quite funny...

Jay Tea, my website, Progre... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, my website, Progressive Values ran a feature days ago before the final debate between Royal and Sarkozy, and Sunday's election. I've been on this story for days now, just like I'm on top of politics from China, Russia, Iran and many other places that have an impact on the U.S.

Royal was a terrible politician that failed to turn out the working class in France despite serious economic damage done by Chirac. Sarkozy won't be any great pal for the U.S. He'll be loud and noisey, but largely ineffective at dealing with the serous economic problems that are a plague in France. The worst of these is the French appeal for those in the MidEast to come to France as migrant workers, but then are greeted only by poverty and unemployment.

Sarkozy will only help to foster a dangerous pool of disenchanted young angry poor Muslims who will grow up to be terrorists, impacting both France and the U.S. at some point in the near future. Good news in France would have been a serious candidate that would have helped to improve the poverty in the immigrant community and lessen any alienation that fuels Islamic radicalism. But Sarkozy is an arrogant politician with few good answers, and not really all that good for the U.S. or France. If I lived there, I could not in good conscience vote for either Royal or Sarkozy. There was no lesser of the two evils in this election.

Time will unfortunately prove me right about Sarkozy, and many people including yourself will be cursing him before long. Sarkozy is no real prize for the U.S. or France. Sarkozy will make Chirac look saintly before very long.

If anyone here can read French, pick up copies of Le Monde or Le Figaro to better understand the complexity of French politics. But France is in a real leadership vacuum right now. This election was living proof of this vacuum of decent leadership in France.

Paul Hooson: The man drives... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson: The man drives a Gremin ferGODsakes, save your liberal(read:pinko connie plablem) for someone who cares.

Brian, do you even reali... (Below threshold)

Brian, do you even realize what happened there you stupid putz?

Absolutely. The country that for years you said was irrelevant, now suddenly you think is relevant. Hmm, irrelevant when you don't like them, relevant when you do. Nothing better demonstrates that these opinions are based on frothing hatred rather than rational consideration.

Lb, selling my greatly over... (Below threshold)

Lb, selling my greatly overpowered 9mpg V8 with dual exhausts Gremlin this weekend to buy a motorcycle by the way. The V8 engine is about the size of two or three of the sissy four cylinder engines in cars that are sold these days by the way. But my love of red-blooded, neck breaking, high performance is beside the point here.

Apparently it is way over the heads of a few here to understand that unless France resolves this serious problem with Islamic radicalism that the U.S. will be impacted at some point by this French problem. The arrogant Sarkozy is highly unlikely to improve this problem in my opinion. The U.S. needs to apply pressure on Sarkozy to remedy the problems that breed Islamic radicalism in France. I can't be more serious about this point.

Paul Hooson, I'll step over... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson, I'll step over that condensation of"Apparently it is way over the heads of a few here to understand " I'm a Christian ya know. Sarkozy expressed that he would like to "hose out the scum in the inner cities. Good enough for me. History will show if he has the mettle. I bet yes.

Wonder what will happen ... (Below threshold)

Wonder what will happen to the EU constitution that was supposed to be rising from the rejections of past years?

Last I'd heard, the evil overlords in Brussels wanted to essentially take all the provisions from the constitution that they want and just draft them into EU law thereby cutting out the peons completely.

lb, if you can recall histo... (Below threshold)

lb, if you can recall history, France allowed a certain radical by the name of the Ayatollah Khomeini to organize his radical plans for the Iranian revolution in their nation. Hasn't Iran certainly been a huge thorn in the side of the U.S. since this revolution?

France's failure to resolve problems with poverty in their large Muslim community is a real threat to the U.S. I doubt Sarkozy will constructively deal with this problem.

France is unfortunately the worst breeding ground for Islamic radicalism in Western Europe. The U.S. certainly had major stake in this election.

Paul must have one hell of ... (Below threshold)

Paul must have one hell of a crystal ball.

I guess the French will ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I guess the French will be celebrating Sexo de Mayo for their historic defeat of the socialists on May 6th.

1. Well, in Spanish, it's "Seis", not "Sexo"
2. Since it's France, it would more likely be "Le sixième de mai"

Absolutely. The co... (Below threshold)
Absolutely. The country that for years you said was irrelevant, now suddenly you think is relevant. Hmm, irrelevant when you don't like them, relevant when you do. Nothing better demonstrates that these opinions are based on frothing hatred rather than rational consideration. Posted by: Brian at May 7, 2007 12:02 AM

Well, first off, you're attributing things to me personally I've never said. Second, anytime you can defeat a socialist in a country like France, I think it's a good thing for Europe.

Never did say I was a fan of France after the election though. It *is* France still. You only want to see what you want to see.

Next step: French leftists ... (Below threshold)

Next step: French leftists threaten to emigrate to Canada if Sarkozy is inaugurated.

Someone clever on another b... (Below threshold)

Someone clever on another board said the title of Tenet's book should have been: 'Was that a big storm that just went by?'.

Paul: "Royal was a terrible... (Below threshold)

Paul: "Royal was a terrible politician that failed to turn out the working class in France despite serious economic damage done by Chirac"

What a joke Paul, you can not be serious with two misleading statements in one sentence. What was the election turn out? Historic proportions, no? Serious economic damage was done by socialist policies of which the socialist party was promising even more of the same, not less like Sarkozy.

At least you got one thing correct, Royal was a terrible politician. But then, so are all socialists.






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