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Hillsdale: A College for Conservatives

If you have kids who are now thinking about colleges but you shudder at the liberal propaganda that is shoved down the throats of college students these days, you may want to take a look at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. Unlike most colleges and universities, Hillsdale was founded on sound conservative principles and will give your kids a great education. From The Toledo Blade:

Between sips of coffee from a Bill of Rights mug, [Hillsdale President] Mr. Arnn explained that he traded the California sunshine of the Clare-mont Institute for Michigan winters because of Hillsdale's articles of association.

That document, he quoted, charges the college to develop the "moral, social, and artistic instruction and culture as will best develop the minds and improve the hearts of the students."

Hillsdale refuses to accept any government funds. It replaces federal scholarships and loans with private funds from a $265 million endowment. When administrators subtract financial aid from Hillsdale's $26,430 sticker price, the average annual cost drops to $13,430.

The college defies affirmative action and does not track the ethnic make-up of its 1,300 students. In a video to promote Hillsdale called "Educating for Liberty," Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says this policy dates to Hillsdale's establishment by Free-Will Baptists as an abolitionist institution that admitted blacks.

Hillsdale publishes Imprimis, a monthly that reaches more than 1.25 million readers and runs speeches given at college events by the likes of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The college stores on-line the complete writings of William F. Buckley, a grandfather of modern conservative ideology.

An outsider could confuse Hillsdale classes for boosterism of past Republican administrations.

A morning history class trumpeted President Reagan's 1981 tax cut as clearing the way for Microsoft, the Sony Walkman, and fax machines.

"The arguments have been documented 100 times on the theoretical level that the government raising money doesn't help the economy," said freshman Andrew Cureton, who can instantly tell his professor that Richard Nixon won every state in the 1972 presidential election except Massachusetts.

When students talk in class, they tend do so with a certainty of their convictions. Lauren Clark, a senior, said intellectual rigor matters more than ideological shading.

"What's the slogan?" she said. "Hillsdale College: Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1844."

The college requires students to complete a course on the Constitution, one that often influences their perspective on government.

Jeremiah Regan, a junior history major, said his political views have morphed since high school.

"I was a Republican when I came to Hillsdale," he said. "I'm much less Republican now and have loyalty to conservative ideas."

Hillsdale endorses this type of culture in an honor code that freshmen sign each fall. It asks them to engage in "self-government," a pledge meant to uphold every person's "natural rights" for the common good.

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Contrary to the appearance ... (Below threshold)

Contrary to the appearance from the article, Hillsdale is not anti-war. According to a recent poll, sixty-eight percent of Hillsdale students support the Iraq war. And trust me, we are far more conservative on other issues.

And if you're conservative, please do partner with us and come to our college. We'll love you here.

Hillsdale, 2010

"I was a Republican when... (Below threshold)

"I was a Republican when I came to Hillsdale," he said. "I'm much less Republican now and have loyalty to conservative ideas."

I wish more Republicans would experience such an epiphany.

About fifteen years ago Nat... (Below threshold)

About fifteen years ago National Review did a conservative college guide. It hasn't been updated, but the list of colleges is still pretty good. Parents might want to check it out. I think Hillsdale was on the list.

I wish more Republicans ... (Below threshold)

I wish more Republicans would experience such an epiphany.

I did a couple years ago. I don't consider myself a republican anymore, but at independent conservative.

Less Government
Lower Taxes
Secure Borders
Individual Responsibility

It's amazing that there are moonbats out there that don't agree with this premise, but then again, they would rather leech of the producers of this country, the lazy fu$ks.

Step right up; with a 10K d... (Below threshold)

Step right up; with a 10K discount you can ensure that your kids will be asd brainwashed w/ antediluvian crap just like you are. Hell the Earth is a mere 6k years old and evilootion doesn't exist.

No descendants of Scopes allowed.

My parents went to Hillsdal... (Below threshold)

My parents went to Hillsdale back in 94 to hear Margaret Thatcher speak. It was like the day before or after the great Election '94.

I get their monthly newsletter called Imprimis. It's great. You all should get on the mailing list. Great articles/speeches once a month by such greats as Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson.

So Wieder:Where's ... (Below threshold)

So Wieder:

Where's your proof that Hillsdale does not teach evolution and that they teach that the earth is only 6,000 years old?

Or is this just your bigotry coming out against anyone or any institution that does not agree with the liberal mantras.

I would like to ask Wieder ... (Below threshold)

I would like to ask Wieder if he has attended Hillsdale, and if so, where is his documentation on what they teach? I receive their monthly newlsetter Imprimis and if anything, their newsletter promotes intelligent debate, not some kind of mind control like a typical liberal university.

I looked around at the Hill... (Below threshold)
Jim C.:

I looked around at the Hillsdale site and found it has a great online resource: every article W.F. Buckley has ever written.

Gee, Weider, look at what I... (Below threshold)

Gee, Weider, look at what I found in about 30 seconds of poking around Hillsdale's web site:

BIO 200 - Evolution and Biological Diversity 4 Credit(s) An introduction to the vast diversity of life from prokaryotic forms to the eukaryotic vertebrate mammals. This course introduces the beginning biology student to all the major groups of organisms and to their fundamental taxonomic relationships. Laboratory work is included. This course is required in the field of concentration.

Have a big ol' cup of STFU, Weider.


Weider is just upset that t... (Below threshold)

Weider is just upset that there are no liberal communist asshole professors (who couldn't get a job in the first place) spouting anti-American and anti-capitalist blather while sucking at the tenure titty.

Do away with tenure and most of these commie profs would have to work for a living.

I always heard good things ... (Below threshold)

I always heard good things about Hillsdale until jo touted the esteem in which Hanson is held there. This is the neocon favorite who invented the Rule (in service to the neocon ideology) that "democracies" don't war with each other. It's been repeated here and elsewhere, and is laughably wrong. From the Peloponesian Wars til now. And don't ask for examples. I wan't you to be wrong in public, in the flesh! Perhaps corrected by a precocious 6th grader.

From the Peloponesian Wa... (Below threshold)

From the Peloponesian Wars til now.

Ths only way you can pretend this rule doesn't work is to use (as examples) countries that are only "democracies by ress release," or countries that are monarchies/oligarchies with some democratic elements (like the above mentioned war, which featured Sparta - a country that only had a few democratic elements in its government, and was run more like a monarchy in everyday life)

Likewise, some folks try to pretend that our invasion of Iraq breaks this rule, when Iraq was only "democratic" in propaganda.

But the Left has always had a bad weakness for propaganda and press releases... witness the Greenpeace "anti-Apple" campaign, where they compared the PR from other companies ("we'll clean up our acts Real Soon Now, we promise") with what Apple was doing five years ago.

OK, 1 example: USA vs CSA, ... (Below threshold)

OK, 1 example: USA vs CSA, 1861-1865

bryanD: USA didn't recogniz... (Below threshold)

bryanD: USA didn't recognize CSA as an independent, democratic nation; that was kind of the whole point of the war. And since the Civil War was a failed rebellion, asserting the CSA as a "democratic nation" is certainly arguable.


Jay Tea:Self-deter... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea:

Self-determination makes a nation. Elections, ambassadors with portfolio to foreign lands, trade agreements, currency (Don't make me take off my belt!).

Almost forgot the newest one:

Israel vs Lebanon, 2006!

Gee, bryanD, I didn't know ... (Below threshold)

Gee, bryanD, I didn't know Hezbollah was a democracy. I thought that Lebanon was a Syrian puppet state, with a good chunk of the country being controlled by Syria's terrorist flunkies of Hezbollah, and Israel had gone after Hezbollah and specifically did NOT engage the Lebanese armed forces.

Two up, two down.

Care to help me make it a hat trick?


Jay Tea, India-Pakistan (19... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, India-Pakistan (1947-49)

I'm no expert on those coun... (Below threshold)

I'm no expert on those countries' history, but Wikipedia sez India became a Republic in 1950, after getting its independence in 1947. Pakistan became independent the same year, but didn't become a republic until 1956. I don't have time right to go into the particulars about what happened between those times, but I find myself conflicted: on the one hand, they were part of the Commonwealth of Nations and therefore were probably not dictatorships; on the other, you've been wrong once and questionable on the other, so history is NOT your friend.


History Throwdown. Any time... (Below threshold)

History Throwdown. Any time. Any place.

And all three of my examples are correct.

I have several more but I'll keep them in reserve.

In conclusion (re:jo's comment, my hook), Hanson is an ideologue first, a historian second. He knows who butters his bread, and at the time he hitched his wagon to the neoconservative horse, it looked like a wise thing to do (to him). Now he just hangs around NRO and flicks boogers at current events. His "lessons" from 300 (commending suicidal disregard for the art of maneuver) for today, was political pornography, i.e. If you don't win in Iraq, don't come home (because you're not worthy, or something).

AJP Taylor, Barbara Tuchman, Paul Johnson (neocon-approved, but very, very good, I admit), even Len Deighton (the novelist) are MUCH better historians and there books can be had anywhere and cheap. Maybe online, but online is no good for long reading bouts, if it were I would have finished THIS a long time ago (mind is willing, but my butt is weak)(nee an Ebook):


Study Augustus's castration of the senate from their sovereign powers. And in the name of "The Senate"! Bravura insight from an aristocrat 16 centuries later, and written at a time when the temples of Rome where still buried under the earth (Mussolini excavated them)

PS: Did you get my message that "Democrat Party" as used by the republicans has been traced back (so far) to 1951-1952 (Robert Taft), See Manchester's Glory and the Dream.

bryanD, you really are an a... (Below threshold)

bryanD, you really are an ass.

Israel went to war IN Lebanon, not AGAINST Lebanon, and you simply can't wave that away by saying "it was correct." The Lebanese military was NOT involved. The Civil War is certainly arguable, and while I didn't conclusively rebut your India/Pakistan argument, I presented a hell of a lot more evidence than you did for your side -- which was somewhere between jack shit and diddlysquat.

Oh, and yeah, I saw the bit about the "Democrat Party." I just didn't care. It strikes me as profoundly silly.







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