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"24" Countdown to the End

The season finale airs May 21. Just a few episodes left and I am actually glad it is almost over. This season has been a bit of a disappointment for me. I hope the final few episodes make up for it, but I am not getting my hopes up. If they will let Chloe kick some terrorist butt then I might change my opinion, but it will have to be some serious butt kicking.

One more complaint -- stop filming in the dark. Turn the lights on. This has been the darkest season yet -- literally. That X-Files/CSI look drives me crazy.

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...a bit disappointi... (Below threshold)
Steve the LLamabutcher:

...a bit disappointing?

This season has sucked eggs through a cocktail straw.

I did enjoy the evil brothe... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I did enjoy the evil brother and dad twist, but it was over pretty quick. I forgot about Josh and Marilyn until they just showed up in this episode.

There have been some good moments, but the whole season has been disjointed and continuing tonight, too damn dark. I have eye strain from watching. The White House isn't that dark, and what government agency have you ever seen that was decorated like CTU? Geez. It just drives me crazy.

What do the Chinese want? S... (Below threshold)

What do the Chinese want? Someone to help them with the chip or to get CTU all blow'd up? Or both...

I don't know. Everything i... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I don't know. Everything is so dark that I can hardly tell what is going on.

What does Josh know?... (Below threshold)

What does Josh know?

Ah, nutty moonbat dad is ba... (Below threshold)

Ah, nutty moonbat dad is back...forgot about him too.

I know I keep harping on th... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I know I keep harping on this, but seriously, is it my imagination or is everything in the dark? When they showed the chick that played the alien on another channel, the one romancing the spy, in the bedroom with him tonight, it was dark in the room, but on the monitor they were watching you could actually see them as if there was light in the room. I guess I need to watch the show through one of those monitors because otherwise it annoys the heck out of me trying to watch.

Why is a member of SG-1 on ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Why is a member of SG-1 on 24?????

Reminds me of Twin Peaks, i... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of Twin Peaks, if anyone remembers that series from years ago. It started out with lots of intrigues and clever twists and turns, but as the seasons wore on the plot got darker and darker and started taking some bizarre twists, some left hanging like loose threads.

I still don't know the end. They lost me after the third season. Looks like "24" will go the same route unless the writers get a gentle wrap upside the head so they won't go off in strange tangients.

Did the writers of Days of ... (Below threshold)

Did the writers of Days of Our Lives take over "24"? Seriously - it's a soap opera this season!!!



Darkness to save energy and... (Below threshold)

Darkness to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, no doubt.

When the Chinese took over ... (Below threshold)

When the Chinese took over CTU, I was hoping they would just shoot everyone, thus putting us out of our misery. I'm not a writer, but I feel fairly confident I could do better.

Well, I thought last night'... (Below threshold)

Well, I thought last night's episode showed hope for a return to form.

The weakness has been too many loose threads with nothing to draw them together and provide resolution.

If they have Chloe kick butt with Morris back at her side, all will be forgiven.

I have been disappointed th... (Below threshold)

I have been disappointed this season also. But, if they can sell me on the two hour closer, it may redeem them. Maybe they are having the two hour finale because it is reveting and will leave us with that WOW factor. ww

Well I mean they are at lik... (Below threshold)

Well I mean they are at like 3am, so technically, it IS dark :-P

I lost interest a while bac... (Below threshold)

I lost interest a while back and quit watching. If the writers can't do better, this show is toast for me.

Well, you got me there, Bud... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Well, you got me there, Buddy. I can live with the dark outside shots. It is the lack of lighting inside that is driving me crazy. Buy a few florescents for that office for goodnes sake!

Is jack ever going to speak... (Below threshold)

Is jack ever going to speak up like a man again or whisper every line??

The Listkeeper,Sta... (Below threshold)

The Listkeeper,

Stargate: SG1 has been cancelled by the Sci-Fi channel, so all of those guys free to do other projects. I am guessing that he was the first to find employment.






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