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Her Majesty

Rob Bluey has some really beautiful pictures of the Queen's White House visit posted and linked at his blog.


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I love Queen Elizabeth's ha... (Below threshold)

I love Queen Elizabeth's hats. Although today's black&white rendition wasn't among my favorites -- about that theme (black&white), it was a very, very astute presentation by the Queen (presentation, as in, "message"): combined with her timing of this visit, it's clear that the British Monarchy is not skirting the issue here: they are with the United States ABsolutely. The Queen showing up on U.S. soil is no small thing, in terms of protocol.

Wonder why the Queen has on... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Wonder why the Queen has only visited Republican adminsitrations. Curious that.

I like Fox News, and I have... (Below threshold)

I like Fox News, and I have nothing against the Queen.

But sorry, Fox - the Queen and President Bush having a formal dinner at the White House is not anything close to what I would call "Breaking News".

I think "breaking news" is the most over-used phrase on that network.

smartguy, breaking news doe... (Below threshold)

smartguy, breaking news doesn't say how important it is, only some people might make that connection. To me "breaking news" is news that is just that, breaking. Would it make you happier if they said "Here is what is happening just literally right now, our reporters have just barely handed in their stories, really..."

Although I am with you, while this is good "politically". The Queen is an anachronism of a former age, she's a figurehead and powerless.

She's just about as important as the queens you see running the streets of San Fransisco.

Disagree with you Henry. Q... (Below threshold)

Disagree with you Henry. QE is a wealthy women who, more importantly, is connected to most of the world's richest and most powerful people.

But so is Bush... look at the guest list - Hunt, Pickens, and several other Texas energy/oil men. The guest list can be lumped into four groups:
1) government wonks (e.g., secretary of state, Gen. Pace, etc.);
2) international intelligentsia (e.g. Kissinger, Schulz, etc.);
3) entertainers/sports stars (Palmer, winning jocket, etc.);
4) most important doners (Hunt, Pickens et. al.)

They all have reason to want to connect with QEII, but especially groups 2 and 4 have real business to discuss. The royal family of England is still one of the nexuses of old world money.

Clicked on link. Am I gay y... (Below threshold)

Clicked on link. Am I gay yet?

BryanD, probably, but that ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

BryanD, probably, but that does give gays a bad name.

Although I am with you, ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Although I am with you, while this is good "politically". The Queen is an anachronism of a former age, she's a figurehead and powerless.

As a former subject of HM, I think I can tell you that is false, she has quite a number of powers, some powers that even a President doesn't have:

The appointment and dismissal of ministers;

The dissolution of parliament and the calling of elections; (hah-like to see a President disolve Congress and call elections!)

Clemency and pardon;

The award of dignities and honors;

The declaration of war;

The declaration of an emergency;

The grant of Charters of Incorporation;

The minting of coinage;

The issue and revocation of passports;

The expulsion of a foreign national from the
United Kingdom;

The creation of new common law courts;

The creation of new universities;

The appointment of bishops and archbishops in the
Church of England;

The printing of the authorized Church of England version of the Bible;

The publication of all statutes, legislative instruments and Orders-in-Council; existing and new

The exercise of jurisdiction over numerous Royal foundations of all kinds;

The appointment of Royal Commissions and Officers for any purposes.

The choice of the numbering of monarchs (See MacCormick v. Lord Advocate)

JC: Don't peddle that regal... (Below threshold)

JC: Don't peddle that regal propaganda, please. The last war the crown had its hand in were the Opium Wars.
When the government suggested Saxe-Coburg be changed, they "let" the king say it was his idea. Thus the ridiculous "Windsor" name.
And I won't go into how they refused to answer the letters from their cousins Romanoffs for sanctuary (there were UK, Belorussian and Polish troops nearby in Russia at the time, a bribe to the peasant Bolshevik guard detachment was hinted at as being welcomed).
But the WORST example of a puppet royal house was the castration of the whole nation in the fifties through social experimentation that NO other white nation would put up with. Rationing? In peace time? Enforced shortages of concrete? Right next door to Scandinavia but no wood? "Export or die"? As an official slogan? Say what you will about the French, they would have run the Queer Old Dean right into the English Channel.
The result is that the natives who didn't emigrate are the stereotypical Dullards and Twits made famous by Monty Python and predicted (of the lower classes) by Dickens, who compared Five Points favorably to any English industrial town.

I do like Prince Harry (? the younger one ), though. Obviously, not the Prince of Wales' son.

And the SAS is perhaps the best at what they do. I trained with the Royal Marines (very, very good, but sad about the Iranian thing. Perhaps a symptom of the above?)

I bitch because I care. It's a failing of mine. Lowland Scot-English borderer-Counties Antrim and Down. Ornery. How the west was won. And what was WW II about , anyway? Your German queen has given you over to the Franco-German Empire.... Maybe you're right after all!!!

BryanD..You sound like a re... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

BryanD..You sound like a republican..small 'r'

When the government sugg... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

When the government suggested Saxe-Coburg be changed, they "let" the king say it was his idea. Thus the ridiculous "Windsor" name.

The Government can suggest all it wants, that's its role...advisory, but the final decision rests with the Crown.

The reason for the change was the anti-German sentiment that prevailed, and the House thought it a good idea to dispense with the Saxe-Colberg-Gotha name. People do change last names all the time for various different reasons.

But, sorry, the government didn't have anything to do with it.

I bitch because I care.

No, you bitch because you can. That's all.

It's a failing of mine.

We are in agreement, again.

Anyway, none of this has to do with my original post, that being the Queen is far from a figurehead or a puppet. After all, the Prime Minister has to be invited by the Queen to form a government. Did I already mention she has the power to dissolve said government as well?

Figureheads don't have that kind of power, sonny.






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