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Sacre bleu!

Ever since I started blogging, I had two reliable targets for kicking. Massachusetts will always hold first place in my heart when it comes to bashing (to the point where I created a special category for it -- "Mass. Insanity"), but on one or two occasions France almost gave the Bay State a run for the money.

Bashing the French is easy. They've spent literally centuries giving us material, and reaffirm it on a regular basis. And more importantly, it's fun.

But with the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as president of La Belle France, with his affirmations of friendship for the United States, a firm stand against Islamism, and a rejection of the socialism that has pretty much turned France into an economic basket case, I might have to put things on hold.

I must say, though, that this is in accord with Bigwig's First Rule Of French Warfare: "France's armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman." Sarkozy is, of course, a French citizen, but is the son of a Hungarian father and a French/Jewish mother.

Zhut alors, what shall I do with myself without my second favorite bete noire to kick around?

As others have noted, there finally seems to be an awakening in the western nations to the threat of Islamism, the seductive femme fatale of socialism, and the power of democracy and free enterprise. Leaders espousing such principles have won elections in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, and now France.

I'm not quite ready to shout "Vive la France!" or sing La Marseillaise, but the next time I watch "Casablanca," I'll try not to laugh at the Dueling Anthems scene.


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Comments (45)

I'm so excited that I can f... (Below threshold)

I'm so excited that I can finally consider taking that trip to Paris! I vowed not to do it as long as Chirac was around, and a Royal victory would have meant delaying any thought of seeing the Eiffel Tower, taking a nightime illuminations cruise upon the Seine, etc.

It's about time.

It's about time we resumed ... (Below threshold)

It's about time we resumed our quarter millenia love affair with the French.

And who knew croissants wer... (Below threshold)

And who knew croissants were a Muslim reference?

I've a funny feeling that S... (Below threshold)

I've a funny feeling that Sarkozy won because the Republicans lost last year. Pelosi hobnobbing in Damascus might have opened a few gallic eyes. Someone had a vision of Ahmadinejad tearing off a French arm.

New Hampshire VS Massachuss... (Below threshold)

New Hampshire VS Massachussetts

Bobby pins will fly!

As for the Great Right Hope ((c)2007, bryanD):

Sarkozy is the US equivalent of a DLC Democrat, which is about 4 parties to the right of the Socialists in the 23/24 party continuum in France.

His Syrian policy will be the thing to watch. Will he promote a rapproachment viz. Israel? Or will he live down to his neoconservative label? With the Israeli right wing and the US "right" wing in disarray, Sarkozy could pull his own DeGualle move, upset the game board, and redefine the rules of play toward the EU (France + Germany). German money and French audacity: the dream of Jean Monnet. Bush's nose could have pee on it pretty soon.

Frappe, accent egu, anyone?... (Below threshold)

Frappe, accent egu, anyone?

JayTea: I s... (Below threshold)


I saw this this article linked at DrudgeReport and I did the reading equivalent of a "double-take" ...


Some women said the glamorous Royal, a mother of four, had focused too much on the symbolism linked to becoming France's first female president.

"The reason she did not have the female vote is not because there was no solidarity but because she was not up to it," said Tita Zeitoun, founder of the Action de Femme group which fights to get more women into top business positions.

"Just because you're a feminist, you don't vote for a women who does not have the ability. We're talking about the presidential election here ... It's too serious to link this to a phenomenon of femininity or feminism," she said.

Can you imagine if such level-headed thinking was at work within the American electorate? It would mean that the media could not assume that women will vote for Hillary Clinton. It would mean the media could not assume that African Americans will reflexively vote for Barack Obama. Or that the media could not assume that Bush was supported by Neocons and Evangelicals alone.

It would reall through the whole "identity politics" assumption right out the window, wouldn't it?

Yes, the leftists among us ... (Below threshold)

Yes, the leftists among us would visualize and hope for anything that goes against the USA, even as something positive happens like yesterday's French elections. Leftists dream of a dead world.

l, Bill and Hillary dealt s... (Below threshold)

l, Bill and Hillary dealt such a knife in the back to classic feminism, that a meta variety has emerged, often speaking such sense as you reference.

Truly a great new beginning... (Below threshold)

Truly a great new beginning for France (and, I hope, the rest of Europe). Time to get after the criminal Islamo-Nazis. And keep beating the effeminate socialists.

Don't fret, Snookums...you ... (Below threshold)

Don't fret, Snookums...you still have the dirty cousins in Quebec, to mock. Second best, I know but no shortage of fodder, to be sure.

I'm thinking of admitting t... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I'm thinking of admitting to my French blood (50%)once again! Now it's time to get my Quebec brethren in line.

Jeez, where will all those ... (Below threshold)

Jeez, where will all those "run away! run away!!" limoliberals flee to now when they have temper tantrums?

So I see the socialists are... (Below threshold)

So I see the socialists are rioting and burning crap down again because they lost there. Any word on whether or not they're going to set up their own little pretend 'parallel government' in the street somewhere and pretend that they won?

Perhaps they could set up t... (Below threshold)

Perhaps they could set up their pretend parallel government near the little Effiel tower at Epcot, or better yet, the Parisian in Vegas.

With the Democrats here in ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

With the Democrats here in charge, the French under Sarkozy will soon be calling us beer-swilling surrender monkeys...


"A great nation, like the U... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

"A great nation, like the United States, has a duty not to block the battle against global warming but - on the contrary - to take the lead in this battle, because the fate of the whole of humanity is at stake,"..from Sarkosky's victory speech last night. Somehow I feel the combatative Sarkozy may not be the poodle Blair was. Don't underestimate Sarkozy. He will be a extremely tough negotiator. Remember the Neuilly hostage incident in 1993when a crazed hostage taker threatened to blow up a school and 21 children and a teacher, Sarkozy through 46 hours "walked in 7 times, to negotiate with the hostage-taker. He spoke with the man, calmed him down, promised him the ransom money, gradually managed to secure the freedom of all the hostages and even offered himself as a hostage. In the end, all of the children and the teacher were saved and special forces shot the hostage-taker".

There's no "h" in zut.... (Below threshold)

There's no "h" in zut.

Just saying.

No bryanD, he is not like a... (Below threshold)

No bryanD, he is not like a democrat here, because he loves America! That alone disqualifies him.

Anyway, it's interesting to see that even in other countries when lefties don't get their way, merdre hits the fan.

Only in America would someo... (Below threshold)

Only in America would someone be so arrogant as to believe the French, or anyone else, would vote based on election results here. That's my laugh for the day, probably for the week. Since all most of us in this country do is think about ourselves, some must assume everyone in the world spends all their time thinking about us too. LOL

JFO thinks he gets a laugh ... (Below threshold)

JFO thinks he gets a laugh at my expense, but what do you think is in the minds of the majority in France when they see our Nancy talking to Ahmadinejad's flunky in Syria. Perhaps he doesn't know about De Gaulle's desire to be able to tear off arms.

Pere Ubu rose from the grave, gathered his tatters around him, and trod slowly and contemplatively to the voting booth.

Kim:I got way more... (Below threshold)


I got way more than [a] laugh. I hurt my tummy I was laughing so hard. Yup, the citizens of France looked at Nancy and said "SACRE BLEU!!!" "Now I must forget all about the economic issues here in France, the riots, the immigration problems, our relationship to our partners in Europe and vote for Sarkozy cause we know that's what the americans would want."

God, I'm laughing so hard again it hurts. Mon Dieu!!

Perhaps he doesn't know abo... (Below threshold)

Perhaps he doesn't know about De Gaulle's desire to be able to tear off arms._kim"

"he is not like a democrat here, because he loves America!_jo"

les Enrages!(cough)

The Rushin' Bore deliberate... (Below threshold)

The Rushin' Bore deliberately misses the point.

Sarkozy is the most pro-Ame... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Sarkozy is the most pro-American French politician to come along in a good many years, so much so that his opponents tried to call him an American with a French passport. In his victory speech he took the time-out to say that America could count on his friendship.
From a liberal commentator. I don't know why anyone would be so unhappy about it. Just because he is one of most pro-American French?

Economic basket case? Have ... (Below threshold)

Economic basket case? Have you ever tried looking at some figures, Jay, instead of just believing the garbage you read in your newspapers? If you did, you'd find that some of the indicators are worse in France than the United States, others are better. Try looking here:
or here: https://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/

But reality would spoil things wouldn't it? Can't let facts get in the way of good old ignorant prejudice. Sure, it's easy to bash the French, when you just make stuff up.

Sarkozy is the US equiva... (Below threshold)

Sarkozy is the US equivalent of a DLC Democrat, which is about 4 parties to the right of the Socialists in the 23/24 party continuum in France.


Check these quotes from this report on his acceptance speech:

Mr Sarkozy, who was criticised for exploiting racial and social divisions in his campaign and accused of brutality by his opponent, the Socialist Ségolène Royal, declared: "Tonight is not the victory of one France over another."

That takes him out of John Edwards' camp.

Thousands had rallied, inspired by his calls to "liquidate the legacy of May 1968" ending the nanny state, "political correctness gone mad" and breaking the power of the unions and the 35-hour-week.

Breaking the power of the unions? When have we heard any Dem suggest that? Not to mention ending the nanny state and stopping "political correctness gone mad."

Already he has planned an extraordinary parliamentary session in the summer to push through reforms including loosening the 35-hour week, tightening immigration laws and limiting strike powers.

Tightening immigration laws? Limiting strike powers? What Dems want those? Most Dems want more immigrants... and some want to give them voting rights!

If he's a Democrat, I'm Ted Kennedy.

I would like to go back to ... (Below threshold)

I would like to go back to France, as well. I met some really nice "citizens" there that could care less about politics and just liked good company. They don't care about some of their stupider journalists that spread hate propoganda about America and its leaders.

Also agreed, Sarkozy is an interesting choice because of his background.

You may have lost France as... (Below threshold)

You may have lost France as a laughable kicking target, but you won't have to look outside of the USA to find a replacement: Keep an eye on Seattle!

I'd hate to be the residents of the State of Washington, dealing with the socialist escapees from Mexifornia who fell in love with Seattle and are remaking the city to be their Utopia while turning the state upside down, tearing down its traditions and multi-cultural history.

Oh hell, Cayute, the People... (Below threshold)

Oh hell, Cayute, the People's Republic of Portland is light-years ahead of Seattle. Too much Starbuck's in your system?

Seattle and Portland are no... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Seattle and Portland are nothing, California has San Francisco. Home to Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelsoi. Thats trump.

jFO doesn't seem to think t... (Below threshold)

jFO doesn't seem to think the French would allow national security to effect their vote. He's wrong, though, they did.

Uproariously wrong, nay, hy... (Below threshold)

Uproariously wrong, nay, hystericallly so. Maybe he'll still be lauging next year when the Americans allow national security to effect their vote.

Believe me, Nanncy in Damascus will effect a few votes here. And Ahmadinejad can't reach far enough to tear off any American arms, just French ones.

jFO fails to remember that ... (Below threshold)

jFO fails to remember that France went along with Iranian sanctions the last time it came up in the Security Council. When Ahmadinejad gets close with the bomb, even the French get worried.

Similarly, Americans had many things on their minds in the '04 elections. But the Swifties tipped the balance. jFO is correct that the French had other things on their minds, but national security is one of them, and it an amusing idle to imagine that Nancy's trip to Syria made a difference. Syria is more important to the French psyche than to ours.

kim:I like your li... (Below threshold)


I like your little diversion, and twist of the facts. Took you a while to figure out how not to look quite so silly didn't it? But unlike you I give the French a little more credit for looking at all the issues. Unlike modern day right wingers the french have a sophisticated and nuanced view of the world and of the issues facing them. Vive la Republique et les pommes de terres frites!! It's not all guns, money and god all the time for them.

Tp paraphrase you, you have the ability to read the minds of the French, especially when they are reading newspapers. A little of that famous Gallic snobisme on your part perhaps?

Hopefully americans will be front and center in rejecting the failed national security operation performed by Monsieur Bush (Les Presidente des Cowboy) I pray fervently for that day and am earnestly counting down to the end of our long national nightmare. Should they not reject it I will cry, not laugh.

Ah, you agree it is about n... (Below threshold)

Ah, you agree it is about national security. And in this, with the French, there is fraternite.

About that French psyche? ... (Below threshold)

About that French psyche? In Vientiane, the man with the passport wanted song baht. Psyche had nung.

Wouldn't it be nice if Howa... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it be nice if Howard Dean's brother was living in France under an assumed identity?

kim;I hope you're ... (Below threshold)


I hope you're as cute as your writing is cute. Oui?

Hope springs eternal in the... (Below threshold)

Hope springs eternal in the human beast.

kim, 10:1 "beast" is breast... (Below threshold)

kim, 10:1 "beast" is breast. The poet in me says so.

Jfo, am-scray, fo-Jay! She's mine. (And mantis's til tulip time.)

jfo:Will you be br... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


Will you be breaking out into your Maurice Chevalier imitation next? Hon, hon, hon?

Get back to me when you can explain the sophistication and nuance of burning several hundred cars for losing an election. Myself, I think it's a conspiracy by Citroen to get more people to buy thier crappy cars.

Then again, my dad used to drive a Morris Minor, so I should talk...

bryanDYour meds ar... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:


Your meds are running out again...Here:


Clozapine, 50mg
q4h, p.c.


bryanD, I'm still not fluen... (Below threshold)

bryanD, I'm still not fluent in kimspeak, but I strongly suspect that the "beast" was a deliberate choice. It kind of fits her "style."


Really, it's Hope Springs E... (Below threshold)

Really, it's Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Best.






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