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"It's not easy being a cop!"

It's been a rough time lately for Massachusetts police -- and even quasi-cops.

First up, a 21-year veteran of the Boston police force was literally stripped of his badge after he was brought up on federal corruption charges.

Another cop with 21 years on the force has been suspended after allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face.

Still on the lam is a Boston police dispatcher who is accused of stabbing her husband to death.

And in the doghouse -- literally -- is a North Andover police dog who attacked a dispatcher.

Hard times for the men in blue... and women and dogs, too, apparently.

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Wouldn't a better headline ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't a better headline read, "Corruption in the Mass PD, Women and Dispatchers Hardest Hit"

This time it would actually be true.

Jay, how could you write a ... (Below threshold)

Jay, how could you write a post like that without mentioning Officer Paul Durkin of the Boston Police Department, the cop who got into an argument while trying to drive away drunk from the home of a fellow police officer after a night of barhopping, drew his service weapon, shot the cop in his driveway (in the the leg) and took off.

I know this happened last summer, but his guilty plea to felony charges assault with a dangerous weapon is a fairly new development in the case.

And, oh yeah, according to some local news accounts, it looks like he'll be eligible to collect his city pension.

Durkin must have been a "24... (Below threshold)

Durkin must have been a "24" fan.

If I had to live in Massach... (Below threshold)

If I had to live in Massachusetts with all those liberal weenies, I'd be a homicidal maniac too. I expect chaos to rain in San Francisco any day. But wait, it already has!

After 30 years in the Biz..... (Below threshold)

After 30 years in the Biz.. believe me.. the "Left Coast" is no better!..LOL.. In the 90s, a small city north of Santa Barbara had a HUGE scandal of a Dept. "Swapping wives".. that erupted in a small bar, "IN ANOTHER NEIGHBORING CITY!",, not pretty!..*S*






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