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Jay Tea's tasteless thought of the day

OK, maybe it's not up there with the Mama Cass/Karen Carpenter bit, but I can't help but think that had this guy spotted this gal's ad, neither of them would be in jail right now...

Of course, I think that jail is the perfect place for both of them, him for obvious reasons and her for sheer scumminess for her choice of locale. But still, I wonder...

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He did not have sex with th... (Below threshold)

He did not have sex with that woman.

Now the courts get to distinguish the point of massage. Is it to make you feel better?

"...her for sheer scummines... (Below threshold)

"...her for sheer scumminess for her choice of locale."

I can't decide if you mean for doing what she did in a day care... or for living in Mass.

I'm puzzled over the first ... (Below threshold)

I'm puzzled over the first news article, as to what it (actually) says:

Level 3 Sex Offender Held in Harvard Break-In


"Police are still trying to determine how the suspect gained entry to the dorm"

Not like the Police aren't trying to figure out access to a dorm at HARVARD err sumthin'. Not like HARVARD could help them figure out how a LEVEL 3 Sex Offender gained entry TO A DORM AT HARVARD. So many vulnerabilities and contradictions of sense there, it's mind-boggling.

I'm not going to provide any more details, however. Let everyone who ever attended college/university and lived IN A DORM their first year or two, recall those dorms and how one gained entry...but it wouldn't hurt if HARVARD could lend a hand to the local police and HELP THEM FIGURE OUT HOW THIS GUY GOT INTO ONE OF THEIR DORMS. Jiminy, get a few Thinking People together and "figure" it out! Level 3! Get moving, people!

Break in at Harvard? He was... (Below threshold)

Break in at Harvard? He was probably there on a free ride from the taxpayers. They harbor terrorists and worse, why not sex offenders (rapist)? Harvard, soon to be if not already, the joke of the academic world. Radical democrats professors have destroyed any hope of an education there. What do the students learn now? The latest drugs and methods of illegal use?

Don't forget the Natalie Wo... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Natalie Wood jokes :-)

Can someone explain the Car... (Below threshold)

Can someone explain the Carpenter/Cass reference?

-S-, after a great deal of ... (Below threshold)

-S-, after a great deal of research in which I attempted to enter the dorm of which I am not and never have been a resident at my college in which it took me exactly .03 seconds to get in the door without ID, I've determined that the suspect just pretended he belonged and had somebody let him in. However, because I do not have a degree in anything yet, I must defer to my betters and let them conduct more tests, no doubt with a large government grant.

Denise,The old jok... (Below threshold)


The old joke goes like this, "If Mama Cass had given her sandwich to Karen Carpenter, they'ld both be alive today."

Mama Cass died of a heart attack probably related to her obesity though the legend is that she choked to death on a ham sandwich.

Karen Carpenter died of complications related to her anorexia.

kbiel, Thanks! I was very f... (Below threshold)

kbiel, Thanks! I was very familiar with both singers but had never heard the "linking" joke.

Ronald R. Vick... Vick... R... (Below threshold)

Ronald R. Vick... Vick... Ronald... Ron... Vick... Constant references to illegal immigration at wizbang... Ron Mexico! Man, does that guy EVER get out of the news?

Level 3 sex-offender? What?... (Below threshold)

Level 3 sex-offender? What? How did they know he was third level, and just how many experience points do you need for that anyway?
What kind of game are they playing? d20?






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