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Al Sharpton blows the meme

No, no, no...

Al, you flubbed it. Mitt Romney isn't a godless heathen (like me), he's part of a scary cult!

Sheesh, isn't anyone in charge of keeping track of these things?

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I think it'll be Thompson/R... (Below threshold)

I think it'll be Thompson/Romney. Fred's the only one who can handle the snake the MSM has become.

"he New York Democrat said ... (Below threshold)

"he New York Democrat said he was contrasting himself with Christopher Hitchens, the atheist author he was debating at the time."

OK, I'd buy that.

Then I got to the quote:

"As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that; that's a temporary situation,"

AHAHA! No. Sharpton, you liar. This is like John Kerry remarking on the dumb soldiers being stuck in Iraq, and then trying to say he was really talking about Bush.

Obama and Bush mis-speaking I have no problem with, but this was obviously something Sharpton meant to say and regretted saying.

Al Sharpton: the franchise ... (Below threshold)

Al Sharpton: the franchise that FOX helped build and works to maintain across all media. It's the damndest thing and really disgusting. There's kind of a boogie mascot/ mirror mirror thing going on there.

I'm sure he appears wherever a camera or microphone is, but the puffing Fox gives him even when he's not available("Can we get Rev. Al on the phone, Angry Rich? No? Well, keep tryin'"), led me to conclude long ago that Fox is just a comfort station for "conservative" couch potatos; recieved wisdom shall not be challenged! Ever! Good-humoured Negros furnished.

Of course, Mormonism is a cult built around Joseph Smith's preference for adolescent girls. Now, one can't even buy a Tatu CD in Mormon towns (Springerville, AZ) last time I checked.

So FOX and Mormonism both have fetishistic tendencies. (The Tatu CDs I bought for the music! ****/****)

bryanD, your knowledge of h... (Below threshold)

bryanD, your knowledge of history STILL sucks.

Tawana Brawley case: 1987

Fox News debuts: 1996


Sharpton is responsible for... (Below threshold)

Sharpton is responsible for starting a riot that resulted in several deaths. Why that worthless asshole has not been executed is truly a travesty of Justice. As for Reverend Pimp Daddy calling Mormonism a cult is a bit rich considering his pals like Louis Farrakhan and their weird believes. Like the NOI belief that white people were the creation of an evil black scientist, a six thousand year old experiment gone wrong.

What? Just un otro purgato... (Below threshold)

What? Just un otro purgatorio?

JT, the Sharpton Franchise ... (Below threshold)

JT, the Sharpton Franchise is not built on the Brawley case (though it should FALL by it, but it won't. Fox won't ask him about it)

No, FOX has morphed the Rev Al into the GoTo Spokesman for Black America and light entertainment source.

Others do the same (except one network; can't remember which, that will not have him as guest expert)

India vs Pakistan 1947-49 (admit it: Democracies war among themselves and I'm right, the raisen farmer's wrong. History throwdown anytime.)

This happened in '95<... (Below threshold)

This happened in '95


Crown Heights happened in '91, also somewhat before Fox's time. You might want to learn about that one too.

Sharpton is a bigot and a racist, all the while claiming to be neither and the go to guy for the Democratic presidential wannabee's who seek his blessings for the so called 'black vote' that he mysteriously owns.

Fox did not make him into what he proclaims to be because the Dems were all kissing his ass before the 2000 race to.

Wow, Westboro Bryan manages... (Below threshold)

Wow, Westboro Bryan manages a two fer
1) Proving that FDS (Fox Dementia Syndrome) allows logic to be excused when cooking up a way to blame Fox News.
2) Proving that he is a religious bigot just like Sharpton

Romney isn't godless, he's ... (Below threshold)

Romney isn't godless, he's the Weird Religions Candidate! In addition to favoring awful Scientology novels, he appreciates the philosophy of Rastafarianism (praise Jah), the deicide elements of the Klingon religion as laid out in Kahless, and the musical components of the The First Church of Jesus Christ, Elvis. And I'm pretty sure he's also a Druid.

Bwhahahahahaha.......Jay & ... (Below threshold)

Bwhahahahahaha.......Jay & Gmac teach bryanD a little history lesson, and nail him to the wall at the same time.


Re-ligous bigotyes... (Below threshold)

Re-ligous bigot

yes, I am!

doo dah!

doo dah!

Sharpton's been found out. ... (Below threshold)

Sharpton's been found out. No wiggling out of this one except, perhaps, a heart-to-heart before the world's cameras admitting he's suffering from a personality disorder and isn't responsible for anything he says.

"If the blurb is s***, you must admit!"

Now, one can't even buy ... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

Now, one can't even buy a Tatu CD in Mormon towns (Springerville, AZ) last time I checked.

Maybe less to do with Mormonism and more to do with the fact that there are only 2,000 residents in Springerville. It also could be that they have a decent taste in music. I live in a decidedly Mormon town in Utah and would have no trouble buying a Tatu CD. Of course, a gun would have to be held to my head to plop down good money for bad music. I mean, why not just buy pictures of Lena and Yulia, and skip their crap?

Why do we have to suffer br... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Why do we have to suffer bryanD? Mantis is off the wall enough. When Sharpton is on Fox, he is not given a pass. It is one of the few places you get to see his true maddness displayed, in fact pointed out. Sharpton is bigot and a race baitor. He caucuses with the Democrats. Go figure. Likes attract.

"When Sharpton is on Fox, h... (Below threshold)

"When Sharpton is on Fox, he is not given a pass. It is one of the few places you get to see his true maddness displayed-ZRIII"

"one of the few places you get to see his true maddness displayed" That's my point. Thank you! FOX is a career asset to Sharpton. Practically puts money in his pocket. Implying they don't approve, is just so much hokum.

"Of course, a gun would have to be held to my head to plop down good money for bad music.-wjg"

I'm more of a Vivaldi/JL Hooker/King Oliver-type listener, but when Europop is good, it's very good indeed. Both of TATU's albums are A+. I recommend going to the foreign music section and purchasing the Russian version of the 1st album. Extra tracks plus the techno ambience hasn't been mixed-out. The little witches are for real. Don't knock the rock, Daddio!

Both of TATU's albums ar... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

Both of TATU's albums are A+

Right up there with your Ashlee Simpson albums? BTW, are you twelve?

No, no, it was Amy Diamond ... (Below threshold)

No, no, it was Amy Diamond he liked. Tatu, huh? Thanks.

BryanD, stop smoking rock.<... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

BryanD, stop smoking rock.

WJG,Go to DJ's TV th... (Below threshold)

Go to DJ's TV thread... his viewing habits reinforce your notion.

Now, one can't even buy ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Now, one can't even buy a Tatu CD in Mormon towns (Springerville, AZ) last time I checked.

1. Who is Tatu? Does he still live on the Island?

2. Springerville, AZs population is rather small, what, 2000? Probably don't even have a Walmart.

Al Sharpton blows</p... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Al Sharpton blows

Fixed that for ya, Jay.

Al Sharpton is at least con... (Below threshold)

Al Sharpton is at least consistent in his oposition to American values. He's against Freedom Of Speech in attacking Don Imus. He's against Freedom Of Religion in Attacking the freedom of Mitt Romney to choose the church to worship in of his choice.

Any question here that Al Sharpton isn't a good American?

To: Rev. Al Sharpton, Natio... (Below threshold)

To: Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network and Media Matters.org

The comedian, DL Hughley recently made the following comments on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

"There were some nappy headed women on the team and those are some of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life." DL HUGHLEY on Jay Leno.

Where is the outcry from mainstream media, the African American community, or all these people that called for Imus' head on a platter?

The Rutgers Women's Basketball team members are beautiful! When the world gave them an opportunity to rage and unleash a fury toward Imus, they didn't. That's beautiful. When they had the eyes of the world on them, the exhibited grace and dignity. That's beautiful. When they had every reason and opportunity to malign and attack Imus, they forgave him. That's beautiful. D.L. Hughley's latest venture was canceled so he tried to piggyback on a painful period in our history by attempting to get a laugh on the cheap and THAT. WAS. UGLY!

WhatAboutOurDaughters.org is dedicated to combating negative portrayals of African American Women in popular culture. Apparently after Studio 60 went belly-up, DL landed at BET, the bastion of black empowerment ( NOT!). His new show on BET is called S.O.B., a hidden camera reality show. Ask Viacom, the owner of BET, if this is the kind of message it wants to send to African American women and girls. What about our daughters? Or are you only concerned when the degradation of Black women comes from outside the community?

mullah cimoc say this good ... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say this good lesson for ameriki people.

1. Him sharpton having the low IQ, the low moral standard, the no ethical standard.

why usa media master want make him speaking for all black ameriki people? him loser.

Who elect him for speaking for the black ameriki?

This showing the control usa media. sharpton him the working for the mighty wurlitzer, but him so low IQ him not can know this.
(google: mighty wurlitzer +cia)






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