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Passing the buck

Every now and then, I'll find a story that screams out for attention, but I just can't quite find a good hook for it. Sometimes I set it aside, sometimes I forget about it.

And sometimes I realize that while I'm stuck on it, someone else might be better qualified to write about the story, and I'll mail it off to them.

I did that this morning, and Meryl Yourish didn't just knock it out of the park. She sent it over the wall, ran the bases, then scampered outside and hit it back in over the opposite wall.

I got nothing to add. Go and read what I wanted to write, but couldn't.

Comments (11)

ooo muy gowad! that wuus gh... (Below threshold)

ooo muy gowad! that wuus ghrreat!

One has to be mentally dera... (Below threshold)

One has to be mentally deranged to elevate a terrorist sympathizer and a rescuer of victims of terror. To equate Rachel (a fine Hebrew name) Corrie
with Yonatan Netanyahu is the equivalent of saying Channel #5 and a turd are both fragrant.

The only thing they had in common was they both died young. One too soon, the other not soon enough.

cubanbob:I would actually h... (Below threshold)

cubanbob:I would actually have liked Rachel Corrie to remain alive. She might have been a tool, but I don't think she deserved to die.

Unfortunately Darwin and St... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately Darwin and Stupidity don't care much about someone *deserving* to die.

Very few people *deserve* to die and few deaths have meaning.

My cousin died around New Years. He didn't deserve it and his death had no meaning. He's just dead.

I don't what to see play... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickimore:

I don't what to see plays that only soothe and fortify..I prefer those that cause you to think and challenge you. I think the juxtaposition of the two plays based almost entirely on the autobiographical writings of the two principals, would have been interesting: the issue of human shields, the fanatical idealism, (whether misguided, or not) of the young..The plays had more parallels that one might think. Plus, the Corrie play is written, edited and directed by one of my favorite British actors, the underrated but superb Alan Rickman.

Made a hash of that. I don'... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Made a hash of that. I don't want to see..

Ya know...you may scorn thi... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

Ya know...you may scorn this young woman...who went there because she felt Israel was using power(maybe rightly so in response to attacks) to suppress people...you probably look back at the young Chinese guy whose photo was worldwide standing down a tank..and think.."What an idiot"..and if that tank had crushed him?..he deserved it...
Just wondering Jay..in your life..has anything been important enough to even face arrest for non-violent civil disobedience?...yep that idiot Gandhi..
You folks here type stuff..
Your Rep. or Senator fail your beliefs on say the war or immigration?..
Do you have the courage of your convictions to sit and refuse to leave the local office of this elected person?....as a non-violent statment of opposition?
It does not matter if you discount her reasons..to discount her courage expressed in a NON-VIOLENT action is ..ah..just..ignorance

Certainly she was brave.</p... (Below threshold)

Certainly she was brave.

But it's not just good intentions that matter. I think that one reason people react so strongly to her is that her bravery and passion was so wasted. She could have put it to use defending something other than terrorists. Or maybe she could have been smart enough to do something that had a chance of actually helping someone.

So nogo, would you applaud ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

So nogo, would you applaud a Nazi rally, as long as they were non-violent?

How about the KKK?

Both of those groups are heavily outnumbered by enemies at any of their public 'events', so would you say their "courage" should be applauded?

Or would you just wonder why they still clung to their hate and bigotry, as I do?

I'm sorry Rachel Corrie died, but the fact remains she died supporting Terrorism.

And I cannot applaud that.

Plus, the Corrie play i... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Plus, the Corrie play is written, edited and directed by one of my favorite British actors, the underrated but superb Alan Rickman.

He should stick to the day job.

Plummy, Hammersmith Received Pronounciation accent !=Great writer.

Though he was good at playi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Though he was good at playing a terrorist, so...






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