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Hamas TV uses Mickey Mouse for hate

The story so far:

Hamas, the terrorist organization which won Palestinian parliamentary elections and is now in control of much (but not all) of the Palestinian government, has been running a Mickey Mouse ripoff children's show promoting intifada and jihad. A clip follows:

UPDATE 5:26 p.m.: Apparently YouTube is pulling the video, claiming terms of use violations - which can only mean the Hamas TV station is complaining about it.

In the comments section, wave man supplies these other versions which are still up - but hurry!



Then, the Associated Press reported the show was being pulled:

A program using a Mickey Mouse-like character to urge Palestinian children to fight Israel and the West and work for world Islamic domination has been pulled off Hamas's television station for "review," Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said Wednesday.

Barghouti said the use of the cartoon character in such a role represented a "mistaken approach" to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

The whole story is at the link immediately above. Well, not the WHOLE story, because we now learn that Hamas TV is defying the Info Minister from the Middle East Times:

A Hamas-run television channel has defied a Palestinian government request to axe a controversial children's cartoon in which a Mickey Mouse look-alike urges resistance against Israel.

A senior official working for Al Aqsa (Jerusalem) television in the Gaza Strip said that the program - "Tomorrow's Pioneers" - would air as normal this Friday in defiance of information minister Mustafa Barghouti.

"The program will continue and it will be broadcast tomorrow at 4.00 pm [1300 GMT]. Mustafa Barghouti misunderstood the issue," said the official on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press.

Read the rest at the immediately preceding link. So, anti-Israel propaganda is still the preferred course for Palestinian children's shows - and American network CNN, as seen at Little Green Footballs:

The outrage of the day is the way CNN tried to cover up the Hamas Mickey Mouse story; Glenn Beck was played for a fool by his CNN producers, and he talked about it on his radio show today:

Watch the video at the above link. It sounds like a transparent attempt by CNN to keep the story off the air.


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Comments (22)

We have a little saying her... (Below threshold)

We have a little saying here in Orlando:

"You can do a lot of things, but don't piss off Disney!"

Disgusting.The Dai... (Below threshold)


The Daily Show covered it last night.

Ah, yes. The Religion of Pe... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:

Ah, yes. The Religion of Peace.

I posted the video to a Dis... (Below threshold)

I posted the video to a Disney-fan bulletin board. Most people were outraged, except for one of the "progressives" on the site. They said that it was no big deal since Disney made cartoons for the US government for the war effort in WWII!!! Same difference in their mind!

What is the show's t... (Below threshold)

What is the show's theme song?

"M-A-R -- T-Y-R M-O-U-S-E!" ???

I suppose Porky Pig is safe from this kind of thing ...

Well, at least we know Pigl... (Below threshold)

Well, at least we know Piglet won't be p..p...participating any of these films. He's like garlic to vampires.

Now Mike, that is funny. Or... (Below threshold)

Now Mike, that is funny. Or should I say F&%^ goofy? ww

Didn't they get the memo fr... (Below threshold)

Didn't they get the memo from Iran? Mickey Mouse is an evil Zionist creation.

Has anybody noticed how dul... (Below threshold)
wave man:

Has anybody noticed how dull this BS is? Man, it's hard to pay attention as an adult. After the initial disgust, I'm thinking... the kids are actually watching this?

I think I would have just stayed outside and played.

yeah, this really makes me ... (Below threshold)

yeah, this really makes me sympathetic to the plight of the so called Palestinians....NOT

I'm so tired of that BS over there. Where are all their muslim "brothers" who can help them? No one wants to deal with this group of misfits and they won't even take care of themselves.

Now they use a Disney character to brainwash their children into suicide bombers. Pathetic.

"This video has been remove... (Below threshold)
Hal Duston:

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
wave man:
Has Mickey been hitting the... (Below threshold)

Has Mickey been hitting the bottle again? He looks a bit haggard.

Not to mention all the matyr talk, of course.

Looks like YouTube is delet... (Below threshold)
wave man:

Looks like YouTube is deleting, and others are uploading faster than they can delete...

"The outrage of the day ... (Below threshold)

"The outrage of the day is the way CNN tried to cover up the Hamas Mickey Mouse story"

Kinda warm for tin-foil hats, ain't it?

Shame on CCN for trying to hold the story until they were sure of the accuracy of the translation -- is that what you're saying?

My guess is that Glenn Beck... (Below threshold)

My guess is that Glenn Beck is creating faux controversy that he will be able to cite later when he is dumped for poor ratings.

"M-A-R -- T-Y-R M-O-U-S-... (Below threshold)

"M-A-R -- T-Y-R M-O-U-S-E!" ???

Now that's funny!

Just remember, everyone, th... (Below threshold)

Just remember, everyone, these people just want to live in peace and happiness with us, and would never dream of indoctrinating their children to hate anyone even slightly different from them, to the point of growing up to kill them.

Of course they would not.

Oh... wait...

"Shame on CCN for trying to... (Below threshold)

"Shame on CCN for trying to hold the story until they were sure of the accuracy of the translation -- is that what you're saying?

Posted by: Lee at May 10, 2007 05:59 PM "

Thanks for the laugh Lee, like they ever cared for accuracy when it fits their preconceived biases.

Then, Mickey must die, like... (Below threshold)

Then, Mickey must die, like the rest of the 'lil Jihadis.

They can learn it the hard way (bullet in brain), or steer clear and direct their Jihad toward more productive endeavors. Perhaps there are none in Muslim countries, and therein lies the big problem.

Lee is more concerned about... (Below threshold)

Lee is more concerned about an Arabic translation than the obvious context of the faux Mickey on the screen.

God Lee you are a miserable fool, aren't you.

You'd just assume defend the Jihadis than find the truth of this offensive kiddie progamming. It's because of fools like you that we had Nazi sympathizers in WWII, and Soviet sympathizers from 1918 forward.

As Mr. Barnum would say, one's born every minute. Looks like you got your minute, Lee.

we want stories... (Below threshold)

we want stories






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