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"In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls"

I haven't ragged on Massachusetts politicians for a while. Just to make sure no one thinks I've lost my contempt for them, I figure I better write another one.

Political corruption comes in many forms -- some small, some large. The Boston Herald -- the scrappy, muckraking tabloid once owned by Rupert Murdoch -- thought it might be enlightening to review the driving records of some of the commonwealth's solons. And was it ever.

Naturally, Howie Carr had more than his share of fun with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts' new governor -- the first Democrat to hold the office after 16 years of Republicans holding that one office while the Dems held pretty much every other office in the state -- has been fighting a measure to undo the gay marriage imposed by the state's Supreme Court a few years ago. He's been quietly working behind the scenes, trying to persuade some of those pushing a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages.

That's all fine and dandy. That's the sort of thing governors are supposed to do.

But they really shouldn't try to buy that support with state jobs.

I don't know why this caught me by surprise.

This is, once again, precisely why I fear one-party rule. By either party. In Massachusetts, the Democrats hold over 85% of the seats in the legislature, the governor, every other statewide office, all 10 US House seats, and both US Senate seats. There is absolutely no Darwinian factor involved in politics there; with Kennedy and Kerry solidly ensconced at the top of the hierarchy (to the point where Kerry didn't have a Republican challenger the last time he ran), there is no real competition for office, and incumbents just have to make sure they don't do anything too stupid to maintain their seats.

And in Massachusetts politics, "too stupid" is pretty much a meaningless term.

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Uh.. this is off topic, but... (Below threshold)

Uh.. this is off topic, but since there's no where else to raise it,I thought post with "Justice" in the title would work...

So all of you guys ignored the AG's Senate testimony a while back, and I was just wondering, can we expect the same thing with his testimony in front of the House JC today?
Here's a refresher on his testimony - you know - the testimony that Bush said gave him greater confidence in Gonzalez.

You think that's wacky? Tr... (Below threshold)

You think that's wacky? Try New Mexico. The Democrats have been on top for 50 years, and we're at the top of the bad lists and the bottom of the good lists.

The Lt Governor's car was caught going through an Albuquerque red-light camera. Now, the state wants a share of the revenue generated. Keep in mind the Albuquerque red-light system is paid for by the fines it generates, and while it has reduced crashes, now everyone wants more.

Governor Richardson knows business, and has buddies, and is the North Star of NM politics, with his antipode being incumbent Republican congresswoman Heather Wilson, who barely squeaked by her re-election with a win.

The infrastructure is good, though. ("...but the trains run on time...")

oops the link doesn't seem ... (Below threshold)

oops the link doesn't seem to work, sorry. Here it is in full:

Like Massachusettes, Illino... (Below threshold)

Like Massachusettes, Illinois is run entirely by Democrats. As a Chicagoan, add to to that a Dem stranglehold on county, city and local government. As JayTea so wisely writes, one-party rule is beyond detrimental. At its best it is a guarantee of poltical and economic stagnation. At its worst it is a 'tried and true' recipe for corruption, mismanagement and waste.

As a Chicagoan, I am asked none-too-rarely if I am ashamed of the politics of my city and state. Perhaps someone ought to ask the citizens of Massachusettes the same question!

Kapow: Two posts de... (Below threshold)

Kapow: Two posts dedicating to derailing JayTea's chosen subjects?

So as not to continue hijacking that which does not belong to you, perhaps you ought to get your own blog.

Langtry I ain't trying to d... (Below threshold)

Langtry I ain't trying to derail nothing! (Naturally, posting something a little off topic never happens on Wizbang) I was just asking a question - when is any of this sutff going to get some play at wizbang? Huh, huh?

So as not give you too much pleasure by responding to your snippy little retort, perhaps you ought give up on your blog. It's pretty lame.

*hoping the "Cyber-door" do... (Below threshold)

*hoping the "Cyber-door" doesn't hit kapow on his A$$ on the way back to DU*

When they feel like it? It'... (Below threshold)

When they feel like it? It's their website you have zero say in what they choose to post about. If you don't like it go play in your sandbox.

Kapow, I just got home from... (Below threshold)

Kapow, I just got home from work. I don't have a damned bit of info about Gonzales as of now.

But if you're that interested in my take on it, please feel free to make me an offer. I write about what I want to, how I want to, when I want to. If you would care to dictate what topics I address, put some dollar signs on your insistence and we'll talk.

If you don't like what you're getting for free, stop reading it or put your money where your mouth is.


kapow: (krapow?)<e... (Below threshold)

kapow: (krapow?)

I ain't trying to derail nothing! (Naturally, posting something a little off topic never happens on Wizbang) I was just asking a question - when is any of this sutff going to get some play at wizbang? Huh, huh?

Since when were YOU voted in as Wizbang editor-in-chief?

Go, find a thread somewhere, anywhere on the topic you chose and post all you care to.

Well, I seem to have ticked... (Below threshold)

Well, I seem to have ticked a few people off. I really didn't intend to do that (well, alright I did intend to tick Langtry off but ...). Perhaps I'm naive, but I'm not quite sure why I got this response, and for what it's worth, I'm sorry.

Naturally Jay Tea, you write about what you want and that's that. I wasn't making a demand, I was simply asking a question. As it happens, I enjoy your commentary Jay Tea - that's why I read wizbang. This is an issue I've been following closely, and so pardon me for asking your opinion - an opinion I value - on it . I assure you I won't do it again. Did I mistake your straight talking style for folksy, faux humility. I hope not.

This isn't exactly a new story - it's about 5 monhs old and it's been getting pretty hot and heavy for the last few weeks now. The AG testified for HOURS before the house today, and for HOURS and HOURS before the senate a few weeks ago. There are video clips, transcripts and reams of discussion on the topic just about anywhere you care to look. And yet you - in fact everyone at wizbang - igonore it? I'm surprised to be honest, and a little disappointed too.

Ran, I don't read DU, and I probably never will. The handful of times I've skimmed it, I wasn't really drawn in. It's not really my bag - same goes for Kos and a lot off the more 'out there' left-wing sites, by the way.

Marc - "Krapow" - that's awesome, you had me in stitches. Do you spell your name with a "c" because you're French, or because you secretly want to be French?

"As a Chicagoan, I am asked... (Below threshold)

"As a Chicagoan, I am asked none-too-rarely if I am ashamed of the politics of my city and state. Perhaps someone ought to ask the citizens of Massachusetts the same question!"

As a mASShole, I may speak on this question.
WE/NON-liberals of MA. don't need to be asked if we are ashamed of state and local politics.
IT is a badge we CARRY everyday we live here!!!!!
tattooed on our foreheads SHAME....I'm from mASS.
Some of us escape into free America and we tell of the horror, and people just gasp.

Oh and JAY how bout $20.00 to write about current world class chess champions?

The DemocRATs hold 89% of t... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

The DemocRATs hold 89% of the legislature, but who's counting?






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