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Tony Blair To Announce Resignation

The Guardian is reporting that Tony Blair will announce today that he is stepping down as Labour party leader and will be vacating 10 Downing Street in July.

Tony Blair will today return to Durham's Trimdon Labour Club, and the room where he launched his Labour leadership campaign on June 11 1994, to announce that he is standing down as party leader, before finally endorsing Gordon Brown as his successor tomorrow.

He will inform the cabinet this morning before flying to his Sedgefield constituency to announce his decision at noon amid the party workers who first selected him as their parliamentary candidate on May 20 1983 at the age of 30. He is expected to make a personal speech that will insist he is a product of Labour and that his government has left Britain stronger than he found it.

Mr Blair will not quit as prime minister until the beginning of July, giving the party seven weeks to conduct its contests for leader and deputy leader. He will spend the intervening period seeking international deals on climate change, a new slimmed-down treaty for the European Union and extra cash for Africa.


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Comments (9)

Britian's lomg national nig... (Below threshold)

Britian's lomg national nightmare is about to be over and ours is only about 18 months away.

England will elect a conser... (Below threshold)

England will elect a conservative in two years as will the US. It is the way of the world now. France, Canada, Germany, Australia, Mexico and on and on. Liberals, do not deceive yourselves. ww

About 29% here to get to 51... (Below threshold)

About 29% here to get to 51% ww....you have a looooonngggg way to go.

"Political scientist James Stimson pored over thousands of public opinion polls -- decades' worth -- and discovered that each year about 22 percent of Americans call themselves conservative, even though they take a liberal view on nearly every domestic policy issue, and some major social ones. These voters -- average Main Street Americans -- believe that the government should spend more money on education, environmental protection, and health-care reform -- each one a liberal view of governance. In 2004, that meant these citizens sided with nearly 80 percent of the American public. In fact, the majority of voters support most of the liberal views, even though Americans label themselves conservative by a two-to-one margin."

JFO,Kooks like you... (Below threshold)


Kooks like you will never be happy. You will always have nightmares because of people like me, so FO J.

Blair's replacement will be... (Below threshold)

Blair's replacement will be someone that promises to get the troops out of Iraq and doesn't support the war. That's the only person that will win. 82% of Brits want out of Iraq and to distance themselves from Bush.Why are Bris smarter than Americans??

BillyBob:Do you ca... (Below threshold)


Do you carry a gun?

Several jFO, all the time. ... (Below threshold)

Several jFO, all the time. I'm one of those law abiding folks who can pass local police and FBI background checks required for a concealed carry permit. No felonies or misdemeanors, no drug, alcohol, or psych problems either.

How bout you jFO?

I'm just a crazed liberal w... (Below threshold)

I'm just a crazed liberal waiting in (am)bush for "great americans" like you BB to show you the way of peace and light and truth. Plus I might have an extra latte and pair of sandals for you "dude."

Cool Man. Please make sure... (Below threshold)

Cool Man. Please make sure it is a non-fat, soy Latte made with fair trade coffee. Birkenstock's, size 13 wide please. :)






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