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CNN International's Massive Freudian Slip

This is a really bad slip up. A TVNewser reader caught it:

Is this true? Does anyone have a screen grab? An e-mailer says:

"CNN International's CNN Today program, airing at midnight Eastern, led with the graphic 'Bush Resigns.' Of course, they meant 'Blair Resigns.' Freudian slip on the part of a network accused of anti-Americanism?"

And TVNewser now has the screen shot to prove it.


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Comments (10)

But there's no media bias! ... (Below threshold)

But there's no media bias! At least, no INSTITUTIONAL bias. That just got up on screen by itself.

Honest. By itself.

Bushitler, Blairussolini, w... (Below threshold)

Bushitler, Blairussolini, what's the diff?

Could be a PhotoChop. Not ... (Below threshold)

Could be a PhotoChop. Not likely, since we've had multiple people claim to see it, but possible.

Stupid, stupid, stupid media idiots. It's not like any of this stuff is news by the time they put it on the air; they could at least make sure it's close to right before sending it to us.

Another dispatch from the "... (Below threshold)

Another dispatch from the "scraping the bottom of the barrel" department. I'm sure Kim and the rest of you were equally outraged when the fair and balanced folks over at Fox News labeled Mark Foley a Democratic congressman from FL 3 separate times during a show, right?

Shame on CNN International for getting everyone's hopes up.

groucho"I'm su... (Below threshold)


I'm sure Kim and the rest of you were equally outraged when the fair and balanced folks over at Fox News labeled Mark Foley a Democratic congressman from FL 3 separate times during a show, right?

Not sure if Kim was or not, but I'm sure with all certainty that some of your fellow travelers used the Fox screw-up as "proof" of the networks "bias."

For many of those folks it was the only thing offered. Unfortunately the "reality based community" couldn't deal with the real reality that these type of graphic screw-ups are caused by low level interns working in the graphics department and aren't indicative of anything but inexperience and inattention to detail.

groucho you seem, shall we say "disheartened," over the substance of this post. Suggestion, read the BlackFive link offered above. It is very topical (and not at the bottom of the barrel) and feel sure the Wizbang readers across both sides of the aisle would like to near your opinion of the topic.

I, personally, don't make a... (Below threshold)

I, personally, don't make a big thing out of either of the screw-ups mentioned. I've seen numerous misspellings on Fox News' bottom-of-the-screen ticker, and merely shrugged it off as someone in a hurry and not really proofreading what he/she is typing.

Better quality control would be a good idea, but I'm not gonna cite either the CNN example or the FNC example as evidence of media bias.

It's useful to pretend that... (Below threshold)

It's useful to pretend that news ticker is just the transcription for the deaf. It's a machine making mistakes.

We couldn't get that lucky.... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

We couldn't get that lucky.

'Bush Resigns.' Is... (Below threshold)

'Bush Resigns.'

Is there a problem?

Gotta love little bearded m... (Below threshold)

Gotta love little bearded men wearing dresses...


Feudian slips, that is. He may have been completely crackerjacks (ironic, that) about a lot of things, but I think he had that concept head-on.






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