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Giving Clinton Credit Where Due

The Anchoress is praising Bill Clinton. Well, at least she is praising the most significant thing he did as president -- even though he was dragged kicking and screaming to do it.

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This is really creepy. The ... (Below threshold)

This is really creepy. The earlier Ann Althouse love-link to dessicated money-whore-at-death's-door Tammy Faye Bakker made me think: What would The (Shhhh!) Anchoress say?

Well, nothing, apparently (I refuse to scroll down and find out, but that's not the point). The point IS: a link to The Anchoress! I feel like Edgar Cayce!

Anyhoo....what's with the BJ/WC Clinton posts???

Can we get a Ron Paul wave going NOW???

The Anchoress must have del... (Below threshold)

The Anchoress must have deleted her post. I went to her home page and scrolled through the last few days' worth - nothing remotely resembling it there.

bryanD ~ Sorry, no Ron Paul waves today. I am trying to an anti-ignorance wave going, though.

Nothing personal, you understand . . .

Desicated? Not hardly. No... (Below threshold)

Desicated? Not hardly. Not that one.

Whoa! It did disappear. I... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Whoa! It did disappear. I just emailed her to find out what is up.

Hey guys, I'm here, I'm her... (Below threshold)
The Anchoress:

Hey guys, I'm here, I'm here (see me jumping up and down!) the post is there...I don't know why you can't see it!

I don't know nuthin' bout Tammy Faye Bakker, either...I'll have to look up the story! :-)

That was too weird. Yep, i... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

That was too weird. Yep, it's back, but seriously, it was gone for a while there.

It was my fault - I hit a b... (Below threshold)
The Anchoress:

It was my fault - I hit a button without realizing it, and then only I could see it. You all know how pathetic I am with these machines!

F'ING A!!! I said "nothing"... (Below threshold)

F'ING A!!! I said "nothing", and "nothing" there was (according to you folks).

See: there was Something (The Post; I saw it!), then I called it "Nothing", and then it... DISAPPEARED!

Would a reverse Emma Watson be negotiable?

In the forum, by the edge o... (Below threshold)

In the forum, by the edge of the mall,
The lawmaker works at his desk, tapping the paper in front of him.
Then rising, he addresses the chair.
Sparks sizzle the air in front of him, hope frosts the cynics,
He cries for the poor and the boot on their neck,
Then sitting, subsiding,
D. Patrick rests in peace.

"It was my fault - I hit a ... (Below threshold)

"It was my fault - I hit a button without realizing it, and then only I could see it. You all know how pathetic I am with these machines!
Posted by: The Anchoress"

Re:Emma Watson Plan: CRAAAAAAAPP!

Can we get a Ron Paul wa... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Can we get a Ron Paul wave going NOW???


(gives a two-fingered salute)

(gives a two-fingered sa... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

(gives a two-fingered salute)

(palms inward...)

James Cloninger said: "Two-... (Below threshold)

James Cloninger said: "Two-fingered salute, palms inward"

I Dream of Jeannie??

This is really cre... (Below threshold)
wave man:
This is really creepy. The earlier Ann Althouse love-link to dessicated money-whore-at-death's-door Tammy Faye Bakker made me think: What would The (Shhhh!) Anchoress say?

Posted by: bryanD at May 11, 2007 11:08 PM

I was wondering which one of the trolls would show their "kindness" and "decency" regarding Tammy Fay's announcement. I'm no fan of hers, but I feel sympathy for her condition.

You, sir, and your ilk are despicable. With your high and mighty attitude, making fun of the right all the time. Go find a 30 foot flagpole and shove it where the sun don't shine. You disgust me.

It isn't even fun when he's... (Below threshold)

It isn't even fun when he's so wrong. Desicated? Bah. Humour has to be on point to be funny; maybe the source is desicated into preciosity.

Why am I not at all surpris... (Below threshold)

Why am I not at all surprised that bryanD(imwit) would be so off the original topic?

In any event, permit me to drag this back to the original point... Mr. Clinton did the right thing in this instance. And I have no problem saying so.

Let's see our resident BDS sufferers say that Mr. Bush did something right now.

I anticipate an echoing silence.

wouldn't Bush have to do so... (Below threshold)

wouldn't Bush have to do something right first?

(sorry, CCG, it was just too easy)

i would say that Bush's funding for Africa programs was something he has done right. however, their emphasis on abstinence only in some of those programs is both stupid and counter-productive.so i guess i give him a qualified doing something right.

See, Slingshot, I didn't ha... (Below threshold)

See, Slingshot, I didn't have to qualify mine.

Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

well, if bush didn't suck s... (Below threshold)

well, if bush didn't suck so bad i wouldn't have to qualify mine either. i mean, what do you want us to say? he's done a good job on, umm, the war? no. he has no domestic agenda to speak of, and he gives awards to obviously incompetent minions. so it's kind of tough to say what has done right. i don;t see much.

why don't you tell me something that even liberals could agree that Bush has done right?

why don't you tell me so... (Below threshold)

why don't you tell me something that even liberals could agree that Bush has done right?

Hmmm... because I am not a liberal, perhaps?

Sheesh, how hard is that to figure out?

well, the point of this pos... (Below threshold)

well, the point of this post was giving clinton credit for something. obviously, liberals give him credit for a lot of things that conservatives wouldn't, and that's fine. there is more than one party because different people have different goals, and thus what a conservative thinks is doing something right is not always what a liberal would think is right, and vice versa.

but in this post, it is a post by a conservative giving credit to clinton, therefore demonstrating an instance where the opposing side presumably agrees with somehting that someone on the other side has done.

now, getting to your post. you suggest that there will be deafening silence as to liberals saying that bush has done something right, and thus imply that liberlas are being unfair, or have a double standard. so i am asking you to give me an example of something that should be credited to bush that we unfairly do not think he has done right.

you can't expect me to think that he has done a lot of things right, because if that were the case i wouldn't be a liberal and i would have voted for and supported him. it's my personal belief that he has done almost everything wrong, but that's just my opinion.

so help me out here- what has he done right?

If you can't come up with a... (Below threshold)

If you can't come up with an answer on your own, slingshot, you're proving my point.

And you're also proving just how leftist you are, because you're attempting to blame someone else (me) for your failure.


that's pretty weak stuff, C... (Below threshold)

that's pretty weak stuff, CCG. thanks for playing.

OMG! I almost overlooked t... (Below threshold)

OMG! I almost overlooked this hilarious and ironic comment:

"And you're also proving just how leftist you are, because you're attempting to blame someone else (me) for your failure."

the irony of that statement coming from someone who supports george bush is almost beyond human comprehension. but, of course, this is probably lost on you. why don't you go back to reading "my pet goat," now?

Who ever said I supported B... (Below threshold)

Who ever said I supported Bush? I think he's done several totally idiotic things, thankyouverymuch.

However, as stupid as he's been at times, he's better than President Gore or President Kerry would likely have been.

Note, CCG stands for Christian Conservative Geek, not Christian Republican Geek (which would be CRG). I don't call myself a Republican (if pressed, I'd say I am a small-l libertarian... meaning I have significant disagreements with that party as well), and Bush is no conservative.

ah, well your post at 9:46 ... (Below threshold)

ah, well your post at 9:46 led me to believe that. my bad. in all seriousness, i would like to hear what people think he has done right. i honestly can't think of anything. there's a reason he's the least popular president in decades.

i think a lot of it has to do with bush's extremely high tolerance for cronyism and incompetence. it's hard to take him seriously, or to be convinced that he takes governing seriously.

if you answered questions about your job the way gonzalez does, i am sure that you would be fired. i know i would be. but, in george bush's world, and with someone who has a job which i assume is much more important than either of ours, the guy is treated with deference. mind boggling.

Well, except for the heart-... (Below threshold)

Well, except for the heart-rending sacrifices of a few volunteers in a tough battle for the soul of liberty, Bush has presided over, nay, brought forth, six years of peace and prosperity, the likes of which the world has not seen before, nor may not again.

Slingshot, I hope you're si... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, I hope you're sitting down, because I agree with you on Gonzales, not to mention the Harriet Miers bit, and if memory serves he's had at least one other potential cronyism issue, but I think his staff talked him out of that one.

However, even with my problems with that issue, and others (illegal immigration comes to mind), I still don't think he's the reincarnation of Hitler, nor the spawn of Satan, nor anything else that BDS sufferers think he is.

CCG-this is a seriou... (Below threshold)

this is a serious question: do you not see strains of authoritarianism and disdain for the rule of law in bush and the administration?

to people on my side of the aisle his cavalier approach to signing statements and the impenetrable secrecy and highly politicized manner in which they operate are very distressing signs of a utter lack of respect for democracy.

an example which really bothers me is that they used a provision of the patriot act to replace the us attorneys- how does this have anything to do with national security and not everything to do with political expediency for the bush admin? i think this is the hallmark of a government that doesn't respect democracy or its citizens, which, theoretically, RULE IT.

to me, this is an example of exactly why they should not be trusted to spy on american citizens, etc, as they have proven themselves to do exactly what we were afraid they would do- use expanded government powers into civil liberties for political purposes. this is a primary reason why he is so reviled. that and an approach to foreign policy which seems based more on ideology than facts.

do you not see it this way? or if you do, why does this not bother you? (we won't get into Bush as an abject embarassment on the world stage, as i am trying to have a civil discussion here!;) )

how has Bush brought us peace? last time I checked, on his watch the military was sent into, and continues, major military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan which have now lasted over 4 years. for such a peaceful time, we sure are spending a lot of money on the military. and for a few laughs, please explain, in your opinion, how the war in iraq is a battle for the soul of liberty. this should be good.

Slingshot, they didn't need... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, they didn't need to use the Patriot Act to replace those AGs. The Constitution already gave the President that power.

not in the way that they di... (Below threshold)

not in the way that they did it, which was that congress was not in session and the new ag's were replaced without congressional hearings. the Constitution does not authorize that, but the Patriot Act does.

Slingshot, were you this up... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, were you this upset when Clinton fired all 93 US attorneys?

Were you this upset when firebombs were used in Waco?

Were you this upset when federal agents took a young child away from family members in Florida to be sent to Cuba?

Were you this upset when a member of President Clinton's staff received copies of confidential files from the FBI?

Were you this upset when members of the White House Travel Office were fired to make room for Clinton cronies?

I imagine not. Such outrage is only appropriate for the eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Republicans, not the whiter-than-snow Democrats, right?

Oh, for the record, I think Gonzales should be fired at a minimum. However, ya gotta remember that the USA PATRIOT Act (you use all caps because it's a long acronym, by the way) was passed by Congress... and lots of Democrats voted for it, even the provisions you refer to... 145 House Democrats, and all but one Senate Democrat voted aye. So if you're gonna blame anyone, ya gotta blame them as well.

By the way, Senators Kerry, Edwards, and Clinton all voted aye on the original bill, the one with that provision you're so up in arms about.

Like I said, ss, except for... (Below threshold)

Like I said, ss, except for the heart rending sacrifices of a few volunteers, and why don't you ask the majestic purple fingered people of Iraq if they are in a battle for the soul of liberty.

Or ask a few of your distaff domestic colleagues if the Afghani women are in a battle for the soul of liberty.

You, are a putz. Go look roughly in a mirror and try to keep a straight face.

Don't mince words, Kim, tel... (Below threshold)

Don't mince words, Kim, tell us how you really feel. -lol-

well, i guess you don't nec... (Below threshold)

well, i guess you don't necessarily want to have a civil conversation, as i can see from your tone, but i will address your points anyway.

first, just let me say that i think that we are under the latter portion of the bush administration, and not somewhere in the 1990s when clinton was president. while your examples may be useful only for the sole purpose of you thinking you are going to make me out as inconsistent and/or a hyprocrite, they are COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to whether or not Bush is an authoritarian, is anti-democratic and abuses power. even if you think i am inconsistent and hypocritical, it still would not change anything about the Bush admin. that is the problem with facts. whether or not clinton was all the things i accuse bush of being is a completely different matter. even if he is, that does not mean that bush is not also all of those things, and it is in fact utterly irrelevant to the issue. didn't any of you people ever learn any critical thinking? time to turn off rush and think for yourselves. besides, you don't even deny that bush is anti-democratic and authoritarian, you just keep on going back to the old blame clinton well. incredibly weak.

as for your "substantive" right wing chestnuts, which are getting so damn moldy i am not sure why you keep trotting them out, i have this to say:

First of all, thank you for letting me know about the correct spelling of the Patriot Act. Since you can spell it so well, obviously you are an expert on it. I don't see this as being analogous to Clinton firing 93 US Attorneys or any other presidents firing of them, as the facts are different. you know this perfectly well, and i suspect you also know that this is a disingenuous argument. it is not so much the firing, but how it was done, and the fact that they continuously lie about it. if they didn;t do anything wrong, why not just explain what happened, truthfully and only once? is that so hard? surely somenone must know what happened.

furthermore, i think it does matter that this was done through a provision of a controversial piece of national security legislation, and i don't care who voted for it. what i care about is that this action had nothing to do with national security. i am speaking as an american citizen concerned about civl liberties and nothing else.

waco: i was about 19 at that time, so honestly i was not too upset about it. i am not an expert on that episode, but i know that some people think that the FBI and ATF acted improperly, and if so, i condemn them. however, when the ATF and FBI come to my house to serve a warrant on me, my response is not to enter into some kind of armed standoff with them. that usually ends badly.

elian gonzalez: i think that was the right call. it was not pretty, but i think returning a child to the custody of his natural father is the right thing to do, and really i think that decision is a no brainer. you know, family values and whatever that other garbage you so-called morally righteous and sanctimonious types are always spewing.

FBI files: this is the kind of behavior that i condemn in the loudest and strongest terms. it is this very behavior which i am against in any president.

Travel Office: you gotta be kidding me. honestly, i don't think this is a big deal. bush can install as many cronies as he wants in the travel office, for all i care. the people who staff the travel office have little, if anything, to do with the nation as a whole, or any kind of public policy. we are talking about the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, for the love god! perhpas you have noticed that what the justice department does, and how it does it, can affect all americans and the rights of all americans? can you really not distinguish between the magnitude of importance of the department of justice and the white house travel office? if so, this discussion is an utter waste of time.

you need to get much better material than this. you didn't even defend bush, you just blamed clinton. this is second rate at best, and that's giving you the benefit of the doubt. weak. in fact, based out your spouting off of (weak) talking points, i honestly question whether you really understand the issues we are discussing. the travel office? come on.

kim, you are utterly moroni... (Below threshold)

kim, you are utterly moronic. i have never seen any iraqi quoted anywhere that said this fight is for the soul of liberty.

in addition, how you can describe the current era as some kind of unheralded time of peace is completely beyond my comprehension.
describing the wars in afghanistan and iraq as "heart rending sacrifices of a few volunteers" is stupidity beyond description. i have no idea where you get this stuff. "majestic purple fingered people of Iraq" - such a ring, such great words. sadly, that's all it is- words.

you are delusional. please seek psychiatiric help.

Slingshot, I thought I'd ma... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, I thought I'd made it clear that I am not a Bush defender, or even Bush supporter on many issues.

If you wanna keep trying to shove me into that neat little "he's conservative, so he must be a Bush supporter" box, go right ahead, but I'll continue to show you and everyone else that I refuse to conform to your stereotypes of those who don't agree with you.

I said, if you will bother to read, that I think that Gonzales should be fired at a minimum. I guess you'd rather have me call for the impeachment of a President who did something that was, as far as I can tell, perfectly legal under the law at the time he did it. Sorry, I don't play that game.

Also, I note that you completely skipped over the point that many of those who are taking to the floor of the Senate and screaming for Bush's head on a platinum platter (silver isn't good enough for the self-anointed elites of the left) voted for the USA PATRIOT Act that included the provisions you're so upset about!

I thought you might be one I could have an intelligent conversation with, but it seems you're just another lefty... stereotype opponents, ignore what they say in favor of what you wish they'd said, and practice selective blindness to the errors of the Party of the Donkey.

Now run along to DU and lie to them about how you handed some right-wing Jesus-lander his head. But remember, you and I both know it would be a lie, and so do most of the intelligent people who read this.

Oh, I am STILL</b... (Below threshold)

Oh, I am STILL waiting for some lefty to cite something good that Bush has done.

BDS has all the lefties in its grip, I guess.

ok, look. i want to have a... (Below threshold)

ok, look. i want to have a civil discussion. i simply object to your listing of multiple weak talking points to prove any points. i think i addressed all of them in great detail.

i asked the question of whether you saw strains of authoritarianism and disdain for the rule of law in bush and whether it bothered you. you responded by listing a bunch of things president clinton did, and did not answer the question directly at all, and made some snide remark about evil republicans and snow white democrats. that response to my question, in my mind, implies that you either support bush, or do not see him as anti-democratic and authoritarian. again, i note that you did not actually answer the question head on, so i have to take your answer by implication. what do you think i should make of your answer? what is the relevance of all of those things you listed? i think my comments about you attempting to call me a hypocrite and how that is irrelevant were spot on.

i said that i do not care who voted for the USA PATRIOT Act, ok? it makes no difference to me. you are all jumping up and down about being labelled a Bush supporter, and here you are completely stereotyping me. when did i say i was a spokesman for the democratic party? i am a liberal, true, but so what? that does not mean i stand behind all democrats or all actions of some democrats. i never said anything about that. i said i don't like bush, and i don't. what does that have to do with the democrats or anything that happened under president clinton?

i am confused. you think gonzalez should be fired. do you not think anything improper occurred with regards to the AG firings? this is apparently the point you are making?

also, i am not shoving anyone into any boxes. your response to my post was to list a number of actions taken by president clinton during his presidency. how should i respond to that, other than how i did? i will also note that in so doing, you were stereotyping me as a clinton supporter in much the same way you accuse me of stereotyping you as a bush supporter.

i will also note that i do not read DU or Dailykos, in defiance of your further stereotypes. you seem a litle touchy about my posting and handing you your head and whether or not that's a lie. i promise, that's just between you, me and everybody here.

i told you already, no one can think of anything good bush has done, and that goes for a lot of people in america, not just "lefties." you give me an example of what i should consider good that he has done, and i will decide whether we have unfairly denied him credit. ot just say what you think he has done that is good. maybe you don't think he's done anything good either?

ss, you sad thing; all thos... (Below threshold)

ss, you sad thing; all those previously suffering under Saddam recognize the soul of liberty when they see it.

Why don't you liberals support the spread of democracy anymore? Ashamed of Carter? Why do so many of you rejoice at bad news from Iraq? You are pitiful specimens, ripe for sharia.

Slingshot, you continue to ... (Below threshold)

Slingshot, you continue to miss the point!

The point isn't what conservatives think Bush has done right, any more than the point is about what liberals think Clinton has done right.

The point is about looking for good in people across the aisle. The Anchoress has done it, I've done it.

Apparently you're unable to, or you'd have done it by now.

That, in itself, speaks volumes.

I am completely exhausted w... (Below threshold)

I am completely exhausted with anything that mentions Bill Clinton (or Hillary). I scroll on past it. Can't read any more. Both of these people need to retire and go far, far away into far, far away Quiet Now land.

But I know they won't. They're like a bad disease that defies all treatments, a virulent form of poltergeist that follows citizens wherever they go, house to house, door to door, vacation to work, car to garage to kitchen door, the Clinton poltergeist, the sickening sweet scent of insincerity and misguided nonsense.

I admit it, I can't find an... (Below threshold)

I admit it, I can't find anything good in the Clinton's. I think they're the drug of Liberals, like the evil that leads trusting people astray. Sickening sweet scent of insincerity and misguided nonsense.

CCG-weak. you fail ... (Below threshold)

weak. you fail to address anything either of us has said, and then simply change the subject. i am now convinced that you do not understand the issues you feign to discuss. i am actually beginning to think you are a high school girl and not a grown man, based on your responses.

seriously, is there some high school republicans club that has swarmed up all in this bitch?

when you graduate from high school, and then hopefully college, get back to me. and, please, for your own intellectual development, turn off rush and stop listening to your parents. do you want to grow up to be an idiot, too?

kim and CCG, if you're in high school, you should say so. for a couple of kids, you are tenacious little fuckers, and i respect that! but if you're adults, you are COMPLETE MORONS.

Why weren't you out on Saturday night?

slingshot descends into sta... (Below threshold)

slingshot descends into standard progressive discourse.

slingshot descends into ... (Below threshold)

slingshot descends into standard progressive discourse.

Yep, and he's proven my point as well as if I'd handed him a script. He's deep in the throes of BDS, so deep that he can't even see it himself.

I shall waste no more bandwidth on him in this discussion.






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