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Oliver Willis, Nazi Sympathizer

I've been fairly harsh on Oliver Willis in the past, and sometimes I've wondered if I was being too hard on the guy. But I've recently come to the realization that, if anything, I've been too kind.

I've come to realize that Willis is a Nazi sympathizer.

That's a pretty strong accusation, but I have the proof.

1) One of the Nazis' preferred military tactics was the "blitzkrieg," or "lightning war." It was characterized by the use of highly-mobile units to defeat an enemy not by attrition, but by maneuver. ("We're in ur rear area, blowing up ur supplies and shooting u in da back") The Germans used tanks, self-propelled artillery, and mechanized infantry to avoid the force-on-force battles that led to the prolonged trench warfare of World War I.

Just look how often Willis uses the term "blitz," in the context that the Nazis made it famous. He couldn't find a better word to use, one that doesn't have the associations with genocide and attempted global conquest?

Need more proof? I got it.

In Hitler's manifesto, Mein Kampf, he put forward the theory of the "Big Lie." Willis chose to quote the Fuhrer, keeping his words and ideas alive.

Oliver Willis, Nazi sympathizer. He might as well rename his dog, CK, "Blondi."

Yeah, this is probably one of the dumbest pieces I've ever written. To call the evidence that Willis sympathizes with Nazis "flimsy" would be an insult to tissue paper. But at least I don't have to worry about Willis himself complaining about this piece.

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Apparently quoting Robert B... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Apparently quoting Robert Byrd is always acceptable. He just made a bad choice of wizards.

Tomorrow we can drive aroun... (Below threshold)

Tomorrow we can drive around this town
And let the cops chase us around
The past is gone but something might be found to take it's place

Hey jealousy
Hey jealousy
Hey Jealousy
Hey Jealousy

Also, you should note that ... (Below threshold)
Oliver Willis:

Also, you should note that my dog's breed is German.

Gah! He even has a... (Below threshold)


He even has a NAZI DOG!

Did you name it Foxl, Oliver?

Incontestible proof that you are, indeed, a nazi sympathizer.

Jay:Blitzkreig was... (Below threshold)


Blitzkreig was developed by German Army General Heinz Guderian, a master of armored warfare, and not a Nazi, just a soldier.

Oliver's troll gone wild!</... (Below threshold)

Oliver's troll gone wild!

Obviously, O-Dub believes a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Obviously, O-Dub believes anything:

Forrest is often erroneously quoted as saying his strategy was to "git thar fustest with the mostest," but this quote first appeared in print in a New York Times story in 1917, written to provide colorful comments in reaction to European interest in Civil War generals. Bruce Catton writes, "Do not, under any circumstances whatever, quote Forrest as saying 'fustest' and 'mostest.' He did not say it that way, and nobody who knows anything about him imagines that he did."

Catton, pp. 160 - 161
Catton, Bruce (1971). The Civil War. American Heritage Press, New York. Library of Congress Number: 77-119671. 

Try again, Goebbels.

Does that mean, by the way,... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Does that mean, by the way, the NYT is a supporter of the KKK?

Yeah, this is probably o... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Yeah, this is probably one of the dumbest pieces I've ever written. To call the evidence that Willis sympathizes with Nazis "flimsy" would be an insult to tissue paper.

What is amusing is that Forest didn't even SAY THIS. The Old Grey Bitch herself first shat this out.

O-Dub is fuming over something that has been misattributed.

Who would be jealous of Oli... (Below threshold)

Who would be jealous of Oliver Willis? I certainly wouldn't want to be a dumpy grumpy young guy who sees non-existent racist boogeymen everywhere. The guy is a straight up racist projecting his bile onto everybody else. What a miserable existence.

Notice that he'll ignore the Robert Byrd comparison. (It's different when you're a Democrat.)






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