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Strange Rumors about Governor Sebelius and those Iraq comments

[I wrote the post below yesterday afternoon, but held it because this one just seemed too far fetched to be real, but as I say below, I thought the same about the Clinton intern rumor and it turned out to be true. Now that Hot Air and others are writing about it, I decided to post it. I say treat this one as an interesting but unsubstantiated story, but still think that whether or not anyone else directed her to do it, Governor Sebelius' comments about the National Guard were disgusting political opportunism (and just plain dishonest).]

On Sean Hannity's radio show today this (from Free Republic) was a topic of discussion:

I was listening to the Quinn & Rose show this morning on XM radio when Host, Jim Quinn told his audience that Howard Dean called Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius early, around 5 am, one morning after the tornado had destroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas and discussed with her what to say about the tornado and how to blame the war in Iraq and the Bush administration on a slow response to the aftermath.

He also said that she, Gov. Sebelius, called Senator Sam Brownback's office only to learn he wasn't there but then called him on his cell phone and reached him while he was in his car were she confessed to him that she had been instructed by her party leadership, (more specifically, Howard Dean) on how to politicize the tornado's destruction of Greensburg and attack the White House and the Iraq war for a seemingly slow response. She reassured the Senator that her allegations didn't blame him or Pat Roberts, also a Kansas Senator, for the lack of immediate response.

That would explain her public statements to the press that proved later to be untrue. She made statements to the effect that the Iraq war and the deployment of the national guard units to Iraq from her state has left Kansas without the equipment and man power needed to respond more quickly to the tornado's aftermath. This all turns out to be false and the governor herself has back tracked on her own claims.

I find it almost impossible to believe any Democrat would admit anything like this to a Republican. If anything even close to this was said to Brownback then he would be in big trouble for not coming forward with it. This one sounds too outrageous to be true, but that is what I said when I first heard the intern allegations involving Bill Clinton.

Whether or not Sebelius took direct orders from Howard Dean or anyone else in the Democrat party, she certainly played politics with the disaster and, it appears, she likely told a few untruths in the process.

Update: Bob Owens has an update saying Brownback has denied the claim.


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[pins dropping everywhere a... (Below threshold)

[pins dropping everywhere and not one peep from Dean's peeps on this one]

Dick Durbin did da damnable... (Below threshold)

Dick Durbin did da damnable deed, ditto.

Impeach or recall 'em all.

Actually I think this was a... (Below threshold)

Actually I think this was all a Clintonista attack on Obama/Sebelius, Hillary's nightmare ticket for '08.

We're all watching to see i... (Below threshold)

We're all watching to see if Sam Brownback tells the truth or says something to save Kathleen's ass.

Yeah - from the "leaked" st... (Below threshold)

Yeah - from the "leaked" storied we get about Obama, and some of the stupid things that are coming out of his camp, makes you wonder how many die-hard Clinton fans are "working for" Obama.

I love it when a rumor base... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I love it when a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor is repeated and repeated by unreliable sources.

In a related story, The Weekly World News is reporting that Kathleen Sebelius was impregnated by space aliens while shopping at Walmart.

"....too outrageous to be t... (Below threshold)

"....too outrageous to be true..." she says, but [what the hey lets not miss an opportunity to toss some slime.]

My bad, if it comes from Sean Hannity who is, we all know, "the great American" amongst many of his callers who are also "great Americans" it must be right on the mark.

So, jFO and AB, shall we se... (Below threshold)

So, jFO and AB, shall we see the phone records and emails of Dean, Durbin, Sebelius, and Brownback. That is one Democratic ex-Governor and minor party hack, one Democratic governor and a gurl, one Democratic Senate Majority Leader and a scoundrel, and one Republican Senator whose schtick is 'honesty'.

It might be an interesting day.

thanks, pooch. ::rises::<b... (Below threshold)

thanks, pooch. ::rises::

Seeing is Howard Dean is th... (Below threshold)

Seeing is Howard Dean is the alleged ringleader in this, it's really not a stretch to believe him capable of such perfidy. After all, Terry McAuliffe handed over the DNC reins to Dean in the days immediately following Hurrican Katrina, and no one was better at impersonating Teflon than Terry and his favorite charge (WJC). Dean learned from the best when it comes to deflecting the failures of directly-responsible Democrats (Blanco, Nagin & Landrieu) to the tangentially-connected Republican president and his administration.

* And to those who continue to argue that President Bush is more responsible for the failures in New Orleans than the city's own Democrat Mayor, and Louisiana's own Democrat Governor and Democrat Senator, I would encourage you to read the US Constitution, paying particular attention to the subject of posse comitatus.

** Then again, ignorance is political bliss!

She shoulda called Ray Nagi... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

She shoulda called Ray Nagin of the Chocolate City for help. He coulda loaded up all those busses with provisions and headed out.

Oh yeah, he doesn't have any drivers and the busses are not limosine coaches. Well, she could call the Guvnor of Louisiana. She has loads of experience in this stuff. Oh yeah, she too was sitting on her ass waiting for the nanny state to come and help.

Both are pathetic excuses for state governors. The idiots who vote for them deserve exactly what they receive.

Adrian: "I love it when a r... (Below threshold)

Adrian: "I love it when a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor is repeated and repeated by unreliable sources."

If only the left was as equally skeptical of the typhoon of rumor-based repeated rumors from lefty crazies. The entire "truther" movement comes to mind with it's amazing gravitational pull of the Dems mainstream into its orbit (most recent example: John Edwards).

For the record, as a "wing-nut" myself, I find this story to be quite unbelievable for a number of reasons which need not be outlined here. I would have to see some irrefutable evidence to come around.

JFO: "[what the hey lets not miss an opportunity to toss some slime.]"

Yep, now back to your regularly scheduled program of accusing GWB of actually knowing about, helping with, and allowing to happen the attacks on 9-11 along with all the other "hitler", "fascist", "gestapo" references to republicans by "rumor-avoiding down-to-Earth reality-based" lefties.

I love it when a rumor b... (Below threshold)

I love it when a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor is repeated and repeated by unreliable sources.
The New York Times. CBS. NBC. ABC. MSNBC. LA Times Washington Post. ad infinitum

Drago, you should outline y... (Below threshold)

Drago, you should outline your rationate for dubiousness. This is a true story.

Goodling may dump on McNulty today, too.

We should clearly play by t... (Below threshold)

We should clearly play by the Democratic rules on this one. I want Howard Dean and his staff to be called to testify before Congress, under oath and on the record, about their phone calls of that morning, and then continue on to everyone else involved with the story, including the Governor. Then I want the emails of these people. Then I want the reporters involved and their phone records and notes and emails on their discussions with each of these people or their party affiliates for the period 2 days before the tornado to the present along with any past emails or phone calls or notes on any natural disasters for, say, the past 24 months. Reporters keep their notes and the emails are still floatin' around there somewhere, even if they were deleted, right?

Let's see if you can play the Democrats game, Republicans. The justification? This involves national security since the allegation made involved our National Guard's preparedness. If allegations are being made that the federal goverment has fatally weakened the National Guard then that is a very serious charge indeed, certainly more serious than investigating people known to the prosecutor to not be the people that told Robert Novak who sent Joe Wilson to Nigeria and orders of magnitude more serious than the firing of political appointees.

Hear, hear, Falze.==... (Below threshold)

Hear, hear, Falze.

Why Kimmy, sure we should. ... (Below threshold)

Why Kimmy, sure we should. After all you folks from the right don't believe in the constitutional primciples which guide this country anyway. Oh, and while we're at it how bout we look at Karl Rove's. I would say Bush's too but he doesn't use the "internets."

And then we charge everybod... (Below threshold)

And then we charge everybody (that is, every Democrat) with a bad memory or a poor turn of phrase with perjury.

There is a claim on another... (Below threshold)

There is a claim on another thread, by Wayne, I believe, that there were Army Reservists with training in disaster rescue chomping at the bit to go, and only an hour away, but coudn't failing a phone call that Kathleen Sebelius didn't make.

If it can be shown that her response was delayed by political considerations, as it was, and if people were hurt by her delay, then all of her advisers and she are in deep trouble.

I still claim the idea that small town Kansans need the military to protect them from looters and shelter them after a storm is a little absurd.

But this is all driven by the same sort of people who don't fundamentally realize that tornadoes don't kill ten thousand people. They are simply not reality based as they so ironically desire. They are just making up stories and melodies in their heads. Frank Baum and Pink Floyd would be proud.

Have you been playing twist... (Below threshold)

Have you been playing twister in Oz, jFO? Your position looks painful, there.

I wonder what Richardson wo... (Below threshold)

I wonder what Richardson would say about Dean and Durbin cold-bloodedly manipulating the press, while forcing poor Kathleen Sebelius to stand by while her suffering constituents screamed under the storm-tossed timbers.

In case you hadn't heard, t... (Below threshold)

In case you hadn't heard, ten thousand journalists with bush hacking stories pen in hand were viciously wiped out by a terrifying and dizzying dose of reality from the White House.

Paging Sam Brownback. What did you know, and when did you know it?

Well I don't know....... (Below threshold)

Well I don't know....

Why isn't this believable?

Barack Obama was busy trying to do this and he couldn't keep the lie straight-[Hillary is already wearing him out-or-he's a noobie.]

He came up with 10,000 dead instead of ten.

If Governor Sebelius did admit this to Senator Brownback-then that is an act of courage and honesty.

I can see why Senator Brownback would keep the information close-as a favor to her but also because the Republicans would end up being accused of playing politics with a disaster. It's not like the media wouldn't help the with the blowback.

Given the actions of the Democrats-this isn't that unbelievable-in fact it's par for the course.

In the beginning of the war they had a "military mom"-Nancy Lessin-take the President to court claiming he violated the First Amendment Section Eight- and that was finally slapped back by First Circuit Court of Appeals. The highest ranking most acitve judge being a female Clinton appointee-heh.

No wonder Hillary is trying the oppurtunistic "do-over" vote especially since that vote is turning out to be disadvantageous to her against Obama. The Democrats couldn't win the issue on their usual turf.

Btw-Nancy Lessin-"military mom" just also happened to work for the Massachusetts AFL-CIO...

"We're all watching to s... (Below threshold)

"We're all watching to see if Sam Brownback tells the truth or says something to save Kathleen's ass"

Typical asinine WizKooK comment ala "Have you stopped beating your wife?"

Well it is going around. G... (Below threshold)
Tar Heel:

Well it is going around. Governor Mike Easley in NC also a Dem, expressed "concern" over how thin the NG was in our state but was confident they could handle a hurricane if it struck.


The article is biased citing the Kansas situation without saying that the governor there had backpeddled.

Tar Heel, this is a meme th... (Below threshold)

Tar Heel, this is a meme the Democrats have been pushing for awhile. It amazes me that they have let it blow up in their face like this.

Wieder, well, Sam handled it well. His office denies any calls between them. Quin and Rose may get to be a little more forthcoming with their source, or they may not have to. Surely more than one knows the truth. The stakes on this one are rising, and one side had their powder dry, and one's had been flooded.

Whether she needed to be nu... (Below threshold)

Whether she needed to be nudged into her statements or just saw a door labeled: "Opportunity" and rushed through it, it is all the same to me.

I live in the S.F. Bay Area. If it's foggy, they blame Bush! If it's NOT foggy they blame Bush. And so on.

And I kind of expected it the New Orleans morons to "blame Bush"...cause that area is maximally screwed up!

But Kansas always struck me as a place more immune to BDS. Even a (D) in Kansas should have SOME sense. I guess the infection is deeper and broader than I thought!

Kim: "Drago, you should out... (Below threshold)

Kim: "Drago, you should outline your rationate for dubiousness. This is a true story.
Goodling may dump on McNulty today, too."

If so, I will reevaluate. If other information or insiders come forward with specific info, I will reevaluate.

JFO: "After all you folks from the right don't believe in the constitutional primciples which guide this country anyway."

Please cite specific examples (along with the requisite court rulings (highest court rulings, as opposed to individual liberal judges at the lowest court levels who are then overturned)) to support this claim.) Thanks in advance for no substantive response.

JFO: "Oh, and while we're at it how bout we look at Karl Rove's."

Karl Rove's.............what?

Once again, JFO, please attempt to be specific as to what exactly needs to be looked at pertaining to Karl Rove (and, once again, please try to stay within the constitutional confines of well established Executive Privelege perogatives (you know, like you would do if a Dem were in office)).
Thanks again in advance for no substantive response.

JFO: "I would say Bush's too but he doesn't use the "internets.""

In any case, whether Bush uses the "internets" or not, or whether there "10,000" Americans wiped out in the recent Kansas tornados or not, there is no constitutional basis for congress to pore over internal Executive branch communications (just as the Executive can't haul Congresspersons up to the White House to be deposed on a whim.)

See, that's part of what checks and balances are all about. You know, like the constitution lays out. You know, that document that you keep referencing all the time as being so sacrosanct to the left (which includes, you know, that pesky little thing called the second amendment.)

This is just another one of... (Below threshold)

This is just another one of Lorie's smear pieces, similkar to ones she has jumped on & run with in recent past.

Lorie never met a rightkook rumor that dhe wasn't ready to pander to and publicize, no doubt based on the theory that if the rightkook blogosphere repeats a rumor frequently and loud enough, it will become "truth" in the minds of the Pavlovians.

Obviously one of Pavlov's curs, or curress as the case may be, has had her bell rung and is salivating up comments on this thread right & left. er...make that right and right.

Here, kim...want a milkbone?

Wieder opens his yap and ou... (Below threshold)

Wieder opens his yap and out comes pap. You know that investigative reporting could find out if this story is true; there were many involved. But you're leashed, well fed, and doubt that rabbits exist.

Wieder, Adrian, JFO et al:<... (Below threshold)

Wieder, Adrian, JFO et al:

The author prefaced the story with this:

I say treat this one as an interesting but unsubstantiated story...

So when you spout off as if she is discussing rumor as fact, you again just show that you use your rectums for a haberdashery.

I find it hilarious that th... (Below threshold)

I find it hilarious that the screaming moonbats whose very existance is predicated on the likes of "black helicopter" theories, Karl Rove the evil genius, and Bush the brilliant chimp who outfoxed us, are jumping out the window on this one berating Hannity and others about it's dubiousness, lololol.

Oh damn it- I just read the... (Below threshold)

Oh damn it- I just read the blue quotation box-I didn't realize that Sebelius was excusing her own actions and comments.

What do they think-the Guard is-superhuman?

Also even if the"locals" try to refute any of it-the Liberal media will "correct" them.

There is just no end to how low the Democrats will go-you can't even tell parody from the truth or be surprised by what they do.

prof, That 's a go... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

That 's a good point. These are the same folks who believe that Bush was behind 9/11. 33% of the Dems can believe that "rumor". Yet they get exercised about this. Maybe this is the truth and whenever the truth about liberals is exposed, they get upset. The Dems dare not even go on Fox to face Brit Humes and yet they want to claim that they can be tough on the terrorists.

The BEST possible light to ... (Below threshold)

The BEST possible light to see Sebelius in would be that of:
"Moron" - totally unaware of the true needs of the tornado struck communities and totally unaware of the true state of the emergency facilities available to them.

That is as good as it gets for her! It goes downhill, quickly, from there!

I love it whe... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

I love it when a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor based on a rumor is repeated and repeated by unreliable sources.

In a related story, The Weekly World News is reporting that Kathleen Sebelius was impregnated by space aliens while shopping at Walmart.

---- Posted by Adrian Browne at May 11, 2007 10:19 AM

great line - absolutely perfect!

The Wingnuts have been trotting down to Wal-Mart and buying the double rolls of tin-foil recently, and their desperation over their prospects in the 2008 Presidential election has the Right-Wing BlogoSmear Machine running overtime.

Watching the GOP go through this slow-motion train wreck of credibility and trust is fascinating stuff.

How many disclaimers do you... (Below threshold)

How many disclaimers do you need Lee? Was 'Rumor' in the headline of the post not enough?

And to be fair, now that your a moderator, I wouldn't be talking about train wrecks, desperation, credibility, smearing or tin foil hats.

If this turns out to be true, you're going to have a tough time explaining it...you've hedged your bets rather high here.

Justrand-Oy! Ya t... (Below threshold)


Oy! Ya that about sums it up-and ghee look who shows up....


What was that post you did again-that was two years old and refuted months before you posted it?


Ya- you never post questionable stuff...

It's all gold.

Have you been playing t... (Below threshold)

Have you been playing twister in Oz, jFO? Your position looks painful, there.


I see Lee is still embarrassed as hell that it came out that about 28% of Democrats believe in the "knew about 9/11 beforehand" conspiracy theory. He's deflecting.

I'd be embarrassed too Lee. Don't blame you.

I'll try this one again...<... (Below threshold)

I'll try this one again...
Lee, did you used to live in York PA? Just a yes or no will do.

Rumors that the Left is lyi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Rumors that the Left is lying. Good grief Charlie Brown, what a shock. Same technique used by Hitler to invade Poland. Since Clinton downsized the military, cashing in the peace dividend, it falls on the Army reserve and National Guard to haul the mail. Democrats created the situation of a lack of manpower now they think people who are trained to kill people and break things should do tornado cleanup. Hire some illegals to do it. How many folks do you need to take care of a village of 1100? Lee you are still an idiot.

Oh boy, denials from a spok... (Below threshold)

Oh boy, denials from a spokesman for Brownback. Cease and desist orders from Dean. Big fat nuthin' from Durbin. Lots a smoke, lots of phone calls, where are the investigative journalists of yore?

Quin and Rose had quotes in... (Below threshold)

Quin and Rose had quotes in dialect. Hmmm. Double hmm.

Didn't Kerry try cease and ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Kerry try cease and desist with the Swifties or was that just with the TV and radio stations?

The new sign of truth: hit something with Odin's Hammer and if sparks fly, maybe there is smoke.

"If this turns out to be... (Below threshold)

"If this turns out to be true, you're going to have a tough time explaining it...you've hedged your bets rather high here."

Nice try. I've made no bets as to the accuracy of the rumor that's rumored to be a rumor that is rumored here --

I've only commented on the eager willingness of desperate people to grasp at desperate straws in an effort to hold onto a fragile hope that their failing political party isn't really truly melting right before their eyes -- that this is somehow just a hallucination -- and that this nightmare will all go away once Rove figures out how to pull the plug.

Dream on, if your fantasies make you feel better. There are certainly very few reality-based handles for Republicans to hold onto these days...

Got quotes?========<... (Below threshold)

Got quotes?

Dialect in quotes to me is ... (Below threshold)

Dialect in quotes to me is a sign of transcription from a tape. What did you know Sam, and what did you know it.

If Brownback is protecting Sebelius, which is possible in his twistered value system, you may be right, there will be right wing friendly fire casualties over this.

Lee is projecting his own v... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

Lee is projecting his own virtual reality on others again. No wonder Lee is a founding member of Brian 's club.

"Queen" Sebelius is playing... (Below threshold)

"Queen" Sebelius is playing politics for the national stage. The local combat engineer battalion (headquarted two miles down the road) didn't send out anybody to Greensburg until several days after the disaster (one of them is a co-worker). I'm not an expert, but there's still a heck of a lot of heavy equipment staged at the two armories within twenty miles of here. She pretty well panders to her urban base and ignores the rural voters (such as in Greensburg)who rejected her in the last election. From what I hear from the local guardsmen, there are plenty of volunteers and few complaints. This is from a unit that just returned from Iraq last year. I'm proud to know them.

Dialect in quotes may also ... (Below threshold)

Dialect in quotes may also be a sign of disinformation.

As is, Sebelius is either an out of touch idiot unnecessarily lying about her own constituents and National Guard or she is a partisan opportunist willing to sacrifice her constituents for her party's disinformational purposes. If Sam or she wanted to do her any real favors, they'd acknowledge publically the truth they talk about privately, that the political climate is horribly poisoned.

As if they thought we didn't know. Politics used to be at the coffee shop.

I've said for years that one beauty of the internet is that arguments don't have to turn into fisticuffs, or worse yet, agreement.

I blame banning indoor smok... (Below threshold)

I blame banning indoor smoking. We used to settle this amicably over peace pipettes. I'm serious.

Lee...I don't give a damn w... (Below threshold)

Lee...I don't give a damn who DID or did NOT "suggest she do this".

That's like caring what reason Charles Manson killed for!

See my post above regarding the fact being regarded as a "MORON" is the BEST she can hope for!!

She obviously sought to turn a natural disaster into a "Bash Bush" opportunity...unless of course she's just a total moron! Of course it is most likely BOTH!

Lee:Dream... (Below threshold)


Dream on, if your fantasies make you feel better.

My fantasies have nothing to do with politics, thank God.

Good, Heralder - I was begi... (Below threshold)

Good, Heralder - I was beginning to wonder...

I'll try this one again...
Lee, did you used to live in York PA? Just a yes or no will do.

Posted by: SCSIwuzzy at May 11, 2007 02:01 PM

Why do you ask, SCSI? Be honest if you want an honest answer in return.

Lee you are still an idiot.

Posted by: Zelsdorf Ragshaft III at May 11, 2007 02:21 PM

A guy who calls himself Zelsdorf Ragshaft III is calling me an idiot. Oh, the shame...

Hey OC, by the great bend o... (Below threshold)

Hey OC, by the great bend of the arKansas, ever read Chickamauga?

or work in Wayne's World?<b... (Below threshold)

or work in Wayne's World?

Well here is a version of t... (Below threshold)

Well here is a version of the story you probably won't hear from the major networks-

"We were fully operational within 12 minutes of arriving, and had on-board computers, phones, satellite internet, UHF, VHF, HF and 800 MHz radios. Emergency management personnel and the highway patrol utilized the vehicle extensively throughout the recovery," said Sgt. John Staiert, a Kansas Army Guardsman from Joint Forces Headquarters in Topeka.

Also on the first wave of responders from the Kansas Air Guard was the 134th Air Control Squadron from McConnell Air Force Base. Their 15 personnel arrived on the scene during the wee hours following the EF-5 tornado that hit Greensburg head-on at 9:45 p.m. May 4, bringing with them many mobile communication assets.

In short order, they established a command center complete with power, phones, video and teleconferencing capabilities. Generators, lights, water, fuel, a wrecker and heavy equipment operators also were on site.

"The connection, coordination, and communication between the Air Guard and our Army counterparts have been fantastic," said Air Force Maj. Tim Smith, 134th ACS and on-site commander for the Kansas Guard resources.

In response to numerous national and local media flocking to the area, the 184th Air Refueling Wing also sent a four-person public affairs team. They facilitated news conferences hosted by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and other officials.

that last bit is ironic....

Kansis City Infozine News

SCSI, that's an implicit ye... (Below threshold)

SCSI, that's an implicit yes, you know.

Nice, Rory. Is there any chance for mutiny?

They invented airplanes and... (Below threshold)

They invented airplanes and basketball elsewhere, but Kansas developed them, some right by McConnell.

George Soros funded/Far Lef... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

George Soros funded/Far Left!!!/Crazy Liberal/Democrat website debunks this Sebelius story:

"The DNC has issued a cease-and-desist letter to XM Radio stating that the allegations are "false and defamatory [and] libelous and slanderous" and demanding that Quinn and Tennent broadcast "an express and specific retraction of these statements" on their show."


Maybe Jay bought the "Famil... (Below threshold)

Maybe Jay bought the "Family Pak" of Crow, and y'all can have a barbecue this weekend?

Maybe so, but Sam Brownback... (Below threshold)

Maybe so, but Sam Brownback is the one slowly roasting. Maybe he'll call for the waterboard, soon.

I don't know if that counts... (Below threshold)

I don't know if that counts as a debunking, Adrian.

It's a *denial* certainly. But the only argument made against it being true is that the governor said similar thing other times about Guard equipment being out of the state being a problem with emergency response. (Which seems to be objectively untrue in any case.)

A cease and desist letter is not a *debunking*.

Precisely, Synova. It smel... (Below threshold)

Precisely, Synova. It smells of panic in the evening after conniving in the morning. That's why they are so freaked by the power of this meme.

Nice hats!... (Below threshold)

Nice hats!

Lee, you would be an idiot ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Lee, you would be an idiot if my name was Abraham Lincoln. My name has nothing to do with your stupidity. It is probably not entirely your fault afterall fruit does not fall far from the tree.

Blanco/Sebelius as the Demo... (Below threshold)

Blanco/Sebelius as the Democrat Presidential ticket in '08! Democrat 'leadership' at its finest!

With sources like Hot Air (... (Below threshold)

With sources like Hot Air (ill-starred), Sean Hannity(sock puppet), WallStreet Urinal (kleptopolitans) and two "radio guys"(weight and sexuality irrelevant), and motivated by inverse BDS, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Still, ya got those quotes ... (Below threshold)

Still, ya got those quotes in dialect. If false, it's high quality disinformation. Sam Brownback knows; why doesn't everyone.

Moonbats (Lee, et al)...</p... (Below threshold)

Moonbats (Lee, et al)...

Question 1: Were rescue efforts for the victims of the tornado hampered in ANY way by the war in Iraq?

Question 2: Did 10,000 people die in this event?

Between this twit of a Governor and a "tired" Jr. Senator they attempted to cook up "Katrina II...just when you thought the Dims had sunk as low as possible"

it didn't work...and the MSM cannot run away from those stories fast enough.

I don't know if Osama really WAS tired...but I DO know that his political hack of Governor tried to make a name for herself (with or without help)!!

She did...and the name is: "DIPSHIT"

Lee what does crow taste li... (Below threshold)

Lee what does crow taste like-and where are you spying those "family paks"?

Save up your tips from cleaning car windows and maybe you can get yuz some...

Well, the only thing I'm in... (Below threshold)

Well, the only thing I'm interested in is... has anyone heard anything about quotes in dialect?

Kim: PerhapsLee: I u... (Below threshold)

Kim: Perhaps
Lee: I used to attend college, then staff said college, in York. There was a Lee Ward there when I was transitioning from student to staff. I cannot recall waht year that Ward was (was he a frosh when I was leaving, or an upper class, I dunno) It being a small world, the name caught my attention. That, and since we would likely have the same name, I took note of the name at the time, too.

SCSI - No, I'm not that Lee... (Below threshold)

SCSI - No, I'm not that Lee Ward. I've never lived or attended school in York, PA.

As t has evolved this story... (Below threshold)

As t has evolved this story has turned out to be untrue.

What IS TRUE is the Gov. Sebelius did politicize the issue and her constituents know it.

"You may have seen her on television when she said that, and she talked about Hummers, that we needed Hummers. There were Hummers sitting in front of my house every day. The National Guard was there," he said. "I saw people from all over who came right away to help and nobody sent them, they just came because they knew it was going to be big. The response was excellent, the rescue efforts were all night long, and I even made a comment to my wife later that night when we came back into our basement that I can't imagine anyone saying we had a poor response to this tragedy, that it was so quick and it was amazing."

Swigart says the general feeling around the town is that residents were overwhelmed by the immediate response, and that the governor's fuss was for her own good. White House press secretary Tony Snow responded to Sebelius by saying that there was no request by Kansas officials for extra equipment, and that if there is anyone to blame, it's her.

There's much more at the link provided. It's safge to say the Kansas gov has been "Blancoized."

She's toast in the next election

scsi wussy: What temple of ... (Below threshold)

scsi wussy: What temple of higher learning were you edumuhcated at?

"Precisely, Synova. It s... (Below threshold)

"Precisely, Synova. It smells of panic in the evening after conniving in the morning"

Not surprising that this comes from someone dumber than owlshit, which explains what is the matter w/ your mental processes.

You are just flinging the most unsubstantiated crap and that just goes to show why you are on the side that you're on; though under a slimy rock, no doubt.

marc, it is not certainly n... (Below threshold)

marc, it is not certainly not true. You have non-denial denials from the prinicpals and cease and desist orders. Brownback knows the truth and were it not true he would be out there castigating the worms who spread it. But he isn't. It's the old dog that didn't bark. And surely, MSM didn't hear it.

There is a transcript. That's where the quotes came from.

Bryan, while I still doubt ... (Below threshold)

Bryan, while I still doubt you were a honorably discharged member of Suicide Charlie, I'll answer your question
York College of PA
U. Phoenix (full time job now, so online classes work well for me these days).

This may explain how 33% of... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

This may explain how 33% of the democrats (probably all are liberals) believed that Bush was behind 9/11. It is a projection of how they operate. They will plan for disaster to spin/smear and they project that to other people. In other words, if liberals were in power, they might have done sth like 9/11 if it would help advance their agenda. Otherwise, I can't see how rational people can believe such a baseless "rumor". Yet they are so excercized about this "rumor" when Sebilius was clearly trying to politicize the disaster. Looks like liberals have to cover up sth about themselves. When someone pointed out the truth about their nature, they got upset. Dem candidates didn't dare to go on Fox to face some tough questions. Yet they claim they can fight the terrorists.

I forget, you all on the le... (Below threshold)

I forget, you all on the left side claiming Wieder or not?

Keep kim down to one past e... (Below threshold)

Keep kim down to one past every hour and we'll talk about Wieder...

Too many rumors from too ma... (Below threshold)

Too many rumors from too many 'trusted' sources so it all must be true. There is some way to track the conference call that set up the Gov of Kansas with everyone else (lying their a** off) taking a pass. At least we know why the democrats want to kill the Patriot act and never to allow the tracking of phone calls. They would get caught in their own 'terrorists' activities.

Now Lorie and the Pavlov cu... (Below threshold)

Now Lorie and the Pavlov cur, kim, if scandal is to your taste, get yourselves digging into the REAL story...Dick Cheney, while Haliburton CEO & resident of McLean Va. was one of Palfrey's johns.

That's right, The Ole Dick was slippinmg it to one of Palfrey's "masseuses.

How's that for classic Republican family values?

Naw, this is more to your t... (Below threshold)

Naw, this is more to your taste. Let's see all her records.

Sam Brownback, bless his pe... (Below threshold)

Sam Brownback, bless his pea-pickin' little twisted sense of loyalty, has an opportunity to break out from the 'rest of the pack' among Republicans, by denouncing this Stalinist attempt to manipulate media for what it is. He apparently has more loyalty to this 'favored daughter' Democratic governor than to his own constituency. This is the sort of blunder one makes when one tries to claim the moral high ground a priori.

How ethical is his non-denial denial? Why isn't he outraged at either the truth or the falsity of this story? Instead, it's 'Please, God, make this story go away'.

C'mon, Sam, show me a little moral fortitude.

"by denouncing this Stal... (Below threshold)

"by denouncing this Stalinist attempt to manipulate media for what it is"

What a stupid twit. Not surprising that you come from the kook right.

bryanDirtbag I will answer ... (Below threshold)

bryanDirtbag I will answer you post--liu hye go re niifu kop jur kis m as t pi lo ytt. Does that help?

Wieder, Brownback knows he'... (Below threshold)

Wieder, Brownback knows he's screwed up. Kathleen Sebelius isn't even facing re-election; this was a freebie for her, and he just sold a lot of his supporters down the river. Who do you think released that transcript?

Wow, my little blog gts a l... (Below threshold)

Wow, my little blog gts a link from he big boys? I really need to blog more often.

The encouraging sign about ... (Below threshold)

The encouraging sign about this whole episode is just how close to the surface the degree with which Democrats depend upon media manipulation to gain their advantage has become. They've abandoned truth, and the result ain't gonna be pretty.

Now, what would motivate a man like Brownback to acquiesce?

Well, he's a media creation, too.






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