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The US Military and YouTube

Bill Roggio pointed me to this article about a really smart strategy being used by the U.S. military.

The US military has taken the war in Iraq into cyberspace, with the launch of its own channel on the video-sharing website YouTube.

Its 25 brief clips include footage of US soldiers firing at unseen snipers in Baghdad, handing out footballs to Iraqi children and rescuing an Iraqi family injured by an explosive device.

In two months, the Multi-National Force-Iraq channel has climbed to 16th in YouTube's most subscribed-to listing and has, the military says, just passed the 1 million video views mark.

With titles like Battle on Haifa Street and Iraqi Boy Scouts Prepare for Jamboree, the clips are intended to show a "boots on the ground" perspective of Iraq, a statement on the site says.
So what is the reaction in the blogosphere to the military establishment's own move into the internet "battle space"?

Blogger, writer and former US soldier Bill Roggio says it is really just an extension of the US military's attempt to reach the public through mainstream media.

"It's really a smart move. One thing that al-Qaeda does very well is put its own videos of attacks on Americans or Iraqis up on their own websites. They dominate that terrain and they get the hits."

By getting a good YouTube and Google rating, the US military will improve the chances of theirs being the first site people go to when they search on topics relating to Iraq, he says.

"They are very slow, very behind the times in things like blogs," he argues. "But they are starting to move forward and recognising the medium - they have to, the enemy is doing it and they have to counter that."

I love Bill Faith's comment about this article. "A stopped clock is still right twice a day ('ceptin' those new fangled digital thingies), a blind squirrel still gets some lovin' now and then, and the Beeb occasionally slips up and posts something worth reading."


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Comments (15)

The jig's almost up, APPARE... (Below threshold)

The jig's almost up, APPARENTLY.
Roggio (a "muy macho" member of the effeminate NR/Weekly Standard neoconservative media transmission belt), having to cite the war-long boogieman, THE BBC(!), to buttress the credibilty of administration policy with their OWN (repeat: OWN) political congregation is a sure sign of a deep, deep, DEEP malaise.

No wonder Krauthammer lashed out at the Queen! (As opposed to my earlier impersonal and historical observations)

Will Bush pull a Gotterdammurung? (Wiki entry needed! Be "famous"!)

A stopped clock is still ri... (Below threshold)

A stopped clock is still right twice a day ('ceptin' those new fangled digital thingies), a blind squirrel still gets some lovin' now and then, and the Beeb occasionally slips up and posts something worth reading.

Geez bryanD, Did you... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Geez bryanD,
Did you even read the post? Roggio isn't "citing" the BBC. He was interviewed and quoted by the BBC. As for the silly description of Roggio -- save it. His work speaks for itself and those who have been reading him since 2004, as I have, know the quality of his reporting. Bill has been embedded in Iraq three times and yeah, he is pretty damn macho -- in a good way.

Lorie, bryantD is a... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

bryantD is a lost cause. Thanks for the info and I am glad to see the military is doing sth about the information war out there.

Lorie, (interesting post, b... (Below threshold)

Lorie, (interesting post, by the way, but) yes, I read the post(!). You citing Roggio citing the BBC citing himself.
Roggio touting his own interview. I get it. And that interview is with the BBC. Vanity/neccessity trumps any boycotting tendencies toward the network(BBC) which (accurately) reported the K-ration shortage on the road to Iraq. (Yes, I'm a Memory S.O.B., Republican Elephant, me.)

Not that gremlins won't get in the gears anyway, but that was a Rubicon of Disloyalty moment for the stay-at-homes of the neocon "Right" (NRO/WS) toward "the beeb". Things have changed dramatically since the mid-terms. Very heartening, indeed!

bryanD, you're STILL showin... (Below threshold)

bryanD, you're STILL showing off your ignorance. They stopped making K-Rations in 1945. Perhaps you mean MREs, which replace C-Rations in 1980?

Also, I don't recall anyone saying boycott the BBC, just repeatedly showing their bias. It's your side that talks about boycotting media outlets that are not appropriately obsequious and servile.


bD, read Perle today on Ten... (Below threshold)

bD, read Perle today on Tenet.

Ruh roh.. the military hati... (Below threshold)

Ruh roh.. the military hating leftist aren't going to like this.

Leftists, even with the act... (Below threshold)

Leftists, even with the active support of Soros and the MSM, are losing control of the dialogue, and the desperation is just below the surface. Look at Brownback and Sebelius conspiring to mute Dean's and Durbin's hamhanded attempt to manipulate. You live by the sword disinformation, and information slays.

this is an interesting deve... (Below threshold)

this is an interesting development, and I will be curious to see some of the videos. but let's call this what it is - propaganda.

You know it when you see it... (Below threshold)

You know it when you see it.

This, Westboro Bryan, is wh... (Below threshold)

This, Westboro Bryan, is why I question you claim of being a Marine. By the time you served K ratons gave way to C rations and LDRPs, and MREs were on the menu near the end of your supposed service. Any actual marine would have known this.

jt: My bust, except C-ratio... (Below threshold)

jt: My bust, except C-rations were still in use in 1982 (in the Marine Corps, anyway) with some MREs siphoned through for taste-testing, I guess. The army always got the new stuff first. Another example: camo utilities were phased in in 1975, but we (usmc) were still wearing satine covers(caps) until 1980 or 81.

csi wussy: quiz me, faggot.(uncle sam wants you!)

kim: I've read it. They GOTTA say SOMETHING!

Ha, not only do they say so... (Below threshold)

Ha, not only do they say something, but they also say the opposite. Who could ask for more comprehensive intelligence?

We just did, Westboro. You... (Below threshold)

We just did, Westboro. You failed. Ny gues is Uncle Sam didn't want you.
For someone with your TV viewing habits, you sure do toss around the label "fag" alot. Hoping to use the internet to find love? What would your heroes Jack Chick and Fred Phelps say?






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