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Free the Film Islam vs. Islamists

PBS commission Martin Burke's documentary Islam vs. Islamists for its American Crossroads series, but refused to air it, claiming it wasn't up to their standards. However, PBS not only refused to air it on its network, but it's also refusing to show it anywhere. Roger Simon saw it and thought it was very well made and compelling. Here's the trailer:

Read Roger Simon's review of the film at Pajamas Media and then sign the petition asking that PBS stop suppressing the documentary and allow it to be shown.

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You have to admit, that was... (Below threshold)

You have to admit, that was a pretty crappy trailer.

And "produced" by Frank Gaffney, the bearded lady of neoconservative thought, who pushed the meme that Lincoln advocated the "Hanging" of political dissenters? Even Alan Combes was able to slap him around for that one. FG actually thought people would swallow it! Lincoln: the most read-about president! Talk about insane; no wonder they can't win a war.

Nah, just another crappy fl... (Below threshold)

Nah, just another crappy flood from BD.

PBS obviously has a slight plight: and by showing its plumage so brazenly, perhaps some of its benefactors will take flight. Only until the $$ flow stops. But what's the chance Exxon and Mobil will crank down their contributions? Hmmm, I wonder if they threatened to do so if the episode was aired? Food for investigation I think. C'mon NP and HR, Big Oil corrupting a government institution! Where's the outcry?

Well, if PBS paid for it, t... (Below threshold)

Well, if PBS paid for it, they own it and can do with it what they will.

The fact they are suppressing it raises serious questions. Why not allow it be broadcast elsewhere for a license fee, and at least partially recoup the investment?

Those who have seen it - including Simon, who is a liberal politically, btw - say it is well done. PBS initially claimed it was dropped because of production quality, which seems now obviously false.

They don't owe us distribution of the film for our taxpayer funding. They should owe us the truth, though, about why they really dropped it and why they embargoed it, especially considering Burke's claims about their political bullying.

And it's not "censorship" by any stretch of imagination. "Repression" and "suppression" for probable political reasons, yes, but not "censorship."

Hmmm, I disagree, bryanD; I... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hmmm, I disagree, bryanD; I think the trailer looks intriguing and thought-provoking--the job of trailers.

In general, I agree with Jim A. This really isn't censorship; it's more self-censorship. I believe PBS's excuse for not showing it is exactly that: an excuse. And a pretty lame, fall-back-on-our-alleged-laurels-of-production excuse at that.

Show it.

I think some smart hacker s... (Below threshold)

I think some smart hacker should bootleg it and send it out over the internet.

Hey Spiderman 3 was all over the net this week.....why not this movie!!!??

Let PBS cry and stomp their feet like the rest of Hollywood.....

bryanD[elusional]T... (Below threshold)


That didn't take long... the first comment. I sware some of these people are on standby 24/7 waiting to drop a turd of wisdom on any thread they so desire no matter how inane the comment is.

bryanD[elusional] are you a gambling man or do your wear one of these so you can sit and hit refresh 24/7 til a new post comes up at Wizbang?

marc with a "c", O... (Below threshold)

marc with a "c",

OK, I admit, I laughed at the link. (Which probably pisses you off, right?)

PS: Have you EVER post on-topic?

bryanD[elusional]I... (Below threshold)


I only get pissed off at serious things which leaves you far out of the loop.

As far as being on or off topic, check yourself before making false accusations.

BryanD is just a miserable ... (Below threshold)

BryanD is just a miserable liberal who wants everyone else to be just as miserable and unsuccessful has he/she/it is. Suffering from a sevear case of BDS (which adds to his misery), BryanD can only spout liberal/communist/marxist talking points he/she/it gets from like minded blogs & web sites. He/She/It likes to wallow in self pity and seeks to blame everyone else for his/her/its failures in life to be a happy, successful, responsible and competent individual.

While he pisses some folks off here with his bull shit pablum posts, I find most of them entertaining as I enjoy laughing at such miserable failures in life as they try to point fingers everywhere but at themselves.

This film would probably be... (Below threshold)

This film would probably be better than 99% of the stuff PBS shows. Why the censorship?

BB, I'll defend bD. Sure, ... (Below threshold)

BB, I'll defend bD. Sure, you are mostly right, but I have found him persuadable and entertaining. He and mantis will be assuming neocon positions, shortly, and calling them liberal, which they are.

Oh, I came over here to rem... (Below threshold)

Oh, I came over here to remind people that there are two Roger Simons.

Nikkolai, you know the answer; the truth is scary to media manipulators. They fear the freedom.

I've still yet to hear a se... (Below threshold)

I've still yet to hear a sensible reason for the US government to continue funding PBS/NPR.

Well, if PBS paid for it... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, if PBS paid for it, they own it and can do with it what they will.

Well, then We The People own it then. Aren't they the Public Broadcasting System? Don't they take our tax dollars?

It's not like NBC paid for it and own it. Then I would agree that they have the right to do with it what they will.

As long as PBS takes our tax dollars, then they should be more fair in their choice of programming, instead of the usual Lefty crap they produce.

Since they do take our tax dollars, isn't this indeed censorship?

I've got a solutions worthy... (Below threshold)

I've got a solutions worthy of PBS; chop the film into three hundred million little bits and mail each of our property right.






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