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"Why don't I just cuff and stuff myself for you, officer?"

Good idea: showing your ID when asked to produce it by the police.

Bad idea: giving them your Massachusetts Prisoner ID Card.

What kind of moron actually KEEPS his prisoner ID card after escaping?

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"What kind of moron actuall... (Below threshold)

"What kind of moron actually KEEPS his prisoner ID card after escaping?"
(A) The person who lives in Mass and has the average IQ of the average person in Mass. K & K the political puppets are proof of that.

Anymore questions that can be answered by a laid back Southerner?

"What kind of moro... (Below threshold)
"What kind of moron actually KEEPS his prisoner ID card after escaping?"

A Moe-ron who subconsciously wants to go back to prison.

This makes him one of the m... (Below threshold)

This makes him one of the more intelligent people in Mass, certainly brighter than their 2 Senators.

Wonder if he'll ever get a pardon, and then run for office?

And was he in prison for dr... (Below threshold)

And was he in prison for drowning a gal? Hey, then he'd probably win!

Well, Kennedy failed himsel... (Below threshold)

Well, Kennedy failed himself to identify authorities.

Criminals generally are not... (Below threshold)
wave man:

Criminals generally are not the brightest bulb on the tree.

Batman said it best: "If c... (Below threshold)

Batman said it best: "If crooks were smart, they wouldn't be crooks."

What part of Mass don't you... (Below threshold)

What part of Mass don't you get Jay






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