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More on those Fort Dix Terrorists

Karol Sheinin at Alarming News has an unusual perspective on two of the terrorists:

When Elvis and Dritan Duka, two of the three brothers arrested on terrorism charges in Fort Dix, were kids, they were neighborhood bullies. When they got a little older, they became drug dealers.

How do I know? They grew up in my neighborhood, my brother and his friends used to brawl with them on a fairly regular basis. My brother's best friend's mom was friends with their mom. Then they moved to New Jersey and became Jihadis. Of all possible paths for the Duka kids, that one didn't seem the most likely.

They've been here since they were kids, illegally it turns out, lived American lives, went to our public schools, and then decided to try and kill some of our troops. I don't know that I'll ever get used to this world.

I know what you mean, Karol.

Hat tip: Instapundit.


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Comments (7)

The political climate is po... (Below threshold)

The political climate is poisoned; ask Sam and Kathleen.

The political climate is po... (Below threshold)

The political climate is poisoned when there are two major political parties and one of them would sell their mothers into slavery, as well as the United States to the terrorists, for an ego boost. If the terrorists won't buy the dhimmi support the dhimmi's will give it to them.

The left wingers are actually supporting and defending the NJ terrorists up to and inlcuding making statements ( a U.S. congress member) that if we opened the border and made everyone legal this type of terrorism wouldn't happen. Doesn't making the terrorist legal citizen mean there would be now way to track their activities, thanks again to the democrats. I guess you are less dead if shot by a home grown Islamist than if shot by a foreign idiot of Islam.

Oh, come on, they weren't i... (Below threshold)

Oh, come on, they weren't illegal, they were just "undocumented."

Oops, sorry, was channeling a member of the Party of the Donkey there for a moment.

These two should be locked ... (Below threshold)

These two should be locked up with hard labor and never see the light of day again. Actually, the libs could do us all a favor and perform a very late term abortion on these two which would be much easier, cheaper, and more permanent.

Drill, check
Tube, check
Suction, check

One down, one to go.

I don't think it would be hard to find a doctor to do one of these "shove the tube up the based of the scull and suck the brains out" abortions since it goes on all the time. It's just a wee bit later.

The world would be a better place if all the jihadis were aborted.

If you're around enough lib... (Below threshold)

If you're around enough liberals most of your life (in schools, media, etc.) it's just natural that some people are going to get their message: Hate America. It's as if it's liberals GOAL to get as many people to hate this country as possible. And with these guys, they succeeded.

Congrats Libs! It works. Thanks.

What sociopaths turn into t... (Below threshold)

What sociopaths turn into terrorists? Who'd a thunk it?

Release the Ft. Dix Six! Th... (Below threshold)

Release the Ft. Dix Six! They are freeeeedom fighters!

Deranged American Leftists (And there are millions of us)
Michael Moore and the Numerous Hollywood Stalinists
Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink
All the "Peace" Groups






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