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Steele Urges Plan of Action from Presidential Candidates

Michael Steele is an incredible speaker. I was fortunate enough to hear him a couple of weeks ago in North Carolina and was mightily impressed. In the speech he gave he made the point that in his years attending Democrat functions he noticed they offered lots of hope, but that Republicans offered opportunity. Now he is urging the GOP presidential candidates to talk not about hope in their upcoming debate, but to talk about their plan for action. It is really good advice. I know that Fred Thompson ruled out being a VP, but as far as I know Steele hasn't.

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What the media wishes Obama... (Below threshold)

What the media wishes Obama were, Steele is.

Fred Thompson for president... (Below threshold)

Fred Thompson for president - Michael Steele for VP provides incredible balance. gc

Couldn't agree more with Ge... (Below threshold)

Couldn't agree more with GeminiChuck.

I know that Fred ... (Below threshold)
I know that Fred Thompson ruled out being a VP, but as far as I know Steele hasn't.
THe GOP needs to pay serious attention to that, if they know what's good for them. Michael Steele is everything Barack Obama isn't: realistic, thoughtful, extemporaneouly eloquent (in other words he can do it with out a script), and possessed of the 'Audacity of Substance'. In other words, Steele is "The Real Deal"
I'd LOVE to see a Fred Thom... (Below threshold)

I'd LOVE to see a Fred Thompson/Michael Steele ticket. That would be tremendous.

The difference between Obam... (Below threshold)

The difference between Obama and Steele is that Steele is actually black and actually thinks for himself instead of just parroting the standard liberal lines and talking about hope. Obama is an empty suit who has risen this far because of the color of his skin. Steele, on the other hand, is one of the rare black men these days who has actually been discriminated against and experienced racism.

They're you go, that's the ... (Below threshold)

They're you go, that's the ticket, "Romney-Steele '08" -- a d i s a s t e r for the Dems!

And after seeing video of T... (Below threshold)

And after seeing video of Thompson speech in California last week, I'd say he is definitely out of it. Looks too old, too tired, too haggard, not enough hair, boring, not exciting/enthusiastic, etc.

"Steele, on the other hand,... (Below threshold)

"Steele, on the other hand, is one of the rare black men these days who has actually been discriminated against and experienced racism."

Says an incredibly racist (and ill-informed) man. What an awful thing to say.

I hope you aren't counting Steele's "Oreo" "incident" as discrimination.

I was not very impressed wi... (Below threshold)

I was not very impressed with the California speech, but I have read many of the things he has written and was very impressed. I think with some refinement he could be very good. He says very important things in a very disarming way. Like, government is growing hugh while politicians are shrinking. Now put that into a policy. Lower taxes, no ear marks, etc. Another, Mexico's largest export is it's citizens. We need to look at boarder control. Next to Hillary who positively shrieks every word, I think he could be very effective and not offensive. We could do with a little low key about now. Add Michael Steele, a good ideas man, integrity, good person, smart. I think a great ticket. Also I think he could attract Dems the way Ronald did.

Yes, the Oreo incident was ... (Below threshold)

Yes, the Oreo incident was an example of a racist attack on Michael Steele. The "Uncle Tom" and blackface slurs are other examples. All perpetrated by liberal Democrats I might add.
Steele has faced more racism and discrimination than Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama ever have.

Right! Hype a black version... (Below threshold)

Right! Hype a black version of Bush. The guy had to talk tough on securing the border in his last campaign, but it still boils down to serving the corporatist impulse to import (legally) Mexicans because Americans are supposedly lazy and not willing to work for wages already depressed as the result of 20 million illegal aliens already here. In other words, the fake "comprehensive immigration reform".

Definitely a country club Republican who betrays his big business group-think with such jargon as "efforting". (I'll never forget "efforting".)

Hey, bD, WalMart is gonna g... (Below threshold)

Hey, bD, WalMart is gonna gitcha, gitcha, gitcha.

thompson and steele wow tha... (Below threshold)

thompson and steele wow that would get me off my sofa I like that ticket!!!






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