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Taliban Commander Killed in Afghanistan

Great news. And the AP even has a photo of his body for those who are skeptical:

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban's most prominent military commander, was killed in fighting in southern Afghanistan with Afghan and NATO troops, officials said Sunday.

Dadullah, a top lieutenant of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, was killed Saturday in the southern province of Helmand, said Said Ansari, the spokesman for Afghanistan's intelligence service.

NATO's International Security Assistance Force did not confirm the death.

"It certainly is an issue that we're tracking," said spokesman Maj. John Thomas. "But it's not our issue, it's an Afghan issue."

Dadullah would be one of the highest-ranking Taliban leaders to be killed since the fall of the hardline regime following the U.S.-led invasion in 2001, and his death would represent a major victory for the Afghan government and U.S. and NATO troops.

Kandahar Gov. Asadullah Khalid said Dadullah, who had only one leg, died during an operation by U.S.-led coalition, NATO and Afghan troops.

"Mullah Dadullah was the backbone of the Taliban," Khalid said. "He was a brutal and cruel commander who killed and beheaded Afghan civilians."

Khalid showed Dadullah's body to reporters at a news conference in the governor's compound. An Associated Press reporter said the body, which was lying on a bed and dressed in a traditional Afghan robe, had no left leg and three bullet wounds: one to the back of the head and two to the stomach.

The AP reporter said the body appeared to be Dadullah's based on his appearance in TV interviews and Taliban propaganda videos.

The BBC has more as well as an additional photo:

They say he died in a clash with Afghan and Western forces in Helmand province.

Soldiers took the body to the city of Kandahar, where it was shown to reporters.

The BBC's Afghanistan correspondent says Mullah Dadullah's death will be a major blow to the Taleban, who were slow to respond to the reports.

Mullah Dadullah's name has been linked with the beheading of suspected spies, controlling the guerrilla war in Helmand Province, dispatching suicide bombers and the kidnapping of westerners, including an Italian journalist and two French aid workers, both of which have since been released.

Excellent. Allahpundit has many links that also confirm Dadullah's demise.

Dan Riehl is also following and links to a new Taliban press release that appears to be from a new chief.


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Comments (15)

Pelosi and Weed o... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Pelosi and Weed order flags to fly at half staff.

"But Qari Yousef Ahmadi, a purported Taliban spokesman, denied that the Taliban commander had been killed."

This guy has the makings of a Democrat. Good impression of one too. It's their version of "I did not have sex ......."

Evil minds think alike.

And Murtha will call for a ... (Below threshold)

And Murtha will call for a war crimes investigation, saying the US attacked a handicapped man when they killed the Pegleg Mullah.

And Bush will declare" Miss... (Below threshold)

And Bush will declare" Mission Accomplished."

And here come the trolls. E... (Below threshold)

And here come the trolls. Every success brings their derision. You'd think they wanted the Islamoterrorists to win.

C-C-G: "And here come th... (Below threshold)

C-C-G: "And here come the trolls. Every success brings their derision. You'd think they wanted the Islamoterrorists to win."

No, they don't. They just want US to lose. In their diseased, acorn-sized brains wanting US to lose is not the same as wanting the Islamofascists to win.

Certainly a distinction without a difference...but it is all the sliver of nuance the Left needs to feel better about itself.

Surely Sharia is better tha... (Below threshold)

Surely Sharia is better than WalMartia.

Quagmire! Surrender! Retrea... (Below threshold)

Quagmire! Surrender! Retreat! No blood for opium! Long live the freedom fighters! Civil war! We are the bad guys!

American Leftist and our brave leaders
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Dick Durbin
Jack Murtha

'new Taliban press release... (Below threshold)

'new Taliban press release' names next victim. Just a little addition. Shot in the stomach to make it hurt, shot in the head to stop the pain. Works for me. Next victim, please come out of your cave.

"I question the timi... (Below threshold)

"I question the timing.."

Dem/Kos conspiracy talking points in 4.3...2..

If your goal is to see the ... (Below threshold)
Gil Jobs:

If your goal is to see the US fall so that the perfect Socialist utopia fantasy can come then this bad news. For the rest of us this is one more piece of human fleck that is no longer going to bring pain and suffering to the innocents of the Middle East. Good riddance and may there be a space waiting in Hell.

And here come the trolls... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

And here come the trolls.

You couldn't have been more right.

sean nyc/aaYou... (Below threshold)

sean nyc/aa

You couldn't have been more right.

Then why do you post and offer further proof?


American Leftist and our brave leaders
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Dick Durbin
Jack Murtha
You forgot Max Cleland, "Victory in Iraq is impossible"

Bury him with a pig.... (Below threshold)
Larry B.:

Bury him with a pig.

Mullah Dadullah Bo Bullah B... (Below threshold)

Mullah Dadullah Bo Bullah Banana Fanna Fo Fullah Fe Fi Fo Mullah Dadullah.


Laden laden bo baden banana... (Below threshold)

Laden laden bo baden banana fanna fo fadden fee fie foe mad'un, bad'un. Yup, he is.






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