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24 -- Papa and Josh

Anyone who has followed the 24 posts here knows what I am waiting for -- I want to find out whether or not Josh is Jack's kid. Maybe we will find out tonight when Evil Papa Bauer gets his paws on Josh. The season is almost over so hopefully we will find out soon. I have a question in the comments if anyone wants to take a run at it.

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McNulty's resigning and Sch... (Below threshold)

McNulty's resigning and Schumer's pissed. Why am I not surprised?

Here's the question:<... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Here's the question:

Do you think people watch Jack Bauer because they wish those in out counter-terrorism services were allowed to do the things he does, or do you think they watch because they don't want those in our real life government doing the things Jack does, but it is fun to fantasize about doing such things to terrorists without getting out hands dirty in real life?

i think that many people wa... (Below threshold)

i think that many people watch it because it is a compelling drama packed show. Many of the things jack does would be overboard in real life. Over 6 seasons he has established himself as knowing what is right 99.9% of the time and after 6 seasons, to go against jack just seems like a bad idea.

As far as our interrogation, there is no question that we should handle these people roughly, obviously there are limits, but people with the jihad mentality don't deserve to be handled with kid gloves. Nor are they protected by the Geneva conventions Lee!

Thanks Dave. That is prett... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Thanks Dave. That is pretty much my take.

When Jack said he could hel... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

When Jack said he could help calm her down just now I couldn't help but think, "I'll just bet he can."

Are there any kids today wh... (Below threshold)

Are there any kids today who really dress like Josh?

Sorry I skipped out. I was... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Sorry I skipped out. I was busy switching between Dancing with the Stars and 24. I had both set to record on DVR so I kept having to fast forward through commercials.

If there are any that still dress like Josh, there are not many in my area.

Yeah, I've got to go watch ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I've got to go watch the last 30 minutes of Dancing now. I'm going to hate to see any of them go--they're all so good!

Back to 24--have they ever safely transferred anyone to, or away from, CTU?

I want to believe rthat the... (Below threshold)

I want to believe rthat their are passionately patriotic people like Jack willing to die for our country. I have no mercy for terrorists at all. "Torture" means inflcting pain as punishment or to coerce a confession; extracting verifiable intelligence, regardless of the method, is fair game.

Of copurse, I hope that they first ask nicely, but after that...

PS: Tom Lennox has emerged as my second-favorite new character after Morris. Twice tonight he delivered lines with perfect deadpan seriousness.

"Yes sir, I think he's a sociopath"--bri;lliant!

When Doyle said he was goin... (Below threshold)

When Doyle said he was going to set up a perimeter to catch the chinese agent, I told him not to bother. They always get by the perimeter. Sure enough. ww

Stuff like this kills it fo... (Below threshold)

Stuff like this kills it for me:

"The serial number on" (the russian chip!!!) is "3PDTL" - that's right, the serial number to the russian chip is in ENGLISH!!!!

And, as if the russians are so stupid as to incorporate into a weapon a backdoor that gives control to ALL of their defenses!

Who's writing this???

I've held for a few years t... (Below threshold)

I've held for a few years that we're playing too nice with the jihadists.

To take a stab at the quest... (Below threshold)

To take a stab at the question about Josh's parentage... I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to find out next week that PHILIP is the real father... Kind of twisted, but it IS 24...

Bloomberg/Hagel. God what ... (Below threshold)

Bloomberg/Hagel. God what an insipid, mushy-headed ticket that would be.

I'd vote against Bloomberg simply on grounds of the stupid smoking ban--and I don't smoke.

I'd vote against Hagel simply on the grounds that he is simple, and stupid.

How did I post that here? ... (Below threshold)

How did I post that here? Sheesh, sorry.






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