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Don't miss Glenn Reynolds' "update" comment in the Bloomberg link.


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Wow. That's an inspiring l... (Below threshold)

Wow. That's an inspiring line-up ... NOT!

/ Bloomberg/Hagel: two RINOs for the price of one.

Hagel claimed the Republica... (Below threshold)

Hagel claimed the Republican Party has been highjacked by: "Isolationist power-projectors"

Chuckie...what about the:
- War-mongering Pacifists
- Environmentalist Strip-Miners
- Law & Order Anarchists

It appears no one batted an eye when the Chuckster made his comment. Yikes!

i like it. Hagel is the per... (Below threshold)

i like it. Hagel is the perfect guy to make sure no republicans or would-be republicans cross over and vote dem. Hagel is more liberal than half the dems in congress!

Bloomberg, another new york... (Below threshold)

Bloomberg, another new york loser, actually unknown in a crisis.

Osama Obama, an Islamic flash in the pan, people will soon flush him to where he belongs. Sewage.

Hagel, millions of republicans voting for Shrillary.

Hagel/Bloomberg maybe. (Hag... (Below threshold)

Hagel/Bloomberg maybe. (Hagel (ACU 98%) rocks!)Not the other way around.

And of course Powerline uses the story as an excuse to tout (yet again) Fred "the Dog" Thompson (MAYBE a decent guy, but obviously a puppet; I can almost make out the pull-string in his back). By "dog", I mean he's an Official Libby-Lover (LLDT) and as such, a stark reminder of the corrupt Bush administration. Might as well walk around in a sandwich board with Libby's fedora topped coconut on it.

...and Newt. The neocons are so desperate for a pliable candidate, that the Hillary-loving Newt of double Rose Garden press conference/make-out session, is worth a roll?

As Glenn Reynolds would type: "Heh".

bloomberg is republican? i ... (Below threshold)

bloomberg is republican? i have to correct my previous post. Bloomberg/hagel ticket would never happen... period. and the above comment would apply to the obama/hagel ticket. I guess they would get the racist (yet guilty about it, but still questioning obamas blackness) liberal worm vote

Please any one that has Oba... (Below threshold)

Please any one that has Obama,Shillery,etal on ones ticket shouldn't throw stones..My G-d please!

"corrupt Bush administrati... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

"corrupt Bush administration"

HAH! In your dreams loser. The most corrupt and immoral Administration in the History of the United States belongs to the BJ/Hilary Rotten Clintons. There is no question about it , it is a fact and the funny part about it seven years later is that we learn more and more of their criminal acts and that are still comitting them.

The pathetic attempt to Clintonize the most ethical and honest Bush Administration is recent History is a desparate attempt to find some sort of Legacy for He who walks with "Prick out of Pants". Look at how the Rats have betrayed our Country and teamed up with our terrorist enemies to undermine President Bush. Their words are killing our Soldiers and they still Undermining Our President and the Troops and "THEM" surrendering to the Enemy will somehow polish that POS trailer trash BJ Clinton. Sick delusion humans waste these democrats are.

so much anger, so much bitt... (Below threshold)

so much anger, so much bitterness...
you all seem resentful, very hostile. why?

racist scrappy is insightful as usual.

so much anger, so much ... (Below threshold)

so much anger, so much bitterness...
you all seem resentful, very hostile. why?

It takes one to know one doesn't it slingshot?

McNulty, McNulty, McNulty. ... (Below threshold)

McNulty, McNulty, McNulty. The AP is so funny, trying to link his leaving to the firing scandal, like he's the fall guy for the administration. Not a hint of his treachery.

Hah, bD, Fred is on the right track with Libby. Read what he said in Virginia.

I was so amused that the AP... (Below threshold)

I was so amused that the AP said McNulty's leaving might provoke a string of resignations from the DoJ. If Schumer is upset that McNulty is leaving instead of Gonzales, something good must be happening.

Remember, when I said McNulty set up Gonzales? Goodling must have laid it out. Now he is going the way of Comey, who arranged for Fitzgerald. Bush may yet get a DoJ that won't pull crap like the phony Libby prosecution.

Wilson's civil suit in court May 17. Apparently Rove is getting lots of time to respond.

"Read what he said in Virgi... (Below threshold)

"Read what he said in Virginia._kim"

About Libby? What's the URL?

"Remember, when I said McNulty set up Gonzales?"

Wasn't Gonzales a Bush appontment to the Texas Supreme Court? Talk about Who You Know! Wilson sets up Libby, Chalabi sets up Feith and the Wolf (and Rumsfeld), and McNulty sets up Gonzales, Cheney sets up Bush...I don't know who's doing Cheney. Is David Rockefeller still alive? No wait! It turns out that Paris Peace Talker Henry the K has been in the East Wing of the White House for the last three years. (It's true!)

URL's? How Twentieth Centu... (Below threshold)

URL's? How Twentieth Century. Go google, or if you prefer, yahoo.

McNulty's is Schumer's man. He expected to become Attorney General when his hit on Gonzales worked. He was just a little too blatant with it, though, and was found out. Now Schumer's pissed. Nice try at diversion, son.

Wolfe is fighting back, too. See Clarice Feldman's article in the American Thinker, and also the WSJ today, and Hitchen's recently.

June 19, Waxman's Bar and G... (Below threshold)

June 19, Waxman's Bar and Grill

Tenet vs Rice

The !LIVE! GWOT Groupie Grappling EVENT

as for the TexMex AG/jumping bean: sounds like McNulty got stabbed in the back, a'la Plame.

Here's something to make you forget. It's funny.


Yes, 6/19 will be fun.... (Below threshold)

Yes, 6/19 will be fun.

You have it exactly backwards. Libby was stabbed by Fitzgerald, and Gonzales by McNulty. Fred is on to something with the Department of Justice. Hold on to your hat.

I'm expecting a coming wave... (Below threshold)

I'm expecting a coming wave of resignations. They'll all be expecting back in if a Dem wins in '08. Watch Fred.

This is a self-purge of civ... (Below threshold)

This is a self-purge of civil servants, quite different, but initiated by, the political decimation of the US Attorneys. Note I use decimation in its metrical meaning, with no disapprobation attached.

Shumer jumped the shark with this one. Comey'll get his, too.

"Watch Fred."kimSe... (Below threshold)

"Watch Fred."kim

See Drudge and the Thompson-Montechristo story. Letting Michael Moore get the drop on him. Like Hardin-Hickock. Thompson's Hickock. Write him off.

Naw, I mean watch Fred abou... (Below threshold)

Naw, I mean watch Fred about Libby, and the DoJ. I suspect Fred is a stalking horse.

Maybe more Smith-Hickock, b... (Below threshold)

Maybe more Smith-Hickock, but I can't make it work without doing violence.

bD is like a mama bird feig... (Below threshold)

bD is like a mama bird feigning injury to draw a predator from her nest. This is a big deal in the DoJ.

MSM(AP) has already spun th... (Below threshold)

MSM(AP) has already spun this as another hit on Bush, but it is a triumph of exerting executive control over the Department of Justice, which has been run by Shumer until now.

I'd grin and wave my baton,... (Below threshold)

I'd grin and wave my baton, too.

Naw, I mean watch Fred abou... (Below threshold)

Naw, I mean watch Fred about Libby, and the DoJ-kim"

Oh, brother! Libby is going to be successfully sued and Thompson will be forced to make excuses for him (AGAIN), a convicted felon who was also instrumental in arranging a no-win war by means of forged documents cooked up by SISMI and Michael Ledeen after a bridge tournament. The story is out! Has BEEN out! You can't go home again.

T minus two days until the ... (Below threshold)

T minus two days until the Plames' suit hits court, so we'll soon start to see. Libby's conviction will be reversed on appeal, not just remanded. You don't know the origin of the forgeries, but I do know they sat around in the CIA, near Val Plame, for an unconscionably long time, and then Joe Wilson lied about them.

As I said, watch Fred.

In response to her complain... (Below threshold)

In response to her complaint about Fitzgerald, Clarice Feldman has received a response from those responsible for professionalism citing insufficient evidence to proceed. Well watch the evidence arrive via the appeals court.

Discovery depositions are g... (Below threshold)

Discovery depositions are going to be an entertaining experience for Val Plame and Joe Wilson. We hope they will be for you, too.

Dang, really I meant educat... (Below threshold)

Dang, really I meant educational experience, but either will do, and both may apply.

Psst- bryanDirtbag-Area 51 ... (Below threshold)

Psst- bryanDirtbag-Area 51 calling.

Almost forgot, Comey, who g... (Below threshold)

Almost forgot, Comey, who gave Fitzgerald obscene power, is testifying today with the waxman.

I can't get 'em up, I can't get 'em up.

Kim, you're all messed up. ... (Below threshold)

Kim, you're all messed up. The forged yellowcake documents were passed around on both sides of the Atlantic via Feith's group until the UN called them forgeries, and they were promptly withdrawn with red faces.

Wilson's report sponsored by the CIA is what Plame may have had on her desk. The telling thing is and reason being: Cheney never asked for them. He knew the report existed, He knew it was accurate, ie. did not implicate Saddaam, so he didn't want to see it. What good manager doesn't want to be apprised? And , per Libby: what Executive Assistant, etc, is an absent-minded dolt? None and none.

Keep your "Bummer" pastie handy!

Bloomberg/Hagel. God what a... (Below threshold)

Bloomberg/Hagel. God what an insipid, mushy-headed ticket that would be.

I'd vote against Bloomberg simply on grounds of the stupid smoking ban--and I don't smoke.

I'd vote against Hagel simply on the grounds that he is simple, and stupid.

Yes BryanDirtbag, your "Fei... (Below threshold)

Yes BryanDirtbag, your "Feith Group" on both sides of the Atlantic sounds like some damn episode of the X-Files.

Pull that tin foil hat hard over your head if you want to avoid the mind-destroying laser beams of Feith/Cheney/Halliburton/Martians.

Hee, hee you lunatic left crack me up.

Ah, you say the forgeries w... (Below threshold)

Ah, you say the forgeries were passed around. From October, 2002, when the CIA checked them in, until February, 2003, they must have been passed around Val Plame's office, because no one else saw them. It's not as if no one could be interested in them. Now, did she and her crew think they were inconsequential, or did they just not know they were there, or did they have plans for them? How come they got sent on to the IAEA just before the war?

You blithely passing them around on both sides of the Atlantic, sounds messed up. We shall see, won't we.

"Wilson's report may have b... (Below threshold)

"Wilson's report may have been what Plame had on her desk" With that quote, you reveal the depth of your ignorance about the Plame Affair. You would lose a debate with Fred Thompson.

Now, any other absurdities about the Plame affair you'd care to air, besides Joe's written report?

Read Powerline if you want ... (Below threshold)

Read Powerline if you want to be less paranoid about the NSA. Once again, Comey is in on the miscommunication. Do we see a pattern?

The Karma of taking advantage of someone in the throes of cholick will play out eventually.

Plame on today. Civil suit... (Below threshold)

Plame on today. Civil suit opens in court. Where is Chemerinsky?

I see he is still acting th... (Below threshold)

I see he is still acting the fool.






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