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Just when you thought you heard it all about Islam

As if the torture, mass killings, beheadings, and every other act of violence and suppression that's done in the name of Allah wasn't proof already that Islam is nothing but an excuse for socially maladjusted psychopaths to live out their sick fantasies, but this is so ridiculous, so ludicrous, so way over the top that I'm waiting for Alan Funt to jump out and do his thing. And let me apologize in advance if you're about to eat lunch or are in the process of eating lunch.

Added: Link fixed.


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Um, I think your link is ba... (Below threshold)

Um, I think your link is bad.


Link doesn't seem to work. ... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Link doesn't seem to work.

Link?... (Below threshold)
Who's John Galt?:


The link has been fixed. Th... (Below threshold)

The link has been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

The immunoglobulins are pro... (Below threshold)

The immunoglobulins are probably good for you.

It's a little like making t... (Below threshold)

It's a little like making the argument that Fred Phelps and his band of hatemongers represents white christian Americans, but hey, whatever it takes to divert from important issues....

I'm not defending anything ... (Below threshold)

I'm not defending anything these scumbags say or do, but it's not accurate to say that the guy is explaining a wife's DUTY to drink mucous. He clearly states that if the wife WERE to lick up blood or mucous from her husband's lip, that she would still not have the same rights as him. He never says it's her DUTY.

And groucho (aka, rosie), you're an idiot. When Christian fundamentalists murder and torture as many persons around the globe as fanatical muslims have, then get back to us with your stupid analogy.

Yeah, it would be ~ IF Phel... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it would be ~ IF Phelps' cult was the officially recognized state religion, with all others outlawed, and we gave him television time to "explain the faith."

Other than that minor difference, groucho is as far off as usual . . .

I don't see the problem, su... (Below threshold)

I don't see the problem, sure, he goes a little off the track when talking about licking up the blood (that's just sick), but the pus? Hey, you gotta get rid of somehow.

Or are you guys all mad that he notes that you should admonish your wife before beating her? I mean, what good is a beating if she doesn't know why you're beating her?
He also notes that you shouldn't break her legs or her teeth. That's pretty good advice, they're pretty much useless for months, if not years, after you break their legs and it costs too much to repair their teeth.

Cut this guy some slack. Islam is a religion of peace.

Sucking an abcess, absent c... (Below threshold)

Sucking an abcess, absent caries, is effective treatment, as is licking wounds. On the internet, people don't know I'm a dog.

Take it from a life-long re... (Below threshold)

Take it from a life-long resident of Dearborn, Michigan (Islamic capital of the USA), Islam is not just a religion but it's a political ideology and that's a very dangerous part of it.

They want to spread Islam to every corner of the world and they do it by immigration. Then only thing the West can do is limit their immigration, otherwise, as mosques are built, your children will likely have a prayer rug and headscarf....or burka.

Or botha. Speaking of into... (Below threshold)

Or botha. Speaking of intolerance, where's the left on this travesty of women's rights. Only in Afghanistan, huh, and only sometimes?

Be afraid, be very afraid! ... (Below threshold)

Be afraid, be very afraid! We now believe these people are in posession of Weapons of Mucopurulent Destruction! Quick let's invade Yerschnozzistan.

wow, groucho, you really do... (Below threshold)

wow, groucho, you really do have your head buried pretty firmly in the dirt don't you. You actually believe that these people are harmless. You and the other moonbats truly believe that they are no more dangerous than Christians, or some other groups. I don't know what's scarier, the fact that fanatical mulims will stop at nothing to destroy America, or the fact that you truly believe they are playing around.

Showed that to the "little ... (Below threshold)

Showed that to the "little woman" (ducks)

Her response:
"Yeah, sure pal. Right after you lap up my menses."


Don't you all get it by now... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Don't you all get it by now? We (those evil neocons) just aren't open-minded enough to understand their "culture". Perhaps if we just took a minute to understand these people we'd come to realize that, when you get right down to it, we're really not so different from one other. And who knows, maybe after a while we might not find it so odd or repulsive or inhumane in forcing our wives to drink our boogers.

Let's try to remember that we are just one, big happy human race. And that if we were more accepting of others, instead of bombing their sorry asses back to the 7th century, that the world be a much better place.

Peace (and boogers) be unto you, brothers and sisters.

/sarcasm tag off

Lifesaving to a starving cr... (Below threshold)

Lifesaving to a starving critter, mojo. The mongols traveled on mare's milk and jugular venous blood, mixed, clotted, marvelous. You go, Gurt.

Speaking of intolerance,... (Below threshold)

Speaking of intolerance, where's the left on this travesty of women's rights.

Well, if you are really interested in this issue, why are you not focusing on the fact that this policy-setter (who is apparently important enough to take his cues on matters of mucous) clearly stated that men are NOT to beat their women, and any claim otherwise is a misunderstanding of Islam? Isn't that worth noting?

Regardless, Hoggs's first point is correct. Whatever else there is to be disgusted about, this post misrepresents what is actually said on the video.

brian, for once I agree wit... (Below threshold)

brian, for once I agree with you. There is plenty of awful shit to be disgusted about by these people and their practices that we don't need to make shit up. This is a manufactured story, the guy never says it's a wife's "duty", and frankly I am dissapointed in Hot Air and wizbang for pushing it, it's intellectually dishonest.

Oh, isn't that special? If... (Below threshold)

Oh, isn't that special? If your wife obeys Allah, then don't beat her. But the men were a bit upset about that because their wives had become "insolent". So Muhammed says, "Okay, okay, beat them. But only with a piece of cloth or a toothpick!" The stonings and mutilation just got a little out of hand. What's the big deal?

Oyster, you're trying to be... (Below threshold)

Oyster, you're trying to be snarky, but you're really just agreeing with what I already said. Why are you making fun of a guy who says what I think most people want more Muslims to say? Granted he has his own mishegas, but at least he's saying DO NOT beat your wife.

And you're never snarky, Br... (Below threshold)

And you're never snarky, Brian, are you? The difference is that I clearly marked mine by closing my sacrcasm tag, whereas I never see you do that. I didn't make fun of the guy. You have a really bad habit of putting words in my mouth. I poked fun at what he said about "garments" and "toothpicks". It's patently ridiculous. But the part about the problem of stonings and mutilation? That part was true. All snark aside, shame that this guy has to go on TV to tell his fellow Muslims they shouldn't beat their wives.

brian, while I agree with y... (Below threshold)

brian, while I agree with you about the whole mucus part, the very first thing he says is that "beating is undoubtedly one of the methods to reform (wives)", so, he is hardly saying that muslims shouldn't beat their wives. At the very best, he disucussing how hard.

After watching that a few m... (Below threshold)

After watching that a few more times, I must backtrack a bit on my previous thoughts. Al-Shimari quotes the prophet, "If pus or blood comes out of your husband's nose and you lick it up, you still will not have observed all his rights." And Al-Shimari adds himself, "The rights of the husband are great and you must observe them." So I guess he actually is saying, in a round about way, that that would be a right of a husband. Either way, this seems like a more analytical discussion and I still believe there are a lot worse things these fanatical assholes do to get bent out of shape about.

Yes, Brian @ 4:35, but I wa... (Below threshold)

Yes, Brian @ 4:35, but I was speaking more generally about feminism, the left, and Muslim beliefs about women. I'm glad they are not to be beaten.






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