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Monday Night Heroes Discussion

OK, Lorie seems to have WAY too much fun with her "24" postings, so I'm going to get the jump on her and do my very first "Heroes" bit.

Needless to say, I love the show.

And while everyone else who talks about shows wants to discuss what happens or what might happen or what it all means or how much the show has tanked since when it was cool, I thought I'd try something a little different.

We know that, in one possible future, New York gets nuked.

We also know that there are three heroes who could do it -- Ted, Sylar, and Peter.

We also know that Linderman could arrange it with a real nuke, and then blame it on Sylar or Ted. (Blaming it on Peter would cause too many problems for Nathan.)

So there's four possibilities for the nuking. I'd like to invite folks to speculate on another way for the Big Apple to get baked, and the sillier the better.

I'll start it off: Jessica punches something so hard, she splits atoms and triggers a chain reaction.

Comments (15)

You notice how Heroes is li... (Below threshold)

You notice how Heroes is like a mini-United Nations summit? You notice how there are no Muslims?

Well ...

Linderman's a great chef, i... (Below threshold)

Linderman's a great chef, isn't he? I think he caters a big to-do once Nathan gets elected, the food reacts with each individual at the party to cause hundreds of tiny micro nuclear explosions and then he uses his regenerative powers to bring Nathan back to life. By the way, the by-product gas caused by reactions suffocates anyone not killed by the myriad explosions.

And then he sues the food suppliers.

That should be "the by-prod... (Below threshold)

That should be "the by-product gasses caused by the reactions suffocate anyone...."

Darn manual spell-check.

we also know that for the v... (Below threshold)

we also know that for the version of the future we saw to occur, that sylar couldn't have been the nuke, nor peter as they were both alive.

Ted seems like the best candidate to me and i think that there is another possibility that another person could also be the cause of the blast. If there are 2 people with the ability to absorb other powers, then there could be a 3rd, 4th, 5th or however many.

With that said, i still think it's ted.

Al Gore has a cameo appeara... (Below threshold)

Al Gore has a cameo appearance, admits he's wrong about global warming, and implodes with enough force to start an atomic reaction.

Looks like Linderman isn't ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Looks like Linderman isn't going to be around next season...

One thing that confused me,... (Below threshold)

One thing that confused me, was "future" Hiro says he stabbed Sylar, but he regenerated and exploded anyway. But when Sylar was talking to Peter in the future, he admitted that it was really Peter who exploded but Sylar took the blame. Then whom did "future" Hiro really see explode??? Especially now that Sylar really wants to blow up New York?

Future Sylar has gotten Cla... (Below threshold)

Future Sylar has gotten Claire's power, so was able to explode and live. Current Sylar has not gotten Claire's power, but is suffering from a feeling of inevitability about his being the one who explodes, and has now bought into doing it even if he can't regenerate. Fascinating character and motivational sketch.

In another trip to the futu... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

In another trip to the future (or another visit from future-Hiro), Hiro will learn that it is actually he that is responsible for the explosion. He'll see that when he goes all chop-suey on Sylar, he releases the nuc power... That is why future-Hiro is all mopey (besides being responsible for killing Ando in the explosion). The way to prevent the nuc is actually to NOT kill Sylar... Which also keeps Sylar available to be the bad guy in the next season... Also, Sylar may get Lindermann's "heal" power and revive Lindermann from death so he can continue.

I really need to get a hobby. :)

I was amused that they call... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I was amused that they called the election so early when it was still so bright out. New York in November gets dark around 5:30, and with all the tall buildings probably a bit earlier.

Also, didn't anybody suspect anything fishy about such a landslide. What about the exit polling?

I think Ted just got killed... (Below threshold)

I think Ted just got killed off by Sylar, and that's the only way Sylar can take a power is by killing the person with that power.

I'll start it off: Jessi... (Below threshold)

I'll start it off: Jessica punches something so hard, she splits atoms and triggers a chain reaction.

More likely her husband could use his power to meld a critical mass but putting one piece of nuclear material inside another.

"Also, didn't anybody suspe... (Below threshold)

"Also, didn't anybody suspect anything fishy about such a landslide. What about the exit polling?"

Also, Nathan had to be running as a Republican. He appears to be running in Manhattan, and was always behind in the polls. It's hard to believe that he was the Democrat candidate in that situation. If so, notice how the producers made the Republican candidate "win" by tampering with the electronic voting machines.

I'm simple. All I know, is... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I'm simple. All I know, is I'm cheering for the Japanese guy who's still not sure what his power is!

SCI-FI channel is doing a H... (Below threshold)

SCI-FI channel is doing a Heroes marathon on Saturday. 24 hours, 22 episodes.






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