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Muslims Shouldn't get Rights Denied other Religious Groups

But, as the Examiner points out, Muslims all over this country are getting special treatment that Christian and Jewish groups are routinely denied.

The principle of separation of church and state in tax-funded institutions has been upheld in more than a dozen Supreme Court rulings. As a result, overtly religious symbols of mainstream religions such as Nativity scenes, the Ten Commandments and menorahs have largely been banished from the public square on the grounds that they offend unbelievers.

But many public colleges and universities have been quietly accommodating some students' religious activities while ignoring or even trampling on the First Amendment rights of other students.

For example, last year administrators at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College banned a coffee cart operator from playing music "tied to Christmas," but approved the use of tax dollars to install special basins for Wudu so that Muslims could ritually wash their feet before prayer. College President Phil Davis defended this glaring double standard by absurdly insisting that "the foot-washing facilities are not about religion, they are about customer service and public safety." At least a dozen other public colleges and universities in the nation have also installed Wudu facilities, including George Mason University in Fairfax.


The paradox strains logic. Church and state remain firmly separated on campuses where the majority of students are Christian, Jewish or of no faith, but administrators toss the principle right out the window to satisfy a minority of Muslim students. Many college officials are granting prerogatives to Muslim students in the United States and Canada that are not permitted to other groups. For instance, the Ontario Human Rights Commission regards failure to make special accommodations for Muslim students, including inserting "Islamic perspectives" into secular curriculums like nursing and finance, as a form of "Islamophobia." Expect similar political correct demands soon on American campuses.

This Orwellian, some-religions-are-more-equal-than-others approach is both hypocritical and discriminatory. The Constitution, to say nothing of basic fairness, demands that the same rules regarding the public expression of religious faith be applied equally to everybody. And for once wouldn't it be refreshing to see a college president show some real backbone when faced with unreasonable demands from activist minority students seeking exclusive privileges?

It's clear why universities and other institutions are granting privileges to Muslims that they deny other religious groups: they're terrified that Muslims will declare jihad and dispatch suicide bombers to blow up the schools and their students if they refuse to submit to the Muslims' demands. Let's face it. Most people are becomming terrified of Muslims. The Islamofascists have convinced us that any Muslim is dangerous, that he is capable of mass murder if he does not get his way. Why Muslims in America aren't furious with the Islamists for foisting this murderous image upon them, I'll never know, because this kind of image will follow them around for a very long time, causing Americans to look at even the most kind, gentle Muslim as suspicious. But instead of expressing outrage at the Islamists, Muslims instead turn their fury at Americans for even entertaining the thought that Muslims are dangerous, when in today's climate, it's virtually impossible not to.

InstaPundit agrees with me but wonders if fundamentalist Christians would ever resort to their own jihad in an effort to get their way since it seems to work great with Muslims. I sincerely doubt it as does Bryan at Hot Air, who does a nice job arguing why.


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Comments (14)

Spare ribs and BLT's for e... (Below threshold)

Spare ribs and BLT's for everyone.

We either need to stand up to them, or have them dictate who we are, what we do, how we live, etc etc etc.

A lifelong friend is in Iraq now, and has shared with me some of the ethnic cleansing of Christians going on there. Do any of the short sighted libbies think they'll actually play nice? Did any of the libbies ready about 'islamberg' in the Canadian Free Press lately?

When Klinton cut n ran from Somalia, it empowered them, they said so. These bastards are here already, question is, whats gonna happen, and who's willing to sacrifice to maintain their lifestyle?

Is this supposed to be a ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Is this supposed to be a surprise?

The Rats have been aiding and abbeting the Terrorists for years now and Dingy Harry claims the "War Lost". Hilary Rotten says she will end it for her Muslim friends.


What? The Religion of Peac... (Below threshold)

What? The Religion of Peace getting their way all the time or they will riot or cut the infidel's heads off.

What ever. The Left and islamofacists will continue to move together till islamos have no further use of the leftist weenies. Then they'll simply slit their throats. Works for me.

Over at Blackfive, there is... (Below threshold)

Over at Blackfive, there is a celebration of the U. S. Navy's first muslim aviator squadron commander; he's on the USS John C. Stennis. The press release from the Navy and Blackfive's post lead with: "First Muslim...". Why this is wrong is so obvious to me, yet others want it to get them a badge of liberal certification from their new Democratic masters-of-the-purse. It reminds me of the tv commercial: "So easy, a caveman can do it!" "Muslim" has reached special victim's status in the U.S. military and in American society. Islam in America is gaining a priveleged victim status similar to that given in America to racial minorities, nationalities, people of certain sexual preferences. It is this "opportunity for victimhood" that gives muslims the "margin" needed to change American society to submit to their rituals, their schedules, their intolerances. Jihad has been a movement on the march on American soil long before 9/11 and is still here today. Muslim victimhood has been the darling of the left for some time now, is beloved of Hollywood, and much treasured by the mainstream media. Not all jihad destroys buildings; jihad is destroying western institutions and societies from within. I thought it was a joke when I first read the Blackfive post and the Navy press release, but April's long gone - these people really think this is okay. Oh yeah, would someone ask the new muslim commander what his thoughts were and how he felt in 2003 when his fellow muslim American warrior from the 101st Airborne murdered two Army officers and wounded 14 soldiers? I am getting really fuzzy on when even our American military muslims are the good muslim (go back to sleep silly American - jihad is just an inner spiritual struggle) or a bad muslim (kill the Jews, the Christians, ah hell, just kill everybody). It looks like America can depend on the government to sort them out for us infidel citizens, one way or another.

The backlash against the mu... (Below threshold)

The backlash against the muzzie is just now starting and will progress as fast as the backlash against the Mexican criminals and their demonstrations. People who used to ignore Mexicans working in a field now call the police and report them as criminals and it will continue once it started. Both the Muzzie's and Criminal Mexicans shot themselves in the foot.

Someone is employing both groups of these idiots and they will soon get the word that it is not a good thing to do. Where is the KKK the lefties are so scared of? Oh, I forgot, thats just another con job they use to scare people when they get in a corner and have no other way out.

Someone I know told me this... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Someone I know told me this at school last week:

"I think that Christians are the downfall of civilization. All the religions like the Jews and Muslims and Buddhists all were fine until the Christians invented the idea of trying to make everyone else like them. We'd all be better off under Islam."

This person is graduating with a degree, soon. I see this a lot at the school -- a sort of post-Christian viewpoint that views Christians as bizarre and dangerous, but any other religion or culture as "authentic" or as a needed element of their multi-culti lets-all-sing-kumbaya crap.

Do is describe myself as a Christian? No, not really. But the sort of naieve world view that this person expressed is very dangerous - to them, and to anyone stuck living near them.

We have a large segement of people we honestly think that "Christians" are more of a direct threat to us than islamists, and that if they just went away, the world would generally be at peace.

Sometimes I feel like beating my head against the wall.

Yeah, typos, etc. It's lat... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

Yeah, typos, etc. It's late.

Why Muslims in America ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Why Muslims in America aren't furious with the Islamists for foisting this murderous image upon them, I'll never know,

Well, duh. They like having a violent image. The wimpy white people are scared of them and kowtow to their every demand. It's a proven way to bend people to your will. Same technique that Black race hustlers use, although they also mix in guilt over slavery to sweeten the pot.

"Muslims Shouldn't get Righ... (Below threshold)

"Muslims Shouldn't get Rights Denied other Religious Groups"

The lexicon is a large part of the problem. The word "rights" is fouling up the works. Muslims are quick to demand all manner of concessions and call them "rights," just like every other grievance-mongering group out there.

We need to clean up our use of critically important words.

It's clear why uni... (Below threshold)
It's clear why universities and other institutions are granting privileges to Muslims that they deny other religious groups: they're terrified that Muslims will declare jihad and dispatch suicide bombers to blow up the schools and their students if they refuse to submit to the Muslims' demands. Let's face it. Most people are becomming terrified of Muslims. The Islamofascists have convinced us that any Muslim is dangerous, that he is capable of mass murder if he does not get his way.

Umm ... I expect that the universities are acting not out of fear of jihadis, but out of fear of sit-ins and litigation.

Of course, if the universities were really thinking, they would solicit donations from a local mosque to apy for the wudu facilities or encourage the Muslim Student Association (or equivalent) to raise money to pay for them.


Meanwhile, how are Christia... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, how are Christians treated in Islamic countries?:

Christians have 10 Days to Convert to Islam in Pakistan
Christians in Charsadda, a town in North-West Frontier Province in Pakistan, have been warned that if they do not convert to Islam by 17 May they will face "dire consequences and bomb explosions".

Check it out here.

Tim:Actually, I ha... (Below threshold)


Actually, I have a similar attitude about any religion with a strong tradition of proselytizing, whether Christianity, Islam, or what have you. I've always found attempts to "convert" or "witness to" me patronizing at best, insulting at worst.


Unequal treatment of religi... (Below threshold)

Unequal treatment of religion is a first Amendment violation, and the recognition of Islam for special accomodation is such a violation.

These institutions are teaching that the threat of violence is an effective effort.

It is said "As ye sow..."

The profusion of internatio... (Below threshold)

The profusion of international news available on the Internet has made it increasingly difficult for the average American to ignore the rest of the world; a trend researchers say threatens Americans' long, proud history of disregarding anything not about them.

"With all the foreign newspapers and multi-cultural sites, the Internet is making it almost impossible for the average American to remain uninformed and apathetic," said Samantha Lessborn of Washington State University, which conducted the survey. "Americans can still do it. But it now takes effort, whereas before it was as easy as turning off Tom Brokaw whenever he said 'In South Korea today...'"

According to survey participant Danny Grisham, a 22-year-old from Cheyenne, Wyoming, it's not just the plethora of international news on the Web that is irritating. "Look, I can get around the news. I just turn off Reuters headlines in MyYahoo," he said. "But even some of the search sites like Yahoo and Alta Vista are available in different languages. Like everybody in the world doesn't speak English. Yeah, right."

"I can see where it's important if we're, like, beating some country in the Olympics or bombing them or, ideally, both," Grisham added. "But if some Colombian drug lord sinks a ferry full of Israeli soldiers in North Latvoania or Serbo-Malaysia, or wherever, and Americans aren't involved, what has that got to do with me?"

Other respondents said they were appalled, not just by the availability of non-U.S. news, but by the way important U.S. news is reported by some of these foreign sites. "Yesterday, for instance, the St. Louis Rams beat the Atlanta Falcons, OK, and I go to the London Times site and it's not even there," said Chip Pernadge of Kansas City, Mo. "Jesus, no wonder those guys lost the war and had to give Hong Kong back to Canada."

Sensing a market opportunity, Net Nanny, makers of Net Nanny filtering software, announced this week it will introduce Net Narrow, an English-only product that automatically filters out content that appears to be international. Specifically, the software looks for world datelines and keywords indicative of irrelevant foreign stories, including "Shiite," "post-Apartheid," and "Bob Geldof."

Survey-taker Craig Barker of Brooklyn, New York, said he will be among the first to get Net Narrow. "On the Web, there are so many ways to get news from so many different places, I could really get some fresh insights into what's going on in other countries if I wanted to," he said. "But I don't want to."

"You'd think these Internet people would know that," Barker added. "I mean, that's why the Internet is called America Online, right? It's supposed to be about America."
Kim, Jay Lorie.

This is why you think you know everything and also why, we, in Europe are so appalled by your President!






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