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Socialized Medicine means Less Access to Life Saving Cancer Drugs

Betsy Newmark has a great post that explains how free health care is not free. You'll pay for it one way or another: either in really high tax rates that would destroy the economy or with your life. The section of her post that explains "that British patients, despite their socialized health care, in case after case are more likely to die [from cancer] because of lack of access to new drugs" is particularly compelling.

Update: For those liberals who think socialized medicine is the most brilliant thing since sliced bread, read the comments by BlacquesJacquesShell here and here as well as James Cloninger here.

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The argument that universal... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

The argument that universal healthcare would wreck the economy makes no sense. Here's why: Right now, people are getting healthcare paid, generally, by insurance companies. The insurance companies are, in turn, paid by individuals and businesses, but they add their profit as a middleman. So if people paid for healthcare through taxation, presumably the same services would be provided in roughly the same amounts, so the money paid to the actual providers would be equal. The only difference is that the profits of the insurance companies would NOT be there, and employers could give the money they have been paying for health insurance to the employees in salary.

Sounds win/win to me...

Looks like Illinois has rej... (Below threshold)

Looks like Illinois has rejected universal health care - 107 to 0. Actually, they rejected the tax increase that would be needed to fund it - saying it would drive out small (and large) businesses.

Well, you can't force them to stay if the cost of doing business elsewhere is cheaper...


Mr. Hamilton, please don't ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Hamilton, please don't be disingenuous and foolish at the same time. Or really, eh, come clean, you wrote that just to goad and torment those of us who are forced to live with a socialist medical system.

I am 54 years old and I live in Canada.

We Canadians used to have a higher standard of living than Americans. That's right. We had more money, nicer houses and better everything. Then we went left. We are now somewhere between 30% and 40% poorer than you, and getting worse every year.

My mother in law has been waiting, in pain, for 3 years for a hip replacement. To replace the one that was installed by a semi-competent public sector doctor who used a second rate part. Yup, you read that right. We buy 'seconds' and out of date parts. The Wal-Mart of medicine. When you yanks have picked over the best we get the cast-offs.

If you think insurance companies pad costs before they get passed on, you ain't seen nothing yet. You want to see 'middleman' mark up you wait for the civil service and their unions to mark up costs a bit.

Get a laugh out of 7 government road workers holding shovels and only one of them digging? It's an even better yuk when they are hospital staff.

If you think you've seen lazy workers come on up and we Canadians will show you how it's done. You can watch the fat-arsed hippo people who dwell in city halls, motor vehicle office, federal and state/provincial offices everywhere, moving at their usual slow crawl. These ones are in hospitals, everywhere, including emergency wards.

I'll tell you what Mr. Hamilton, you come on up here to visit and we'll give you a minor injury, say a light punch in your nose for espousing silliness. Then we'll take you to a hospital or a private clinic.

Bring a book. A long one,and no pictures, mind.

People often prattle about how much of your GDP you spend on health care. It's because you're rich and you have it. When I'm old and sick I intend to spend 95% of my GDP on health care if I can, and if the 5% left will feed, clothe and shelter me.

I'm tired of typing and tired of telling American socialist loons the obvious, so good night.

JLawson, from the article y... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

JLawson, from the article you linked:

>>Companies with under $2 million in annual revenues would be exempt. The first $5 million in revenues for larger companies would not be taxed. Blagojevich's office says the result is that 90 percent of Illinois businesses would pay nothing under the new tax.

So the argument that it would drive companies out of business doesn't hold water. And the companies who *would* pay taxes would no longer need to pay for insurance for their employees as part of their compensation package.

Again, win/win.

Mr. Hamilton, please don... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Mr. Hamilton, please don't be disingenuous and foolish at the same time. Or really, eh, come clean, you wrote that just to goad and torment those of us who are forced to live with a socialist medical system.
I am 54 years old and I live in Canada.

You are fortunate. My parents suffered under NHS in Britain.

Five times worse, and you couldn't go across a border for better care.

Mr. Hamilton, in Canada we ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Hamilton, in Canada we lost maybe 1% of our efficiency by the socialist experiment we embraced in 1968.

Can you compound 1% for 40 years? It's 47%, suspiciously close to the economic differential between our countries.

Why do you so blithely accept a special tax on 10% of your companies? What do you think they will do? What if 1 out of 10 moves away? Protect the small firms and tax the big guys, you know the ones with deep pockets and the ability to move to a low tax jurisdiction. Bingo, there's your 1% efficiency loss. Let the mathematics begin. Or can socialism repeal mathematical laws too?

Good idea, that tax. Heard it before. Here. When we ramped up taxes to pay for socialized medicine.

The result has been a steady brain drain from Canada, taking capital, brains and jobs to the USA.

So why should I argue? Go ahead dumbasses, tax the living crap out of 10% of your businesses, we need to reverse that brain drain and get some smart folk up here to Canada from the US of A, all you've been sending us are draft dodgers and Algore.

Bring a book. A long one... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Bring a book. A long one,and no pictures, mind.

In Britain, you should bring War and Peace, that is, after you've waited a month to actually be able to get in for an appointment.

Ever wondered why Britains had such horrific teeth?

NHS Dentists. Otherwise known as "drill 'n' fill"...because that's about all they are worth doing.

NHS Dentists. Otherwise ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

NHS Dentists. Otherwise known as "drill 'n' fill"...because that's about all they are worth doing.

And also pretty much what they were paid to do, it being the main income of NHS-paid dentists...far less focus on preventative care...NHS doesn't spend much on that, far more lucrative to repair damage rather than prevent it.

Paul:Given that mo... (Below threshold)


Given that most small businesses hope to eventually become large businesses, why would someone establish a business of any size in Illinois with something like this potentially hanging over their head if passed?

And if this is such a good idea in your humble opinion, why was the vote 107 to 0?

So, roughly 10% of companie... (Below threshold)

So, roughly 10% of companies in Illinois paying 100% of health insurance taxes is somehow ok??
Paul, you're not thinking well today. I suggest coffee.


Notice how Hamilton didn't ... (Below threshold)

Notice how Hamilton didn't have the balls to
respond to Blacques...typical lefty assclown.

If you want to see a govern... (Below threshold)

If you want to see a government run service, visit the local post office in a big city. Just watch the motivation, the lack of productivity and the total lack of compassion and that is the post office. ww

I was going to chime in on ... (Below threshold)

I was going to chime in on this, but Blacques summed it up beautifully. Well done.

How nice not to have to ran... (Below threshold)

How nice not to have to rant as both a Canadian and Brit have done so well in decimating any argument for socialized medicine. The Oregon legislature pondered a Universal Bill this session, but since they couldn't even agree to leave no child behind for health care, the total universal health care freaks backed down so far. But I'm sure they'll be back in 2 years.






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