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What is your favorite blog?

John Hawkins is polling readers asking them what is their favorite blog. Wizbang is one of the choices. (Hint, hint.)

Update: Even if you aren't interested in voting in the poll, visit Right Wing News to see John Hawkins list five of the least manly action films. When he did his "best manly" list a week or so ago, I dared him to do a list of the least manly and he actually took me up on it.

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Just one minute, here, ther... (Below threshold)

Just one minute, here, there is a giant vacancy on the list.

Hmmm... how much is it wort... (Below threshold)

Hmmm... how much is it worth to you folks? -evil grin-

Just kidding!

I cheated and voted once fo... (Below threshold)

I cheated and voted once for you and once for someone else. I had to use a different computer for the second vote so all of you with only one machine are stuck. If I can figure out the password for my sons' computers I'll do it again. I hate multiple choice exams where there is more than one right answer.

And Kim's right, we need a way to write-in candidate blogs.

You're in third place - not... (Below threshold)

You're in third place - not bad, considering the competition (LGF and MM are above you).

Absolute favorite: The Anc... (Below threshold)

Absolute favorite: The Anchoress
Second favorite: A tie: Lifelike Pundits, Hillary Needs a Vacation, Kitty Litter, Sisu, The Wide Awake Cafe and Wizbang.

Special needs blog: Durham-in-Wonderland
Altogether goofy blog: Miss Doxie

Gayle, You li... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:


You listed some of my favorites and a couple I have not seen before, but will check them out.







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