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First LT. Andrew Bacevich, RIP

First Lt. Andy Bacevich, son of Boston University professor and war critic Andrew J. Bacevich, was tragically killed by an IED in Iraq on May 13th. Lieutenant Bacevich was stationed out of Fort Hood, Texas, and although his asthma kept him from joining ROTC, the Army accepted him after he graduated, and he joined willingly. His sister, Jennifer, tells us what Andy was like:

Bacevich's sister, Jennifer Bacevich, 34, said her brother joined the Army after he wasn't able to enroll in ROTC because of his asthma. When the military eased its restrictions, he went on to train to be an officer.

Despite his asthma, Jennifer said her brother was active and athletic.

"He was a guy who liked to run marathons," she said. "He liked to be with his friends. He was a real funny guy."

"He liked to run. He liked to play soccer."

Her brother was single at the time of his death, she said.

Andy's sister Katy also helps us get to know her brother:

Katy Bacevich, 22, one of the soldier's three sisters, recalled her brother as a born leader who answered a calling to serve his country. Andrew Bacevich joined the Army in July 2004 and had been stationed in Iraq since October with the Third Brigade Combat Team, First Cavalry Division.

"He felt it was an important thing to do, regardless of the war that was going on," she said. Despite her father's strong feelings about the conflict, Katy Bacevich said, "he never would discourage my brother from doing what he wanted to do."

The sacrifice Lieutenant Bacevich made is one of which I will always be in awe. What was it about his character that compelled him to put his life at risk for millions of Americans he would never meet? I didn't know Lieutenant Bacevich, but he willingly risked and ultimately sacrificed his life for me and my family. How do I say thank you? Words are simply not enough.

Now Professor Bacevich and his family will begin planning Andy's funeral, and it will be the hardest thing they will ever do. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Bacevich family as they begin the process of saying good bye.

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As I've said, except for th... (Below threshold)

As I've said, except for the heart-rending sacrifices of the few volunteers, Americans are not suffering much with this war. But even through the storm windows, the bells are loud.

God rest his soul--thank yo... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

God rest his soul--thank you for your service. And God bless his family for their loss, may they find comfort in his memory and his wonderful character.

Thank you for your service,... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your service, Andrew. Your death was not in vain.

I always respect the people... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica Immigrant:

I always respect the people in the military, esp those who volunteered. We, immigrants, are especially indebted to people like Andrew who volunteered to defend this country so that even people like us can enjoy the freedom/prosperity of America. Thanks again for your service.

Rest in peace Andrew. T... (Below threshold)

Rest in peace Andrew. Thank you.

Someone tell Wieder about t... (Below threshold)

Someone tell Wieder about this thread, wouldn't want him to miss slandering the dead.

"Now Professor Bacevich and... (Below threshold)

"Now Professor Bacevich and his family will begin planning Andy's funeral, and it will be the hardest thing they will ever do.

Especially since Professor Bacevich was a strong and vocal critic of the war who called the war "a swamp of moral ambiguity," and who forcefully pointed out how little regard the Bush administration has for Iraqi lives, in every way that counts, in every way that can be measured.

I add these facts to your sanctimonious and self-serving expressions of "sorrow" because you have left them out entirely.

Kathy, Your commen... (Below threshold)


Your comments are not only rude but also completely out of line. My expressions of sorrow are neither "sanctimonious" nor "self-serving." I wrote what I did from experience. I have a very good idea of what Professor Bacevich and his family will be going through since I went through it myself when my husband's cousin was killed by a sniper in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day last year.

And I didn't go into detail about his father's objection to the war because the post wasn't about him; it was about First Lt. Andy Bacevich and the sacrifice he made. Unlike cruel anti-war leftists like you, I refuse to politicize this brave young man's death.

"... I refuse to politicize... (Below threshold)

"... I refuse to politicize this brave young man's death."

What utter nonsense. Everything about Andrew Bacevich, Jr.'s, death, and the war in which it occurred, is political. Your very words to me are rooted in a political point of view. Your entire post -- what you choose to say about Bacevich, how you choose to say it, what you put in, what you leave out, is political.

How dishonest you are. I have a lot more respect on this particular matter for someone like Jules Crittenden, because even though I disagree with everything he says and thinks about the war, at least he had the grace and compassion and honesty to acknowledge the simple truth of how especially painful it must be for Professor Bacevich to have lost his son in a war he opposed so deeply.

My son is also part of the ... (Below threshold)
Shannon Parsons:

My son is also part of the 3rd BN, 8th Cav, 3rd BCT, 1st Cav and my heart goes out to you and your family - your son was a friend/comrade in arms with mine and he will not be forgotten.

Your very words <e... (Below threshold)
Your very words to me are rooted in a political point of view.

That says it all, Kathy. To you, what I said was political. To me it was unpolitical and completely from the heart. The reality is, you would despise anything I said about Lt. Bacevich.

Your entire post -- what you choose to say about Bacevich, how you choose to say it, what you put in, what you leave out, is political.

Proving that no matter what I wrote, you'd get your panties in a bunch. Just because you think my post was political doesn't make it so, Kathy.

How dishonest you are.

How arrogant that you frame my thoughts and comments only upon your view of the world as if your view is the only one that matters. And you call me self-serving? What hypocrisy.

I understand all too well how devastating this must be for Professor Bacevich. Jim's father was a vocal critic of this war as well. He made it clear to all of us that he hated that his son was over there, making losing Jim in Iraq that much more painful. Just because I didn't make Professor Bacevich and his feelings on the war the central focus of my post doesn't mean I didn't know or care. You have some nerve to lecture me with your self-righteous indignation. Do you really have any idea what families who lose loved ones in this or any other war go through? Have you experienced it? I have. I've seen how awful this is up close and personal.

Kathy, you ignorant moonbat... (Below threshold)

Kathy, you ignorant moonbat twat. Please STFU.

RIP, 1st. LT Bacevich. We Americans honor your ultimate sacrifice which allows Kathy to run her mouth.

Where do these heros come f... (Below threshold)

Where do these heros come from? There is no back ground for his committment from his parents. Where do they come from?

Hats off dude. Good one...

Kim,Well said, poi... (Below threshold)


Well said, points taken, and touche. Thank you for the honesty and genuineness of what you just wrote.


Andy Bacevich has been a fr... (Below threshold)

Andy Bacevich has been a friend of mine for 11 years. His dedication to his country was unquestionable and his ability to make those around him better was unmatched. I always knew I would find a hero, I just never thought I would find one so close to me. Rest in Peace Andy. I'll miss you brother.

Where do these her... (Below threshold)
Where do these heros come from? There is no back ground for his committment from his parents. Where do they come from?

Hats off dude. Good one...
Posted by: serfer62 at May 15, 2007 05:33 PM

Um... Colonel Bacevich Sr. served in the US military for almost twenty years. The late 1st Lt. Bacevich was in fact born in West Point. I would call that some background.






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