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The Amazing Women Who Stay Behind

I have met some incredible people through this amazing online world. Some are elected officials and some work for them. Some are pundits that appear on television or radio. Some are members of the military and some are their family members. Some are bloggers and some are blog readers. Some I have met in person and some I feel like I have known forever even though we have never met face to face. If I ever tried to write about all those I have met over the past three years through blogging and what I have learned from them I am sure I would never be able to name them all or sufficiently express what an impact they have had on my life.

One of those people who has impressed and inspired me as much as anyone is Laura Lee Donoho who blogs at The Wide Awake Cafe. I have gotten to know her through her writing and through the emails we exchange. She impresses the heck out of me, but after reading her most recent post I am in absolute awe of her. As I read it, a post about what military wives go through when their husbands are deployed and how best to support them, I remembered that as incredible as Laura is, she is only one of the truly amazing women who hold their families together and at the same time support their husbands in their military careers, often enduring multiple moves and deployments. Please go read her post and be sure to check out the comments section, where a famous Laura stopped by to comment on a quote of hers in the post.


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Lorie, I am sure you will w... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I am sure you will want to write a follow-up post on Dr. Laura's comment to military wives!

SALT LAKE CITY -- Radio relationship guru Laura Schlessinger, in Salt Lake City on Friday to speak to Army families at Fort Douglas, said she was tired of hearing the complaints of lonely and overwhelmed military wives whose husbands are deployed.

"He could come back without arms, legs or eyeballs, and you're (whining)?" Schlessinger asked before taking the stage at the base theater to host her daily program on ethics, morals and values. "You're not dodging bullets, so I don't want to hear any whining -- that's my message to them."

Schlessinger boasted that she once talked a young woman out of marrying a soldier, noting that "warriors need warrior wives" and that she felt the woman was unprepared.

"It's very unwise to be married young when you're going to be alone -- everybody has to grow up first to know who they are," said Schlessinger, whose own first marriage ended in divorce.


Brandy, you're a fine girl.... (Below threshold)

Brandy, you're a fine girl.

Barney, If you are g... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

If you are going to hijack a thread praising those who sacrifice so much for our country the least you can do is be honest about it. That was not the Dr. Laura "comment" that I referenced. That was part of the article quoting her which Laura Lee Donoho (different Laura) referenced in her post. Since that was the impetus for Laura's post, I don't know why I would need to do a follow up post. Those who bothered to follow the link I provided already read it.

Dr. Laura left a comment at The Wide Awake Cafe trying to explain her comment, but frankly I didn't think it was all that much better. I don't agree with Dr. Laura on this one at all, but agree 100 percent with what Laura Lee Donoho says in her beautiful post. If you want to do a separate post focusing on Dr. Laura's callous remarks, then feel free, but my intention was to honor those, like my friend Laura, who have sacrificed much for their country as well as for their family.

Lorie, I just thought that ... (Below threshold)

Lorie, I just thought that you would want to call Dr Laura out for making truly stupid statements like have in the past (on several occasions) such as:

Okay, we will forget about Kerry for a minute and just take a look at what some other Democrat politicians and liberals have said on the subject. The first one that came to mind was actor Richard Belzer's comment about those "19 and 20-year-old kids that couldn't get a job." Belzer said he knew much more about the war than them because they weren't reading 20 newspapers a day like he was.

Along those same lines, when I heard Kerry's comment I also recalled the way the liberal media treated the story of Jessica Lynch. Early in the Iraq war when the rescue of Lynch became a big story, most in the media went out of their way to include in their stories at least a few lines about how Lynch didn't really want to be a soldier, but wanted to be a teacher. They said she was forced into the armed forces by poor economic conditions.

Charles Rangel has furthered the stereotype by making comments about only the poor serving. He even pushed for a draft in an effort to make the evil rich serve, too.

Some liberals, like Joel Stein, feel sorry for these poor uneducated troops who were so easy to trick, "I do sympathize with people who joined up to protect our country, especially after 9/11, and were tricked into fighting in Iraq. I get mad when I'm tricked into clicking on a pop-up ad, so I can only imagine how they feel."

As I said an earlier post, comments like these are enough to leave you speechless. Lorie Byrd

I am glad that you did just that, but I am curious what the response would have been if a liberal made the same comments?

You still don't get it. I ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

You still don't get it. I was trying to honor those who stay behind and sacrifice so much for our country and you preferred to turn the thread into a partisan, political discussion. Re-read my entire post. There is absolutely nothing political in it. There are plenty of other posts here at Wizbang, by me and others, that are political in nature. I am sorry that you could not put politics aside for this one post.

I should apologize for something. I neglected to include the husbands left behind -- they are at least equally deserving of our appreciation.






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