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DNC Sets Debate Schedule; Fox News Excluded

What complete wussies. The Democrats are too scared to face the tough questions like those asked of the Republican candidates last night. From TVNewser:

CNN and NBC get two and ABC and CBS get one each. Fox News isn't included. Here's the list:

July 23, 2007: YouTube/Google and CNN in Charleston, SC

August 19, 2007: ABC in Des Moines, IA

September 26, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Hanover, NH

October 30, 2007: NBC News/MSNBC in Philadelphia, PA

November 15, 2007: CNN in Las Vegas, NV

December 10, 2007: CBS in Los Angeles, CA

The Republicans are willing to face any panel from any network or cable news channel while the Democrats only will go in front of those they think will lob them softballs. Typical of the party that cuts and runs from any situation that becomes too hard. And we're supposed to trust these guys to protect us from Islamofascism? Right. The Democrats are a complete joke.

Roger L. Simon comments on the Dems' refusal to go on Fox News:

Well, it obviously attests to the extreme need for ideological purity on the part of the Democrats, even in an era when such purity has clearly shown itself to be fake (cf. Bill Clinton, whose actual policies may be seen to be to the right of George Bush's from a conventional perspective.) More than that, however, it signals a kind of breakdown in the democratic process in which one side or another can refuse to submit to questioning from its opponent.

You could call that "stonewalling" or perhaps, more pejoratively, "censorship". But I think there's a simpler word - cowardice.

Comments (59)

"But I think there's a s... (Below threshold)

"But I think there's a simpler word - cowardice."

Hpw silly can you get? Fox is nothing more than the bullhorn for the Republican Party. The Democrats have no fear of the Fox questions, particularly if done in the manner of last night.

But to be sandwiched before and after with the likes of down-right lying filth scum anchors like Hannity or Gibson is more than anyone, apart from Republican candidates, should be required to endure.

The lying hack, Hannity, would make sure that the well was poisoned before and after, the ennuch Colmes notwithstanding.

Wallace would be fine because he at least comes from a tradition of journalism. The rest of the Fox crew are out and out propagandists and low-life lying hacks.

Insofar as the Dems depend ... (Below threshold)

Insofar as the Dems depend upon media manipulation, just so far they are handicapped. They couldn't win with the 15% advantage adjudged them by an authority last time, and the more they depend upon the ersatz momentum of the MSM the worse they'll do. They are getting desperate. Look at the hyperbole Weider stoops to.

Just the Fox handling of Ob... (Below threshold)

Just the Fox handling of Obama's middle name w/ constant sneering repetition says it all. What you call hyperbole is just plain old reality. That's why Pavlov would have loved to have you as his favorite puppy. You'd have responded w/ the first ring.

Just the Fox handl... (Below threshold)
Just the Fox handling of Obama's middle name w/ constant sneering repetition says it all.

You have proof of this "sneering" you speak of?

And keep throwing out the childish slurs, you do it so well.

If you honestly can't tell the rest of the media are shills for the donkeys, you're either blind or stupid. Or both, I'm going with both.

Weider... 2 points. Gibson... (Below threshold)

Weider... 2 points. Gibson and Hannity aren't news anchors. They are hosts.
And wasn't the Lion of the Left, Teddy Kennedy that called the junior senator from IL Osamma?

I can't blame the Dems afte... (Below threshold)

I can't blame the Dems after seeing how Hannity stomped his feet when the Fox flash poll showed strong support for Ron Paul and "suggested" that GOPAC ostracize him, the better to eliminate him from any future GOP debates. All because Ron Paul questioned the recieved wisdom of the neocons' assertion that Osama attacked us "Just Because".

The Democrats would rather not have a wrap-up show where an unfriendly network personality makes an ass himself in his quest to skew the viewers' impressions. That's what the campaign spinmeisters are for. It was fun to watch, but not even-handed, so why subject your candidate to it. Especially being a Democrat. And even then: didn't Murdoch endorse Hillary as the "D" side of his Tweedle-Dee/Tweedle-Dum Can't-Lose Election Betting Pool?

Well, Wieder says Hannity i... (Below threshold)

Well, Wieder says Hannity is a low-life lying hack.

I guess that settles it then!

Plus, I didn't know the press had an obligation to keep quiet about Obama's unfortunate middle name.

I'll be on the lookout for more of Wieder's excuses missives on why Democrats should not debate on Fox.

"If you honestly can't t... (Below threshold)

"If you honestly can't tell the rest of the media are shills for the donkeys,..."

You really are an ass. Your problem is that any reporting that reveals anything about this administration that is unflattering and frquently much worse, you simply dismiss it as MSM "bias."

I suppose the latest revelations from Comey about Gonzo the Goofus and Card are just more of the MSM "donkey" bias.

No wonder you think the way you do. You ought to have lived in the 15th century Vatican where anything you didn't want to hear could just be put on the Index and dismissed outright. Try using "Steve of Wonderland" as a more honest moniker.

wieder: "Wallace would be f... (Below threshold)

wieder: "Wallace would be fine because he at least comes from a tradition of journalism. The rest of the Fox crew are out and out propagandists and low-life lying hacks."

Yep, especially the way those guys at Fox ginned up those fake Texas Air National Guard "documents" and...er......or how about how those Fox fools put forth that unbelievable "TailWind" story about how the US widely used nerve gas in vietnam but were somehow able to control the dispersal to only affect bad guys except for those US personnel who "got a whiff" and....er......or how about how those guys at Fox news knew, just KNEW, that those trucks were "timebomb's" waiting to go off so they placed explosives on the undersides of the trucks during collision tests to "ensure" the truthiness of the result and er......

I could go on all night.

And every one of these examples is from the liberals who support every position that Wieder has..........and I'll bet Wieder never, not once, ever complained about all the shenanigans of these guys who "come from a position of journalism."

Poor Wieder, the libs monopoly days are over, and they just can't stand it.

Meanwhile, I see that those... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, I see that those estrogen supplements the democrat men are taking are working well!

Wieder and BryanD must thin... (Below threshold)

Wieder and BryanD must think that Cris "Spittle" Matthews is a journalist.

You two are so obvious. I am not impressed and still think all the Dem candidates are chickens.

And after the Busheviks bec... (Below threshold)

And after the Busheviks became unhappy with Scott McClellan and were looking for a new mouthpiece, where did they turn? Why to Fox News, of course!! Why should the Democrats have anything to do with a station that has been for so long biased against them, and biased in favor of the Republicans?? I can just hear the prospective Fox News questions now, e.g.: "Hillary, why do you want to surrender to the terrorists?" The Dems mustn't give this tawdry "news station" any degree of respectability by showing up.

"And we're supposed to <... (Below threshold)

"And we're supposed to trust these guys to protect us from Islamofascism?"


As if "trust" could ever be applied to a party that provided a leader? like Bush who protected us by getting this nation into a hopeless and mishandled never-ending war in the wrong country in the wrong pursuit of the wrong enemy.

A lot of protection he gave the current 3401 dead Americans resulting from his total incompetence, not to mention the 1000's of horrifically wounded!

You've got a pretty sick notion of protection.

They are cowards and crybab... (Below threshold)

They are cowards and crybabies and yes i would like to know why Hidabeast and the rest of the little pussies want to surrender to the terrorists?

Brave enough to take on ter... (Below threshold)

Brave enough to take on terrorists, yet not enough for FOX, lolol. It plays well in flyover country.

Of course all you trolls still haven't addressed Drago's comments. Must be too far down the BDS syndrome highway.

Wieder...did you wat... (Below threshold)

did you watch last night's debate?

The professionalism of the debate as moderated was head & shoulders above the circus that Chris Mathews and gang put on.

The Democrats have two goals in this:
(1) protect the Dems from tough questions, and follow-ups that expose phoney answers. This is EXACTLY what the Republicans got last night.


(2) Discrediting FoxNews. They need to marginalize them as much as possible, since they are one of the ONLY media outlets they do not control.

The MSM, by the way, will cover for them on this, as well.

RFA: There's enough hate in... (Below threshold)

RFA: There's enough hate in my black heart for Chris the Dripper(tm), too.

Psst bryanDirtbag Area 51 i... (Below threshold)

Psst bryanDirtbag Area 51 is calling you again. (lol)
Wieder sounds like a win-ne. Were you laying in the highway when they painted the yellow lines? You sound like an ungrateful piece of pig crap that we have these men other there protecting your right to make an ass out of yourself. How many attacks since 9/11? Either you are blind or can't read.

Wieder:The lyi... (Below threshold)


The lying hack, Hannity, would make sure that the well was poisoned before and after, the ennuch Colmes notwithstanding.

Not that I need to ask but... If your worried about Hannity being a "lying hack" in a POST debate show can we assume you feel the same way about MSNBC's Olberfool who weighted in AFTER the last Dem debate?

Was that "well poisoned?"

Wieder, did you see Comey a... (Below threshold)

Wieder, did you see Comey admitting to Spector there was nothing illegal about the NSA business? Do you see now why it was a tempest in a teapot, ginned up by Schumer?

They're on to him, now. If you don't see it, historians will. It's all there for you to see. No wonder Schumer was pissed that McNulty's out.

Wieder is past BDS and shou... (Below threshold)

Wieder is past BDS and should be in treatment 24-7 for insanity to the max. Sounds like a troll has changed his name from ???. It's going to be lovely watching the liberals die in the street while the Islamist rape they're wives and daughters, and sons also. They won't fight back or to protect their families. That's one good thing the terrorists have learned in the past 6 years. They now know they have to have democrats in charge to laungh attacks without paying dearly. They are so brazen they are running one of their own on the democrat ticket. Osama Hus sin Obama. A member of Isalm and a member of the democrat party. And they think they aren't in trouble. I agree with a previous post, they should change logo's from a jackass to a cockroach. More fitting of their lifestyle. Shine a light on them and they run and hide.

Hey Wieder, best go check y... (Below threshold)

Hey Wieder, best go check your hotplate. I think the beefaroni's boiling over.....

Good place to remind people... (Below threshold)

Good place to remind people that Murdoch found a niche market, half of America; the half the Democrats prefer to ignore.

Wieder is just a miserable ... (Below threshold)

Wieder is just a miserable loser. Probably a communist college professor who thinks he's an elite intellectual, but is truly miserable at the cards life has dealt him. Of course he would rather make everyone else miserable rather than do something productive.

I've got some bad news for ya Wieder, someone else took your prime spot for panhandling at the traffic intersection.

howl 666: If you have to ty... (Below threshold)

howl 666: If you have to type "(lol)", then it's not funny. I know, I know: dorkus see, dorkus do. And you want to fit in, that's fine (childhood trauma workout session). Wanna nanner?

Half a loaf is better than ... (Below threshold)

Half a loaf is better than no loaf. But I'd say Murdoch has more crumbs than a loaf.

150,420,397 and 1/2 watch F... (Below threshold)

150,420,397 and 1/2 watch Fox eh Kimmie dear?

Do any of you leftist cockr... (Below threshold)

Do any of you leftist cockroaches have a sense of humor or are all of you perpetually pissed off? I swear, every single damn one of you here are bitching and complaining about something. If it's not Bush, it's capitalism or it's some stupid convoluted conspiracy theory or some other garbage.

AND then, if you're not shouting at the top of your lungs about phantom rights Bush supposedly has taken away(name ONE cockroaches), your side of the aisle seems to be the one taking away rights of people. Can't smoke, can't eat what you want, can't do this...can't say what you want, only what us politcally correct folks say is what's right.

And you have the gall to complain when people like to watch Fox News. And you call yourselves liberals??

Jfo literally doesn't see t... (Below threshold)

Jfo literally doesn't see the point.

"Paging Democrat's balls, p... (Below threshold)

"Paging Democrat's balls, paging Democrat's balls. Please pick up the white courtesy phone."

S-o-N, Comey admitted to Sp... (Below threshold)

S-o-N, Comey admitted to Spector that there was nothing illegal about the NSA thing. This was all a tempest in a teapot; now Rockefeller and the old grey lady will go to jail for snitching about it.

To once again paraphrase Bi... (Below threshold)

To once again paraphrase Bill Maher, hater of the GOP, "This kind of thing makes the democrats look like [email protected]@ies and makes Ann Coulter right about them."


The Dems really need to che... (Below threshold)

The Dems really need to check and see if their media advisors aren't Rovian plants. How do you sell a message to the American voters that you have the stones to take on evil people like Ahmadenijad, Assad, and bin Laden if you can't even face down Brit Hume, Wendell Goler, and Chris Wallace?

I'm sure you've all seen th... (Below threshold)

I'm sure you've all seen the video of the hatchet job that Fox has pulled on Obama? If not, click through and check it out and come back and tell me you think he's getting a fair shake from America's "fair and balanced" news source.

"Relp! Relp! It's teh FoxNe... (Below threshold)

"Relp! Relp! It's teh FoxNews!"

The Democrats take the first steps in removing themselves from the national stage. Way to go Democrats!

I wanted to go on Fox but t... (Below threshold)
John Edwards:

I wanted to go on Fox but they wouldn't pay my hairdresser's $400 tab. Cheap bastards.

Oh yeh, and they scare the hell out of me.

"The professionalism of ... (Below threshold)

"The professionalism of the debate as moderated was head & shoulders above the circus that Chris Mathews and gang put on.",/I>

Wipe that kool-aod off your lips, Justrand, and put down the cup. It got totally out of hand when Guiliani got extra time out of turn, simply because he blurted... so the moderators just sucked their thumbs while Guiliani walked all over them... but you nutcakes didn't notice -- you were too busy saluting your red, white and blue-striped boxers -- while Guiliani demonstrated what a patriotic simpleton he is on foreign affairs.

...then the circle-jerk analysis bullshit session with Sean "If I only had a Brain" Hannity as Sean-boy showed off HIS new haircut....

and the live internet portion was amateur hour par excellence. I've seen better shows on public access cable.

The Democrats were right for staying away from these clowns.

Even though I am clean and ... (Below threshold)
Barack Obama:

Even though I am clean and articulate, it doesn't mean I can answer tough questions, so count me out.

There is no way I'm going o... (Below threshold)
Hillary Clinton:

There is no way I'm going on Fox. I will only go on places like ABC where our pal George Stephanpolous works, and CBS where our old buddy (and Lincoln Bedroom invitee) Ric Kaplan runs the news.

And we should all care abou... (Below threshold)

And we should all care about YOUR Youtube montage?

How so?

I'm OK with the Democrats' ... (Below threshold)

I'm OK with the Democrats' decision. While I don't necessarily want the Republicans to win, I assuredly want the Democrats to lose. By delaying the evolutionary effect of facing challenges, the Democrats ensure that the candidate who reaches the nomination will be less qualified than prior candidates. I'm OK with that.

Get your fox paws offa me!<... (Below threshold)
Hillary Clinton:

Get your fox paws offa me!

LEE WARD:It go... (Below threshold)


It got totally out of hand when Guiliani got extra time out of turn, simply because he blurted...

Out of hand? For all of 30 seconds out of a total of 90 minutes of the entire broadcast?

Tell me, how does it feel to be in freefall without a chute?

Yes, Lee prefers MSNBC wher... (Below threshold)

Yes, Lee prefers MSNBC where they ask such questions as "What do you dislike about America" and "Are you a friend of Karl Rove?" Oh and how could I forget the ever important question to how one would govern America....."Would you pardon Scooter Libby?"

Oh yes, and then letting KEITH OLBERMANN, who calls the GOP terrorists, do the after debate commentary.

I don't know which was more funny, the questions, or Chris Matthews spitting out "Time" "Time" like a big buffoon.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha........Lee you are a moron. But thanks for trying.

LEE WARD:...th... (Below threshold)


...then the circle-jerk analysis bullshit session with Sean "If I only had a Brain" Hannity as Sean-boy showed off HIS new haircut....

First of all why argue over apples (post debate analysis) when the subject is oranges (the debate)?

And if you insist in doing so what does that mean? That you agree or disagree with the hack job MSNBC's Olberfool did during his post Dem debate analysis?

Democrats prove on a daily ... (Below threshold)

Democrats prove on a daily basis that they are truly cowards. Even scared of tough questions that a third grader could answer. The more they run from the questions the more people pick up on their cowardly actions. I hope they keep it up so most of them will be removed from the offices they hold today.

Assume Fox News is as horri... (Below threshold)

Assume Fox News is as horrible as the Left makes them out to be. They're still the biggest network in cable news. There are millions of potential Democratic voters watching. To think there are only GOP robots watching Fox News insults their audience. They won't forget that.

Republicans continue to go on MSNBC and CNN and still talk to the MSM even with the decades of bias they've suffered. That's because they go where the eyeballs are. The Democrats missed a marketing opportunity.

I told my fellow democrats ... (Below threshold)
Ted Kennedy:

I told my fellow democrats that they shouldn't go on Fox News especially after they tried to portray Barack Osama, er, uh, I mean Obama, in such a bad light.

You are right Weider, Lee, ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

You are right Weider, Lee, Brian, BryanD. The DNC should never allow their incapable candidates from appearing on big bad Fox. Why risk being exposed by real questions about issues when on other networks all you need to do is criticize Bush, who by the way, is not running for election. Those that have substance can stand scrutiny, those that do not, need to carefully pick how they are questioned. Some parties have leaders, some have want to be's.

"Why should the Democrats h... (Below threshold)

"Why should the Democrats have anything to do with a station that has been for so long biased against them, and biased in favor of the Republicans??"

Suppose for a moment that this statement is objectively correct.

Why? Because their *opposition* is part of the nation that they are proposing to govern. They aren't running to be president of the Democrats, they are running to be president of *all* of us.

By refusing to speak to the opposition (for sake of argument we'll pretend that FOX actually *is* the opposition) they prove they don't deserve the post.

Cowardice. Who are they going to avoid later?

Granted, I don't think they are avoiding *FOX*, but are avoiding the ire of their rabid base.

For years now, the dimmies ... (Below threshold)

For years now, the dimmies have been saying they need to sit down with all of our enemies, and 'discuss' things. They act intellectual one moment, and like a 5 yr old the next, by threatening to take their and going home.

Yet, they, and all of the morons who support them, are afraid of answering a few questions from Fox news.

It's been gradual, but the ... (Below threshold)

It's been gradual, but the Democrats all know they are all lying. They think it is OK. It crept up on them slowly, as MSM covered inadvertent lies, gradually they came to expect it, and now that they can count on it, lying is OK 'cuz it works.

The disjunct between the two varieties of politicians is wide and growing, here. I'm not saying that politicians never lied before; they've just not depended upon it with the fervor they do now, because lying used to be riskier.

The dimmers candidates are ... (Below threshold)

The dimmers candidates are afraid of their own left wing loonies who threatened them to not go on Fox. Either way, they are scared. They are afraid. It will be pointed out how they ran from a news station so what will they do with terrorism? That will be pointed out again and again, and again. I will help to get that info nugget out. ww

Synova,You absolut... (Below threshold)


You absolutely nailed it.

True, Heralder, she's right... (Below threshold)

True, Heralder, she's right. The Democrats are hiding from the Fox half of America and their own base. It's a consequence of the media covering their lies for so long.

It was a bellweather that even the 15% advantage didn't work last time. And the Blue Dogs must be pawing the dirt at their leaders, and snarling under their breaths. Their constituents are.

John Stewart's analysis of ... (Below threshold)

John Stewart's analysis of Fox and the GOP candidates in their debate says all that needs to be said about both, especially Britt Hume.


Sounds like bryanDirtbag go... (Below threshold)

Sounds like bryanDirtbag got his call from Area51. Lets see if I can translate his answer--pnjt ghre kl;it fhfety dhjyt kdyre jlkvb nj idi we wev we wov hi hi lo no no go . (is it ok if I laugh again?) LMAO There I did it anyway.

"pucker puss"-blue is calling again.
It is amazing how the left just keeps repeating the same old thing over and over again. Do they not know that thier PRESIDENT is not running again. If they would just be a little more patient thier BDS will be cured.If the last sentance was too deep for them I wiil be glad to explain further.

the dems are fah-aha-aha-ge... (Below threshold)

the dems are fah-aha-aha-gets...fah-aha-aha-gets...fah-aha-aha-gets...fah-aha-aha-gets!!!

Gosh, do you think the Dems... (Below threshold)
Andrew long:

Gosh, do you think the Dems lost some votes they had locked up?






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