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Five questions, no answers expected

I don't like to talk about abortion, thanks to some sound advice I learned from Jerry Williams, the late talk show legend. He said he never discusses it on the air, because 1) everyone already has their opinion; B) nobody is about to change their mind; and III) nothing new has been said about the issue in decades. I consider myself "squishily" pro-choice; I am appalled and disgusted by it, but I am not secure enough in my beliefs that I wish to make them into law. I found myself nodding when Bill Clinton declared his intent to make it "safe, legal and rare." (Pity his deeds never came close to his words.)

That being said, I saw the story about Planned Parenthood. And I was appalled.

Planned Parenthood has long been an opponent of reporting laws. They've fought parental notification laws, and here their agent is clearly violating the mandatory-reporting law involving sexual abuse of a child (in the eyes of the law). I had a few thoughts about this.

1) Why does Planned Parenthood oppose those laws so strenuously, if they're just going to ignore them anyway?

2) Could some enterprising person put this report with similar incidents to pull together a RICO prosecution?

3) Considering how many incidents like this have happened, why hasn't Planned Parenthood cracked down on its own staff?

4) Have they ever thought about changing their name to be more reflective of their actions, to something like "Preventing Unplanned Parenthood?"

5) Is the Planned Parenthood representative in the video still working there?

Only one of those questions is sincere.

Update: I believe I misquoted The Dean: a closer approximation of what he said would be "nobody is about to change their mind on abortion based on anything they hear on a talk show." The same principle, I believe, applies to blogs.

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Where women get the idea th... (Below threshold)

Where women get the idea that having the ability to produce children is disempowering, I've no clue. Someone of very limited imagination, and discouraging motives, thought they should have the fundamental disadvantage of men. But why did women buy it?

What's provocative in this ... (Below threshold)

What's provocative in this report is that the staffer cares less about protecting the supposed 15-year-old girl than about being able to provide the abortion without hassle.

Often their stances smack o... (Below threshold)

Often their stances smack of using abortion to enable sexual activity and not really concern over anyone's health. In this case, they're enabling 25-15 year old sex.

As many of you know, I work... (Below threshold)

As many of you know, I work in the public school system at the "adult" level. Many of our students are not adults, because they have had babies at 14, 15, 16 and now attend Adult Ed. We were told that if we allowed a group to come in to discuss how to avoid STD's and future pregnancies through abstinence, we would also have to have Planned Parenthood come in to get equal airtime. I am no shrinking violet, folks - but I was SHOCKED by the content of the conversation, and by the free items that were tossed on the tables for us all to take home. It all seemed like fun & games, and several of the young students were mortified.

I agree with you, Jay, about Jerry Williams' first comment, but disagree with the second and third. My husband changed his mind about partial birth abortions once I sat him down and read him an article from our local paper about exactly what is done to the fetus during this process. He was in tears. Many new facts have come to light over the past several decades. I was told, when I found myself pregnant and scared at age 16, that "it's not really a baby until week 24".

I went through my first pregnancy in 1985-86. My last pregnancy was 2000-01. During those years, the information to moms increased dramatically. The ultrasound quality did the same.

Perhaps the medical community knew it all - but the average teenage girl or young mom did not. We were all told that if we got pregnant, it wasn't really a baby - it was just a bunch of cells. When you are scared, you want to believe anything.

Planned Parenthood is out of control.

As always, follow the money... (Below threshold)

As always, follow the money. Planned Parenthood is an entrenched single issue group that needs to be fed money to protect the positions in place. The abortion doctors make real money and like it. Kids use abortions as a form of birth control, not as a thoughtful, deliberative choice. Men who support abortion are mostly made up of guys who like the sex but will do anything to avoid the responsibility of their actions. The core issue is and always has been is this: Is the fetus a life? You answer that, you have your belief. ww

Just goes to show you how s... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Just goes to show you how slimy they are. Evil deeds beget more evil deeds. It is unsurprising that moral collapse in one area (esp. the killing of innocent life) leads to collapse in other areas. Birds of a feather...

Why would you devalue a mon... (Below threshold)

Why would you devalue a monopoly industry?

California wiretapping laws... (Below threshold)

California wiretapping laws are evil beyond belief. I should be allowed to record any conversation that I myself take part in. Doesn't mean that I should, but I should have the legal opportunity.

"I consider myself "squi... (Below threshold)

"I consider myself "squishily" pro-choice; I am appalled and disgusted by it, but I am not secure enough in my beliefs that I wish to make them into law. I found myself nodding when Bill Clinton declared his intent to make it "safe, legal and rare." (Pity his deeds never came close to his words.)"

Once of the candidates in last night's debate echoed the same sentiments (safe, legal and rare) but I can't recall if it was Guiliani or not. Anyone else recall?

I first heard 'safe, legal,... (Below threshold)

I first heard 'safe, legal, and rare' from the Hillary Camp. It is effective, because it is difficult to dispute, plus it fits in with many peoples' desires. Both sides, except the furthest extremes, can find common ground in it. Don't expect anything beyond that basic platitude for debate over the year and a half. To say anything else is suicide.

Now, can we get on to something important?

Candy has it right. People ... (Below threshold)

Candy has it right. People do have their minds changed all the time. I am still amazed at how many truly intelligent people don't realize that the heart is beating at 6 weeks and brain waves can be detected. They also don't know that abortions are not performed before 6 weeks. So EVERY abortion stops a beating heart. This has been a bumper sticker for decades, but people still don't process this truth. When you get a chance to really talk to people about this, they change their minds.

If there were abortions for... (Below threshold)
Innocent Bystander:

If there were abortions for those with no brain or heart than that would be the end of the conservative movement for sure.

Innocent Bystander is thick... (Below threshold)

Innocent Bystander is thick in the middle of it, innocent of sense, but not odor.

I agree with kim -- IB's co... (Below threshold)

I agree with kim -- IB's comment is deserving of rebuke.

Let's not get redundant, he... (Below threshold)

Let's not get redundant, here.

If he'd let his thought com... (Below threshold)

If he'd let his thought come to fruition, he might have borne a monster, for which nature does have relief.

The counselors are essentia... (Below threshold)

The counselors are essentially commission based sales people, why would anyone assume that they would offer impartial advice when it is their job to sell the products and services of their employer.

Of human nature, give 'em a... (Below threshold)

Of human nature, give 'em an inch
and they'll take a mile every time.

I've alway thought "safe, l... (Below threshold)
P. Buynan:

I've alway thought "safe, legal, and, rare" was a pretty indefensable position. If someone said that to me the first 2 questions I'd ask are:

Why should it be rare?

Could you give an example of something else that should be safe, legal, and rare?

Like the ACLU, founded by C... (Below threshold)

Like the ACLU, founded by Communists to protect Communists, Planned Parenthood has benefited from your tax-dollars and a MainStreamMedia determined to mislead as to their actual agenda.

Consider founder Margaret Sanger, a visitor to, and supporter of, Adolph Hitler and Eugenics:

The Planned Parenthood Federation of America makes a futile effort to deny that its founder Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist. Eugenics is a pseudo-science that claims some races are genetically superior and more fit to survive than others. As a eugenicist, Sanger's goals were to discourage the "unfit" and "inferior" from reproducing. In her 1922 book Pivot of Civilization, she called for segregation of "morons, misfits, and the maladjusted" and sterilization of "genetically inferior races."

Can you guess which race in particular she considered genetically inferior?
In 1916, Sanger founded the Birth Control League, the forerunner of Planned Parenthood. She appointed a man named Lothrop Stoddard, a Nazi sympathizer, fellow eugenicist and author of The Rising Tide of Color Against White World Supremacy to the Board of Directors. At some point, after Adolph Hitler's atrocities against the Jews became known, Sanger changed the league's name to Planned Parenthood, because "birth control" was too closely associated with eugenics.

"(It) makes possible the spread of scientific knowledge of the elements of sound breeding. It makes possible the creation of a new race; a new generation brought into this world consciously conceived. It makes possible the breeding out of human weeds-the defective and criminal classes-(and) the breeding in of the clean, strong and fit instruments to carry the torch of human destiny." -- Margaret Sanger on Birth control

"(They) are filling the insane asylums, (they) are filling the hospitals and filling our feeble-minded institutions, (they) are the ones the tax payers have to pay for the upkeep of, and they are increasing the budget of the State, the enormous expense of the State is increasing because of the multiplication of the unfit in this country and in the State." -- Margaret Sanger on Jews

Yes... Planned Parenthood was founded to prevent black people.

I am an advocate of capital... (Below threshold)

I am an advocate of capital punishment and would be willing to view a video of an execution, or for that matter, every execution done in the US. I wonder how many abortion advocates would be willing to watch a video of the dismembering of an immature human being within the womb and whether that would change their minds? In particular, I wonder if a woman was required to watch her own procedure, if any would have more than one?

The Darwin Theory in action... (Below threshold)

The Darwin Theory in action. So if Planned Parenthood was founded to prevent black people, then another result of abortion would also be the prevention of liberals. It makes sense that a conservative would not have an abortion, pass their beliefs on to their offspring (a product of not having an abortion). The liberal has an abortion and doesn't have an offspring (or fewer offspring) to pass on their beliefs. Local example: the Dugger Family of Northwest Arkansas just increased by one. I think that makes it 17 children. That's 17 future conservatives in this country that will each marry and have large families and pass on their conservative beliefs to the next generation.

The day of couples only having two children to replace themselves is gone. Look what is happening in Europe. They don't have enough young people in the next generation to support the economic base. Enter immigrants! The immigrants don't abort and saturate the country. Darwin Theory in action.

Dear Jay, I so appreciate y... (Below threshold)

Dear Jay, I so appreciate your comments & honesty and I always look forward to reading your commentary. However, I disagree that people are set in their views. After being prochoice, someone gave me a book by Frances Schaeffer on the value of human life, "How Then Shall We Live?" I was abysmally ignorant. I continued studying the subject of abortion and eventually ended up doing prolife counseling. People can change their views if they are given the truth about abortion & what it does to the infant & woman, her man & children. There has been a black hole in the media about the emotional, physical (more & more studies linking to breast cancer), mental, economic,and relational effects of abortion. I have spoken to women that have already had children and honestly were unaware of the fact that the baby they were thinking of aborting in the beginning 12 weeks had fingerprints or could feel pain. Glob of tissue? (We never coerced, belittled, showed graphic pictures, etc. to the women seeking help. It was approached with information and love from a positive standpoint with hope in difficult circumstances.) They didn't know that many women suffer terribly for years after their abortions, or how the relationship with the man is more likely to fall apart after an abortion. It affects the fathers adversely, too. They didn't even know what abortion truly did. Even women's magazines don't talk about it which is a grand betrayal of their own sex... it is so much more important to know how to rearrange your kitchen drawers. I know and care about the women who have had abortions...I've seen what it does to them. Planned Parenthood's bread & butter are abortions and their existence is based on sugar coating their work as preventing pregnancy. If anyone goes to their website they can see how they encourage young girls to try things that will probably get them pregnant (more business). It is appalling. Today Michelle Malkin made the point that journalists that go undercover for such a cause are penalized; while others who go undercover to expose causes celebre are praised. Is it any surprise that PP & such ilk are fighting the ultrasounds that reveal beyond a shadow that it is your own child that will be destroyed by an abortion? Abortion began with lies (look up Dr. Bernard Nathanson), was nationally set in law by a lie, & can only continue so hiding the truth. More Americans are rejecting it as more truth comes out.

carly,Good post. Y... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:


Good post. You are right. People can change their minds. Some of the most ardent pro-lifers in the country are former abortion workers. They have seen the horror first hand. It eventually becomes too tough to live with.

Legal and safe, is because ... (Below threshold)

Legal and safe, is because as we are all told, girls used to die from back alley abortions from coat hangers. If they are that desperate, much better to get a legal and safe abortion.

Rare, is because abortions are bad. The abortion means that the bad stuff *already* happened to the girl and the abortion causes more bad stuff.

But now women are supposed to be proud, not feel bad, if they get an abortion (seen the T-shirt?). Abortions are supposed to be without *any* emotional trauma. And no young lady needs to be desperate, just not wanting a baby after all.

Malthus, Galton, Sanger. <... (Below threshold)

Malthus, Galton, Sanger.

Yes, it was about getting Black women not to have children. Racial fear of being outproduced by people with brown skin... who were *obviously* not as genetically fit anyhow, or they wouldn't be poor.

And it's still about keeping the under classes from reproducing like cockroaches.

PB, meningiomectomy.... (Below threshold)

PB, meningiomectomy.

PB, meningiomectomy.... (Below threshold)

PB, meningiomectomy.

But ipsilateraly, not bi.<b... (Below threshold)

But ipsilateraly, not bi.

1) everyone already has ... (Below threshold)

1) everyone already has their opinion; B) nobody is about to change their mind; and III) nothing new has been said about the issue in decades.

I'm sorry you think that, Jay, because Alpha) not everyone has an opinion (kids come to mind, but some adults too); Dos) I changed my mind (and so have a lot of other people); and #) pro-lifers have had plenty of new things to say with each new discovery about unborn children and every new medical advance in fetal care.

Jason, please check the upd... (Below threshold)

Jason, please check the update. I meant that I sincerely doubt any readers don't already have their own opinions, nobody's likely to be swayed by anything I say on the matter, and the "new" stuff you say is simply refinement and added detail to the same main points.

It's simply not an argument that can be won -- or lost -- here. The discussions tend to be all heat, no light. This article is excellent proof. Very little discussion about the particulars of the case -- Planned Parenthood caught red-handed circumventing (that's the polite word for "breaking") the law, lots about abortion itself and Planned Parenthood's history.

That's why I make a point of avoiding the topic of abortion here. It achieves absolutely nothing.


Jay,I truly apprecia... (Below threshold)

I truly appreciate that you stuck your neck out here and did this post. It takes some brass nuts to do a story such as this, and as a woman - THANK YOU for your service :)

No light? Why is child-bea... (Below threshold)

No light? Why is child-bearing disempowering these days? Is it that dark in here?

Could you give an exampl... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Could you give an example of something else that should be safe, legal, and rare?,/i>

Filet Mingon.






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