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Why Republicans Need to Support the President

Quin Hillyer has an excellent column on the reasons Republicans should be supporting President Bush and touting the successes of his presidency (and despite what you hear in the MSM, there are some pretty impressive ones). He argues that not only is it still possible to rehabilitate the image of this president, but that it is needed to bolster the chances of the GOP nominee in 2008. Read his suggestions. They are really good and, surprisingly, within the realm of possibility.

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I believe the winning candi... (Below threshold)

I believe the winning candidate in '08 will make Bush's case for him. It is certainly there to be made. Except for the heart wrenching sacrifices of the volunteer few, we've never had it so good.

Guess who's making that cas... (Below threshold)

Guess who's making that case now, in smoke-filled rooms, no less. But this time, youtube's there, too.

The hope for Republicans is... (Below threshold)

The hope for Republicans is 2008 is already gone. The real question is whether the damage done by President Bush is so severe that there will not be a relevent Republican party around after 2008 that will be able to compete with the Democratic Party on a national basis. The Republicans have already had to abandon the Northeast U.S. and the Pacific Coast. Now Republicans have losing in states like Indiana, Ohio, and Colorado. There are almost no Democratic incumbents who have to worry about reelection but many Republican are indangered.

President Bush as probably been so bad that there is a fair chance that the Democratic party will get 60 or more seats in the Senate. If that happens it is game over for the Republicans because the Democratic party will be able to pass the Fairness Doctrine, campaign finance reforms, and thought crime legislation that will ensure tha t the U.S. functions as a single party state.

Why should anyone try to support President Bush when he has been such a bad Republican, implemented almost nothing from the Repulbican agenda, blew up the deficit, passed heavy handed legislation, and almost singlehandedly killed off the party?

One sentence proves that Mr... (Below threshold)

One sentence proves that Mr. Hillyer isn't such a sole authority. That sentence, "He believes in traditional values." I'm sure everyone has their own idea on traditional values may mean, but when the average American looks at the culture of corruption that has occurred since he became President, the whole statement of "family values" spouted by the Republicans take on a new meaning. And the oversight committees haven't scratched the surface yet.

The Democratic Party isn't lilly white either with their morals, although listing the party behind the people getting investigated, there are about 7 to 1 with the R's behind them.

Mr. Hillyer even mentioned the Presidents low approval rating. Over 70% of Americans think his performance sucks. Over 60 % of Americans want our troops out of Iraq. Not Afgan, but Iraq! There is, sorry to say, very little to brag about this present administration.

There are many "ifs" in tha... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

There are many "ifs" in that article. Republicans are laughably inept at picking battles or capitalizing on huge Democratic mistakes. It is as though they do not have the will to fight. I am particularly disgusted at the continual willingness of the party to leave its own hanging out to dry. Every time a Republican is singled out for unjust persecution, the others slowly move away to the other side of the bench (an Arlo Guthrie allusion.) I'm talking about our leadership. The citizens will die for one who dies the right thing. Where are they?

"The Democratic Party isn't... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"The Democratic Party isn't lilly white either with their morals"

The understatement of the year.

"...although listing the party behind the people getting investigated, there are about 7 to 1 with the R's behind them."

That's because of the huge double standard. There is no will on the part of the corrupt judiciary or the media to investigate the real crimes of Democrats. They would rather hype comparative jay-walking by Republicans.

Cases in pont: Pelosi, Jefferson, Reid

Bush abandoned the conserva... (Below threshold)

Bush abandoned the conservatives that put him there by spending like John Edward at a beauty parlor. He also has failed to fix Social Security, make tax cuts permanent, and secure the border. He's has used his hand picked prosecutors to string up border patrol guards on bogus charges in an attempt to make sure NO border patrol person does his job.

We'll eventually have a nuclear incident on American soil and it will be Bush's fault for leaving the norther and southern gates wide open thanks to his globalist North America vision.

Most of the GOP are old cronies, corrupt with power and the Dems are worse, but we need to get rid of one side at a time. It's easier to not vote or vote against the people who pander to special interest groups while pissing on the heads of the people who put them there (all the while telling them it's raining).

The only problem is I cannot imagine the Hildabeast as CIC, nor can I imagine the apostate muslim Barak Hussein Obama as CIC either.

We're in for some dark days before it gets better.

superdestroyer. Why do you ... (Below threshold)

superdestroyer. Why do you think the only word repeated by a democrat is 'Iraq'? The war is the only thing they can use to bash President Bush since the antique MSM has supported them in the lies of how bad it is. The rest of the country and in fact, the world, because of the American (Leadership) economy, is roaring. You can dig, you can lie, but things are quite well for most of the people in the 'developed' world.

Funny that a leading democrat presidential candidiate is buying property in the third world. Do Slick and the Weasel have that much money to hide from the IRS? Career Criminals never change, they just fall farther into the hole of crime. Millions in non-taxable overseas investments, millions in off shore banks, tax free interest. How much 'American' tax are they avoiding while the democrat retards kiss their a**? Why isn't this on the front page of the NY Slimes?

Most honest and ethical congress is history, not. Dirty Harry just lost another one on the cut and run, surrender, bill.

An article jammed with what... (Below threshold)

An article jammed with what if's, if the dems fail repubs look better, so let's hope they fail, and since he's got a can do attitude, let's continue to support his policy.

I'm not to destroy Bush, since I voted for him the first time and he did have my full support after 9/11. Until he dediced to attack Iraq. And then the dems supported it because they were too afraid to look 'anti-American', and now they are backpeddling. I say boo to repubs and dems. This is an oversimplification, but it seems the right has been trying to do something (with not great results) and the left seems to be trying to do nothing ( they form opinion based on how the public feels). silla and charybdis.

I give Bush credit for not bending to public (or popular) opinion because he has his own principles (whether good or bad), and the economy is picking up.

superdestroyer- don't list ... (Below threshold)

superdestroyer- don't list Colorado in your "losing states" anthema. We elected Salazar, yes, but he is one of the only sane Dems to support Lieberman in his battle against your nutroots. The left and their agenda will be exposed even as the MSM tries to cover for you. Look at the 'Truthers' getting Edwards and Obama to acknowledge their paranoia.
Have you seen the Gallup approval poll on Congress, the Dem lead Congress? Yes, that's right, they have worse numbers than Bush. Those Blue Dog dems are already in trouble.

Good points, all, superdest... (Below threshold)

Good points, all, superdestroyer.

But the subtext is: We, the neocon media are in dire straits, so let's scare the bejesus out of those we led astray and tie their fates to ours. Even misapply another Hanging quote (this one from Benjamin Franklin). Cuz we luv Hanging Quotes! The last one we just made up and applied to dissenters; this one applies to anyone not Man enough to follow "us" into the bunker of Deceit.

Because as the amazing link ADMITS: Bush is/was a disaster, but for gawdsake don't admit it!

Of course, the authors admit it publically in this article (instead of more discreetly as talking points), because it is nothing short of a rallying call for a grassroots political Last Stand, and for that, all pretense has been dropped and all the psychological warfare carefully aimed were it may still have an effect: On their own troops (YOU)! Amazing and funny!

"Once in the bunker, we shall send out pigeon bombs and deploy flying monkeys..."

superdestroyer: my "YOU" wa... (Below threshold)

superdestroyer: my "YOU" wasn't to You, but to the Bushbots * arms flailing wildly *

The congress under democrat... (Below threshold)

The congress under democratic leadership has not obtained a lower approval rating then GW. Now how that equals more seats for the dimmers only a delusioned dimmer can understand. If republican candidates think they can distance themselves from GW that can't happen. Their opponent will constantly connect them. The better thing to do is push the many positives. ww

The President has not suppo... (Below threshold)

The President has not supported Republicans, why should they support him?

Scrappy do you think... (Below threshold)

Scrappy do you think that only democrats buy in third world? Isn't Halliburton moving its headquarters to Dubai? That is a very patriotic thing to do. I'm sure it's purely to shorten a commute for the suits. And yes, 'Iraq' is repeated a lot, because that little word has killed hundred of thousands of people and we are nowhere closer to quelling the violence than when major combat operations have ended. All because that country attacked us.... never. Oh, not to mention the mountains of debt. Sorry if this small incident is a sticking point. By the way, it's not just dems that are upset about it. Rights, independent (like me) are equally dissatisfied.

I actually agree. However I... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

I actually agree. However I think this is pretty much taking place. What is happening is the defection of those who claim to be Independents. A little less than 40% of American eligible voters identify themselves as Republicans. Bush is not far from that.
It is probable Independents will not return for support as for many it is Iraq..and that will not get better.

There is also the Bush Push for his immigration plan.
This, not Iraq, will diminish support for him among Republicans..(at least having read positions written here on occasion)

He argues that... it is ... (Below threshold)

He argues that... it is needed to bolster the chances of the GOP nominee in 2008.

So even if you violently disagree with Bush and believe his policies are destroying America, close your eyes and support him anyway for partisan gain. Nice standards.

Yes....please republicans s... (Below threshold)

Yes....please republicans support dubya in everything he does. That will just help more and more democrats win more and more seats in congress. The war is and will be the number one issue in this country and if the goopers didn't think the last election was a mandate on the war, wait until this next election. I'd bet my house that the next president in this country will be anti war.

I agree completely with Mr.... (Below threshold)

I agree completely with Mr. Blogworthy's first entry. Mr. Bush won his second term only because the Democrats decided to nominate an idiotic, East-coast elitist. If Bush cannot rehab his image under what currently passes as the Democratic leadership, he is lost.

"...Republicans should be s... (Below threshold)

"...Republicans should be supporting President Bush and touting the successes of his presidency..."

Umm...what's on the short list?

The first thing I thought w... (Below threshold)

The first thing I thought was similar to the sentence from Diane, support is a two-way street.

However, I have still been supportive because of the war and the good economy even after the $$$ drug program, the Myers deal, the ports deal, the bungling at the pentagon, and the cooperation/free pass with the liberals.

But his amnesty deal is a political nuke waiting to go off and it will destroy the party. I have a lite version of BDS due to his lack of border security and his "comprehensive" plan to allow 20 MM citizens of other countries here illegally and breaking the law a path to citizenship. It clouds other issues and will make me hate the GOP and bad mouth Bush till death if they allow it to pass like they are implying lately in the press.

Until this amnesty issue dies without passing into law, he and the GOP are not getting any support from me.

You would lose your house. ... (Below threshold)

You would lose your house. The next prez will not be "anti-war". They may be anti-Bush, or anti-staying in Iraq, but not "anti-war". Bet taken. Where do I move to in early 2009?

horse reflects the reason..... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

horse reflects the reason...
Iraq cannot be an issue for the Republicans...
Immigration can...
Even those who view Iraq as a failure(from all sections)view immigration with a perceived threat to their lives on a level similar to terror threats before and during 2004.(What color alert are we on now?)
The "fear factor" can be more exploited via immigration than terrorism for 2008.
Recent elections have demonstrated that voters trend not toward a promise of something better but tend to vote for protection against that what we fear...

listing the party behind... (Below threshold)

listing the party behind the people getting investigated, there are about 7 to 1 with the R's behind them.

Guilt by investigation ?

Immigration is the main iss... (Below threshold)

Immigration is the main issue for 2008. If taken care of the right way, republicans and independents will unite of this issue. It will motivate the base for sure. The dimmers are trapped by this issue. There will be no immigration bill passed this year. The republicans want it for the election cycle. ww

Bushs list of successes is ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Bushs list of successes is longer, in a shorter period of time, than Clintons was. Unless you call things that weaken America success. Start with the number of al Qaeda killed during Clintons Presidency compared to Bush. Next the nomber of votes cast for Clinton in his reelection compared to Bush. Number of battles won or fought overseas. Number of people freed from dictators. Fact is, more American soldiers died during the Clinton administration than during Bushs Presidency. Next look at the unemployment rate. Hmmmmmm, looks like Bush wins here too. In fact, on every topic, Bush wins. As to the next batch of Democrats, the leading contender does not even believe in our form of Government. Hillary thinks capitalism is a blight on humanity. She believes in the failed Communist system. That we are not reponsible enough to take care of ourselves, we must turn that over to government. Not as long as the second amendment exists. You come to get mine, you are going to get yours.

Made a couple of typos for ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Made a couple of typos for you counting, in the previous post. I hope that does not cause trolls to discard the whole point.

I think that Republicans sh... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

I think that Republicans should steer clear from party politics, and act according to their beliefs. If they support Bush, great. If not, I don't think they should rally around him and feign support just to create party unity.

I understand the tactic and the overall reasons, but I don't agree with it.

I'm not weighing in here one way or another regarding Bush...but I am completely opposed to the suggestion that Republicans should rally around someone, whether they support him or not, to score political points.

That's because of the hu... (Below threshold)

That's because of the huge double standard. There is no will on the part of the corrupt judiciary or the media to investigate the real crimes of Democrats. They would rather hype comparative jay-walking by Republicans.

You do realize that neither the judiciary nor the media investigate crimes, right? Have you heard of the Department of Justice? Do you know it's an arm of the executive? Are you retarded?

mantis:You do rea... (Below threshold)

You do realize that neither the judiciary nor the media investigate crimes, right?

Investigative journalism is officially dead ?

"Fact is, more American sol... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

"Fact is, more American soldiers died during the Clinton administration than during Bushs Presidency."
hmmmm Zel we are at over 3500 U.S. troops dead in Iraq alone..Clinton more???
Please...every time "moonbats" crank out BS..please remember...simplistic/idiotic/mind numbing statements
like this...

Investigative journalism... (Below threshold)

Investigative journalism is officially dead ?

I don't know if it's totally dead yet, but it's very close. Hadn't you noticed?

And I suppose he meant 'cor... (Below threshold)

And I suppose he meant 'corrupt judiciary' committee.

You do realize military dea... (Below threshold)

You do realize military deaths per year has not changed dramatically in the last three decades. The difference is instead of dieing in training accidents they are dieing in combat.

Nogo, I refer you to Horse'... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Nogo, I refer you to Horse's post. Get a neighbor to read it to you.

Nogo, I refer you to Horse'... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Nogo, I refer you to Horse's post. Get a neighbor to read it to you.






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