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Flip-flop Doesn't Even Begin To Describe This Turnabout

Greyhawk points out the astounding "about face" Generals Eaton and Batiste have done in their VoteVets commercial. Don't expect to see the mainstream media focusing on this angle of the story.

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"Flip-flop Doesn't Even Beg... (Below threshold)

"Flip-flop Doesn't Even Begin To Describe This Turnabout"?!

Oh, just leave Giuliani alone about his abortion "stance".

Hillary, "I need this man; ... (Below threshold)

Hillary, "I need this man; he talks."

Hey, do you think we'll see... (Below threshold)

Hey, do you think we'll see any flip-flops from the new "war czar"? Here's from almost two years ago:

The US is expected to pull significant numbers of troops out of Iraq in the next 12 months in spite of the continuing violence, according to the general responsible for near-term planning in the country.

Maj Gen Douglas Lute, director of operations at US Central Command, yesterday said the reductions were part of a push by Gen John Abizaid, commander of all US troops in the region, to put the burden of defending Iraq on Iraqi forces.
He said: "We believe at some point, in order to break this dependence on the . . . coalition, you simply have to back off and let the Iraqis step forward.

"You have to undercut the perception of occupation in Iraq. It's very difficult to do that when you have 150,000-plus, largely western, foreign troops occupying the country."
Last week, Gen Peter Schoomaker, US army chief of staff, said his office was planning for the possibility that troop levels could be maintained until 2009. But Maj Gen Lute said such a worst-case scenario was unlikely.

"I will tell you this, as the operation officer of Centcom, if a year from now I've got to call on all those army troops that Gen Schoomaker is prepared to provide, I won't feel real good about myself," he said. Gen George Casey, commander of allied forces in Iraq, made similar comments last month on reductions that could come by early next year but they were quickly played down by the White House.

Brian ~ Your childhood home... (Below threshold)

Brian ~ Your childhood home had lead paint, right?

It couldn't have been Mom's drinking alone, eh?

A retreat can be great tact... (Below threshold)

A retreat can be great tactics, and I applaud the general who'd use it when necessary, but when retreat is the strategy, I'd fire the general.

When you go to take Viennad... (Below threshold)

When you go to take Viennadad, don't burn Washington instead.

The Dhimmicrats should be t... (Below threshold)

The Dhimmicrats should be the first in line when the Islamist's take heads.... I mean names. Names. That religion of peace would never take heads.

An Englishman kinda hazy on... (Below threshold)

An Englishman kinda hazy on some of the colonial details of the World War that consumed France and England fin du 18ieme siecle and early 19th Century was surprised to learn that the British had burned Washington. "What?", he remarked. "I knew we burned Joan of Arc, but Washington?"

Brian ~ Your childhood h... (Below threshold)

Brian ~ Your childhood home had lead paint, right?
It couldn't have been Mom's drinking alone, eh?

Well, if you don't understand the topic of discussion, it's best for you to stay quiet.

Brian, it seems you changed... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Brian, it seems you changed the subject. The subject was not flip flopping in general but two specific Generals flip flopping. I know that is hard to follow with your apparent brain damage, but if you and pubelickus would just try to stick to menu we can get dinner served.

Kim, You drink alo... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:


You drink alot huh?

Very funny! Actually, you d... (Below threshold)

Very funny! Actually, you didn't narrow the subject enough. The subject was NOT "two specific Generals flip flopping", but two specific generals flip flopping, on specific days, using specific words, wearing specific clothing, while the sun was at a specific position in the sky, with a specific pollen count. Therefore I declare that any comment that doesn't confine itself to these parameters is off-topic.

Anyway, enough of your nonsense. The subject is not flip-flopping in general, it is flip-flopping generals. Lorie raised two she finds unacceptable, and in counterpoint I raised one she would likely find acceptable. Entirely on subject, even if you don't like it.

If no one else has told you... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

If no one else has told you that you are an idiot, today, Brian. I want to correct that. But it seems I do not have to. You did it for me for all to see. Keep up the good work. You to can be rewarded with a safe haven for you maddness. Similar to what they gave lee.

Here is the transcript of t... (Below threshold)

Here is the transcript of the hearing:


If you bother to read it, rather than restricting yourself to Greyhound's misquotes, you might find a little problem with your "flip-flop" theory. But that would be dealing with reality, and who wants to do that?

I didn't expect you to be a... (Below threshold)

I didn't expect you to be amused, cb. That would have been civil.

I did, however, expect you ... (Below threshold)

I did, however, expect you to get it.

Ah, the devolution of lowering expectations.






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