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The Dubya Standard

I watched the Republicans debate in South Carolina on Tuesday, and I noticed how many of them tried to compare themselves to Ronald Reagan. It was, frankly, laughable. The Reagan Aura has grown far beyond anything a mortal man could hope to claim, but even the real Reagan was much more than any of these yokels could hope to compare.

I happen to think that the Republicans in the race would be very wise to try to show how much they are like our current President, George W. Bush. Yep, that's right. For all the conventional wisdom that folks should try to avoid being seen with Dubya, I argue that anyone who wants to get elected in 2008 had better start moving towards him, not away.

There are many reasons why I believe this. Let's start with the obvious fact that somehow got lost; Dubya collected more than 62 million votes in 2004. And at that time, his Job Approval, the number most media hacks were noting, was floating around 50 percent. The present media number is an average Job Approval of 34%, according to Real Clear Politics, which by simple math means that President Bush still has over 42 million people who vote by the Bush Standard. Not that 42 million would be enough to win, but only a complete moron would drive away 42 million or think that they could win without them.

Before I continue, I should be careful to say that I am not looking for a Bush clone. Much as I admire Dubya, the man has made mistakes, not least in ignoring the political consequences of a decision. It's laughable, how many Democrats accuse the President of politicizing a decision when it is plain that he does nothing of the sort; after all, a man who wanted to play politics would have timed the 'Fort Dix' story to break last fall, or would have spun the capture of key Al Qaeda operatives for maximum press, or might have ignored the welfare of two Middle East countries in a bombastic effort to produce the corpse of Osama as some kind of bloody trophy, rather than let the military do their job and keep his mouth shut for the most part. Not that I want a Macchiavellian type of politician, but that Bush most definitely has steered clear of deceit and hype, and a successful politician, like it or not, has to consider how to build that political capital. James Carville may be a soulless monster, but he is popular in D.C. for a reason. Any successful President, like it or not, is probably going to need something of that killer instinct, or to trust an advisor who has it.

The next reason for would-be Presidents to consider Dubya, is the accomplishments he has made. I know it's quite the fashion to tab Bush as a "failed" President somehow, but in reality his work has been effective. His tax cuts unquestionably eased the 2001 recession which followed the 9/11 attacks, his Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary nominations have been superb from the perspective of judicial reform (rolling back the tide of activist judges who ignore the Constitution), his National Security doctrine has prevented another major terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and has severely damaged the capabilities of Al Qaeda and other Islamofascist organizations (far too many people judge the war in Iraq and Afghanistan on the peculiar assumption that terrorists would have stayed home and been peaceful, rather than grown in ambition and violence, if we had just let Saddam go on in his murderous ways). And yeah, Dubya has done a pretty good job of helping Americans understand the signature differences between a Republican President and a Democrat President.

Folks also forget how Bush got elected. Every President has a certain element which makes the difference in election, and for many that difference comes down to, well, likeability. People like Dubya, and always have. Next to him, Kerry and Gore were stone-faced goons. And we've seen that before. Republicans should remember that Bill Clinton worked hard to show himself as relaxed and comfortable, a nice guy, while Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush came off as stuffy and self-absorbed. And yet "Poppy" Bush was a heckuva lot more likeable than Mike "mechanitron" Dukakis. And do I need to remind you how much more Ronald Reagan was, than Walter "Sourpuss" Mondale or Jimmy Carter? Sure, it's not everything, but time and time again we see Presidents win in part because they just come across as a good guy. Shewt, remember "I like Ike"?

By now, you can see where I am going. Hillary, McCain, bye-bye, thanks for playing, but you're both outta-there. I will keep up the suspense somewhat by not going further here, but it's not that hard to understand, that the person with the "right stuff" to be the next President of the United States, ought to be studying George W. Bush.

With attention and respect.


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DJ, I agree with every poin... (Below threshold)

DJ, I agree with every point except one. Clinton won office in 92 because many stupid republicans, myself included, voted for Ross Perot. 19% that would have gone to GHW Bush. Even thought he was sandbagged by the dimmers on the raising taxes thing, he was a good President. ww

I presume it is Rove's plan... (Below threshold)

I presume it is Rove's plan to let the Republican candidate in '08 ride into office making the case for George Bush. It is certainly there to be made. Except for the huge sacrifices of a few volunteers, Americans have never had it so good, and know it.

Now, so far, who's making the case, starting with the treacherous CIA and the bastards at the DoJ?

I predict once Newt and Fre... (Below threshold)

I predict once Newt and Fred enter the race, the GOP field is going to be moving rightward.
Mostly because the polls will show Fred and Newt with lots of popularity and, except for Rudy! (mostly), the current top-tier candidates don't know how to act unless they have a poll to tell them.

People simply tend to vote ... (Below threshold)

People simply tend to vote for the optimist. Which is, I suspect, what makes them "like" a candidate.

Like him or not, Nicholas K... (Below threshold)

Like him or not, Nicholas Kristof has an editorial today that outlines some of the triumphs of the Bush presidency that he has gotten almost no credit for and explains why he thinks that is so. it's behid the Times' Select firewall but check it out if you can.


Let me guess. Internationa... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. International trade deals, North Korea, containing Ahmadinejad, keeping pacific China and the USSR, neutralizing al Qaeda, allowing Europe to come to its senses, and having compassion for Africa. Domestically, exuding enough confidence to give even the sullen ones hope.

Andy, I hate to be the only... (Below threshold)

Andy, I hate to be the only one with the courage to whisper in your ear:


Hey Pinch, Stone words do n... (Below threshold)

Hey Pinch, Stone words do not a press break.

Hey Pinch, Stone words do n... (Below threshold)

Hey Pinch, Stone words do not a press break.

Alot of this is spin..S... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Alot of this is spin..Shewt, remember "I like Ike .Sorry DJ, no one likes to be the bearer of bad news but, I remember Pat Moynihan in class, saying that everyone thought "Ike was a nice man and "a bad president," where in reality "he was a good President and not a very nice man."

As for Dubya, I think he is going to remebered, by the public in much the same way, 'as a nice man and a bad president,' except by many of his aides, where in reality " Warm and hearty in public, Bush can be cold and snappish in private, and aides sometimes cringe before the displeasure of the president of the United States, or, as he is known in West Wing jargon, POTUS."

Calame, Calame tell ... (Below threshold)

Calame tell me.
Why can't you let it out just as it is the whole truth?
All lies.
All of these damn lies.
Why are the Jayson's and Walter's still there in your lair?

This reminds me of the curr... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of the current Newsweek cover story, ya, the one that ended up pretty much saying Bush has lost touch with reality by remaining optimistic about Iraq. But ostensibly, it was an article looking for the next Harry Truman in the upcoming Dem/Rep primaries.

Think of it, Newsweek brings to the fore the idea of a president who stuck to his guns in the face of sharply declining popularity during an unpopular war, one who, in the decades since, history has increasingly judged as a successful president.

It reviews each candidate for their own personal history of toughness and dealing with adversity, counting Hillary's trials and tribulations in the face of husband Bill's, er, indiscretions. That qualifies one to walk in the shadow of Harry Truman, but George Bush has lost touch with reality.

It'll probably take years or even decades before history settles on the legacy of George Bush. But I don't think I'll have to wait that long before deciding who has really lost touch with reality, when it comes to Newsweek stories.

In the face of this kind of media environment, holding up the Dubya standard would really take a candidate who knew how to act like he/she had a pair.

Hmm, maybe yer onto something here.

SC, you forget, some histor... (Below threshold)

SC, you forget, some historians are dispassionate, as you and I are not; they'll rate him objectively and highly.

DJ,Have to agree w... (Below threshold)


Have to agree with you. For the life of me, I can't see Guilani or McCain showing up at a disaster site and sincerely mourning the losses with the victims of the disaster.

Bushes biggest fault has been listening to his advisers to much (including Rove) and trying to keep the Democrats happy.

Bush is a globalist. If you... (Below threshold)

Bush is a globalist. If you don't care for international control of the US by an unelected elite, then you shouldn't mind seeing Bush shuffle off, even if it means him being seen as unsuccessful.
Do you want this bill (which would be a "Bush success") to pass and become law?


Surely sharia is better tha... (Below threshold)

Surely sharia is better than WalMartia, right bD?

Lets see. The professional ... (Below threshold)

Lets see. The professional politicians run from Bush like scalded dogs. The Whizzers say: "they should embrace him."

Which of the 2 these groups is out of touch with reality?

I voted for Bush twice and ... (Below threshold)

I voted for Bush twice and now I'd support impeaching him for his failure to uphold his oath of office and securing the borders. What his hand picked prosecuter has done to the American Boarder Patrol is downright criminal and perhaps treasonous.

Do you see Fred running lik... (Below threshold)

Do you see Fred running like a whipped pup? Then again, he's a professional actor; maybe he really feels like running.

Don't worry, BB, either Fre... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, BB, either Fred or Mitt will pardon them, maybe promise to do so; the DoJ may yet get the blame. Take cover, or is it:


JFO, ask those that made th... (Below threshold)

JFO, ask those that made the wrong remarks about the President in the last election cycle, both democrats and republicans. They are waiting in line at the unemployment line so they have time to talk to you. Ask dead end Dachele. More will meet the same fate in 08.
Millions have came to realize that the left wing and the antique MSM have been peeing down their backs and trying to convince them it's raining. All we need is for Peeeeloshi and Dirty Harry to keep up their current stance. People are a little slow at times but they eventually catch on and will know the current leadership in congress will get a lot of us (including democrats) killed.
I'm having a hard time finding anyone who supports the congressional leadership and evidently it's widespread judging by the 29% approval rating. There are that many democrat voters in the rubber room nut houses of America.

More Americans killed by drivers with a cell phone stuck in their ear per day than killed per month+ in combat.
I'd like to see a stat of how many murders take place every day due to ignorant people with a cell phone in their ear. I haven't taken a ball bat to any so far but i've considered it in the grocery store, 'every time i'm in a grocery store'.

Kim is on fire today. ... (Below threshold)

Kim is on fire today.

kim: Fred ain't running. Th... (Below threshold)

kim: Fred ain't running. That's why Fred made the video retort to Michael Moore.
You see, Moore cited the neocon Weekly Standard's Thompson fluff piece/profile which mentioned Fred's supply of contraband Cuban cigars in the home. Even described them: "boxes and boxes of Montechristos". OUCH!
Hence, the bizarrely scripted video. What he said was not really the point. The chomped cigar was the message: "Ok, Mike, you zinged me, but I'll continue to smoke them all I want. Asshole!"
Childish, yes. He needed to be the Last Word and to not let Moore think he (Thompson) is going to lose any sleep over the matter.
And of course the Guantanamo overtones would be good for the cred among the neocon-Bushbot flakes.

Hmm, either Kim's talking t... (Below threshold)

Hmm, either Kim's talking to imaginary friends, or DJ's up to his old "deleting posts I don't like" tricks again. Always the sign of a healthy discussion.

Psst bryanDirtbag-hint-(Are... (Below threshold)

Psst bryanDirtbag-hint-(Area 51). Maybe I can translate your post for the rest. Here goes---lkit hutr gfds bkjter nkiyrtjh bgykl ,,.lkde gtdb khgre, vgjhreo mkj hy k;lhfr dhju .(sorry "gfds" should have been "gsfd")
"Fred ain't running"--YET!

kim, Your legal/political p... (Below threshold)

kim, Your legal/political prognostications will continue to betray you as long as you only consult the closed circle of neocon apologists. You know, like the warbloggers who constantly link half-baked talking points to the same Other Blogs. They are dealing not in objective reality, but in wishful thinking and propaganda.

He doesn't blog, but google Bruce Fein on the issues. Smart guy, should be on the Supreme Court. Of course, you might label him a self-loathing Joooo. He's no Libby Lover, that's for sure.

The likability factor is wh... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

The likability factor is what worries me about Obama. Whatever the guys negatives, he's likable. He comes off as the kind of guy you could have a beer with. Not good for the republicans, especially if we end up with someone like McCain, who seem like the kind of guy who'd say, "Beer? Lemme tell you about the beer we had in the prison camp in 'nam, pansy." (You know, until he spotted the cameras.)

I really think this is why we need Fred!

You're off your meds again,... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

You're off your meds again, Bryan.

I have deleted nothing today. And I can't speak for what's going on in kim's comments, except that she's been going on like that for a few days now.

Sorry, should be 'Brian', n... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Sorry, should be 'Brian', not 'Bryan'.

DJ,But the statement... (Below threshold)

But the statement is still true for both of them.

My apologies, then, DJ. I g... (Below threshold)

My apologies, then, DJ. I guess kim's the one off her meds.

BryanD have you been smokin... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

BryanD have you been smoking skunkbud montechristos? You know that is wasteful. You are so far off topic as to make one believe you are on psychodilics. When presented with the truth about Bush and his policies, BryanD's damaged brain, struggles to understand the information presented. Finally snaps causing BryanD to pound out a few lines of nonsense on his keyboard before the orderlies once again arrive to take his toys away from him.

When put into the proper pe... (Below threshold)

When put into the proper perspective GW's presidency will rate very well when future historians review his tenure. Let's see, he started with his opponent conceding the race then taking it back, then suing for counting and recounting votes in selective counties. Very unusual. Then his transition was held up. Then the Chinese captured a US plane. Negotiations finally worked. 9th month in office, America was attacked. First time ever on American soil. The enemy is not a nation, but a belief system rooted in Islam. Very difficult to defend against. Hurricane Katrina brought waters up to the breaking point of New Orleans levees while Mississippi got the brunt of the storm itself. Huge problems. He had to work with local politicians that were unable to get a grasp on what they should do. Very unique. Then it was discovered that through all the years of sanctions against Iraq, our supposed allies France and Russia were doing deals with Iraq for oil with the blessing of the UN leadership. Unusual. The the UN was found to be causing its own rape and murder in Africa. The captured enemy combatants are kept in Cuba until it is decided what can be done to them since most of the captured peoples home country does not want them back. The list goes on and on. I do not know of one president in our short history that has had to "shoot from the hip" more then GW because there was no caparative scenario or precedent. This is why I am still in his corner even though I am angry about the immigration stand. He has had a plateful of weird crap happen to our country and him since he was sworn in. ww

I have my many and varied d... (Below threshold)

I have my many and varied different opinions on this, but that's all good. :) We're just going to have to see how it all works out in 2008.

But this part of Scrapiron's comment is so ridiculous I just have to point it out.

More Americans killed by drivers with a cell phone stuck in their ear per day than killed per month+ in combat.

So what's that go to do with anything?

You might as well say that more Americans are killed by distracted drivers, than were killed on 9/11. Does that mean their deaths are no big deal either?


And Wildwillie, every singl... (Below threshold)

And Wildwillie, every single President in our history has faced unprecedented situations where they had to "shoot from the hip". War with Canada; Civil War; WWI; the Great Depression; WWII; nuclear weapons that could destroy the entire human race in the hands of our enemies; Cuban missile crisis; Viet Nam, etc. etc. on up to the present day.

And that's not even the Cliff Notes version of the constantly new events our nation has had to deal with...

Every new president is always presented with new challenges, in a constantly changing world.

I happen to think ... (Below threshold)
I happen to think that the Republicans in the race would be very wise to try to show how much they are like our current President, George W. Bush.

Sorry DJ, but after today's immigration bill announcement where GWB's name is coupled once again with Ted Kennedy there isn't a candidate in the field that is going to show how much they are like our current President. And don't come back with McCain, he has sealed his fate by sharing a podium with the senior senator from Mass.

J.R., maybe you're proud of... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

J.R., maybe you're proud of your undies, but waving them as a flag like that last post of yours did is not impressing the adults.

You know something DJ, you ... (Below threshold)

You know something DJ, you couldn't be a bigger hypocrite with your "attention and respect" and holier than thou attitude about comments and debate. My point is germane to the topic at hand and you just come out with your insulting response. Well done, jack ass.

Hey DJ, your posting has in... (Below threshold)
Paul Hamilton:

Hey DJ, your posting has inspired me to post a rebuttal over on Wizbang Blue, hope you and everybody else reads and responds to it.

I call 'em as I see 'em, J.... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I call 'em as I see 'em, J.R. And your preschool-level whining doesn't fool me for a serious response.

Your "point" was a smear because you got angry. Oh gee, widdle puddums got angwy and threw his toy at the wall. Awwwwww....

Grow up. You think Dubya had much to work with, looking at the present Congress, or are you still lying about how the Congress deserting him in the vain pursuit of being more like the Democrats was a good idea that almost kinda worked ... except that it didn't.

Look at the people who worked on the bill. Yeah, Teddy the Hutt got his name on the bill. You can read the CNN headline, good for you. Next time, read what the Senators said all this week while they were working on the bill. Jon Kyl, no toady for the Left, said himself on Hewitt's show yesterday that this bill was not what we would make if we had a GOP-controlled Congress, but it avoided the disaster it could have been. IOW, because piss-faced ranters like you couldn't back Bush and help keep a GOP majority, we have to make do with what we have. And this bill is as good as we can get from a Donkey Kong Congress.

You have now officially had a more respectful answer than your spittle-flecked insults deserve, J.R.

According to DJ Drummond "H... (Below threshold)

According to DJ Drummond "His [Bush's] tax cuts unquestionably eased the 2001 recession which followed the 9/11 attacks"

Once again playing loose with the facts. The 2001 Recession started in March and ended in November.

Never was there a more clas... (Below threshold)

Never was there a more classic case of Bush Delusional Syndrome.

There's every good reason why these ten wannabees are giving wide skirt to this, the most disastrous presidency in US history.

Looks to me like a persistent "cold-like" syndrome has progressed into terminal early onset Alzheimer's.

"Except for the huge sac... (Below threshold)

"Except for the huge sacrifices of a few volunteers, Americans have never had it so good, and know it." Wizbang resident harpie harridan

There's more than one case on this thread of early onset Alzheimer's.

Someone forgot to flush, We... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Someone forgot to flush, Weider is here.

I believe Dubya to be a dec... (Below threshold)

I believe Dubya to be a decent man and cast my vote for him on two occasions. I am a conservative. But, if this rumored immigration bill becomes law, I will change my opinion of W. In my mind he will be considered a traitor to conservatism and I would not support anyone who aligns himself with him.

"Except for the huge sacrif... (Below threshold)

"Except for the huge sacrifices of a few volunteers, Americans have never had it so good, and know it." Wizbang resident harpie harridan

There's more than one case on this thread of early onset Alzheimer's.

Posted by: Wieder at May 17, 2007 08:33 PM
Yes lowest unemplyment in 40 years, surging economy esp after 9/11, Dow records highs for weeks. Yea guess we all have alzheimers and you have you tinfoil.

Well, Anduril on Powerline ... (Below threshold)

Well, Anduril on Powerline and the WSJ are a lot more coherent about Comey and McNulty and Schumer than I have been. Bush has finally assumed control of the Department of Justice 6 years into his reign, and the MSM isn't telling you. They are misrepresenting defense's contentions in the Plame case, too. The press makes it seem like the administration is claiming they could have done anything, legally, and that simply isn't the case. It is projection by the critics.

It's also pretty clear that... (Below threshold)

It's also pretty clear that the NSA surveillance was legal from the gitgo and all the hullaballoo a plot to politically weaken the administration. Fitzgerald's tyrannical tactics were unconstitutionally applied to try to attack Rove and Cheney and may have been initially directed at Libby, also. Now the US Attorney firing 'scandal' is another attempt to hit the administration, politically. How did Comey and McNulty, Schumer's men, get so high in the Bush Administration? Good question; one that will be asked again.

The NSA one is the killer politically. Once it's revealed how that went down, on the eve of the Spanish train bombings, the public won't let Democrats anywhere near the handles of national power until they've decided the United States is worth defending.

And Rockefeller may yet go to jail over that one.

"...Dubya has done a pr... (Below threshold)

"...Dubya has done a pretty good job of helping Americans understand the signature differences between a Republican President and a Democrat President..."

No, absolutey not. Bush has done more to service the Democrats than FOX has done lately to service the DNC. I still watch FOX, I voted for Bush and Bush is no Conservative. He has blurred the lines between the two parties, not focused one or the other. Blurred. As in, Bush is the Geraldo Rivera of the White House.

He's hardly conservative, m... (Below threshold)

He's hardly conservative, merely more so than the Dems.

Without question, historians will remark on the vast difference in probity between this administration and the last one.

"Bush has finally assume... (Below threshold)

"Bush has finally assumed control of the Department of Justice 6 years into his reign, and the MSM isn't telling you. "

Reading comments like this is like having to march behind a parade of elephants overdosed on laxatives.

Look, Wieder, just because ... (Below threshold)

Look, Wieder, just because the revolution at the DoJ isn't being discussed here doesn't mean it is happening. Read Powerline, JustOneMinute, Strata-sphere, and the Opinion Journal. Do you know Comey was trying to stop NSA surveillance on the eve of the Spanish Train Bombings? And all that Bush spying on you crap was really just Bush trying to accomodate the Gorelick maniacs at the DoJ. This is disgraceful, and that is why no one is hearing about it.

Schumer is pissed. Why do you think he is? And Rockefeller is going to jail.

To the above....I ... (Below threshold)

To the above....

I went back & read some of the recent Powerline posts on this matter and they are laughably desperate talking points to attempt to put the best light on what amounts to Gonzogoofalez perjury before Congress a year ago.

This whole scene in Ashcroft's hospital room is the 21st century re-enactment of the Saturday Night Massacre.

The one thing I will admit is that Ashcroft has a lot more integrity for which I would ever have given him.

Further, there is at least one decent Republican, Comey, who respects the Constitution than I ever thought existed.

You haven't read carefully ... (Below threshold)

You haven't read carefully enough to note that even though a year ago Schumer tried very hard to trap Gonzales into perjury, he didn't. Schumer knew from Comey about the hospital bit, probably ahead of time, the scumbag, and tried to get Gonzo to say there had been no controversy there, but Gonzo only said there was no controversy over the final deal.

You see, you've fallen for Schumer's disinformation. This NSA business was legit, and Schumer, with the connivance of some of the DoJ, were engaged in a coup attempt on the Bush Administration.

You're a useful idiot. You are so dumb you have fallen for a failed attempt at a perjury trap. Do you see why they keep feeding you this garbage? Because it works with blind fools like you.

Look, I know from other stuff you are intelligent. You owe it too yourself to check this out, and see if bias is not blinding you.

The scene at the hospital w... (Below threshold)

The scene at the hospital was necessary because of Comey's blindsiding of the Administration about the NSA. It was Comey taking advantage of a sick man. You buy Schumer's disinformation so blithely.

Furthermore, these assholes... (Below threshold)

Furthermore, these assholes are taking advantage of Ashcroft's inability to weigh in on these matters. Who'd take him seriously? It might be interesting to hear what his wife has to say though, now, wouldn't it?

"The scene at the hospit... (Below threshold)

"The scene at the hospital was necessary because of Comey's blindsiding of the Administration about the NSA."

Jeezo, and some people think "Loose Change" is off the wall? You are full of it. Are your eyyes brown, my little harpie?

" It was Comey taking ad... (Below threshold)

" It was Comey taking advantage of a sick man. You buy Schumer's disinformation so blithely."

Senators Coleman, Hegel, Sununu, Coburn and McCain have all called for Gonzogoofalwz' resignation. Senators Toberts and Specter have said that he should consider resigning.

What a gaggle of Schumer dupes!

You are one whacko conspiracist harpie. Are you off your thorazine and lithium cocktails again?

Sorry, Wieder, you're wrong... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Wieder, you're wrong. Comey stopped authorizing the NSA surveillance, provoking the crisis. Had he been forthcoming with the White House, there'd been no problem; instead, he sets up Gonzales and Card, just as McNulty set up Gonzales about the US Attorneys. You are lying your ass off because this is an important meme and a loser for the Dems if the true story of his obstruction of intelligence is correctly told.

And apparently you no longe... (Below threshold)

And apparently you no longer want to talk about perjury, instead just blow ad homs out all your orifices. Look to the record, fool. Comey and McNulty are exposed, and Gonzales and Bush finally have executive control of the Justice Department.

Yes, of course, Alice. You... (Below threshold)

Yes, of course, Alice. You are living in your own delusional world of a McNulty/Comey/Scumer conspiracy. As for blowing it out of orifices, you need massive dosed of Beano, swilled down w/ your Lithium-Thorazine cocktail to bring your gaseous emanations under control. Courtesy flush, please.

Make that "Schumer" and "do... (Below threshold)

Make that "Schumer" and "doses."

Control your urges and read... (Below threshold)

Control your urges and read Douglas Kmiec in the Friday Washington Post.

Comey didn't even know if t... (Below threshold)

Comey didn't even know if the basis for the every 45 day review was in statute or regulation. He's refusing to certify it and he doesn't even know by whose authority, this 'acting' Attorney General. Do you see why it is so desperate to characterize this as Gonzales and Card trying to sneak around the law. The 45 day bit was self-imposed by Bush.

I asked you to check this out for your own benefit. I know you are intelligent. Why do you let your bias let you make such an ass of yourself.

"<a href="http://www.was... (Below threshold)

"James Comey's Senate testimony on Tuesday was staggeringly histrionic. It has, as Sen. Arlen Specter suggested, the dramatic flair of the Saturday Night Massacre. Presidential emissaries seeking the signature of a critically ill man only to be headed off at the hospital room door by a Jimmy Stewart-like hero defending the law over the pursuit of power. Frank Capra, call your office." ...This is not the objective opinion of a serious commentator, but the malicious mocking by a politically driven operative. " WaPo comments re:Kmiec

Sorry kim, but you, like Kmiec, are aBush Bootlicker. This hack from Peperdumb is full of crap. If this sort of bilge is that upon which you base your vast "conspiracy" theory, you really are off your meds.

Your "Read Kmiec" diktat, as if this Pepperdumb apologist for neo-cons is some sort of Constitutional authority, is laughable. I am now thru the 5th of 12 pages of comments, and not one reflects respect or acceptance of the droolings of this quack.

Additional comments: "In light of your inconsistencies in the interpretation of the law, which always seem to fall on partisan lines, you have nullified any standing you have as a 'scholar.'"

"Great attempt though, wrap the story in legal semantics to divert the reader's [kim's]i>attention from a sorry moment in our nation's history."

Now, little girl, go read thru the 12 pages of comments. You apparently are the only drool-cup user who bought into Kmiec's bilge. Maybe it says a lot about your ability to critically read & why you had no sensible Kmiec thesis to transmit here.

Next time, be a little bit more cautious when "issuing" your reading assignments, lest you reveal the unthinking fool that you are.

Read Eugene Robinson this m... (Below threshold)

Read Eugene Robinson this morning in the Washington Post. Now compare and contrast. These were both in the Post. Whaddya think's going on?

Wieder prefers the opinion ... (Below threshold)

Wieder prefers the opinion of rabid commenters to that of a man who once held Gonzales's position in this Kabuki, that of Counsel to the President. Go read Kmiec for yourself, then Robinson, then the comments to Kmiec.

Downright revelatory. Now, Wieder, are you a useful idiot, or a pig?

And let's talk about perjur... (Below threshold)

And let's talk about perjury again. Why did Schumer hammer Gonzales so hard last year about whether or not there was controversy over the NSA?

Do you see that you are falling for a failed perjury trap still portrayed as one?

A failed perjury trap still... (Below threshold)

A failed perjury trap still portrayed as perjury, I mean.

"Whaddya think's going o... (Below threshold)

"Whaddya think's going on?"

A couple of things. One, you have brain rot from reading crap like Kmiec's.

I've listened to Jonathon Turley comment on this subject a couple of times. His opinion is no different from the vast majority opinion amongst anyone who follows events like this one. Turley is hardly a left-wing whacko...more or less a Libertarian by instinct.

I've also listened to John Dean's comments more than once on this matter. His point is that this whole matter borders on unconstitutionality that likely ought to result in the impeachment of Gonzogoofus. Dean as you know held the same WH position as Gonzogoofus.

I imagine that if Gonzogoofus, or Kmiec for that matter had a leg to stand on, there wouldn't be 5 Repub senators calling for resignation and another 2 suggesting that Gonzogoofus ought to resign. Add to that the Democrat who sponsored his latino kin for the nomination as AG and is now calling for his resignation. This cretan, Gonzogoofus, absolutely degrades his office, and in turn, the idiot who appointed such anunqualified man whose legal skills aren't worth the parchment purporting to grant him an LLD..

I suppose you also buy the bilge that Gonzo & that whack job, Card, were just paying a get well visit to Ashcroft.

If Kmiec even had some legitimate point, why did Bush respond to the multiple resignation threats and ultimately relent? If your quack, Kmiec had a point, why was Ashcroft prepared to resign along w/ the FBI's Mueller? Or had they just not had the privilege to read Kmiec's bag of garbage?

BTW I did read the article before I began the comments, Anyone writing a scholarly article supposedly with the vantage of his field of knowledge and begins it the way he did is an obvious hack.

You commented sometime ago about someone "skating on thin ice." In your case you're already through it & drowning and so full of your unfounded TP's to notice. Everyone else can hear the gurgling.

Perjury?=====... (Below threshold)


Don't you want to talk abou... (Below threshold)

Don't you want to talk about perjury, anymore?

It's kind of interesting th... (Below threshold)

It's kind of interesting that Gonzales blames McNulty for the US Attorney mess. It makes you wonder if McNulty's resignation wasn't voluntary; maybe it has nothing to do with needing money for kids in college.

I suspect Bush likes Gonzal... (Below threshold)

I suspect Bush likes Gonzales because he figured these bastards out where Ashcroft didn't.

If you think that Gonzo cou... (Below threshold)

If you think that Gonzo could ever figure anything out, it shows how far overboard w/ B Delusional S that you are. How this nincompoop ever got a law degree apart from a direct award as a crony of someone is beyond belief.

Lest you think that I am wrong on that one, just explain the low set ears, no neck and incredible look-a-like to Alfred E Newman.

The metaphysical Wieder yie... (Below threshold)

The metaphysical Wieder yields to the physiognomic one. The picture of Wieder, gray.

Sorry, girl, but you know i... (Below threshold)

Sorry, girl, but you know it's true about Gonzo.

Why do Republicans seem to pick goofy-looking AG's?

Why do closet racists peek ... (Below threshold)

Why do closet racists peek out the door?






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