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Going South

With the likely success of the illegal immigration amnesty plan, I find myself wondering what next we can do to stem the problems caused by illegal aliens in the United States. And as is my wont, I find myself looking for a novel solution to the situation. And I think I have one.

It's time to take over Mexico.

I don't care if we annex them, invade and conquer them, buy them outright, or just make 'em an offer they can't refuse. Making Mexico part of the United States will solve a lot of problems.

1) The current number of illegal aliens estimated within the United States varies, but I'll say 20 million. (It's as good a number as any, and it actually makes my math a little simpler.) The experts also guess that 54% of illegal aliens are Mexicans, which means that 10.8 million Mexicans are here in the US, and illegal.

Mexico's population is around 108 million. That means that 10% of the population is here already. Toss in how many are here legally, and we have a nation that is pretty much ripe for the picking.

2) Every year, Mexicans in the US send about $17 billion back home. Their total GDP is around $740 billion, so that means that they depend on us for 2.3% of their total income. They're already our dependents.

3) Mexico's northern border is about 3100 miles. Their southern border is about 1200 miles. If we absorbed Mexico, we'd be reducing the border we'd need to secure by about 60%.

4) Mexico has tremendous natural resources, yet many of its people are so poor that they have to flee the country to make a living. It would be a tremendous blow for social justice to reduce (I won't even dream about ending) the legendary corruption and exploitation of the lower classes by bringing American justice to the poor. Just imagine what the ACLU alone could do in Mexico.

5) One of the rallying cries of the "open borders" crowd has been how the US "stole" about a third of their country -- "and you took the part with roads!" I once heard a Mexican comedian proclaim. Well, this would rejoin the long-sundered territory.

A while ago, I suggested a bit of "payback" with Mexico and the call for open borders. The time for that solution has passed; more drastic measures are called for.

Can I have a second for my motion?


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Comments (26)

Second.I love Tama... (Below threshold)


I love Tamales.

I'll second your motion and... (Below threshold)

I'll second your motion and up the ante by adding Canada into the mix as well!! No sense letting Leaving Canada all alone up there by it's little lonesome. What better way to match the EU than with the AU(American Union) or (Gold).


Funny most don't want this,... (Below threshold)

Funny most don't want this, but we're going to get it anyway.

I was hoping for a little more outrage. I mean it doesn't fit the Rep. vs. Dem. or Dem. vs. Rep. Template, but come on. We should make the politicians at least a little nervous and feel like they're expending "capital" doing what they're doing.

Better to just give them Ca... (Below threshold)

Better to just give them California back. We would all make out better.

Seriously though, your idea would be the death of the USA. Northern Mexico is ok, but south Mexico is a crap hole full of socialists, crime, violence, drugs and poverty.

This treasonous bill will lead to the next war on this continent. The more likely outcome will be the dissolution of the USA. Time for states that still want to follow the founding principles of liberty and justice to reform under a new USA.

In his last trip south, Bus... (Below threshold)

In his last trip south, Bush took a continent away from Chavez. Your goals are petty.

Although I see the humor in... (Below threshold)

Although I see the humor in your post JT, I think immigration is a make it or break it moment for the US. So far it looks like they broke it. As long as we edify "culture" you cannot change the beliefs of a people. In this instance if we as citizens demand education higher then 8th grade from immigants, we would hear that the culture is different where they come from. Lost cause. ww

i know you're being cynical... (Below threshold)

i know you're being cynical on this, but even if we were to take mexico as our own, then we;d have to worry about THEIR southern border and the South american illegals. Maybe not as big a threat as the mexican illegals, but who knows, someday could be with chavez and all his goons down there.

I offered up this suggestio... (Below threshold)

I offered up this suggestion a while ago (but like you, I see the times have changed from even two years ago to now, when in times past many of us U.S. citizen types were still a but amused with Mexico, but no longer), but here it is again, for olde-time's sake:

For every illegal alien in the U.S. today, if they remain here, every U.S. citizen gets 100 acres free and clear with legal title in Mexico (or, respectively, whatever other nation they're from, but most ARE from Mexico and second, Central America otherwise).

We all, every U.S. citizen, gets the deed to acreage in Mexico/wherever in EXCHANGE for the billions upon billions of dollars already spent and needed to continue to contend with the vast illegal alien population here.

If the nation doesn't want to comply (any nation, Mexico especially), then they have to reimburse U.S. citizens a reasonable amount relative to about 100 acres in their nation. If they don't do THAT (either/or), then they HAVE TO take back their citizens.

And why aren't these other nations being asked to pay the bills for their own citizens? El Salvador, Mexico, China, wherever...why aren't we billing these nations for the care and costs of their citizens?

Most from Mexico complain loud and clear TO Mexico when and as they're offended by U.S. laws, so, why isn't the U.S. sending invoices to these nations (mostly Mexico)?

I mean, really, send Mexico a bill. They won't pay it, then send their citizens back. Same with China, same with every other nation whose citizens sneak and sequester into the U.S.

My cousin has a better plan... (Below threshold)

My cousin has a better plan. He retired to Mexico. He's reversing the reconquista in his own fashion!

Agreed, as long as they giv... (Below threshold)

Agreed, as long as they give up that "Spanish" thing.

Taking over Mexico is a goo... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Taking over Mexico is a good idea. Visit Mexico, get involved, get to the know the people, the culture, the language, buy a home there, get/create a job there, help raise the standard of living and education and help stamp out government corruption. Mexico has great potential -- it could be a wonderful place for anyone to live in.

Manifest Destiny! Woot!</p... (Below threshold)

Manifest Destiny! Woot!

Jay - your figures look goo... (Below threshold)

Jay - your figures look good except the $17 million sent back to Mexico by illegals may be a little low. I think currently, the figure is about $22 million.

Let's face it, Mexico is a chronically corrupt place where a tiny percentage of the population (elites like the Kennedy's, Bush's, etc.) live like pharoahs with a small middle class and a huge poor, peasant class. Gee, that's happening in the USA as well! Could there be a relation here? Hmmm....

Our agri-business, restaurant, hotel, lawn-care and construction industries want a constant supply of cheap labor, that's why the flood across the border is never stopped.

Notice how on the news you only see pictures of illegals picking fruit and veggies but in reality only a small percentage do that - all the others are taking jobs Americans most certainly "do" and want - like construction, carpentry, plumbing, etc. Wave a white flag to Meh-hee-co....

I agree. If were going to ... (Below threshold)

I agree. If were going to give them the cow (as well as the farm) for free, we might as well get something in return.

As it is, we get nothing.

Look those of you who love ... (Below threshold)

Look those of you who love Mexican and Latino culture, I ask, why are you here? Why not emigrate to Mexico? Ah, Mexico is very strict on enforcing their immigration laws. Again why? Because Mexico has pride in their own nation and they want to keep their Latino culture, which is their right and they are correct in that effort.

But most Americans overwhelmingly do not want to see their hometowns flooded with 6th grade educated Latinos (who are actually mostly Mestizo, or Mexican Indians, not the light skinned descendants of the Spanish, who are the elite in Mexico). They are NOT evil people, however they are a different culture, a very different one. Mexicans live under Napoleonic law where you are guilty until proven innocent, they have little interest or respect for the rule of law, almost everyone and everything is paid off in bribes under the table, they have little respect for education (they value low-skill labor as a "man's" type of work).

This culture is coming to our nation and coming rapidly - see Los Angeles, where more Mexicans live than anywhere in Mexico except Mexico City.

The appropriate punishment for illegal immigration is deportation, it's that simple. Illegal aliens are citizens of other nations, they are here illegally, working here illegally, cheating of income tax, social security number fraud, identity theft, etc. Wake up folks.

At the risk of sounding lik... (Below threshold)

At the risk of sounding like Wieder, RG, you've made b's look like m's.

Come on, the middle class is shrinking here because it's upwardly mobile. And our poor? Nowhere, never, have the poor had it so good. Most of the world's poor still grub for an existence as they have since prehistory.

Does the legal status of th... (Below threshold)

Does the legal status of the squatter matter if the property is neglected?

Treason doth never prosper:... (Below threshold)

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason

The only good from this bil... (Below threshold)

The only good from this bill is the increase in educated immigrants. READ India, China, Europe, Canada, and the rest of the far east. Just pass that part of the bill and dump the rest. Build the wall as planned 700 miles and wait for the labor shortage at the low end of the pay scale (read at or under the minimum). Then we will know exactly the magnitude of the labor shortage. It may not be as dire as warned (sound like any other scare that turns out to be a hoax). If there is a real ecomonic need for increased immigration from down south we could correct it then. The fines and touchback procedures are a good idea but the "z" visas are horrible. How many illegals now will choose the path to citizenship by paying fines and touching back in their native country or will just get a "z" visa and stay as a permanent non-citizen. Please, my estimate is 5% take the citizenship pathway. I think 5% is too high. You just cannot have a large permanent non-citizen population. The legal logistics are a nightmare.

I have been saying this for... (Below threshold)

I have been saying this for about 10 years. We can incorporate Mexico for another 10 states, put them under the laws of the states, build up their economy and infrastructure and have more resources! Its a win win!

Boy, bD, you got Joe Wilson... (Below threshold)

Boy, bD, you got Joe Wilson in a nutshell. The trouble is, he ain't prospering, lately, and some of us still dare.

Annexing Mexico was not alw... (Below threshold)
Scott in CA:

Annexing Mexico was not always a joke.

In 1848, at the end of the Mexican War, there was serious discussion in Congress of annexing the whole country. This idea went nowhere. As one poster above mentioned, no one wants to annex tropical Mexico.

There was serious interest in annexing Chihuahua and Sonora, however, in 1848, and after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, several members of Congress said we were idiots for not taking land to give us an outlet to the Gulf of California.

Today, an estimated 100,000 Americans are living in Baja alone, with thousands more in other parts of the country.

Northern Mexico is very different from the south. It's more conservative, more industrial, and it has a ranching and mining tradition similar to our own western states.

Perhaps annexing the northern half is worth a thought...seriously.

ah Jay...how about we get a... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

ah Jay...how about we get a victory in Iraq before we move on to Mexico...
ah...just a thought...
before we make Mexico a better place...
how about realizing that the Katrina Gulf..
in our own nation...is still a disgrace..

(Editor's Note: Here's a rough translation into English, complete with actual, real punctuation:

Ah, Jay, how about we get a victory in Iraq before we move on to Mexico? It's just a thought, but before we make Mexico a better place, how about we realize that the portions of the United States damaged by Hurricane Katrina and run by Democrats are still a disgrace.)

Echoing Giacom....we'd have... (Below threshold)

Echoing Giacom....we'd have to make English the official language!

Yet again more brilliant wi... (Below threshold)

Yet again more brilliant wisdom from teabag. Perhaps the dumbest thing that I have heard yet from teabag. Hilarious though, keep up the great work.

Jeff is sick in the corner.... (Below threshold)

Jeff is sick in the corner.






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