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Murtha Brazenly Violates Ethics Rules Once Again

Democrat Jack Murtha violated ethics rules on the floor of the House, right out in the open. This is what happened:

According to the draft resolution, Murtha shouted at Rogers on the House floor Thursday for offering a motion last week to expose $23 million Murtha requested in an intelligence bill.

Murtha had requested the money to prevent the administration from shuttering the National Drug Intelligence Center in Johnstown, Pa.. in Murtha's district.

"I hope you don't have any earmarks in the defense appropriations bills because they are gone, and you will not get any earmarks now and forever," Murtha told Rogers on the House floor, according to the draft transcript given Politico.

"This is not the way we do things here -- and is that supposed to make me afraid of you?" Rogers replied.

"That's the way I do it," Murtha said.

Members are not allowed to threaten earmarks or tax provisions.

Murtha threatened another Republican congressman just last week for voting for Rogers' motion:

This shouting match follows a similar outburst Murtha directed at Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.) last week.

Murtha yelled at Tiahrt on the House floor for voting in favor of Rogers's motion last week, members and aides familiar with the incident said.

The controversy stems from a disagreement between Murtha and the administration about closing the National Drug Intelligence Center, an intelligence gathering facility supervised by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

President Bush's budget slashed $23 million from the budget to force the agency to close the office, which has received repeated low marks from several federal review boards.

Is it a surprise that Congress' approval rating is lower than Bush's? Murtha seems to think that Democrats having control of Congress means he can break any ethics rule he wants to get what he wants.

Iowa Voice is commenting as well.


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Comments (54)

They are coming apart at th... (Below threshold)

They are coming apart at the seams. Or unravelling. Or ravelling. Sic semper tyrannis. I'm sure Saddam raged in his rathole.

Murtha's perfectly happy to... (Below threshold)

Murtha's perfectly happy to waste money in an absurd War on Drugs, but this is the guy who isn't going to fight the War on Terror.

Maybe he thinks the Islamists hate us because we use so many drugs. Hey, maybe he's on to something there. I'd like to see him follow that thought train down the tracks.

A train's been by here, do you know how I can tell? I can see its tracks.

Poor Mr. Rogers got his fee... (Below threshold)

Poor Mr. Rogers got his feelings hurt. What a baby.

What's the matter Barney? ... (Below threshold)

What's the matter Barney? Did you get stood up by Jim McGreevey last night?

Murtha's a kook and is on his way out.

Hey barne' it's PrepH time ... (Below threshold)

Hey barne' it's PrepH time for you to remove BB's foot. LOL
Muthra is nothing more than a fatfaced traitorus piece of crap. Poor little jackie didn't get his way so he going to take his ball and go home. Looks like the "swamp" is filling up instead of draining. he he

Hey elections have conseque... (Below threshold)

Hey elections have consequences. How's the view looking up at the boot heal?

Shocking. Leftists support ... (Below threshold)

Shocking. Leftists support this.

Corruption isn't corruption when you do it, right libs?

You'd think the goons from ... (Below threshold)

You'd think the goons from the right would appreciate that kind of hardball politics. After all you worshiped at the altar of the founder, Terminex Tom "The Bug" Delay.

Hey elections have conse... (Below threshold)

Hey elections have consequences.

Yes, and the consequence is that all of those Democrats who voted for those Democratic politicians are now getting exactly what they deserve.

How's that "100 hours" thing coming, Barn?

"100 days?"

"100 weeks?"

Now you know why a democrat... (Below threshold)

Now you know why a democrat came up with the 'one sheet' toilet paper solution. People like Barney/JFO are around to lick them clean.

Anyone commenting on the 'lawsuit' against DNC/Howling howie? Sexual discrimination against a fellow democrat closet dweller. Can't be true since they support gays, na, they claim to support gays to get a vote is the truth. LMAO

The election comedy continues. So far Peeeeloshi's record of bills passed is '0' if you don't count the bills patting other left wingers on the back. It's a pity we pay so much for total lack of leadership in the house and senate these days. What happened to the 'first 100 days promise'? Guess we'll find out when we find Hoffa, must be buried in the same place.

cirbyIf you did mo... (Below threshold)


If you did more than read right wing blogs, listen to right wing radio and watch Fox News you might actually know something about the 100 hours "thing".


Hey elections have conse... (Below threshold)

Hey elections have consequences.

Yeah, that's what the voters are realizing. And it's been reflected in COngress' dropping approval rating.

Harball politics, eh JFO? ... (Below threshold)

Harball politics, eh JFO? I haven't closely followed the Delay case so all I'll say is if he did something illegal, throw his ass in the slammer. Would that Democrats felt the same way about their "leaders". But no, all we get is "Well your guys did it!"

Murtha acted in a fashion unbecoming to a Congressman and it's not the first time, nor the second. This particular post IS about Murtha, isn't it?

How's that "100 hours" thin... (Below threshold)

How's that "100 hours" thing coming, Barn? cirby

Why don't you look it up? I seem to recall the House passed all the goals they set in fewer than 100-hours.

Gee, another hand slap for ... (Below threshold)

Gee, another hand slap for a Congressional Blowhard. Doesn't really matter which side of the aisle the guy is on, they laugh it up together once the doors are closed. Check out the photos of the "Bi-partisan" Immigration Bill afterparty and you see the hard nosed Repubs guffawing with the Kennedys and Reids and Spectors. Its a Good Ol' Boys Club and if you don't have millions, you are not represented.
Murtha getting a demerit is such a huge deal... NOT.

Elections have consequences... (Below threshold)

Elections have consequences and won of the consequences of Rahm's winning strategy is that Blue Dog Democrats aren't going to vote like Ned Lapont or whatever is name was would have done.

Heh, heh. Fifty years from now as many people will think it was spelled that way as will think it was spelled correctly.

Hell, I feel sorry for Murt... (Below threshold)

Hell, I feel sorry for Murtha, as he was following the Cheney line, you know, when the VP told a senator to"get fucked". (pardon the language) just quoting the VP. At least Murtha didn't use that kind of language, did he?

Yes, elections do have cons... (Below threshold)

Yes, elections do have consequences. Unfortunately we are going have to pay for the last one. The next election will show if the general public truly support the democrats' ideals or if they were only after change.

Murtha = Semper 1'Nu... (Below threshold)

Murtha = Semper 1
'Nuff said!

Allen, this is twice now in... (Below threshold)

Allen, this is twice now in five minutes that I've heard you use the "well, they do it too," argument.

Cheney told someone to get fucked once. Ooooh. You want to hold him responsible for that with nary a word for Murtha's outburst, threatening and shouting down a Congressman on the house floor, against House rules.

In another thread you imply that the "puggies" needed to clean house (completely ignoring that corruption does not recognize party lines) with nary a word for the kleptocracy that is the World Bank and the UN.

A little one-sided, aren't we?

The Politico again? I thin... (Below threshold)

The Politico again? I think I'll wait for confirmation.

Did they run out of haircut material?

You only get half a point f... (Below threshold)

You only get half a point for that half assed ad hom, mantis. A bowl cut, so to speak.

OysterIt's a post ... (Below threshold)


It's a post about folks whining about Murtha, isn't it?

Actually, allen, 'Go fuck y... (Below threshold)

Actually, allen, 'Go fuck yourself' is a lot more benign than 'You'll never get another earmark'. And a whole lot less corrupt, too.

Golly, the tone of these co... (Below threshold)

Golly, the tone of these comments is so - puerile is the only word that comes to mind.

FACT - the post was about MURTHA. You know who he is, right? He's the Congressman that lied about the Marine's actions in Haditha (Keep up folks - the marines were cleared). He's the divisive cretin who is part of the so-called "most ethical congress" in history - with pork drippings all over his trousers and his nose growing hourly due to the endless stream of lies emanating from his mouth - the one who has the GALL to threaten a fellow Congressman ON THE FLOOR OF the U. S. House of Representatives - not once but twice - with retaliatory actions if the other Congressman (a member of another political party, no less) doesn't fall in line and do precisely what Jack Murtha wants him to do - without question.

Playing that infantile "moral equivalence" game is not a worthwhile activity, folks. Wrongdoing is wrongdoing - whether committed by a Democrat or a Republican.

Jack Murtha is the problem, Jack Murtha is the topic. Only someone with no or weak arguments in favor of Jack Murtha tries to change the subject from Jack Murtha to other people who may be facing ethics charges.

Jack Moore is despicable, demented, nasty and - given the place and volume involved in his two egregious violations of House Rules - probably well over the line into senility.

Jack Moore is probably a ni... (Below threshold)

Jack Moore is probably a nice fellow - I mistyped MURTHA!

Gayle, you forgot about the... (Below threshold)

Gayle, you forgot about the tape of him taking money. Shellshocking, that one. Irey'll get 'im next time. He's a mess.

you know who he is, righ... (Below threshold)

you know who he is, right? He's the Congressman that lied about the Marine's actions in Haditha (Keep up folks - the marines were cleared).

Gayle, the marines were cleared? Since when? As far as I've read, some of those involved have been given immunity to testify (not the same thing as being cleared), four have been charged with murder and four officers with dereliction, and Article 32 hearings just began in at least one case last week. Do you have some information the rest of us aren't privy to?

Examine the rules and revie... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Examine the rules and review Murtha's behavior. Even the most loyal of dimocrats should recognize a violation of the established rules. Exceptions to be made for the likes of BarneyG and his ilk, as they refuse truth in any form.

This will be an interesting... (Below threshold)

This will be an interesting case. Murtha pretty clearly exceeded the rules of engagement.

This was all about earmarks... (Below threshold)

This was all about earmarks?

Funny, I thought the Democrats promised to severely limit earmarks and other pork incentives that seem to lead to corruption.

For those of you who think ... (Below threshold)

For those of you who think the 100 hour thing worked out, it didn't.

They promised a lot, and passed bills that did a LITTLE of what they promised.

First off, the primary promise (and the first one Pelosi made): "Day One: Put new rules in place to 'break the link between lobbyists and legislation.'" This did not happen. At all. As a matter of fact, they made things worse. One of the main things they promised was to end earmarking. As events this week show, they seem to have forgotten that one (see the post at the top of the page). This was supposed to take up only the first ten hours, and be done before anything else was even considered.

Then there's the rest, like saying they were going to implement the 9/11 Commission recommendations, but only doing a couple of things (the least useful ones). They did manage to raise the minimum wage, managed to approve a bill that will eventually decrease interest rates for college loans, passed a minor bill that was supposed to cut subsidies to oil companies (but didn't really accomplish what they said it did, and didn't touch about 98% of subsidies), didn't actually block the privatization of Social Security, completely blew their promise on no new deficit spending, and managed to approve "negotiating" with drug companies over the price of Medicare drugs (with no teeth in it).

Of course, most of the things they passed haven't even made it past the Senate, much less into law. But you knew they wouldn't.

Harball politics, eh JFO... (Below threshold)

Harball politics, eh JFO? I haven't closely followed the Delay case so all I'll say is if he did something illegal, throw his ass in the slammer.

They're currently trying to overturn the court ruling(for the 2nd time) that you can't indict Delay for commiting a crime that wasn't a cirme when he was supposed to have commited it.

I have no idea if there is anything to the money laundering charges but to put it nicely Ronnie Earle is a retard.

Poor Mr. barneyGRUBBLE got ... (Below threshold)

Poor Mr. barneyGRUBBLE got his feelings hurt. What a baby.

"We did what we promised we would do," Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Friday, "This is just the beginning. ... I'm very proud of what our Congress has done." (In ref the the first 100 hours)

It's already been outlined the tripe that passed for legislation in that first 100 hours.

As for the 100 days, they passed even less important tripe.

Murtha is history and i suspect as the election gets closer those closest to him will suffer at the ballot box.

Of course, most of the t... (Below threshold)

Of course, most of the things they passed haven't even made it past the Senate, much less into law. But you knew they wouldn't.

Except for raising the minimum wage, which made it to Bush's desk, and he vetoed. But you knew he would.

Actually, allen, 'Go fuc... (Below threshold)

Actually, allen, 'Go fuck yourself' is a lot more benign than 'You'll never get another earmark'. And a whole lot less corrupt, too.

Where does "change your vote or I'll make sure your son never gets elected" fall on your measuring scale?

The Dims passed nothing of ... (Below threshold)

The Dims passed nothing of significance in the last "hour hours" or whatever you want to call it.


It's all fluff, like John Edwards hair.

Brian, you don't seriously ... (Below threshold)

Brian, you don't seriously contend what I say, do you?

Your response was in agreem... (Below threshold)

Your response was in agreement, wasn't it?

Oyster, Taltos et a... (Below threshold)

Oyster, Taltos et al:

I don't know how you wingnuts went from my comment about "hardball" politics to inferring I accused Terminex Tom "The Bug" Delay of committing a crime. You must think he did since it seems to be on your mind. But you wingnuts have your panties all in a wad, hollering tsk, tsk, waiving your hankies and practically falling over faint about a hardball political tactic by the opposition. Come now whizzers have you forgotten how the congress was run the last 10 years or so.

Or, are you just that dishonest? Kinda like cirby who gets nailed with his inane comment that the 100 hour "thing" never happened, then changes the subject to criticize it. Well, at least you finally went and actually read something about something.

That's not an answer.... (Below threshold)

That's not an answer.

Oyster, Taltos et al:<br... (Below threshold)

Oyster, Taltos et al:

I don't know how you wingnuts went from my comment about "hardball" politics to inferring I accused Terminex Tom "The Bug" Delay of committing a crime.

1.) I'm far from a "wingnut"

2.) I wasn't even responding to you.

3.) He said he hadn't followed the case and I merely gave him a brief summary of where it stands.

JFO:I don't kn... (Below threshold)


I don't know how you wingnuts went from my comment about "hardball" politics to inferring I accused Terminex Tom "The Bug" Delay of committing a crime.

Maybe, just maybe because by going off the topic (Murtha) and onto a tangent (Delay) it implies you may believe what Delay did or didn't do was of a criminal nature.

But you knew that and have to flail about in justification of going off topic now.

Or you're just ignorant, which may be the case as indicated by the continued and childish use of "wingnut."

Or you're just ignorant,... (Below threshold)

Or you're just ignorant, which may be the case as indicated by the continued and childish use of "wingnut."

As opposed to your continued and sophisticated use of "barneyGRUBBLE"?

A senile person can't be he... (Below threshold)

A senile person can't be held liable for their actions so Murtha is safe by current law.

I just want to make sure people like Murtha, Kennedy, Soros and their ilk (and you idiot supporters also) know, one morning you won't wake up and what you did will be forgotten 30 minutes after the dirt hits the casket. Oh, they will fight to divede whatever you leave and that's it. You are outstanding at nothing and will leave nothing but bad memories which everyone chooses to forget, fast.

Brian:As oppos... (Below threshold)


As opposed to your continued and sophisticated use of "barneyGRUBBLE"?

Why thank you for noticing.

JFO, if DeLay ever did anyt... (Below threshold)

JFO, if DeLay ever did anything like this he would have been crucified... even more than he's already been:


Face it, a Democrat can get a BJ on the oval office and is beloved by his followers. A Republican gets a BJ 14 years ago and conservatives are ready to burn him at the stake. You can't compare liberal indiscretions and criminal activity, which nobody thinks twice about, to Republican trifles.

Allen Allen Allen, if you'r... (Below threshold)

Allen Allen Allen, if you're going to quote the vernacular, please take the care to do it accurately.

Dick Cheney didn't tell Pat Leahy to "get fucked." He told him to "go fuck himself."

There's a world of difference, semantically and literally. One implores the object to be the passive recipient of an invasive act, whether welcomed or unwelcomed. The other suggests that the recipient attempt to engage in a physiologically impossible activity.

And while one might argue about the propriety of the Vice President of the United States using such vernacular, there is little doubt (at least here) that the recipient of the remark deserved it.

People voted for a change.<... (Below threshold)

People voted for a change.

They didn't get a change.

What they got was "elections have consequences and now I AM THE QUEEEEEEN!!! And Murtha acting like being in "power" means other legislators have to do it his way, or else! You've got the Dem leadership holding court and demanding the observance of their juniors in their own party, playing power politics. And now with Murtha, acting like they can rule the opposition as well.

Now, unlike some, I don't think that this behavior will have consequences AT ALL, because I think that the average Dem voter most heartily approves of this behavior. People who voted for Murtha will vote for him again. People who are glad of Pelosi will see her little Queen of Hearts moments as a symbol of her power and efficacy.

Democrats like this stuff. By all indications they do prefer it.

a little off topic..not Mur... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

a little off topic..not Murtha..old news but still

10 May 2007 // Washington, DC - Today, it was reported that the House Republican Steering Committee has chosen Rep. Ken Calvert (R-CA) to replace Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) on the House Appropriations Committee. Rep. Doolittle stepped down from his committee assignment last month after his home was raided by the FBI.

According to news reports, last year Rep. Calvert was passed over for an appropriations spot because of concerns regarding his use of earmarks for personal gain. Ironically, given that Rep. Doolittle was forced out of his seat because of the raid, the FBI has been investigating Rep. Calvert for nearly a year."

nogo:a little ... (Below threshold)


a little off topic..not Murtha..old news but still

Master at stating the obvious aren't you.

Not to mention, as is your norm, wildly off topic.

Hey, it's the 'Say Que's' k... (Below threshold)

Hey, it's the 'Say Que's' key encanta.

nogo, that IS old news. Mu... (Below threshold)

nogo, that IS old news. Murtha brazenly threatens people and gets caught doing it on camera. Calvert did everything he's supposed to do to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and gets cleared by the Ethics Committee. Gee, which one gets me more fired up?

Nogo , jfo , brian , lee ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

Nogo , jfo , brian , lee , Barney and friends are only here to "POP SMOKE". You know exacty what I mean don't ya Nogo?

Murtha , self appointed attack dog of the criminal party of perpetual fraud has become more rabid since his being rejected for a leadership position. All this desire to debate the issues from so many who instantly tuck tail and run or "POP SMOKE" when the topic for discussion is about their party of criminal frauds.

The Party of Democrats is a lost cause. They have polluted and infected everything and everyone with their "Political Correct" BS and their relentless lies , fraud and deceit they pass off as "it's just Politics". There are too many Democrat like symptoms or behaviors that plague many in the Republican Party because of it. It all has to go, Republicans have got to wake up and shake the disease. We don't need to add any more Laws to the "DO NOT ENFORCE LIST".






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