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What Is, Is What? Immigration Reform and Congress

There are some things that you just know are a bad idea. Leaving teenagers unsupervised on a weekend. Letting the neighbor who can't even remember your name "borrow" your new rider mower. And trusting a "bipartisan" bill from Congress.

What a piece of work, this latest thing on "Immigration Reform".

It's got something for everyone, which is what usually happens when committees of poll-driven narcissists put out public policy. There are Republicans who like it, there are Republicans who hate it, there are Democrats who like it, there are Democrats who hate it, there are both Republicans and Democrats who won't say whether they like it until they find out from their staff which position is more poll-popular in their state or district. The whole issue of Immigration Reform has been a total mess for years, and it's not as if putting Pelosi and Reid in charge of the whorehouse has improved the character of the lineup.

As you might expect, I give President Bush a little slack for this. The GOP-controlled Congress sat on its hands rather than deal with this for years, so it's not as if he could expect Donkey Kong to get it right. And like it or not, President Bush's 2007 position on Immigration Reform is the same as it was in 2000 when he first ran for President.

On the other hand, I have to say this bill will hurt Bush in the long term. Most of his decisions were made with a proper attention to the ethical results, doing what was right rather than what was easy or popular. I think that in this case, however, the results as time passes will be disappointing, because of one critical flaw in the bill.

Oh, the bill has more than one flaw in it. As self-serving political postures go, this one actually has some good points, but also more than a few warts. But there is one aspect to it, which is so serious that even if the rest of the bill was perfect in its intent and design, would doom it to failure.


People who work with Immigration and who know the issues first-hand, have always said that a lot of the problems we face could be solved by simply enforcing the laws which are already on the books. There are a number of reasons why this has not happened, including friction between local and federal law enforcement agencies, politics played by local governments which do not wish to obey the law themselves, and gaps in the legislation which need to be fixed. Congress, as you might guess, is not in the habit of going back and fixing its mistakes, and the Pelosi/Reid team is not about to show the maturity and diligence needed to address the matter in depth now. And the present bill demonstrates that fact. There is no mention about how the fence being built will be repaired when, as is inevitable, 'coyotes' and leftist activists cut into it. There is no mention about who will prosecute the businesses caught hiring illegals, or how they will be caught (It's already illegal now, you know, just not enforced). And so on.

The Senate ought to vote this bill down, but it will not. Bush ought to veto this bill, but he won't. And we ought to know better than to believe that this Congress would seriously try to address the flood of illegals crossing the border, but you know Katie Couric, Brian Williams, and Charles Gibson will sing the praises of Senora Pelosi for a long time on this.

At least with the teenagers, you could ground them.


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Comments (51)

I have an 'F' in Spanish on... (Below threshold)

I have an 'F' in Spanish on my college transcript on the way to frosh grades to rival Bush and Kerry, but I learned a lot of Spanish. Possibly the peak of my academic career.

Opening the borders with Me... (Below threshold)

Opening the borders with Mexico is the equivalent of the Republican Party committing suicide. The immigration bill will add millions of Hispanic voters to the rolls who will automatically vote for any candidate with a (D) next to their name.

Image a President Edwards giving away free health care to 12 million immigrants and adding million more immigrants each year to the rolls for free healthcare, free housing, free education, etc. There will not be enough money in the eocnomy with which to pay all of the taxes needed to funded the social welfare state for all of the new immigrants.

What good is this bill when... (Below threshold)

What good is this bill when we keep putting our Border Patrol in prison on trumped up bullshit charges while paying legal fees for illegal alien drug runners.

Kiss that $100 a month Social Security check goodbye that you would expect to get in 20 years after paying over $140,000 into the ponzi scheme.

I want to give up . I will ... (Below threshold)

I want to give up . I will sacrafice my vote on the alter of exhaustion.And quit caring.

Another ten million immigra... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Another ten million immigrants in the next ten years? Projected costs of over 2.5 trillion dollars? Glad that I won't have to bear the consequences of what the future holds. Well banana republic here we come. Now what are we going to do when boatlads of Indians and Chinese show up?

10 million in 10 years? It... (Below threshold)

10 million in 10 years? It will be at least that coming over the border for the 2012 amnesty.

This is bullshit. No enforcement and the tax payer is going to take it up the ass to subsidize all these millions of high school drop outs so some elites can get their lawns cut. Bull shit.


The bill is a prime example... (Below threshold)

The bill is a prime example of a camel is a horse built by committee and in this case the "hump" is trillions pissed down a rat hole.

One other glaring omission, at least one I haven't seen recounted, is how this will be paid for.

I'm guessing they believe in part by the $5.000 dollar "fine" to be paid to become legal.

If so they are sadly mistaken. I just saw a snippet of a story on a group of immigrants that were protesting this bill. (not sure what city)

One self admitted illegal remarked on the fine, (paraphrased) They (Congress) want to do all this for us, they want our labor, but they want us to "pay $5,000 dollars!"

The itals and quotes indicate the obvious disdain shown in his voice he had for the idea of paying.

If he is anything close to a general attitude Congress' little plan for a fine will be a dismal failure.

They won't pay and will remain underground.

I don't think it'll pass. A... (Below threshold)

I don't think it'll pass. After the long run in power they've enjoyed the Republicans still haven't warmed up to the idea of compromise - it's only been a few months, and the ability to compromise will likely take years to filter through the Republican mindset.

The lack of willingness to compromise will further cement an even greater shift in power to the blue side in the 2008 election, imho - but I'm guessing you knew I'd say that.... :)

And we all guess you would ... (Below threshold)

And we all guess you would ignore the dems ability to compromise as well Lee.

And we were right.

Lee, I don't think you real... (Below threshold)

Lee, I don't think you really care one wit about any Mexican coming here and becoming an American and making this country even better. You guys only look at that them as another voting bloc you can put under your collectivist thumb.

Right, they're not coming h... (Below threshold)

Right, they're not coming here for more plantation work.

"And we all guess you wo... (Below threshold)

"And we all guess you would ignore the dems ability to compromise as well Lee."

The bill itself is a bi-partisan compromise, so the Democrats in power have already bowed to Bush to some extent, true?

and my guess is that the bill will get more Democrats voting for it than Republicans, but let's see what happens.

As tempting as it is to say... (Below threshold)

As tempting as it is to say "The hell with the Republicans" over this, and it is very tempting, we are still at war and Repubiclans are still our only hope of winning.

If you, Lee, think the majo... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

If you, Lee, think the majority of Americans, both Dimocrat and Republican favor this sort of compromise you missed what the Republican house passed as an immigration bill last time. Check out, lee, just how popular the Dimocratic leadship is with the people. Latest poll shows them below Bush, and they have not had the MSM beat on them for 6 years. That is quite an accomplishment. Only something lefty dimocrats like you could do. Two years and out.

You give congress too much ... (Below threshold)

You give congress too much credit calling them teenagers. They are more like an unsupervised pre-school class. If brains was dynamite there wouldn't be enough in the entire congress to give a small flea a good sneeze.

All the buzz today was about stupid people passing an immigration bill that will result in the destruction of the United States. This is from all walks of live, democrat, republican and ind. Take a poll tomorrow (a truthful one) and the congress won't have a 10% approval rate. The president will another point or two also. I never heard one person stand up for any of the politicians so guess they are now all in the same sack, a SOS.

C'mon..you all pretend like... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

C'mon..you all pretend like this subject has not been visited here before...
President Bush supports this...
Yeah we all want it both ways..
either you reject Bush on this..or you do not...
As our President supports this..any attempt to parlay this as an evil Dem position..just demonstrates how far removed some folks...just may be..

No Go, Already Postal (suic... (Below threshold)

No Go, Already Postal (suicidal): President Bush supports the criminal Mexicans and supports immigration. We don't know if he does or will support this disaster. We only know what the lying MSM has told us and they don't have a good accuracy record on anything. Only he can verify that when he signs or veto's it. I will never vote for his as president again anyway. In about 19 months he's history. Wish I had a smiley to put here.
People who lose two presidential elections in a row sure take it hard. Like the pee wee league team that finished last. Crying on their hotdogs, not an adult in the entire democrat party.

Bush will go down in histor... (Below threshold)

Bush will go down in history as a modern Benedict Arnold. He is a traitor and deserves a traitor's rope.

This bill and action loses ... (Below threshold)

This bill and action loses the war on terror. It is a surrender of our country. There is no reason to fight overseas if we surrender at home. Bring the military back so we can start the inevitable civil war and dissolution of the union from a position of strength.

Didn't Thomas Jefferson say... (Below threshold)

Didn't Thomas Jefferson say "We need a revolution every generation".

Fricking Congress makes laws with no desire to enforce them. Cities decide for themselves what laws to enforce. The country is rampant with illegal aliens, criminals who broke the law by sneaking across the border, stealing identities, stealing services, bankrupting hospitals, with their hands out all the time. Don't give me that crap about how hard working they are. I don't care, they broke the LAW and they are feeding at the trough of tax payers. Our prisons are full of illegals and they are coming over and dropping anchor babies left and right.

Why should we obey ANY laws? Why should we pay taxes? Since Congress and local government decides which laws they don't want to enforce, why enforce the tax code? Equal Rights, right?

I think we are a generation over due for a revolution.

Thank God for the 2nd Amendment! It's there to prevent tyranny and libs can't do anything about it.

An astute analysis. We dif... (Below threshold)

An astute analysis. We differ on how we should handle illegal immigration but I do agree with pretty much everything you wrote. This bill is awful, and what is with the rush to vote on it ? It's 1000 pages long and they want to vote to end debate Monday! Hopefully someone in the Senate will step up and just claim how ridiculous this is, but somehow I doubt it.

Of course there is always the House, and I don't think this bill can pass ther.

nogo postal - NO shit we ca... (Below threshold)

nogo postal - NO shit we can't have it BOTH ways.

Bush, Democrats, and SOME Republicans, whoever is for this AMNESTY bill are all in the same category.

This bill will destroy this country....

WE need strong deportation enforcement, strong border security with action, strong penalty's for businesses who hire ILLEGAL workers, and a better process to help legal incoming foreigners to become citizens.

Very simple to work out.....but the selfish agendas of the left and SOME on the right screw it all up.

But then again, if this bills goes on to become law, I'm with BILLYBOB !!! ALL the way!

Bush solemly swore to faith... (Below threshold)

Bush solemly swore to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

With this bill he violates his oath of office. Time to impeach him.

I support the bill, but wit... (Below threshold)

I support the bill, but with big reservations. I think the border enforcement should be deadly serious, but I don't trust Congress or a Pres. to be straight about it.

Dims are playing for votes; Repubs want to deal with the issue of 12 Mil. illegals who aren't going to be deported. We turned our heads for 20+ years and let them in, now we have to deal with it.

We can't pretend we didn't realize our gardner, lawn guy, house contractor, and food suppliers were all staffed with illegals. We have some responsibility for this, too.

Why repeat the same mistake... (Below threshold)

Why repeat the same mistakes from 1986? They didn't enforce it then, but they promised. Why would they enforce whatever the hell their 1,000 pages of BS that they are ramming down our throats now? Their credibility is zero on this.

We deal with it by prosecuting business that employ them while turning a blind eye. We don't give them tax payer funded services. Let the charitable organizations do all they want, but don't force Americans to pay for criminal action.

Our responsibility is to escort them to the border and bid them well down South.

Get guns, lots of guns and ... (Below threshold)

Get guns, lots of guns and ammo. We are going to be needing them sooner than we want to admit.

This talk about "hurting Bu... (Below threshold)

This talk about "hurting Bush" is so irrelevant... GWB is a lame duck, it makes no sense to talk about hurting or helping him...

More importantly, the immigration legislation is what you get when a you have a committee of life-long politicians "gerrymandering" the US constituency for their own long term benefits.

Perhaps the most important of all points though, and one many ofyou may not appreciate, is that this bill could really be the best one you will ever get. Like it or not, demographics count. Popping out babies counts. Numbers count.

The reason you see what is happening (such as now both AZ senators working together on this issue, or the LA mayor taking the side or rioters over policeman) is that the pro-migrant group (for lack of a better term) will literally outnumber the build-the-fence crowd, in a short matter of time. If I were running for office I for one certainly would gear my campaigning in light of demographic studies... remember I would not only want to be elected now but also in 10 years, may in 30 if possible.

This bill destroys the GOP ... (Below threshold)
Kasper Hauser:

This bill destroys the GOP and pretty much destroys the country as we know it. Get ready for a South American style republic here in the U.S. in the near future.

(Heck, what am I saying? We got one know under Jorge Bush.)

Today I switched my voter registration to independent. Since the GOP leaders want a Democratic super-majority, we might as well give it to them. The Grand Old Party is dead. Best not try and resusciatate it, but bury it quickly instead. Maybe in 10 or 15 years we can get a worthy replacement, but we need to start building it today--and we can't do it with that old dead elephant stinking up the place.

As for George Bush? Impeach him. I support whatever stupid reasons for impeachment that the Democrats come up with. They'll be fallacious of course, but the President deserves impeachment for his refusal to enforce the laws of the land and for gross incompetence in governing the country.

All about vote buying. I p... (Below threshold)

All about vote buying. I pity my future grandchildren. The LA Mayor is a La Raza punk anyway. He can have LA and the whole state of California. White flight will start soon and the state will be reduced to what is now Mexico. Corrupt with people who won't speak English.

A fe quick questions for ev... (Below threshold)
weback haitian:

A fe quick questions for everyone who wants to play the victima nd skirt responsibility:

Did you vote for Bush in 2000?

Did you know his stance on illegal immigration while Gov. of Texas/

If you answer "yes" to Q #2 and Q #1, why are you complaning for getting exactly what you ordered?

If you answered "yes" to Q #1 but no to Q #2, Why wasn't has stance on illegal immigration important in 2000?

Hey Weback haitian,<p... (Below threshold)

Hey Weback haitian,

While I disagree with W's globalist vision, he's still 1 gazillion better than AlGore or Lurch, so swim back to your tropical island.

Testing....... (Below threshold)


90% of the commenters expre... (Below threshold)

90% of the commenters express shock (shock!!) that W has * not fought/has engineered/is dancing the two-step * over this sell-out of his own country. But of course it's considered a "conspiracy theory" to mention that inherent in his chamber of commerce-oriented policies, the big businesses who benefit have been financing the illegal immigrant pressure groups that are demanding "comprehensive immigration reform". Example: who funds La Raza? Wal-Mart.
The tax-exempt/financed Ford Foundation (the MAIN LaRaza funding source) announced long ago (1954), that the US would be FORCED to abandon the idea of the nation-state (BORDERS).

1954 - H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., President - Ford Foundation said to Norman Dodd of the Congressional Reese Commission:

"... all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives... from the White House... . The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

Sure, the USSR is defunct, but the USSR wasn't the point. The point IS: free traffic in goods and labor supply for maximum profit for the investors. UN,MFT, NAFTA,GATT, WTO and now the birth of SPP (North American Union bordering Guatemala and the north pole).

I hope Bush can't distract you any longer with his staged war production. Three card monte is for suckers.

Let's get a Ron Paul wave going!

My goodness, there do seem ... (Below threshold)

My goodness, there do seem to be a few conservatives in need of some anti-depressants in here.

The most memorable comment was Scraprion's:

All the buzz today was about stupid people passing an immigration bill that will result in the destruction of the United States.

Really? The destruction of the United States? Isn't that a bit over the top?

This combination of RINO fa... (Below threshold)
Atomic Conspiracy:

This combination of RINO fatcats and leftist vermin, is an alliance made in HELL, the twenty-first century's version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939.

Its goal is the same, the dismemberment and subjugation of an independent country.

In some ways the present deal with Satan is worse. It wasn't the Polish leadership itself that sold out its own country to foreign invaders, but that is what Bush and his fellow invasion instigators have done.

Larkin, REalizing ... (Below threshold)


REalizing that importing millions of poor, uneducated immigratns from third world countries will destroy the U.S. Just look at the flight of whites and blacks from California to see what is happening. Look at hellholes like El Paso, Laredo, or Brownsville, Texas where English is no longer used and whites no longer live.

Which country are my children and grand children supose to immigrate to after the current leaders turn the entire U.S. into Mexico City?

The gop racists are really ... (Below threshold)

The gop racists are really showing their asses in this post.

Hey superdestroyer.....why wait? get the fuck out now and take all your relatives with you, you won't be missed.

Scrapiron: "All the buzz... (Below threshold)

Scrapiron: "All the buzz today was about stupid people passing an immigration bill that will result in the destruction of the United States."

Gee, let's not get emotional about this issue, Scrappy.... Try Prozac, I hear it works wonders for the severely depressed.

jeff, being downright neigh... (Below threshold)

jeff, being downright neighborly. You just want to go to the garage sale.

Oh, this one was funny: ... (Below threshold)

Oh, this one was funny: "90% of the commenters express shock (shock!!) that W has * not fought/has engineered/is dancing the two-step * over this sell-out of his own country."

We're not shocked - we're pissed.

And what of your beloved Dem "leaders"? What role have they played in this "sell-out"? Oh, that's right, for Dems it's not the action or even the result - it's the "intention". Which did you vote for in the last election, or the one before, or the one before that?

I get tired of those who criticize those who voted for Bush based on issues like this. Yet they voted for the very Dem Reps who are orchestrating it. They criticize Republicans for excessive spending, yet vote for Dems who are just as guilty as anyone of inserting pork into every budget.

We hear screaming and yelling about how Bush "cut spending" for this or that, then scream just as loud about how much was spent.


Best way to secure the bord... (Below threshold)

Best way to secure the borders is to start shooting the sob's when one foot hits on USA soil. Will not take long to get thier attention.

Psst bryanDirtbag-Area 51 is open today.
"Lee Ward"-- blue needs you-bad-way behind in your comments section.

The gop racists ar... (Below threshold)
The gop racists are really showing their asses in this post.

Hey superdestroyer.....why wait? get the fuck out now and take all your relatives with you, you won't be missed.
Posted by: jeff at May 19, 2007 09:37 AM

Aww, like a good little liberal, you throw around the racist label without really realizing what it is you're talking about.

This has nothing to do with racism, it has to do with simply signing the damn guestbook, not just trapsing across the border and suckling the government teet and not even trying to become an American citizen. Most illegals have a disdain for that notion. Most of them come here to send money back home to Mexico and not even trying to speak English. Go try that in Mexico once. See how far you get.

Meanwhile, those who do wish to come here legally and want to participate in the American dream seem to be shut out for years. Why is that? Is it because they'd probably think for themselves and wouldn't need the donkeys leading them around by hook *and* crook?

If he is anything ... (Below threshold)
wave man:
If he is anything close to a general attitude Congress' little plan for a fine will be a dismal failure.

They won't pay and will remain underground.

Posted by: marc at May 18, 2007 05:56 PM

I have to agree. Not only will this bill be a dismal failure not only because of the opposition by average citizens, it will fail for lack of cooperation on those being granted a 'path to citizenship'.

The majority of illegals here today are here to work, not to become citizens and assimilate, to blend into the "great melting pot". The European and other immigrants of the last couple of centuries wanted their kids to become Americans. Learn the language, become part of the culture. They wanted a better life, not necessarily for themselves, but for their children.

No, today, we see "undocumented workers" sneaking in, working, and sending the majority of their pay back home. As expressed, give 'em citizenship, blanket amnesty, free of charge, and they will be happy. They will keep their culture and language. God forbid, they have to do something to earn it or pay for it. They will just stay the way they are.

Jeff, Every libera... (Below threshold)


Every liberal and Democrat seems to be endorsing the culture of Mexico that when your home country is screwed up and times are bad, people should leave.

So when the immigration bill is passed and most of America becomes like El Paso or East L.A., I am asking where my familiy is suppose to flee. Because if anything, the hispanic immigrants have already shown they are unwilling to work to improving where they live but just want to keep moving to greener pastures.

Today we find that Bush ... (Below threshold)

Today we find that Bush is down to 34 percent approval (up to 64 percent disapproval) on the the one poll most favorable to him: Rasmussen

Rasmussen suggests that the reason for Bush's recent decline may well be Bush's immigration policy. In other words, Bush is losing at least a portion of the hate-filled xenophobes from his base. Whatever the case, it's most unlikely that any of this will be helping Rudy G.

superdestroyer:Aus... (Below threshold)


Australia. I'm 57 and will probably be dead before my neck of the woods is invaded. I live rual Ohio. I am recommending my stepson with the master's degree in IT start his immigration process now before they catch on and keep the americanos out. It is an island and nobody can just walk there. I lived most of my adult life in L. A. and Texas. so I moved where I thought I could get away from the invasion. I am already seeing criminal alien in wal-mart. There is no hole deep enough in america.

And what of your beloved De... (Below threshold)

And what of your beloved Dem "leaders"?_oyster

I'm a republican, libtard. And I refused (REFUSED!) to vote for the rich kid, Bush, which is more than can be said of (let me take a WILD guess:) YOU.

So, in answer to your question: None of the above. When it comes to the presidential ballot, I haven't R or D since 1984 (Reagan).

I voted for Paul (Libertarian) in 1988.

Remember, a bad Republican is much more dangerous than a bad Democrat. While a Dem can give away the store in the dark, a Republican can more easily bend the law to make such perfidy legal.
It's one of those pesky dichotomies that illustrate why Bushbots shouldn't vote. Too much Me-Too-ism in their mindset.

That's my opinion. And I'm wiser than you.

Off-topic, but germain to B... (Below threshold)

Off-topic, but germain to Bushbotic mini-mind-meldiness I remarked on above: Rerun of Glen Beck, on now: His apology to the audience: that he took Sheryl Crow's one TP square parody seriously... DOI!!!!!!

bryanD, there is help for p... (Below threshold)
Dr Phil:

bryanD, there is help for people who want to get off Crack Cocaine, Rosie O'Donnell, or who are addicted to Internet Porn.

Please call for help before it's too late.

bryanDirtbag-they found a "... (Below threshold)

bryanDirtbag-they found a "strange" piece of metal
in Area 51. Most believe that it came from the WTC. Being that you are "wiser" than all the above, please check on it for us even if it takes 40 or 50 years before you can post again.

The Party of Democrats ... (Below threshold)
Rob LA Ca.:

The Party of Democrats is a lost cause. They have polluted and infected everything and everyone with their "Political Correct" BS and their relentless lies , fraud and deceit they pass off as "it's just Politics". There are too many Democrat like symptoms or behaviors that plague many in the Republican Party because of it. It all has to go, Republicans have got to wake up and shake the disease. We don't need to add any more Laws to the "DO NOT ENFORCE LIST".

Lives were not sacrificed for this bullshit.






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