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Jobless and Hopeless

To cut costs and try to adapt to a changing marketplace, the company will trim 25 percent of its staff by the end of the summer.

'This is one of the biggest one-time hits we've heard about anywhere in the country,' said Tom Rosenstiel, director of an industry-watching think tank in Washington. 'That's not just trimming fat, that's an amputation. That's like losing a limb,' added Rosenstiel.

CEO Frank Vega declined to say whether the company is continuing to lose $1 million a week, as attorney Daniel Wall stated in court in November during a hearing on an antitrust lawsuit filed against the firm. 'It's fairly common knowledge that we have had a tough financial row here for several years. As we continue to evaluate our situation, unfortunately continued belt-tightening is necessary.'

Pretty grim, huh?


But those are the grim realities of working for a newspaper like the San Francisco Chronicle.

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How many days before the Pe... (Below threshold)

How many days before the Pelosi earmark gets proposed?

Whaaaat? Aren't the kooks ... (Below threshold)

Whaaaat? Aren't the kooks in San Fran buying that rag? I guess that's what happens when you print bullshit and get called on it daily by the blogs on the NET. MSM Print has NO credibility today. They aren't worth lining a bird cage.

More lib reporters on the dole now.

Pretty grim, huh?... (Below threshold)

Pretty grim, huh?

Exactly what happens in a rapid transition from "almost monopoly" to"extremely competitive".

The only story here is that it is happening to a newspaper. This sort of transition occurs almost daily in small business, and less frequently (but with more casualties) in mid cap and large businesses. For example, The Chronicle looses 100 (?)...AT&T shed 10,000 in one day. Look it up.

Corporate restructuring is difficult. The newspapers are just now learning their often repeated academic distinction describing the difference between recession and depression...that is , a recession is when your neighbor loses their job;a depression is when YOU lose your job. The old media is in a genuine depression.

Living in the rust belt, yo... (Below threshold)

Living in the rust belt, you had me worried there; until I saw the last line.

It is such a shame to see so many buggy-whip makers go at once, but it had to be done. I will feel sorry for every one of them that drives an American car though (all three of them).

Nothing funnier than people... (Below threshold)

Nothing funnier than people losing their jobs!

jp2, nothing funnier than a... (Below threshold)

jp2, nothing funnier than a bunch of liberal democrats that choose to work for and contibute Anti-American garbage to an Anti-American rag lose their job. Hope to see the LA and NY Slimes follow suit, or have they already let everyone go.

Hey Rust Belt, never owned a foreign made vehicle since a used TR-3 in the 60's and never will. I do so love to see the "American" people cut off their nose to spite their face. They're (foreign) better and get better gas milage is the biggest con job in history. Have a minor problem and buy the part and pay the repair bill. All of the savings go away with the first minor repair or tuneup. My neighbor (government employee) own's three late model Honda's and one or more of them is on jacks weekly. He spends his off hours keeping them running, but ask and they're good vehicles. Funny that my Ford F-150, FX-4 has only been in for repairs one time in almost 4 years and that was a warrenty repair.

Buy American and keep America working, that is after someone marches 12 million criminals south, way south. There is no such thing as an illegal, just a bunch of common criminals. Give them Amesty and every criminal in prison should be released and given the same.

I guess the Chronicle will ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I guess the Chronicle will just have to go back to the good old days of yellow journalism. That, and making stuff up. Yup, just like old times.

Ah, and my poor friends in the Bay Area. Now, instead of being grossly misinformed, they'll be totally misinformed. Not that there's much difference...

CEO Frank Vega said, "As we... (Below threshold)

CEO Frank Vega said, "As we continue to evaluate our situation", makes me wonder whether any thought into what they print comes into play?

It reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin said about the newspaper industry when he published his daily paper, while he had numerous competitors at the time. Franklin made a point to publish a paper that everyone could read, not being a liberal paper or a conversative paper, just providing UNBIASED reporting of the news of the day. He was one of the few, that realized biased reporting would alienate more than half of his potential readers, so as a result he would NOT bias his articles to fit a political aggenda.

And as a result, as everyone knows, he had the most popular, successful newspaper in Philadelphia and as a result became one of American's leading statesman.

Who was the last newspaper man that became a respected statesman? One just simply doesn't come to mind, why...liberal bias in reporting just doesn't appeal to enough people.........If a newspaper wants to survive today they should utilize Franklin's business model for publishing.

Nothing funnier than peo... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Nothing funnier than people losing their jobs!

Depends on what jobs we're talking about.

When the self-absorbed, slanted, biased, left-leaning self-righteous 'Fourth Estate' gets some of its comeuppance by losing readership, and thus jobs; then yeah, it is kinda funny.

Personally, I would like to see wheelchair builders lose their jobs because there were no more accidents that paralyzed people.

jp2 would rather keep paralyzing litte children just to keep the jobs. What a cold-hearted ghoul you are. Why do you hate so much?






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