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Cho Seung-Hui: Misguided Socialist?

Many times, dear reader, we, the crack young staff of "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," have taken aim at the loveable far-left lunatics at Counterpunch. And for good reason: Pound for pound, we'd wager that Counterpunch is amongst the very nuttiest outfits on Al Gore's World-Wide Web.

A delightful case in point is "Cho Seung-Hui Delivers His Message," a recent article by a woman called Susan Rosenthal, M.D. According to her "website," Dr. Rosenthal is a practicing doctor and psychotherapist, and her brief essay ably demonstrates that she ought to stop with the medical racket posthaste and check herself into a mental health clinic. In fact, her short article is a veritable locus classicus of pernicious nonsense.

In the essay in question, Dr. Rosenthal aims to get at the motivations behind Cho Seung-Hui's brutal attack at Virginia Tech. As such, she appears to be approximately a month behind every other half-wit psychologist who professed to understand Cho despite the minor wrinkle of never having met him.

Ah, but what Dr. Rosenthal's article lacks in timeliness it more than makes up for in deranged lunacy. First and foremost, we ought to mention that Dr. Rosenthal is a master at producing dubious "facts" without the merest shred of evidence. Why, just take a gander at the following claim from her piece:

In fact, racism kills 50 times more Americans every year than die at the hands of individual murderers.

How can one even begin to assess this unsupported claim? What the heck does it mean? Who gets to define what racism is, and exactly how does it relate to people's deaths? Naturally, this is nothing but fatuousness.

To this we should add Dr. Rosenthal's irksome desire to engage in ridiculously simplistic political hectoring:

Individual violence should be no surprise in a world that promotes violence as the solution to every problem. When President George W. Bush wanted Iraq,s [sic] oil, he didn,t [sic] offer to buy it; he didn,t [sic] negotiate for it; he took it by brute force, using the flimsiest excuses.

Well, it's a darn good thing that Dr. Rosenthal, despite her impressive education, isn't a political pundit. Her description of the Iraq War is so utterly tendentious as to be beneath contempt. Ah, yes: George W. Bush should have offered to purchase Iraqi oil. That would have saved everything. Can someone tell us why Susan Rosenthal, M.D. isn't secretary of state?

But, dear reader, it gets even better. According to Dr. Rosenthal--a practicing physician and psychotherapist--Cho's deadly assault was caused by...capitalism. Yeah, we know: That sounds too nuts to be true. Yet here it is:

We don,t [sic] need more ways to "manage" anger and punish angry people. We need to abolish the injustice that provokes anger. We need to create a world where everyone has equal worth, a caring society where the top priority is relieving human suffering. Profit-driven capitalism cannot do this. We need to build a socialist society that puts people first.

Yes, yes, yes: Evil American individualism forced Cho Seung-Hui to become a murderer. In short, Milton Friedman caused the Virginia Tech massacre.

Now do you see why we want Dr. Rosenthal committed? You'll notice, dear reader, that she offers not a whiff of evidence to support her claims. Have socialist governments throughout history promoted societies with uniformly lower murder/suicide rates than those of capitalistic democracies? Would collectivism really end youthful alienation? How do you know?

This, dear reader, is the most asinine charlatanry. Given that the article appeared at Counterpunch, we guess we should be glad that Dr. Rosenthal didn't blame Cho's rampage on Israel.

Perhaps another Counterpunch moron is working on just such a piece?

(Note: The crack young staff normally "weblog" at "The Hatemonger's Quarterly," where they are currently blaming the economics department at George Mason University for John Hinckley Jr.'s assassination attempt on President Reagan.)

Comments (16)

Hate to have her check my "... (Below threshold)

Hate to have her check my "gland". :)

Koo Koo!... (Below threshold)

Koo Koo!

It sounded more to me that ... (Below threshold)

It sounded more to me that Cho was motivated by class envy. Something I expect to be inspired by Rosenthal and her ilk.

Can someone tell us why... (Below threshold)

Can someone tell us why Susan Rosenthal, M.D. isn't secretary of state?

Um... let me take a stab at answering that:

Her sights are set of being Secretary of Energy?

There is all that oil in Iran after all, and well, we haven't plundered that place as yet.

She needs a DNA test to discover if she's Rep. Kucinich's Mother.

"In fact, racism kills 5... (Below threshold)

"In fact, racism kills 50 times more Americans every year than die at the hands of individual murderers."

Wow. That's really an amazing statement on several levels. I'm guessing that she believes that all minorities would normally be immortal except that evil white men stole it (and their wings) thus killing more than can normal murderers.

Of course, when you consider that the biggest group of murder victims in the US is blacks who have been killed by other blacks, I guess you have to make outrageously stupid statements to keep people distracted.

Well, we *could* have purch... (Below threshold)

Well, we *could* have purchased the oil.

And cheaper, too.

And somehow going over there and *taking* it hasn't, somehow, managed to make it our oil or push down gas prices...

Oh, I get it, she's an urban lady who doesn't drive.

What happened to all this o... (Below threshold)

What happened to all this oil Bush "took" from Iraq?

AFAIK, we've paid for any we've bought.

Rosenthal seems to have indulged herself in psychotropic drugs.

The part where she talks ab... (Below threshold)

The part where she talks about Cho's parents valuing him and thus causing his reaction when the world didn't value him is bizarre. She has spent too much time with people whose lack of hold on reason is pathological to recognize it in herself. I really don't blame her; reasoning isn't a very necessary part of her armamentarium. But, lots of psychotics have a lot more tightly reasoned reality than she does.

She obviously has been enli... (Below threshold)

She obviously has been enlightened by our esteemed institutions of higher learning.

You called it there. The d... (Below threshold)

You called it there. The dream of Academia lives on; contemplation for its own sake is worthwhile, but much of what goes on at institutions of higher learning constitute more than just a waste of time, or an irrelevancy in avocation preparation; it's become a gathering storm of intellectual inadequacy.

People like Susan Rosenthal... (Below threshold)

People like Susan Rosenthal, M.D. always show up to protect mass murderers. Just look at how many 'educated', (a joke), women go to the local prisons and help murderers they never knew excape, and/or marry condemned prisoners. She and others like her need to sit in front of a mirrow and treat themselves for their own mental illness.

"The part where she talks a... (Below threshold)

"The part where she talks about Cho's parents valuing him and thus causing his reaction when the world didn't value him is bizarre."


"In fact, racism kills 50 t... (Below threshold)
John S:

"In fact, racism kills 50 times more Americans every year than die at the hands of individual murderers."

Actually it's true. Planned Parenthood locates most of its abortion clinics in poor African-American neighborhoods. Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Klan in its entire history. The black population has been reduced by 25% since 1972. This is what she meant. Right?

(shrug) How are her ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

How are her rantings different from any other far-Left partisan?

Someone buy this woman an a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Someone buy this woman an apostrophe, please?

The mind boggles that she c... (Below threshold)

The mind boggles that she can be trusted with a stethoscope. Or as she no doubt refers to it, "the cold as hell heart listener of Justice."

I thought Drs. of that caliber plot world takeovers from hollowed out volcanoes.






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