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Profile of evil

Just how allegedly evil is John Orlowski of Beverly, Massachusetts? Let us count the ways.

  • He was a convicted felon who was caught with 120 guns in his home.
  • He was later arrested and charged with possessing a machine gun.
  • He repeatedly violated restraining orders placed by his ex-wife.
  • He tried to hire a Crips gang member to kill his ex-wife, ex-mother-in-law, and 7-year-old daughter.
  • The gangsta was so appalled by the thought, he turned to the hated FBI and became an informer on the guy.

Yet, somehow, despite the two arrests for violations of restraining orders, possession of all those guns, and a machine gun, this felon (going by the Herald's story -- they call him a "felon" in the headline) was released on bail -- twice.

The only benefit of his incarceration, it seems, was that it let him meet the gang member and try to hire him to kill the women.

I find myself wondering just what in hell it takes to get locked up in Massachusetts -- and kept there.

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Just ask Willie Horton.... (Below threshold)

Just ask Willie Horton.

If you shot him while he br... (Below threshold)

If you shot him while he broke into your bedroom you would be locked up... for sure

apparently, the Amirault's ... (Below threshold)

apparently, the Amirault's know: make your continued incarceration important to the political career of some corrupt politician (I know it's redundant). If some political hack can make a campaign commercial about how great they are because you are in jail, that's where you will be.

Certainly not drowning a yo... (Below threshold)

Certainly not drowning a young woman and failing to contact the police.

Be a registered republican.... (Below threshold)

Be a registered republican.....

The only thing that comes to mind at the moment.

Jay Tea: "I find myself won... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea: "I find myself wondering just what in hell it takes to get locked up in Massachusetts -- and kept there."

Act "insensitive" to a protected class, of course. You know, like suggest everyone deserves equal treatment under the law, or something.

I guess its better to own 1... (Below threshold)

I guess its better to own 120 guns than just six.

jpm100, at least make an ar... (Below threshold)

jpm100, at least make an argument.

1) Not a felon. Really I shouldn't have to go further.
2) Acted to protect someone else.
3) You're a joke.

But this is Massachusetts, ... (Below threshold)

But this is Massachusetts, home of the "I can't believe it's not a felony" homicide. We don't punish people for acts they've actually committed -- we have to protect society as a whole from an act anyone could commit.

Even the actual people who would commit the crime are always felons (or at least would be, if we called them that).

Remember, a suspicious individual with a sense of justice and weapons could do anything. A murderer, however, just made a mistake.

If that viewpoint doesn't scare you, I dunno what will.

Don't get so hyper you rais... (Below threshold)

Don't get so hyper you raise your blood pressure. Just remember, you are talking Ma. Has anything that isn't weird or stupid ever came from the state, other than an Interstate highway to get the he** out of there? Sorry for the 1% that live there that actually have a brain. Is it now called the 1% state?

Hell, the dunces in Mass. s... (Below threshold)

Hell, the dunces in Mass. send us both Teddy Kennedy AND John F'ing Kerry. And will continue to do so.....

If you are a conservative t... (Below threshold)

If you are a conservative they will arrest you and throw away the key for just about anything






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