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24 Season Finale Tonight

The two hour season finale of "24" airs tonight on Fox beginning at 8 p.m. EDT. I am curious to see whether or not they can tie up the rambling, sometimes very disconnected, plotlines that have gotten so much criticism this season. I am not counting on it though. The very least they can do to make up for what I believe is the weakest season of the series yet is to let Chloe kick some terrorist butt.

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I just watched the first ho... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I just watched the first hour and thought it was actually much better than the season has been. I think it is always better when Jack bucks CTU. It is also better when he is defending a loved one. Chloe passing out was interesting. I have a feeling she is not just tired.

Okay, Chloe didn't get to k... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Okay, Chloe didn't get to kick terrorist butt, but I guess that is a good thing since she is pregnant.

The first hour was pretty g... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

The first hour was pretty good, but the second was anti-climatic, except for Chloe being pregnant. I really hope they step things up next season. This season had its moments, but overall was a big disappointment.

the ending really sucked to... (Below threshold)

the ending really sucked tonight - I thought something explosive was supposed to happen (re: Tony comes back/Pres. Palmer dies/ Nina comes back) I have read so many spoilers - I am a HUGE 24 fan & this bites

Well, it all sets the stage... (Below threshold)

Well, it all sets the stage for Jack & Audrey to get back together next season, and I am sorry about all the 24ers who have been so hostile to Audrey. The story lost its climax when Fayed was defeated, so we might as well move on to the personal.

Does being pregnant qualify... (Below threshold)

Does being pregnant qualify as kicking serious ass?

I am with Amanda on wanting... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I am with Amanda on wanting to see Tony return. The way they had him die made no sense. His return would definitely help me forgive the failings of this season.

Hmmm...the return of Tony?<... (Below threshold)

Hmmm...the return of Tony?

How about Jack vs The Zombies as Season 7!

It was a weak ending.... (Below threshold)

It was a weak ending.

I would love to have Tony Almeida and/or Curtis Manning come back from the grave. Maybe a CTU zombie unit, with zombie Edgar running computer operations.

Okay, I can forgive all the... (Below threshold)

Okay, I can forgive all the weaknesses of this season and look forward to next year: Chloe and Morris are both alive and together!

I read that there'll be a whole new cast and new city. I hope Chloe and Morris check in from time to time. Note to the writers: avoid too many threads and make sure that the ones you have all tied together in the end--don't leave any hanging.

And I admit I'm surprised that it didn't turn out that Josh was really Jack's son.

The ending was mis-directio... (Below threshold)

The ending was mis-direction. The typical Hollywood schmaltzy ending would've had Jack picking up Audrey and cutting to them driving off in the desert somewhere. When that didn't happened, I actually thought Jack was going to jump off the cliff there. What does he have left now? Besides the stunning Rena Sofer and his "nephew".

I was surprised (early in t... (Below threshold)

I was surprised (early in the season) to learn Curtis died, only accepted it when the actor did an interview to say as much. I guess shoulder wounds are necessary fatal, even if a medical team is right there.

Tony *could* possibly resurface, but if Jack didn't call on him during *this* day, what could possibly encourage him to do so in the future?

That much said, why are so certain Philip Bauer is dead? He could have dragged himself into that water craft...

The 'personal' ending has always been at the end of every season of 24. No matter how great Jack's victory, something always isn't right.

I'll miss Bill; he can sure still kick butt.

And yes Next season will be... (Below threshold)
retired military:

And yes Next season will be this.

Jack's dad made it off the platform onto the boat and was picked up by the Chinese sub and he had the subcircuit board on him.

Remember the chinese guy said that the boat had a tracker on it and the sub would meet them.

Finally, can we stop talkin... (Below threshold)

Finally, can we stop talking about this fucking stupid show after the finale? Please?

They take the most interest... (Below threshold)

They take the most interesting character, Chloe, and relegate her to Mommy-To-Be status. BOORING! That's all the proof I needed that "24" 'jumped the shark' this season.

What was on the recording T... (Below threshold)

What was on the recording Tom Lennox gave to the VP? The VP had a poo eating grin when Tom put it on the table. I guess I missed that detail.

Once again, (in my personal... (Below threshold)

Once again, (in my personal opinion) Kiefer Sutherland hasn't disapointed us by playing the role of Jack Bauer. This season finale got me thinking,'What if I end up at crossroads one time like that someday?' I really do think that Jack Bauer is going to either leave CTU for good and keep in touch with Clohe, or go find Kim his daughter. You know what could be cool? In season one, we found out that Jack and Nina kinda had a thing with eachother, what if, Jack is having his life back when a love child daughter comes back and finds him, or he finds her?That would be cool.






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