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Elisabeth Must Be Counting the Days

Newsbusters has the latest Rosie rant, which was partly aimed at co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Rosie refused to own up to a comment she made about who the terrorists are and then tried to blame Elisabeth and the "crappy cable shows" she watches for it.

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If Elizabeth watches Hannit... (Below threshold)

If Elizabeth watches Hannity & Colmes for debate, then she is the dumb blonde that she portrays so well on The View.

For once you're right Wiede... (Below threshold)

For once you're right Wieder (partially) that Colmes is dumb, dumb....DUMB. And Hannity is hardly a cut above a clown.

But I guess you missed the part where she said she watched many news shows not a single network.

You'd know that assuming you read the post, but somehow given your past performance I doubt if you bothered and knee-jerked your way into looking the fool.


No BW, you knee-jerked into... (Below threshold)

No BW, you knee-jerked into an ASSumption, but then that is your forte.

And The "Rosebud" is? Wiene... (Below threshold)

And The "Rosebud" is? Wiener?

Wieder, it sucks to have yo... (Below threshold)

Wieder, it sucks to have your party's dirty laundry aired on Fox ain't it? Bet you miss the old days of the liberal monopoly.


Wieder is a win-ne and "lov... (Below threshold)

Wieder is a win-ne and "loves" that "plump" one on the view. Do you need to know more?

I think things are turning ... (Below threshold)

I think things are turning the corner. A republican was asked today why anyone went along with the Shamesty bill in congress. Reply, someone has to support it right up to the vote, then provide the democrats the rope to hang themselves. Right now the congressional leadership has organized a circular firing squad among themselves, the rope may not be needed.

How many empty brain democrats like Weider committed suicide today when the democrats said they would fully fund the war without all the Pork and surrender terms? Come on Weider, your AQ friends are getting ahead of you in the suicide line.

Now if we can get Jerkoff, head of the homeland insecurity office fired things will be really looking up. Jerkoff, the only U.S. attorney "not" fired by Slick Willie????? Guess we'll bring back Shrillary's lover 'Gorlick' and see if she can build some more walls to allow another 9-11.

Weider, you not only stick ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Weider, you not only stick your foot in your mouth, there are plenty of others to stick there feet in you mouth too. You just must like being so fucked up wrong. What ever you are smoking sure isn't making you smarter. Is it true you lust after Rosie?

Zelsdoofus Ragshitf the tur... (Below threshold)

Zelsdoofus Ragshitf the turd

You've got both of your storm boots as well as your head shoved up.

Weiner= Living proof, peopl... (Below threshold)

Weiner= Living proof, people who sniff paint should NOT have children. *smile*

I was waiting in line at th... (Below threshold)

I was waiting in line at the local deli and saw a snippet of this show; the whole thing revolves around Miss Piggy/O'Donnell, because she rarely allows anyone to talk without rudely interrupting and making moronic statements to the speaker.

There are some people in this world who are so utterly useless, you might wonder why God placed them on this earth.






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