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Third Branch -- SCOTUS

It's been a busy term in the Supreme Court.

Here are some thoughts regarding the most publicized decisions thus far, along with some thoughts about a major case shortly to be decided:

The Clean Air Act Case

The first thing which ran through my mind when I heard about that decision was:

"Research stocks in the adult job training and education sectors."

Think about it.

The U.S. manufacturing sector has been in slow but steady decline for decades. But in light of that ruling and with conservative non-voters having committed political suicide last November - FYI, with the prior Congress the law itself could have been amended, whereas no such possibility remains - the obvious reality is that of increased federal regulation of carbon dioxide emissions. That in turn means there will be an acceleration of the ongoing decline of the country's manufacturing sectors.

There might be hundreds of thousands of additional factory worker types who over the next decade or two will require new careers.

Enter from stage right:

DeVry. ITT Technical Institute. University of Phoenix. Heald College.

Already a growth industry. Large barriers to entry. An oligopoly. Increasing demand. Hell, if I can get good (meaning cheap) prices on the stocks of the companies operating the aforementioned businesses I'll be putting down mucho dinero on the buy-side.

The Late-Term Abortion Case

Abortion is not even a top-15 issue of mine; therefore I had nothing more than a faint and passing interest in that case. After the decision was handed down, however, while liberal-bots and assorted other malcontents still were frothing at the mouth and screaming, I started thinking about . . . math.


To wit:

Stevens = 87.
GWB = 1/09.
Roberts + Alito + Thomas + Scalia - Stevens + _____ would = 1, 2, 3, 4, {drum roll} 5.

Five for tossing out you know what. Meaning whatever Justice Kennedy had for breakfast that particular day would be irrelevant. Five is five. End of story.

Go ahead and postulate for a moment, will you, the utterly-deranged reaction of the political fringes and fever swamps if President Bush gets to nominate another SCOTUS Justice and the vacancy is because of Stevens' departure.


The Seattle Race/Education Case

This case will be decided soon. Presumably it'll be a 5-4 decision, with Justice Kennedy casting the deciding vote.

If the court strikes down Seattle's racial gerrymandering plan then liberals in academia promptly will invent some other scheme by which to impose their racial agendas. If the court upholds the Seattle plan then Ward Connerly and other conservative education activists will continue their crusade to strike down those plans via direct ballot referendums - which liberals in academia promptly will circumvent.

Rinse, cycle, repeat.

Bottom lines:

1) Over the next decade there will be quite a few parents of quite a few white kids suing quite a few liberal/Democrat public school districts to stop the latter from engaging in various forms of unlawful race discrimination.

Irony can be ironic, no?

2) Homeschool your kids, folks. Or if necessary work seven jobs to send them to private schools. Hell, if I had kids I'd be robbing banks in broad daylight to send them to private schools.

Those are much better options than our pub-lick edukaycion systems.....

Comments (3)

The main factors as I see t... (Below threshold)

The main factors as I see them:

1) Stevens, who appears to be in good health, just has to last 1.5 years more, then Bush is gone. Stevens seems to have no interest in retiring while Bush is president


2) Even if you got lucky regarding Stevens, you still have to confront Democratic Senate + Maine Republicans + Specter if you want you-know-what to be overturned

Wow, you discovered that St... (Below threshold)

Wow, you discovered that Stephens is old, it's iffy whether he'll outlast Bush, and his departure would upset the balance of all those 5-4 decisions. And you are soooooo observant, it took you only six years to figure all that out! Gee, what other political insights do you have for us? Do you think the Dems will nominate Kerry? What will Saddam's verdict be? Do you think Wolfowitz will stick it out?

Brian, you are such a prick... (Below threshold)

Brian, you are such a prick. Go back to your street corner, you left your panhandling sign and backpack there.






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