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Well, there goes the next hour or so...

Today, I have written two lengthy essays that revolve around the War on Terror.

But I have little hope of them garnering the attention I had hoped they would collect.

Because Bill Whittle has published again.

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Eject! Eject!... (Below threshold)

Eject! Eject!

Bill Whittle, amend your JF... (Below threshold)

Bill Whittle, amend your JFK conspiracy refutation to address the House Committe on Assassinations findings. You don't want to go jousting without a cuirass.

So that's where the 2nd Ame... (Below threshold)

So that's where the 2nd Amendment came from.

bryanD,Bill's emai... (Below threshold)


Bill's email is right on the site, go ahead and bring it up with him.

As a side note, it's not the cuirass that stops the blow in jousting, it's the sheild.

Heralder,The shiel... (Below threshold)


The shield deflects the blow, otherwise you're unhorsed. Cuirass absorbs the blow as a last resort. Unhorsed but not dead (hopefully).

Heralder, the bare-chested jouster of Neverland.

Heralder,Email Bil... (Below threshold)


Email Bill? Nah, I don't believe in snarky emails unless I really sorta care. I emailed udolpho.com and he even smacked it down online which was fun. He made sure to "sic" my g-damned misspellings, too. Embarrassing, but to get snarked in the archives of good website is OK.
It's in his review of Inland Empire. He only identified me as "an emailer", but my rather ponderous prose is recognizable. Who else would cite Tati?
Whittle's website is notable for taking on Big Issues. Badly. But it's the thought that counts, I guess. I find his JFK arguments facile and lazy.

Jousting without a shield w... (Below threshold)

Jousting without a shield would have been a better analogy which is what I was trying to say. That's what is used to block the opponent's point.

Bill's JFK arguments were only part of a greater essay on conspiracy theorists and their mongers, it wasn't there to debunk the varied claims. Given your nature, I can see why you would be opposed to such subject matter; the real world can be so boring.

It also might not have occured to you, but an email doesn't have to be snarky. Often times you'll find being earnest usually garners a better reaction than sarcasm. But as you said, you don't care enough, which is strange since this is the second time it's been brought up by you.

I heart Bill Whittle.... (Below threshold)

I heart Bill Whittle.

And, it seems, nice, forgiv... (Below threshold)

And, it seems, nice, forgiving, and non-envious are the qualities necessary for self-regulation. Well, freedom from that quandary was worth the whittle time spent. Political power grows out of the retaliatory potential from the end of a gun.

Thanks for the link JT. Up... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link JT. Up to this point I've always enjoyed his essays. However, though I like most of the reasoning in this one, I wonder if there's a kink in the O2 hose and he's gotten a little euphoric. I just think that any linking in the internet of Remnants will leave a trail of bread crumbs for the Otherness to find [apologies to F Paul Wilson].






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