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Breaking: Body Dressed in US Military Uniform Found South of Baghdad

Fox News is reporting that the body of a man dressed in a US military uniform was found in the Euphrates River south of Baghdad may be that of one of our three missing soldiers.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that an Iraqi official reports that it is one of the three:

Iraqi police found the body of a man who was wearing what appeared to be a U.S. military uniform and had a tattoo on his left hand floating in the Euphrates River south of Baghdad on Wednesday morning, and one Iraqi official said it was one of three missing American soldiers.

The man had been shot in the head and chest, Babil police Capt. Muthana Khalid said. He said Iraqi police turned the body over the U.S. forces.

The US military, however, cannot confirm that the body is that of the three missing soldiers. Even if they could, they wouldn't publicly confirm it until they contact the families first.


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Comments (9)

I feel so bad for this sold... (Below threshold)

I feel so bad for this soldiers family and also the other two families. This is the kind of information that was held in the past - until the families were notified. I hate that we have to tell everything as soon as we hear it, and we release details, and we do everything we can to be among the first to "break a story" In cases like this, I wish one news outlet, one blogger would start a chain that says, "I won't announce this report until the military has contacted the family. I hate this 24 hour news buzz. I hate that we don't think of the families. I hate that we add to their pain. But then, it isn't about them, it's about the ratings....

What??? I thought they were... (Below threshold)

What??? I thought they were going to be given clean clothes, three healthy meals a day, a new Bible, an exercise yard, cable TV, weekly religious services to attend, and access to an ACLU lawyer. You mean Al-Qaeda actually tortured and murdered these men? Unbelievable. Who would have expected that kind of behavior from terrorists? I thought we were the bad guys.


Prayer for these men and their families is still urgently needed. May God's grace be upon them.

Well said, Nancy. Many thin... (Below threshold)

Well said, Nancy. Many things are lost or ignored in the insatiable instant news culture that surrounds us. Technology can be beneficial, but as it advances I often wonder if we're becoming a little less human as a result.

Maybe our EPW moral leaders... (Below threshold)

Maybe our EPW moral leaders Kennedy, McCain, and Graham would like to comment on this? hello...hello...hello?

May God's peace fill the he... (Below threshold)

May God's peace fill the hearts of those who are in fear for the safety of a loved one in harm's way. These American warriors, like those before them, are building a monument to love and freedom. Great nations stand free because of the sacrifice of precious life by America's families. Iraq will join those nations who have threatened the world with evil, and had Americans replace tyranny with liberty. Hatred of individual freedom is the constant enemy in all these wars. Those who have submitted to hate are compelled to demonstrate the depth of their committment to evil. The devil is now describing itself as a god, commanding its worshippers to demonstrate random acts of violence elevated to horror. Each American lost lifts most of us to prayers for peace: for the one who sacrificed all, for those who loved them, for the world. Violent death is the sacrament celebrated by the enemy. Western Liberalism has validated this anti-religion and offered up its citizens as eurcharist for those who worship at the altar of terror. Each sacrifice by a soldier of the "coalition of the willing" is a beacon illuminating the true nature of the evil with which we are at war. It's getting harder for this evil to hide - in Iraq, in America, in the world. God's Light - that's how I see these heroes for love and liberty. I pray I be worthy to serve them in eternity.

Waterboarding gone bad ya t... (Below threshold)

Waterboarding gone bad ya think? Could be.

Hey at least he / she had the dignity of being clothed. I mean they could have stripped him / her naked and taken pictures and stuff.

But, but the ABC radio repo... (Below threshold)

But, but the ABC radio reporters are almost demanding that name on their newscasts.....

mullah cimoc say now time f... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say now time for him aemriki making the full investigation for discover:

1. Who starting this war?

2. Who faking the WMD intel?

3. What am him neocon? Am he the dual national israel citizen, or maybe him wife,
she a israeli citizen? Why so much israel connection. What him third party
country providing the fake wmd intel?

4. Why the nobody at us military academy at west point teach ameriki soldier read three volume treatise by chairman mao tse tung on guerilla warfare? So obvious for anyone study this subject: foreign occupier never succeed against determined guerilla resistance unless garrison entire country, this meaning every city, the town, the village. This taking the 1,000,000 ameriki soldier.

So much the suffering and destroy too many people even the aemriki people. USA woman take the LBT (low back tattoo) and the son he becoming the gay man with the beautifyl finger tip. Why this happen?

Am usa media so control for him google: mighty wurlitzer +cia and learning
him usa press not the free now.

so many aemriki boys, them die for who? Who the making this war.

Isn't cimoc "special?"... (Below threshold)

Isn't cimoc "special?"






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