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Holding out for some Heroes


That's my first reaction to the "Heroes" first season finale.

My next reactions come from 30 years of being an off-and-on (mostly on) comic-book reader.

(Lots of spoilers in the extended section)

And yes, it's about a day late. I don't care.

As high as the death count seemed, remember the classic comic book rule: no corpse, no death -- and even that's negotiable. Parkman, DL, the brothers Petrelli -- I can construct various and sundry ways they survived. And the one corpse -- Linderman -- was a healer.

Someone speculated that the flashbacks in Sylar's eyes might symbolize him losing all his acquired powers. That would be a good thing, making him start from scratch; he was on the verge of becoming too powerful.

Also on the subject of characters becoming too powerful, the same can easily be said of Peter Petrelli. He was on the cusp of becoming "Deus Ex Machina Man" for the show -- "only two people could handle this situation -- Character X, with his powers, or Peter, who met Character X six weeks ago!" (Cue flashback or file footage.) We saw just how powerful Future Peter was; with him around, other characters can easily become redundant.

One friend of mine wondered why Peter didn't fly himself off when he started going critical. I thought about that, and I couldn't recall a single time Peter used more than one power at a time. If, indeed, he has the "Ultra Boy" limitation, then he couldn't have flown or teleported himself away, because Ted's power was out of control.

The reveal of HRG's first name as "Noah" -- could that be a bit of symbolism? He's going to gather heroes together to save them?

The show is probably the best exploration of comic-book heroes outside of the medium I've ever seen. It strips them of their hardest-to-translate elements -- the costumes and names -- and makes them just ordinary people with extraordinary abilities, yet still manages to give them extraordinary challenges.

It also allows them to have a rich history of Heroes, with at least one prior generation of super-powered people having already had their time to have adventures.

That being said, if any of them do start using names and costumes, the first will be Hiro.

The name of the Invisible Man -- "Claude Rains" -- was almost too cutesy for me to stomach.

That he was played by Dr. Who helped immensely.

Masi Oka is also a skilled computer animation artist, who worked on the Star Wars prequels. Just how fanboyish is it to notice that this Star Wars veteran is son of Mr. Sulu, and worked with the guy who killed Captain Kirk?

Comments (30)

After Hiro stabbed Sylar wi... (Below threshold)

After Hiro stabbed Sylar with the sword, I immediately said, "Now take his head, you idiot!" (Probably saw too many Highlander movies.) Sure enough, not doing so was a mistake.


I almost wrote the show off... (Below threshold)

I almost wrote the show off at first as just another X-Men clone without the depth, but I got into it after a few episodes and noticed a number of other influences.

It was like Unbreakable wanted to be, without being so bleak and more fun.

I think you're right about the Ultra Boy limitations, and of none of the characters being necessarily dead.

One question, who is the mysterious one that Molly (a human version of Cerebro) can't find but can see her? Apparently someone we haven't seen yet.

I was just wondering what G... (Below threshold)

I was just wondering what Grandma's power is.

...and if she's the real Big Bad.

I love the show, but found ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I love the show, but found the last episode of this season disappointing.

Too inconsistent.

And ... Kirk is not dead. Without him, who will overweight bad actors have for a role model?

One thing I thought would h... (Below threshold)

One thing I thought would have been better. Parkman shoots three shots at Sylar and he is able to block them. Hiro runs at Sylar from 30 feet away and stabs him yet Sylar can't stop him. If he could stop the bullets why couldn't he stop Hiro?

What I think would have cooler is Hiro disappears 30 feet away and reappears in front of Sylar with the sword running through him.

I think that Niki should've... (Below threshold)

I think that Niki should've been allowed to keep whacking Sylar with the parking meter.

I too wanted to say.."Hiro, what the (bleep) are you doing? Take his head!"

I wish I could get into thi... (Below threshold)

I wish I could get into this show, but eveyrthing you guys have written confirms for me why I'm unable. It's just too absurd for me.

Earlier, when Peter started... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Earlier, when Peter started to turn into a glowboy, knocking him out stopped it.

Why not this time?

Also, in the alternate future we saw before, Peter could go big-boom and survive. Why not now?

Hey Wieder, did you see wha... (Below threshold)

Hey Wieder, did you see what Goodling said about McNulty this morning? That he knew about greater White House involvement in the firings than he initially testified to Congress. It is McNulty who is the perjuror now.

mantis:I figure th... (Below threshold)


I figure the guy in the shadows who is worse than Sylar (and this guy HAS to be really creepy to be worse) we've already seen, and someone who Molly hasn't actually met yet.

I vote for Nathan....He and Peter survive and it eventually becomes a battle of brother versus brother. Remember Richard Roundtree's character said there has to be good to counter evil.

I saw the Ultra Boy syndrom... (Below threshold)

I saw the Ultra Boy syndrome when Pete got glassed in his Achilles's heel, yet came back from the dead. And (Bible nerd alert) UB's name is Jo Nah. He got his ultra powers when he was swallowed by a space beast. Original Jonah tried to escape his fate out of Nineveh, but not by having Logan in a skirt shoot him in not his heel . . . Just runing with the Noah thing.

Peter survives. He has the ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Peter survives. He has the cheerleader power, after all.

Does his brother survive?

Mebbe, if they had him excercise common sense and do an imitation of the Enola Gay once he got Pete high enough

Parkman will live. He's not one to disappoint Molly.

My personal guesses for the... (Below threshold)

My personal guesses for the future. Spoiler warning.

1) I think Linderman is Nathan's real father and it is from him that Claire got her healing power. Eventually, her powers develop so that she can heal not only herself but others, just like Linderman.

2) At the end of the final episode Hiro teleports back to feudal Japan and appears to meet Kenzei, who is masked in that scene. I think that Kensei is really Hiro's father (Sulu). We never saw Hiro's father's power, but he was really good with the sword. Maybe his power is Highlander style immortality?

Oh, and it appears Hiro's d... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Oh, and it appears Hiro's dad is a heckuvalot older than it first appears...

I think the "Claude Rains" ... (Below threshold)

I think the "Claude Rains" thing was a joke on the characters part. Once he discovered the ability to turn invisible, he just took the name. Otherwise, it would be a little too cute.

I couldn't figure out why no one went after Sylar in the end. One of the last shots in New York was a pan across the blood streak that led down a man hole. Why didn't *anyone* left, like Nikki who was uninjured, go after him? Or stop him in the first place?

1) I think Linderman is ... (Below threshold)

1) I think Linderman is Nathan's real father

I think theres a good chance of it being true.

2) At the end of the final episode Hiro teleports back to feudal Japan and appears to meet Kenzei, who is masked in that scene. I think that Kensei is really Hiro's father (Sulu). We never saw Hiro's father's power, but he was really good with the sword. Maybe his power is Highlander style immortality?

Hes masked but look at the eyes. Pretty sure thats Sulu in that shot.

I think the reason Sylar didnt stop hero is that he didnt think Hiro had it in him to stab him. When he had a hold of Ando he didnt use his power on Hiro, he taunted him to see if he could kill him before he killed Ando. Also there was the failed first attempt where Hiro didnt have the will to kill him. Sylar also had been mocking his death in the comic book after being so worried about what Isaac say about showing them how to kill him. He was arrogant and got himself stuck because of it. But Eric is right it would have been better to pop across the 30 feet or so and stick him.

I was yelling at Hiro to le... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I was yelling at Hiro to leave the sword in Sylar, a la the piece of glass stuck in Peter's head.

One little detail bothers m... (Below threshold)

One little detail bothers me:
Why is Teds power the only one he has control problems with? All his other powers he had trouble getting to WORK. Like invisibility: he had to have the guy teach him how to use it, i don't remember him ever just walking down the street and flickering in and out of invisibility.

the only thing I can think of is that is has to do woith the power itself.. maybe it's unstable. Ted couldn't control it at first either. I'd need to watch the season again and see if there were other powers like that... for example the guy who melted things, I don't remember if he had control problems or just experimented with the stuff in his apartment.

There's also the lady with the enhanced hearing. I vaguely remember her saying she was kept awake by the smallest sounds, suggesting she couldn't control it... but Syler never had that problem that I recall.

I think I need to watch it all over again...

"Why is Teds power the only... (Below threshold)

"Why is Teds power the only one he(Peter) has control problems with?"

I think Peter has/had a deep insecurity about having that power. Since he had the vision of blowing up NYC he seemed to be scared S***less about getting that power. That fear itself made it hard for him to control it.

There were some examples of... (Below threshold)

There were some examples of control issues. Parkman had a hard time with the mind reading at first. Nikki couldn't control her power at all, it seemed, until the final episode. The guy that melted stuff seemed to have control issues, I think, but he was so terrified it was hard to be sure. Hiro had control problems, too. Remember, he couldn't control his power that well, flashing back and forth in time accidently several times in the series.

Of course, the problem is that we didn't meet that many characters with new powers. Nathan had apparently been able to fly for some time. Issac had already been painting the future when we first meet him. Claires power is passive, but she'd already experimented deeply with it when we first see her.

I'm with Cirby, I want to k... (Below threshold)

I'm with Cirby, I want to know what grandma's power is and why she was so devoted to losing Peter so Nathan could assume power. Evil lurks in her eyes and if she's not the big baddie then I'll bet she's intimately acquainted with them.

I think it'd be good to see... (Below threshold)

I think it'd be good to see a breakdown of control issues vs. mental issues. I think Nicci's power is her strength and Jessica stems from her being seriously screwed up in the head. Peter's and Hiro's control problems are probably psychsomatic (thanks for the mental jog, erik) as well. Especially for Hiro who's dad said as much an episode or so ago.

Heros in Iraq practicing re... (Below threshold)

Heros in Iraq practicing religeous freedom ... touching. This girl is taught that it is unacceptable for her to have feeling for a boy from another sect.

touching .... these Iraqis are practicinng their religeous beliefs in a way they couldn't do under a dictator

"I'm with Cirby, I want to ... (Below threshold)

"I'm with Cirby, I want to know what grandma's power is and why she was so devoted to losing Peter so Nathan could assume power. Evil lurks in her eyes and if she's not the big baddie then I'll bet she's intimately acquainted with them."

One of the things I liked about the show was that it wasn't simply good vs. evil but that there were multiple players with multiple agendas. Not only did you have Sylar as a bad guy but there was Linderman and the organization. So they could continue that theme next year.

Did anyone else notice that... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Did anyone else notice that Hiro's dad said the same thing that Linderman had said about people with powers "losing their way?" I was stoked to find out he was on the side of good.

Re: Sultanofsham 1... (Below threshold)

Re: Sultanofsham

1. Doubtful. The online comic are considered canon, then Nathan was already born before his father met Linderman the first time in Vietnam.

i think peter couldnt contr... (Below threshold)

i think peter couldnt control the power because he got a double dose of it. he absorbed it from ted, then he absorbed it again from sylar. he even mentions this to nathan. i dont think anyone is going to die. sylar seems likely to come back, so that means peter is needed as a balance, nathan is too central to lose(ties with mother & the organization), dl was fine, parkman was wearing a vest. the only one we saw dead was linderman, but he is a healer so...

The actor who plays Sylar s... (Below threshold)

The actor who plays Sylar signed on for the second season. So yes, Sylar lived.

Having the power of future sight, Sylar may have *let* Hiro stab him knowing that he would get away.

Sylar also initially had control issues with all of his power (recall the headaches from acquiring super hearing), but he practices them and is aided by an innate understanding of how things work, so he learns quicky.

What if the dark one that M... (Below threshold)

What if the dark one that Molly senses... Is Nathan and Peters father.

Hiro's pop (Sulu) is Hiro's... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Hiro's pop (Sulu) is Hiro's hero, Kensei (sp?).
Hiro will travel even further back in time and fall in love again. He will become his own grandpa. :)






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